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KopirMT4 Copy trades for MT4

KopirMT4 is a trade copier for MetaTrader 4 copying (synchronizing, duplicating) trades from any accounts.

KopirMT4 is an МТ4 trade copier already appreciated by many fund managers and traders. Please watch the reviews and comments to the product

Attention: The program runs locally on PC or Windows VPS. This version does not run on a virtual terminal.

Why choose our product?

  • The copier is fast and does not depend on the ticks. The speed of copying is less than 0.5 s.
  • Deals are copied with high accuracy. The scalping mode allows copying trades by the best price only.
  • It is possible to increase trade volumes
  • If there are connectivity issues or the terminal gets restarted KopirMT4 does not lose positions.
  • It does not overload the processor and is not heavy for a PC or VPS.
  • The number of terminals (server\client) is not limited.
  • It does not use any DLL and does not transmit data to the Internet.
  • It can work along with other Expert Advisors and scripts.
  • It works correctly with partial closing without losing spread when re-opening.
  • The copier is able to sort out copied trades by parameters (more details can be found in the manual).
  • The product supports "correct" reverse of trades considering spread and specified indent.
  • The copier can copy server trades when they are in profit or a predetermined loss.
  • It works correctly with cross rates, metals, CFDs, stocks, futures and prefixed symbols (automatic defining of prefixes).
  • The product distinguishes differences in the names of metals and supports copying to them (XAUUSD <-> GOLD, XAGUSD <-> SILVER and others, any schemes can be configured).
  • It can facilitate any copying scheme from one account or several accounts.
  • We provide free support and can configure turn-key setup.
  • We monitor and take into account our clients' feedback as we are eager to implement required functions and improve our product.

Basic setup of the copier

Market instructions:


Master Setup (server)

  1. Install one instance of the purchased product on any chart. Use default settings.
  2. Allow the EA to trade using options and press on Auto Trading in the terminal.

Client-Side Setup

  1. Install one instance of the purchased product on any chart.
  2. Set the 'mode' parameter to Client
  3. Enter the server account number (if multiple servers are used, they can be separated by commas) in the server accounts field
  4. Set lot multiplier, default is 1
  5. Allow the EA to trade using options and press on Auto Trading in the terminal.

Basic settings

  • Mode – the Server mode – means the master account (provider of trades). Client – this mode is used for a receiver account. (client account)
  • Server accounts – a comma separated list of server accounts, from which trades are copied.
  • Mode delay – querying information about trades by timer or upon receiving a new tick.
  • Auto lot – automated lot calculation based on ration of client's and server balances taking into account deposit currencies and the leverage.
  • Lot multiplicator – lot multiplier. 1 = 100% of lot used on the server account.
  • Reverse mode – e.g. if Buy is opened on the server, Sell will be opened on the client account.
  • Filter slippage – accuracy of entries as spread ratio or in points.

The product has a lot of functions, the full list and description are available in the instruction to the product.

2018.04.19 23:35 

Accurate EA, Alex support on telegram very good as well.

2018.04.18 11:28 

Замечательный копировщик. Работает как часы. Оправдал свою стоимость многократно.

Alexander Kalinkin
2018.02.02 20:59 

Very good copier: easy to use and accurate.

The support from Alexander is also quick and helpful!

5 stars!

Francisco Ortiz Escalona
2018.01.20 21:34 

Ein sehr guter Kopierer, funktioniert ohne Probleme und es hat die Einstellmöglichkeiten die ich brauche.

2018.01.04 23:32 

"The number of terminals (server\client) is not limited."

I can't get the install to work from MQL5, yet the seller states this above and won't give me the direct download to upload to my broker files.

Дмитрий Равчев
2017.12.10 08:26 

Очень хороший копировальщик. Прост в обращении и настройках. Задержка минимальная. Спасибо автору за проделанную работу. Рекомендую всем кто ищет подобный продукт.

2017.11.23 18:30 

I have been using it for a long time now. No problems whatsoever. Just works like it is supposed to.

Denis Izotov
2017.11.10 14:08 

100% полезная утилита для тех, кто использует в торговле различные стратегии и имеет счета у нескольких брокеров или хочет копировать сделки между счетами различных валют. Легкая установка на VPS в несколько простых действий и готово, можно копировать сделки между работающими терминалами.

Можно копировать сделки советников по уникальным мэджикам, выбирать для копирования нужные торговые пары, можно торговать на одном счете агрессивно, а на другом счете настроить более консервативную торговлю.

