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Multi Currency Index New

Any financial instrument that is traded on the market is a position of some active towards some currency.

Forex differs from other markets only in the fact, that another currency is used as an active.

As a result in the Forex market we always deal with the correlation of two currencies, called currency pairs.

The project that started more than a year ago, helped to develop a group of indicators under a joint name cluster indicators.

Their task was to divide currency pairs into separate currencies. Since then indicators were changed several times.

Moreover, the interest of users and active discussions in forums allowed to develop methods of working with indicators and create trade systems based on them.

Custom user's features:

  • The calculation of RSI on the user's buffer
  • Calculating MACD/ZeroLag MACD
  • Calculation SMA on the user buffer
  • Calculating Stochastic close/close without smoothing
  • Rendering objects (information)
  • Comment in the lower right corner of the indicator (status indicator)
  • Initialization of the affected TF currency pairs
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