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DoubleMA Cross MT5

The "DoubleMA Cross MT5" is a typical strategy of investors, which usually indicates a change in trend from bearish to bullish. To establish a double crossing of moving averages, we need a slow moving average and a fast moving average. When the fast moving average crosses the upside to the slow average the bullish signal is triggered.

The opposite strategy is also very useful. Everything works in the same way and we use the same indicators and periods: Fast moving average and slow moving average. We would have a bearish cross when the fast moving average crosses downward to the slow moving average.

This indicator gathers the two crosses. You will be able to select the period of exponential moving averages that best suits your trading.

The indicator paints up / down arrows on the selected chart in both Forex and other CFDs, in any timeframe.

Generates: Audible Alerts, Send email and Push Notifications

Indicator Parameters

  1. Period1 - Averaging period of fast exponential moving average.
  2. MA_Shift1 - Fast exponential moving average shift. Default: 0.
  3. Period2 - Averaging period of slow exponential moving average.
  4. MA_Shift2 - Slow exponential moving average shift. Default: 0.
  5. Send_Email - Enable or disable email alerts.
  6. Audible_Alerts - Enable or disable audible alerts.
  7. Push_Notifications - Enable or disable push/mobile notifications.
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