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MTF Heiken Ashi MA

MTF Heiken Ashi MA is a multiple timeframe Heiken Ashi & Moving Average indicator.

Fully customizable for advanced & unique Heiken Ashi & Moving Average calculations; as HA-Bodies.

Key Features

  • This indicator has three historical bar price inputs of Close, High and Low.
  • Multiple timeframe; making it a great tool for swing strategies.
  • No repainting; making it a great tool for scalping strategies.


  • MA Period(# of Periods) = 10; periods of Moving Average calculation.
  • MA Shift(# of Periods) = 0; periods of Moving Average shift.
  • MA Method = 0; Simple, Exponential, Smoothed, Linear Weighted.
  • MA Price = 0; Close, Open, High, Low, Median, Typical, Weighted.
  • MA Open Bar Shift = 0; current bar, reads historical open bar price.
  • MA High Bar Shift = 0; current bar, reads historical high bar price.
  • MA Low Bar Shift = 0; current bar, reads historical low bar price.
  • MA Close Bar Shift = 0; current bar, reads historical close bar price.
  • Timeframe = PERIOD_CURRENT; timeframe of Moving Average.
  • Alarms = true; Alarms & Push Notifications (true: On, false: Off).
  • Signal Bar = 0; Signal bar, or all bars, allowing alarms & notifications.


  • There are two buffers for this indicator of 0: Low and 1: High price
  • One buffer value should be higher than the other to generate a signal.
  • When the low buffer value is greater than the high buffer value, sell.
  • When the high buffer value is greater than the low buffer value, buy.


  • Please be sure to leave any ideas, tips and suggestions in the Reviews section and they may be included.
  • Improvements to the system could be at any time, so we suggest that you possibly backup your copies.
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Version 6.0 2019.06.14
Prior version has been fixed, as time-frames was missing.
Shift was also re-added.
Signal Bar was added for allowing alarms & notifications.
Alarm dialogs were upgraded.
Version 5.0 2019.04.28
Alarms & Push Notifications: Addition of alarms & push notifications.
Version 4.0 2018.04.02
Timeframe added to shortname
Version 3.0 2018.03.13
Lower timeframes added; all timeframes possible of M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1, W1 and MN.
Version 2.0 2018.02.01
Histogram zoom scale added for smooth and seamless look with no gaps.
MA Open bar shift added for a full OHLC bar shift of the MA calculation & MA shift variable taken out.