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Lot calculator tool

This tool helps you to automatically calculate and manage risk, conveniently place orders visually, schedule orders, trail stops, move them to break-even, manually test strategies and more.


  • Place market or pending orders using draggable lines
  • Schedule orders
  • Calculate and limit risk using various methods
  • See current spread
  • See time till next candle
  • Set custom order comments
  • Trail stops
  • Move stops to break-even
  • See order profit/loss in pips
  • Various actions for closing orders
  • Control the tool using hotkeys
  • Toggle trade levels
  • Manually test strategies using this tool tester mode with controllable speed


  • Risk settings
    • Preferred percentage risk per trade - tool will calculate lot size to match this risk percentage
    • Lot calculation mode - possible modes: current balance / current equity / balance at defined past / fixed lot size
    • Defined past period - possible periods: day / week / month
    • Past period multiplier - the bigger, the further to the past
    • Lot size for fixed mode
    • Split risk for multiple targets
  • Orders settings
    • Magic number
    • Maximum allowed slippage
    • Order comment - limited to 31 characters. Possible wildcards: [currency], [balance], [equity], [risk_percentage], [risk_reward], [risk_money], [risk_pips], [profit_money], [profit_pips], [lots]
    • Allow to change default order comment - adds an input to UI
    • Log order send events
    • Allow setting an expire date for orders
    • Allow scheduling orders
    • Virtual levels settings
    • Scheduled order price label size
  • Break-even settings
    • Move stops to break-even at certain level
    • Break-even mode - possible modes: when in profit by given pips, if away from target by given pips, if given percentage of target reached
    • Break-even activation pips / % - depends on chosen mode
    • Move to break-even by given pips above entry line
  • Stop trailing settings
    • Trail stops
    • Trail only after stops have been move to break even, if be used
    • Trailing stop mode - possible modes: fixed pips, ATR, moving average
    • Trailing stop fixed pips
    • Trailing stop ATR period
    • Trailing stop ATR shift
    • Trailing stop distance multiplier - does not apply to MA mode, but useful for setting 2 ATR distance
    • Trailing stop MA mode, applied price, period, shift
    • Prevent stops trialing until specified pips of profit reached
    • Pips of profit to reach before trailing stops - if above enabled
    • Prevent stops trailing until specified percentage of target reached
    • Percentage of target to reach before trailing stops - if above enabled
  • Order limiter settings
    • Limit trades if lost to many trades in a row per day
    • Limit trades if too big % of account has been lost per day
    • Limit trades if too big % of account has been lost per week
    • Limit trades if too much will be at risk at the moment
    • Daily loss in a row limit
    • Daily account loss % limit
    • Weekly account loss % limit
    • Total risk of equity % limit
  • Lines settings
    • Automatically choose initial lines placement (sell / buy) - uses price and moving average to decide
    • Manual default start position for lines - if above disabled
    • Initial distance from current price mode - possible modes: fixed pips, ATR
    • Initial distance parameter (ATR period / pips)
    • Line size, style
    • Use target line
    • Display "Add target" button
    • Prevent from moving stops too far, thus exceeding defined risk
    • Display monetary amounts on lines
    • Display balance percentages on lines
    • Display scheduled order lines
    • Scheduled order line style
  • Other features
    • Display lines flipper button
    • Display "Follow price" button
    • Show "Close all" button
    • Show "Close pending" button
    • Show "Close opened" button
    • Show "Close in profit" button
    • Show "Close in loss" button
    • Display only one order button
    • Display current spread
    • Display time till next candle
    • Display Ask line by default
    • Display Bid line by default
    • Display order profit in pips
    • Display order close button
    • Screenshots
  • Color settings
    • Color for lines, buttons, inputs and other UI elements
  • Hotkeys settings
    • Enable hotkeys
    • Show lines hotkey
    • Hide lines
    • Toggle trade levels
  • Tester settings
    • Initial tester speed
  • UI settings
    • Chart corner
    • UI on top
    • Compact mode

Important: if order limiters are used, make sure that your Account history tab is not filtered and displays all of the history.

Important: do not have more than one EA enabled for the same symbol with scheduled orders enabled. This might cause more than one order being sent to broker!

narco 2018.06.10 07:56 

Along with the Supdem II indicator, this is by far the best utility ever created for MT4. There are many other trade by lines EA's / scripts out there but nothing comes close to this. Also the developer has been very accommodating with improvement requests.

Morard Kevin
Morard Kevin 2018.05.23 13:01 

Juste parfait!

Emanuel P
Emanuel P 2017.08.15 16:37   

hi, fantastic indicator - for the Breakeven Funktion i have an idea. Stop-loss = Breakeven Level. The idea behind is for the % trader. example: 8 pips = 1% risk. Breakeven after 8 pips - R:R 1 -(maybe there will be an option stop loss + x pips) - so if you have 20 pips 1% risk then break even is after 20 pips. That is better for trader with fix % risk so the break even level is always the same in % risk.

reichart.li 2017.07.31 10:19 

Must have. Simplifies everything and makes you aware for mistakes.

