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Built To Last

Built To Last is a fully automated ea that works on AUSUSD pair and it is programmed to use a neural network equation to measure the trend stability to buy or sell.

It has passed more than 6 years backtest on real tick data with 99.9% Accuracy (check screenshots section).

W‌hy AUSUSD? because no flash crush or 1000 pips sudden moves happened on it till now.

Minimum Balance required 4000$.

Expert Parameters

  • Target - to be set at 76 for the optimum performance.
  • StopLoss - to be set at 20 for the optimum performance.
  • Lot and Risk Percent - both 0.01 for balance of 4,000 $ for standard accounts and both 0.07 for balance of 10,000 $ for standard accounts. For Micro accounts lot 0.01 and risk 100 for balance of 100 $ micro accounts.
  • Max_TP_TF - False
  • Max_SL_TF - False
  • Max_Difference_TP - False
  • Min_Difference_TP - False
  • Trend_Stability- to be set at 23 for the optimum performance and it account for a correction for trend fluctuation.
  • Price_Trap - to be set at 5 for the optimum performance and it account for flexibility in target achievement based on the trend stability parameter value.
  • Magic Number.

Time Frame - H1 but other time frames can be used for testing.

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Version 1.10 2018.07.09
No change in the strategy or the inputs and the modification is improvement only to the code to make it perform faster.