Куча настроек для разных вариантов торговли, спасибо разработчику за полезный продукт!

Читайте инструкцию, там вы найдете все варианты настроек продукта и возможно, вдохновитесь на новые торговые идеи для управления рисками.

Bojan Marinkovic
2017.11.02 15:02 


Taufik Kazi
2017.10.18 11:25   

Very good product for people who use mt4 platform especially for account managers who doesnt want to take same trades in different accounts

2017.08.17 06:02 

Its really a good product at very low price... I highly recommend it... I love it for various trade filter function...

Thanks anther...

Update 17/08/17

Is going more perfect day by day.. Thanks man

Mohammad Ali
2017.08.02 07:24 

good product.

Andrei Tolokonnikov
2017.07.31 20:52 

Быстро, корректно. Хороший продукт. Автор не отсылает на инструкции, а дает четкие рекомендации. Спасибо

Roy W
2017.06.02 00:00 

Лучший копировщик на сегодняшний день! Рекомендую!

Valeriy Yaraskin
2017.05.22 19:17 

Работает не стабильно. То всё чётко, как часы, то копирует двойным лотажём, то ещё что-нибудь. Постоянно надо контролировать

2017.05.12 13:49 

it is a quite good product.

The support i nice too. Thanks

4 stars because I bought the product at 20$ and the price went down to 10$ the day after.

Martin Klonga
2017.05.08 22:06 

This open random forex pair for random lot anytime. I loss 2000usd for 5min. Shit

2017.05.03 05:53 

sae tur mirah pangaosna. estu seu'eur pisan manfaatna kangge balarea saparakanca

Good product, high value for money and it works. Love it

Willivan Willivan
2017.04.20 07:37 

It 's a nice product.

The author is helpful, quick respond and Support from Alex is also great he have a lot of patience to explain everything.

I recommend this EA.

2017.03.13 11:20 

Шикарно. Работает. У меня не сильно замороченная торговля.Нужно только копирование и мультипликатор лота для соблюдения ММ. Автору спасибо, респект!

Jasmin Delalic
2017.03.12 21:52 

Plenty of features and it would be my favorite EA if Client doesn't use so much of resources, particularly CPU. My platform is useless and freezing all the time when I load Client. If I have more of this EAs on one VPS, entire VPS is useless.

Mohamed Alghedefe
2017.03.06 04:22 


Oleg Fursa
2017.03.05 05:56 

Продукт работает отлично и выполняет все заявленные задачи с минимальной задержкой. Погрешность исполнения при копировании "по тикам" в среднем составляет 1 пункт пятизнака. Поддержка мгновенная! Демократичная цена, если не сказать больше. Однозначно 5 звезд!

Sergey Urvantsev
2017.03.03 10:04 

Отличный продукт, который стоит своих денег! Спасибо)

Yury Antipov
2017.02.28 20:17 

И моё, спасибо, примите!

Maxim Kirillov
2017.02.25 23:19 

Очень доволен, спасибо!

2017.02.10 22:20 

Отличный копировщик. Работает как часы. Быстрый, малое время задержки. Лучший из тех, что я использовал ранее.

Daniel Zaharie
2017.01.27 09:59 

Very good product. I have contacted the guy through Skype to help me for some configuration settings and replied very fast. Great job!

2017.01.19 11:31 

Great product with many customization possibilities. Perfect when you want to trade on multiple accounts even with different balances.

2016.11.17 09:11   

Why xauusd can not be copied!!!!This is a very serious problem!!!!!

Jai Kumar
2016.10.26 17:24 

awesome product more of that Author is very supportive

Joel Simmons
2016.10.08 23:58 

Most stable copier i ever purchased

Konstantin Kulikov
2016.09.29 21:12 

Хороший продукт

Frank B
2016.07.26 10:04 

Good and a small price. Thanks

2016.07.22 00:12   

Excellent product and excellent seller. I helped solve a very particular case. 100% recommendable. I am eternally grateful.

Xiaoyang Sun
2016.06.29 17:43 

Very comprehensive copy software. Excellent works.

Happy Mans World
2016.06.27 19:16 

I bought this Product 2months ago, and it is working perfectly with me,,, what is important, is the great support Author is proving :)

Alexander Dudenchuk
2016.03.23 21:35 

Советник использую больше года. Были разные нюансы, но в основном свои функции выполняет и приносит прибыль. Я доволен и рекомендую всем.

