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CSV Trader

CSV Trader reads CSV files and executes the orders written in. When you need to send orders to mt4 using different platforms or softwares you can easily set them to write their orders to CSV file and then use this EA to execute them in MT4. Many time I read in Freelance section that people needed a CSV trade executor and now I coded a generic one that can fits all your need.

Pay attention: if you are in live/demo you should put your CSV files in "MQL4\Files\CSV_Orders\" , when you backtest it you want to put files in "tester\Files\CSV_Orders\"

You can choose how and in which order to put information about the order and you can set:

- Symbol

- Operation type(buy,sell,buy limit,buy stop, sell limit, sell stop)

- Lots

- Stop Loss

- Take Profit

- Comment

- Magic number

There is also a price distance limit for market order; so if the price goes to much away from the wanted one, the EA will ignore the trade. The same limit can be set for time.

You can decide what to do with the CSV file once all the orders inside are executed, the default action is to rename it to something different, but you can also choose to remove it.

Need assistance? Drop me a message I am willing to help!

Do you need another feature that is not implemented? Send me a message and I will provide!!

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Version 1.1 2018.10.04
Now it works correctly in tester