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Copy Trade Copier

Copy Trade Copier Expert Advisor copies orders to several trading accounts (regardless of a broker) if their respective MetaTrader 4 terminals are opened on a single PC/VPS.

  • This resource-saving trade copier features rich functionality, as well as easy and flexible settings.
  • The EA may copy from multiple (unlimited) initial accounts to a single target one or from a single initial account to multiple (unlimited) target ones.
  • The work of other EAs and manual trading on initial and target accounts are not affected by the copier.
  • Support for partial order closing.
  • Support for five methods of managing the copied orders volumes.
  • Support for matching symbols with slightly different names at different brokers.
  • Support for copying/not copying orders having a certain magic number.
  • Support for copying/not copying orders having specific symbols.
  • Support for copying orders of a certain type (market or pending ones).
  • Ability to disable copying Stop Loss and/or Take Profit orders or disable their modification.
  • Support for reverse copying.
  • Support for accounts with no ability to place Stop Loss and/or Take Profit when opening a market order.
  • Support for copying symbols with greater number of decimal places to an account with lesser number of decimal places and vice versa (for example, from 1.08006 to 1.0801).
  • Support for manual partial closing of a copied order. This order remains associated with its counterpart on the initial account and all appropriate changes are copied to it.
  • Ability to manually close a copied order on a target account. The EA remembers your action and does not open a copy of an original order again.
  • Adjusting the EAs operation periodicity to manage CPU load.
  • After unexpected operation end (caused by unstable Internet connection or erroneous deletion of Copy Trade Copier EA by a user or shutting down (freezing) of the MetaTrader 4 terminal), the EA restores its status preceding such an event and resumes its work.
  • Support for push notifications containing the properties of a newly copied order and an account status.


  • Copier type - Source or Target.
  • WithMagic - copy orders with a specified magic number only.
  • WithoutMagic - do not copy orders with a specified magic number.
  • Disallow sending pending orders - if true, disable copying pending orders.
  • Disallow sending Stop Loss - if true, disable copying Stop Loss.
  • Disallow sending Take Profit - if true, disable copying Take Profit.
  • Source Account Number - account number, from which orders are to be copied.
  • MoneyManagement
    • BalanceLot - synchronize volumes by balance.
    • EquityLot - synchronize volumes by funds.
    • MultiplyLot - multiply volumes by LotMultiplier.
    • FixedLot - fixed volume.
    • MinimalLot - volumes of copied orders are to be the minimum allowed ones.
  • CutLetters - remove extra symbols.
  • AddPrefix - add a prefix.
  • AddSuffix - add a suffix.
  • SimilarSymbols1-10 - use similar characters.
  • Copy only this symbols - copy orders with specified symbols only.
  • Copy without this symbols - do not copy orders with specified symbols.
The full description (inputs, explanations ans short installation examples) can be found in the Comments section.

Please test the demo version Copy Trade Copier Demo at your broker before buying the EA, or rent it for a month.

The demo version copies only one order at a time. All other functions are identical, therefore the demo version description is similar to the Copy Trade Copier one.

Aleksey Reshetnikov
Aleksey Reshetnikov 2017.11.16 12:28 

Продукт не тестировался на VPS, а продается как будто тест был. Самостоятельно закрывает и открывает ордера. Живет своей жизнью

Version 1.3 2018.02.07
Increased the number of "SimilarSymbols1...15" parameters from 10 to 15, which are necessary for specifying similar trading instruments.
Version 1.2 2017.07.12
Increased the number of prompts to users in the form of generation of the relevant messages.
Version 1.1 2017.05.04
Added parameter SendEmails. If set to 'true', the EA will send an email after opening an order. For setup, read: https://www.metatrader4.com/en/trading-platform/help/setup/setup_email.