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BSS Scalping EA


EA works on based on HFT (high frequency trading) algorithm. Its mean trades average holding time remains in seconds. EA put two stop orders 1 buy stop and 1 sell top at near current price. And these two stop orders frequently keep modifying at predefined timer in seconds at predefined distance from current price. And during news events and sudden high volatility events EA took these orders into trades. And while a stop order becomes a trade after it second stop order deleted and trailing stop function started.

You needs set parameters according to attached video of test result & parameters tab.

Live Account Monitoring
Ready to go without any particular setup.
Minimum deposit: $100 or above.
It is possible to set the maximum spread size.
Supports any execution type.
The Expert Advisor works with any broker.
The product works with three and five-digit quotes.
ECN account is recommended.

No martingale.
No hedging.
No risky strategy elements.

  • Lot - Lot
  • AutoLot - Automatic Lot
  • Capital Risk Percent - Capital Risk Percent
  • MaxSpread - MaxSpread
  • SleepTime - Sleep Minutes on Abnormal Spread
  • ProfitTarget - Daily Profit Target Percent
  • Delta - max-Distance for Set Pending Orders
  • maxDuration - Pending Orders Max Duration in Seconds
  • StopLoss - StopLoss in Pipettes
  • TrailingStop - TrailingStop in Pipettes
  • TrailingStep - TrailingStep in Pipettes
  • Trail - Trail in Pipettes
  • MAGIC - Magic Number
  • Slippage - Slippage
  • StartHour - Start Hour In Server Time
  • EndHour - End Hour in Server Time

No need specified leverage for automatic lot calculation as this function works at any leverage.
Recommended pair: GBPUSD.
Not need any specified set file for different pairs, just use default parameters.
TimeFrame: H1
VPS: A VPS with good latency rate.
LUIZ CLAUDIO TRANNIN 2019.10.21 14:04 

Bad EA.

Marcelo Kuriyama
Marcelo Kuriyama 2018.11.14 14:20   

Totally wasted my money with this EA. In the very first day it blows 20% less of my account. Also the customer suport is terrible. The developer doesn t care about his clients. Very rude and not polite person. Avoid buying ANY product from this man. Zero stars.

Wells Velasquez Maciel
Wells Velasquez Maciel 2018.11.10 15:44 

NO support...just tmade a question try to be nice before shopping...dont buy anyting from him...such bad customer service and product.

my chatting with programmer after i bought is EA:


do you think this acount would work with BSS?

https://fbs.com/trading/zero2018.09.18 17:42?

***2018.09.20 19:10

hello(Me again, same question)

do you think this acount would work with BSS?


***2018.11.08 16:38

Try your self

***2018.11.09 00:45

I have no idea

***2018.11.09 00:45

that is ok. thanks

10/11/2018 14:38

lrimondi 2018.11.06 08:00   

Followed author’s instructions, opened a FBS account, rented a fast VPS and lost 56% in 20 days. Keep away. Do not buy. Zero stars.

cerebellum1222 2018.10.20 02:43 

This EA is dependent on Blokers & VPS. This author recommends FBS ECN account & Mql5 VPS.

And This EA can earn money when there is a strong momentary movement in the market.

Thank you very much.

agopriarolo 2018.10.16 20:11 

I have changed my initial positive result, since for weeks this EA doesn't deliver, both on demo and live recommended FBS ecn accounts. Probably it has potential, but right now I don't feel I could recommend this product anymore.

ejire 2018.10.06 18:13   

is 3.64ms vps not fast enough?

fhj8qd 2018.10.01 19:14 


would like your input on the following: your ea 1.7 gives the error 2018.09.27 10:42:29.850 BSS Scalping EA EURUSD_,H1: Order OP_SELLSTOP #4011803 cannot be modified: Bid-Open=0 points less than SYMBOL_TRADE_FREEZE_LEVEL=0 points

2018.09.27 21:57:02.385 BSS Scalping EA EURUSD_,H1: Order OP_BUY 4024107 cannot be modified: TakeProfit-Bid=0 points less than SYMBOL_TRADE_FREEZE_LEVEL=0 points. it is giving the same error on two separate live ecn accounts, on two different brokers. one account is using mql5 vps. lost about $50.00 each, in about two days. on a demo at one of the brokers, it is up $15.00. the error does not show at all in the demo. have not updated any of the accounts to 1.8.