Автору респект за оперативную поддержку.

Guntis Grants
2016.01.30 14:50 

Works fine for me. Every thing works exactly as described.

2016.01.18 13:34   

The product is excellent and the author attend to issues.

Levent Kilic
2016.01.05 00:55 

Super! very good product. Thank you

2015.12.25 16:04 

Good EA :)))

2015.12.21 15:40 

Отличный продукт. Масса настроек, которыми можно настроить, что угодно! Рекомендую до того, как обращаться к автору с вопросами внимательно прочесть инструкцию http://sovetnikov.net/files/kopirmt4_market.pdf

Всё, что можно придумать для копира есть в настройках. В свою очередь техническая поддержка, тоже на уровне, несмотря на очевидную глупость вопросов, общение не прерывают, поддержку оказывают ;-)))

2015.12.09 19:25 

Amazing software, very useful!

Mike Geesing
2015.12.02 11:25 

Great application with many options. Author is helpful and updated the ea very quickly.

Jeremy Pereira Le
2015.10.22 10:38 

Author is really helpful and honest :)

Volker A.
2015.10.13 23:47 

I was already satisfied with the FREE version, but now it is time to support your efforts by buying the version with more features ;-)

2015.10.11 18:46   

Отличная вещь:)все необходимое в базовом варианте есть.Рекомендую.

Denis Chugrin
2015.08.28 20:19 

Отличный софт

2015.08.05 05:34 

Great Job

useful, cheap

thank you

Ashraff Salleh
2015.08.04 16:40 

Work as desired. Great product and great support we have here! Thanks a lot...

Felipe Ponce Aragon
2015.08.03 22:55 

As a private trader and manager of customer's account, I rely heavily on this EA. Before using it, I had to manually enter the same trade several times (in several accounts). Now, I only configure the proper risk to each account and voalá!. Higly reccomended.

Mohammed Kadir
2015.07.14 14:11   

How do i contact Alexander? This stupid product does not work. Wasted $30. I want a refund. Wasted hours trying to even get it going. I am very upset and dissappointed.

2015.06.09 14:40 

I just want to share my experience of using KOPRI MT4 copier. I think Alexandr (author) is simply superb and provided excellent support to me while installing the KOPIR M T4. The copier worked perfectly and it is amazing product. Thanks Alexandr for brining out this nice product. It’s really quiet useful to traders who want to increase their deal volume. It is indeed a great product and the author is very much helpful.

2015.06.05 11:15   

Это мой не первый купленный копировщик, но этот действительно лучший, Не теряет сделки при сбоях MT экономит ресурсы VPS, очень прост в использовании, рекомендую.

Aleksandra Kazakova
2015.06.03 17:37 

Спасибо за качественный продукт!

Igor Sharankov
2015.05.27 18:11 

Исключительный продукт - пользуюсь им задолго до появления в Маркете, соответственно, давно уже знаю Александра как подлинного спеца в области программирования и отзывчивого человека, готового в любой момент помочь при возникновении вопросов или неясностей. Возможности настроек Копира перекрывают любые потребности пользователя, а сам код постоянно совершенствуется автором, в частности (что очень важно для копирования на Форексе), в области обеспечения максимального быстродействия. Я использую Копир для обеспечения довольно запутанных перекрёстных связей на 2-х ВПСах и 12 терминалах внутри них.

Саша, так держать!!!

Viktor Gold
2015.05.22 08:12 

Долгое время пользовался бесплатными версиями всевозможных копировальщиков, какие можно найти в интернете, однако ни один из них, не решался запустить на реал. Все они "геморройные".

Всё таки приобрёл эту, предварительно тестировал "лайт" версию на демо.

Работу этого советника можно сравнить с работой швейцарского часового механизма, цена символическая, плюс тех.поддержка.

Александру СПАСИБО.

2015.05.20 16:57   

Работает как швейцарские часы. Всем рекомендую кто торгует на разных брокерах. Автору огромное спасибо, почерк профессионала !

2015.05.19 10:29 

Купил-таки. Ну супер!!! Все просто летает! В реале на 11 терминалах все открывается и закрывается секунда в секунду. Спасибо! Отличный продукт!!!

2015.05.14 16:06 

Fantastic product and support! Only issue I've had was from my own stupidity and Alexandr cleared it up super fast.

2015.04.14 05:35 

the best and most affordable

excellent work

knows how to do their job

super super !!!

