How to activiate Signals or Markets on the Mobilen MT4 Version

Carl Schreiber  
Roger Looser:

Hi Guys 

How I can activate a signals or market on the mobile version of MT4. Currently is only explained how to do it with the Desktop version.

Thanks for fruitful feedbacks.


Hi and great success for the beginning!

We speak German here - even though I'll answer in English.
The further development of MT4 is on a very low level as MT5 has become a lot better!

I doubt that trading Signals on a mobile terminal is meaningful:

  1. The cellphones are too slow compared to a desktop pc.
  2. What if you are in a radio dead zone - you'll miss the signal!
  3. For a 24/7 (always up) solution I would recommend a VPS.
  4. So I guess this option does not exists.

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