your inputs and time are greatly appreciated!

remysyaku 2018.10.01 11:04 

2 weeks running this EA and still losing :(

Katakata 2018.09.30 09:38 

This EA is making loss everyday. Don't waste your money guys. More than a crappy

Chalermchai Kochaphun
Chalermchai Kochaphun 2018.09.28 16:45 

1 star for now.,Until my balance can recover all loss.

I have run from 20 Sep 2018 until now with 3 real account of 3 broker(FBS ECN,Exness ECN,Weltrade) and 1 demo account of FXOpen. All account get loss from 50-90%.

If you want to test should test with demo account or with a little of real money.

Marina Malk
Marina Malk 2018.09.28 15:27 

Just to aware anyone who is going to buy this EA. Do not waste your money. It doesn't work. Ready comments session and you will find out that no one who purchased the product made any penny.

hridoy48 2018.09.27 13:36 

Good EA

bgtradefr 2018.09.20 20:44 


I've bought Bss Scalping EA after been in contact with Shahid.

He take time to exchange with me, because of HFT (high frequency trading) algorithm usage I was not able to use this EA on ICMarket broker.

I've just began to test it on a demo account, you can find the link here :


I've faced 2 lost trades, but it was my fault, having put a wrong currencie pair EURCHF.

Let's try it on demo mode and see what kind of profit it will make.

Shahid is a very kindy person and I'm hoping that he help people to grow their account.

Happy trading

Regards folks

22/09/2018 :

After 1 week of activation BSS salper had made 13% of profit ... Much more better than what could do my official bank for me !

Well, hoping that it will go positive like this in long run.

Keep you informed later, but you can follow my myfxbook link shared above.

Shahid is helping/following with me, very helpful

Stay tuned


My FBS account is not working anymore, oing to use another one when possible.

I will let my myfxbook account

Zain Ahmad
Zain Ahmad 2018.09.20 07:34 

HI how are you guys. I hope you are fine. BSS scalper is the best forex robot . 1.0 version best work but more risky. And 1.7 version is best working with default settings and not risky . Thanks yiu so much

Msyaikhul Umam
Msyaikhul Umam 2018.09.19 18:52 

It's good ea. Today I get profit almost 50%

Update: 09/28/2018

It was profit in the begining, until now all the profit is gone, even it is minus. It continues loss everday. I use fbs ecn live 3, bss v.1.7.


After use version 1.8 there's improvement in trailing that on the previous version sometimes didn't work.

This ea will make 3-7 trades that give big profit in month, other than that several losses and small profit from the trade. If you want to use this EA, you should have tolerance to several loss trades and be patient to wait the big profit.

monali444 2018.09.19 18:08 

Today made nice profits,50% in one day......:)

VBR 2018.09.19 14:13 

1 days its makes profit, remainin 19 days, its made loss, now they increased the price of EA and updating new set files, which is not fair, better don't buy this EA and waste ur money .

Abdul Salaam
Abdul Salaam 2018.09.11 07:02 

Worst EA ever don't ever buy it. It will blow your account.

Version 1.8 2018.09.29
1- Improve Trailing Function
2- Improve Default Parameters Settings
Version 1.7 2018.09.14
1- Improved Max Spread Protection Function
Version 1.6 2018.09.13
1- Sleep Time Function Bug Fixed.
Version 1.5 2018.09.12
1- Trailing Function Improved
2- Default Parameters Improved
Version 1.4 2018.09.11
1- A serious bug was occurred during last update, and now resolved it.
Version 1.3 2018.09.11
1- Improved default parameters
Version 1.2 2018.09.10
1- Improved Lot Calculation Function
2- Risk Capital in Percentage parameter Added
3- Improved Stop Orders Open Logic
4- Bug Fixed in End Trading Hour Syntax
5- Make Standardized Input Parameters for All Major Pairs
6- Now No need for separate Set Files