2015.03.31 09:02 

Хорошая работа, от аналогов выгодно отличает очень хороший функционал - возможность фильтровать сделки по магику и крайне полезный режим скальпера.

2015.03.17 15:07 

Великолепный продукт, но что главное - автор лично помогает в решении любых проблем с копировщиком и оперативно устраняет любые наблюдаемые ошибки. Лучшего сервиса просто не бывает.


Excellent product with the best support there is.

2015.03.16 20:34 

So far so good! I am a customer of ActivTrades PLC and the expert advisor working without problems. The author provides an incredibly good and unique support!

Please keep it up!

Best regards



So weit, so gut! Ich bin Kunde bei ActivTrades PLC und der Expert Advisor arbeitet ohne Probleme. Der Anbieter bietet eine unglaublich gute und einzigartige Unterstützung!

Bitte weiter so!

Viele Grüße


ulysses maciel mota
2015.03.13 13:54 

Author is super helpful and good product.

Артем Байков
2015.02.27 18:39 

Купил, работает как часики! Подзавис с настройкой, исправили за минуту! Спасибо большое. Ждем версию для работы на разных серверах.

2015.02.11 12:56   

хороший копир) удобен и просто в использовании.

Копирует скальпинг на М1 на УРА! Всё точ в точ все сделки, 2 месяца работает никаких сбоев!!! автор молоток)

Vladimir Talisov
2015.02.11 05:03 

К сожалению, отзыв оставил в обсуждениях, а не здесь...


Большое спасибо!

Отличный помощник в работе трейдера!

Автор помог установить, разъяснил на примерах работу копировальщика!


За одно и есть что добавить:

На следующий день после установки и настройки копировщика, я пытался изменить размер лота на одном из счетов приемнике...

Копирование прекратилось и я снова обратился в поддержку.

Александр в течении 10 минут связался со мной и посмотрев настройки, указал на мою ошибку.

Т.ч. Слуба поддержки, тоже на высоте!

2015.01.26 08:07 


хороший копир

Александру отдельное спасибо за помощь в настройке эксперта

Alexander Bobrov
2015.01.24 12:45 

Отличный копировщик. Пользуюсь уже почти полгода.

Alin Nicolae Odagiu
2014.11.27 12:00 

Excelent copier EA,lovely!

Support from Alex is also great he have a lot of patience to explain everything.

I recommend this EA.

thank you Alex,regards!

2014.10.08 10:33 

It 's a very good product. The author is helpful, and explains every function immediately

版本 4.51 - 2017.09.06
- improved occasional partial closing causing a trade to be closed entirely for no reason
版本 4.50 - 2017.08.28
- added the options to increase\decrease TP and SL
- added the options to enable copying TP and SL separately
版本 4.49 - 2017.08.16
- minor fixes for copying of pending orders
- fixed copying with consideration of the EURRUB quotes on ruble accounts
版本 4.48 - 2017.08.02
- fixed an error with canceling pending and limit order when filtering by comment
版本 4.47 - 2017.07.24
- added the duplicator mode
- disabled checking the margin for opening limit and pending orders
版本 4.45 - 2017.05.02
- fixed copying of pending orders
- Added the "Use leverage accounts" option, which allows ignoring the leverage ratio when the 'Auto lot = true' mode is enabled
版本 4.44 - 2017.04.26
- fixed the lot size rounding
版本 4.43 - 2017.04.19
- fixed the operation of the lot multiplier for a currency when Auto lot is enabled
- stop copying at the current drawdown, formula is ((Equity/Balance)-1)*100. If the drawdown is lower than or equal to specified, copying is disabled, it is possible to send notifications and force close the positions.
版本 4.42 - 2017.03.14
版本 4.40 - 2017.03.01
- Removed the possibility to manage the copier from other Expert Advisors (obsolete feature)
- Removed the possibility to manage another EA AutoTrade Manager (obsolete feature)
- Fixed display of operation mode taking into account current EA state
- Finalized the stop copying mechanism in case equity or margin levels drop; copying shall be resumed once the level is restored.
- Added new mode to stop copying when the margin level (%) drops
- Added sending of notifications by email or push when the margin/equity level drops, noe more than 1 message in 10 minutes
- Redesigned account currency conversion mode during copying, conversion is disabled by default.
- Improved auto comment, added ticket number
- "use currency auto koef" parameter renamed to "use currency accounts"
- New parameters: "alert mail use", "alert push use", "stopout margin level %"
- Added display of the number of positions opened on the server
- In the free version, only copying of EURUSD is available, other pairs are available in paid versions.
- Otstup parameter renamed to Points
版本 4.32 - 2016.12.13
- Word 'reverse' is removed from comments
- Fixed conversion with regard to the account currency. Currently supported account types include USD,EUR,RUB
- Fixed copying of XAUUSD
版本 4.31 - 2016.10.14
- fixed working with symbols table
- fixed the error with determining the minimum lot
- improved the analysis of partially closed trades
版本 4.30 - 2016.04.12
版本 4.21 - 2016.04.07
- fixed the detection of the minimal lot for futures and stocks
版本 4.20 - 2015.12.01
- Working with prefixes improved
- Scalping mode and indent mode revised, the logics of the entry point limit updated
- Added settings for configuring server requesting frequency
- A new mode allows to activate the server request by a timer or by arrival of ticks to reduce load
版本 4.14 - 2015.11.17
- Fixed shutdown in cases when the specified number of orders on the server and the client is reached
- New functions count_client_orders_stop and count_client_all_orders_use to control the number of orders on the client. Once the specified number of open orders is reached, no more new orders will be copied.
版本 4.13 - 2015.11.13
- A new function has been added allowing to disable SL and TP modifications when they are modified on the server
版本 4.12 - 2015.11.12
- fixed order comments
- improved sorting out by comments and magic numbers:
filter magic list
supports ability to specify all magic numbers beginning from specified numbers using * (for example, *1234)
Thus, all orders having the magic number beginning from 1234 will be copied