4xonly 2017.07.21 16:48 

Fine EA to control risk and profit "on the move" and the coder keeps implementing the suggestions by the users. I bought a much more expensive one long time ago (not actively developed anymore) but this one is much handier to use. I too hope Ernestas will code an MT5 version for the future.

rakyan 2017.04.10 20:38 

Everything I'm looking for, and more. Save me a lot of time

985398 2016.12.12 08:14 

I purchased this EA which is really misnamed. It should be called: Lot Calculator & Adjustable Visual Order entry with stop, limit and market order tool and yes, a great strategy tester interface. I now use it for every trade and would hate to part with it. I hope the author is learning MT5 coding for when MT4 is discontinued in the near future.

Excellent product!!!

Version 3.14 2019.02.25

* Fixed amount risk mode. EA will attempt to calculate lot size so it matches preffered monetary value as close as possible
Version 3.13 2019.02.25

* When using account balance for risk calculation add account credit to the mix
Version 3.12 2019.02.13

* Close all symbols button
Version 3.11 2019.02.03

* Option to change risk percentage without changing EA parameters
Version 3.10 2018.10.30

* Stop lock feature now works with price following enabled as well


* Prevent entry line from being selected and moved by user when price following is enabled
Version 3.9 2018.10.23

* Added a button to lock current stop loss distance from entry line. Can be enabled by setting "Show Fix stop line distance from entry line button" to "true"
Version 3.8 2018.07.09
* Fixed an issue when line text was not updating when target line was disabled
* Added the new feature to enable fixed stop distance
Version 3.7 2018.05.31

* Issues with using virtual levels
* Errors when using move to breakeven feature with pending orders
* Disable the pending order button when any of the rules is violated (see: https://book.mql4.com/appendix/limits )
Version 3.6 2018.02.21

* Ability to take a screenshot by pressing a button or a hotkey
* Ability to automatically take screenshots of placed, opened, modified, deleted, closed, winning or losing orders


* Crashing when virtual levels are enabled
Version 3.5 2018.02.09

* Virtual stop loss and target profit levels
* Toggle to prevent disabling lines when an order is placed
Version 3.4 2018.01.11

* Ability to show order close button and other UI elements on the left instead of on the right
* Added starting position distance multiplier
* Added starting position risk reward option
* Added compact mode
* Added options to keep UI elements on the same line
Version 3.3 2017.12.27

* Scheduled orders
* Ability to set expiration date


* Issues with price following when loading from chart template
Version 3.2 2017.11.07

* Breakeven feature was only working with long orders. Now it works with both long and short orders.
* Order close button and other UI elements linked to specific order were most likely only being removed when the EA is operating in the Strategy Tester. Now it works in normal mode, too.
* The EA no longer hangs when an order is closed.
Version 3.1 2017.10.24
* Fixed an issue with tool crashing when loading chart from template
Version 3.0 2017.10.16

* Complete rewrite of the code to ease and speed up future improvements and increase stability
* Refactored settings to ease understanding
* UI rewriten to be more flexible to extend and control


* All features moved under feature toggles
* Tiny buttons to close order (color changes)
* Order profit in pips (color changes)
* Spread display
* Time till next candle display
* Ability to change custom order comment
* Toggleable lines text parts such as monetary values
* Configureable initial lines distance and position auto detection
* Ability to show only one order button depending on entry line position and current price
* Hotkeys to toggle lines and trade levels
* Trail stops only after moved to break-even (configurable)
* Trail stops only after reaching some profit
* Buttons to close all, market, pending, profitable or loosing orders


* Order limiters issues and added notice message before using them


* Removed theming since it only made the code very complex and did not add any real value
* Removed redundant tester settings
Version 2.7 2017.08.03
* Fixed issue with black / white entry line color auto switch
* Add extra targets on the correct side of entry line
* Fixed issue when risk was split no matter what config value is set to
* Added setting to control default "Follow Price" button state
Version 2.6 2017.07.28
* Added "Follow price" button. When toggled, entry line will follow current price.
* Display potential profit in account balance percentage.
* Fixed issue, which caused orders not being sent if profit target line is disabled.
* Fixed issue, with white chart background and default lines theme.
Version 2.5 2017.07.03
* Added break-even stops feature
Version 2.4 2017.05.17
Fixed theme options reloading after editing parameters of already loaded EA
Version 2.3 2017.05.11
* Added new option "Split risk if multiple targets are used"
Version 2.2 2017.03.24
Restore lines on time-frame change
Version 2.1 2017.03.14
If limits are set to 0, they will not be checked
Version 2.0 2017.02.23

* Added ability to customise order comments. Available wildcards:
> [currency]
> [balance]
> [equity]
> [risk_percentage]
> [risk_reward]
> [risk_money]
> [risk_pips]
> [profit_money]
> [profit_pips]
> [lots]
* Added new lot calculation mode: Balance at defined past. Now recommended size may also be calculated of balance at previous point in time (days / weeks / months)
* Added new lot calculation mode: Fixed lot size.
* Added support for trailing stops. Three modes are supported: Fixed pips, ATR, Moving average.
* Added ability to prevent sending orders if daily loss limit has been reached.
* Added ability to prevent sending orders if weekly loss limit has been reached.
* Added ability to prevent sending orders if loss in a row limit has been reached.
* Added ability to prevent sending orders if current total equity risk exceeds allowed one.


* Risk in account currency calculation
* Button positions when places on the right side of the chart
Version 1.1 2016.12.05
* Fixed profit in account currency calculation
* Fixed issues with symbol trade tick size
* Add button to flip lines