filter comment list
supports ability to strictly match a comment using ! (for example, !EA_Ilan).
Thus, all orders having a specified comment are copied
版本 4.11 - 2015.11.06
- Timer restart refined
- Saturday and Sunday added to the time manager
- Custom comments fixed
版本 4.10 - 2015.10.26
Attention: prior to updating the application, wait until all trades are closed in all clients!!! The version is not compatible with the previous ones.

- Improved support of binary options (type UP / DOWN is only supported)
- Improved entry mode by the number of spreads. If spread is zero, the copier automatically switches to entry accuracy in points.
- Changed value of parameter filter slippage = 5.0 for compatibility with previous versions
版本 4.0 - 2015.10.15
- Refined closure with the mode 'close price use' active
- Changed order tracking logics for the following new functions (ATTENTION: prior to update the application, let the Copier close all positions, otherwise they will be lost!)
- Added an option for starting and stopping copying by the number of open instruments
- Fixed an error with minimal lot when copying CFD and Forex instruments
- Changed logics of symbol match tables, the table is of a higher priority. The exact match of instruments (full names like in the terminal) should be specified in the table
- New option no_move_stoploss_and_takeprofit that disables shift for stop loss and take profit if position was entered with a deviation. The function is on by default.
- The default value of the use_currency_koef is set to true
- New option slippage_is_count_spread, when set to true activates mode of accuracy based on the number of spreads and the entry accuracy depends on the spread. The function is on by default.
- The following parameters have been renamed:
list accounts for copy, delimiter (,) = server accounts
default lot = fix lot
filter slippage open price = filter slippage
版本 3.43 - 2015.04.21
- corrected reading data by a client (the issue was detected on systems with SSD and HSSD hybrid disks)
- enabled copying take profit and stop loss by default
版本 3.42 - 2015.04.17
- Fixed placing pending and limit orders at certain settings
- Changed lot calculation equation: the description in https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/618#example is used in Autolot mode
- Added support for accounts in different currencies: the terminal should receive quotes in EURUSD and USDRUB. EUR, USD and RUB accounts are supported.
- Ratio calculation can be disabled by setting 'currency auto koef' to 'false'. The mode is disabled by default! This is an experimental function.
版本 3.41 - 2015.04.15
- Returned update timeout (sec) parameter for forced update
- Fixed some errors
版本 3.40 - 2015.04.07
- Improved time synchronization between the server and the client
- Added timeout indication by a fractional number if the deal lifetime is less than 1 minute
- Added automated disabling of stop loss/take profit modification on the client's side if custom stop loss or take profit is enabled and set to zero
- Revised server order tracking algorithm, update timeout (sec) option is no longer required, so it was deleted. Delay parameter is eliminated. It is no longer required.
- Added external control support by means of copying the instrument from EAs and indicators (detailed information will be available in instructions)
- Included support of different currencies; automated correction of a lot will be in the next updates
- Removed deletion of pending order if it triggered before the client's one, which led to omission of entry by pending orders
- timeout parameter default value is 0 again; operational mode selection parameter was renamed in "mode" (default value of this parameter is Server)
Attention: this update is incompatible with previous versions. Close all open positions on clients or wait for their closing before updating!!!
版本 3.33 - 2015.03.25
Fixed copying of comments.
版本 3.32 - 2015.03.19
- improved logics of order tracking
- ability to forcedly update добавлена server data, parameter update timeout (sec), the value is set in seconds (the setting is for the server only)
- automatic detection of symbols with prefixes and CFD
- copying of take profit and stop loss of pending orders the way it is done for market orders; the copier does not copy them by default.
Copying is enabled by setting parameters user takeprofit use=false, user stoploss use=false
- automatic comments, adds the number of the account from which trading is copied
- fixes in the operation of exception filters
版本 3.31 - 2015.03.10
- Fixed order re-opening when timeout=0
版本 3.30 - 2015.03.04
- Improved copying of the trades opened in parts on ECN accounts.
- 'timeout' parameter is equal to 5 by default (not 0). The parameter now also affects pending orders as well!
- Improved opening limit and stop orders, especially when working with scalpers and news Expert Advisors.
- Copying stops and take levels is disabled by default in order to speed up the work when copying a great amount of orders.
Pending orders do not receive take and stop levels right after they are placed. Instead, the levels are set right after the order is triggered (if the appropriate options are activated).
By default, take and stop levels are virtual.
- Revised changing a stop loss and take profit in order to improve working with scalper trading robots.
版本 3.29 - 2015.02.18
- added the parameter for setting the history upload depth for clients. It reduces the load during intraday trading.
history count (days) = 1..N; the parameter uses the number of previous days as its value;
- added Time manager settings allowing users to set the time period when coyping trades is allowed. The time is set for each day of week. The time format allows you to set trading periods, for example, 0-10, 13-17 or 22:10-08:00, 15:00-18:59;
- added support for joint operation with AutoTradeManager utility.
版本 3.28 - 2015.02.16
- Fixed working with 'otstup' parameter.
- Fixed data download when changing the settings, while open trades are present.
- Added the new option: close price use = false/true. If enabled (true), a trade is closed only if the price is not worse than the close price at the source. 'otstup' parameter is considered.

Attention: save the settings to file before the update!
版本 3.27 - 2015.01.30
- Fixed joint operation of a server and a client on a single account (fixed position opening duplications).
- Fixed take profit, stop loss and Open price modification.
- Fixed the default option 'pause for set takeprofit (min) = 0'.
- Changed scalper mode logic. Now, positive 'otstup' is the minimum number of points the server price should move from the Open one before it is allowed to open a trade. If 'otstup' value is negative, the server price should move in the negative direction for the specified distance from the Open price before it is allowed to open a trade.
- Provided smart stop loss and take profit calculation mode: convergence between the server's and client's position prices is considered.
- Improved sleep mode to reduce the processor load.
- Improved the mode of downloading accounts from different servers.
版本 3.26 - 2015.01.22
- added ability to copy only the specified direction
copy mode = Long & Short, Long Only, Short Only
- added ability to set custom take profit or stop loss (can be specified separately)
user takeprofit use = false, true
user stoploss use = false, true
- added re-opening trades if a trade has been closed on a client's side
reopen position = false, true
- added ability to set take profit for a trade with delay in minutes
pause for set takeprofit (min) = 0..60
版本 3.25 - 2015.01.15
- A risk manager has been added to stop copying at a preset level of drawdown on the server or client account.
- New functions for filtering trades based on the magic number, comment or symbol.
版本 3.24 - 2014.12.22
- minor bug fixes in the table of symbols
- improved data update from server accounts
版本 3.22 - 2014.11.19
Update 17.11.2014
- Updated the mechanism of saving order details and order receipt by clients, load on CPU is reduced to a minimum. Now the copier enters a standby mode when nothing is changed for the orders.
- Added an editable table of tickets (symbol names), if they differ.

For the futures NO NEED to specify month and the last digit of the year (e.g. Z4 (December 2014), the copier will find them automatically)
版本 3.21 - 2014.10.30
Now it considers the leverage of the client and server for automatic calculation of the volume.
版本 3.20 - 2014.10.24
- Fixed partial closing issue
- Added exclusion function to work in filters with "-" operator. For example, -EURUSD gives command not to copy the EURUSD trades.