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MT4 Telegram Signal


!!! New faeture sending Signals as VIP SMS with ASPSMS.COM

!!! New faeture sending Signals as VIP EMAILS

MT4 Telegram Signal is tool, which sends selected trades via magic number to telegram channel, sms and email to user. Tool sends trades when open and close with chart to telegram chanel. It also sends every modification from trades to telegram. Tool can send multiple charts and magic numbers and pairs from a single chart. For this you have to fill in on the chart corresponding magic number to be sent by the chart.

Send information of all type of orders: Opened (including Pending Orders), closed tiggered, and modifeid orders.

You must add the URL “https://api.telegram.org” to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > Allow Web Request for listed URL in order to load news data from the source.

You can find add free version : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/37432

setup video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wvDG4sAwCNg

Telegram Setup instruction

  1. Open your Telegram APP and search for "BotFather".
  2. Type /start and click/type /newbot to create a new bot.
  3. Give your bot a nickname and username (e.g., nickname: Bestnavisignal and username: Bestnavisignalbot <-- username has to be ended by 'bot').
  4. Congratulations! You have created your Telegram bot.
  5. Save your bot API token (e.g. 787517015:AAFnbcZYxx_iXAdRGrZD1W8bsSF5Xr_FmQ0) .
  6. If you don't have it already, create the channel or group
  7. Open the channel/group Info, then Manage, Add Administrators, type the bot username, and click Save
  8. Send any message to the channel/group like "hello world"
  9. Open the following URL in a browser: https://api.telegram.org/bot&lt;token>/getUpdates (dont forget adding your bot token to the URL)
  10. Search for the string "chat":{"id": to find a large negative number. This is your group or channel ID
  11. Copy the chat ID
  12. Back in MetaTrader 4, go to Tools > Options > Expert Advisors > tick 'Allowed WebRequest for listed URL' and add 'https://api.telegram.org'.
  13. Attach the utility into your MetaTrader 4 chart and fill up the Token (from step 5) and ChatID (from step 11).
  14. Fill in the magic number sperated with comma "," on utility chart window. So you can select trades which should be sent to Telegram (Important! not shown on video look images please)
  15. Your utility is ready to work for you.


  • TELEGRAM_BASE_URL - allow webrequest "https://api.telegram.org"
  • Token - Api Token from Telegram bot
  • Telegram Chat ID- Chat id from telegram channel
  • Reinit Order Tickets - Reinit the Order tickets and send already opened order
  • Digit number after point for EURUSD
  • Send chart to telegram - Set true if you want to send chart to telegram
  • Send pending order information 
  • Send only new orders after start
  • User message to telegram - Custom message to telegram
  • Hour to send User message - which hour everyday send custom message to telegram
  • Profit type - Profit type for report to send. avaliable in "PIP" or Currency
  • include open orders - included open ordersprofit to reports
  • Send Report Weekly - Set true if you want to send weekly report
  • Weekly weport day - Which day of week should weekly report to send
  • Sent monthly report - Set true if you want to send monthly report
  • Report send hour - which hour should weekly report send
  • Send email notification - set true if you want to send messages to email
  • Send mobile notification - set true if you want to send push messages to mobile
  • Order Open Message - user costumizing of order open message
  • Order Close Message -  user costumizing of order close message 
  • Order Modify Message - user costumizing of order ordermodify message
  • PendingOrderTriggerMsg - user costumizing of order Pendingorder message
  • ReportMsgLineProfit - user costumizing of each line at weekly/monthly report
  • ReportMsgLineLoss - user costumizing of each line at weekly/monthly report

avaliabel variables : {Symbol} , {Ticket}, {TimeFrame}, {BuySell}, {OrderLots}, {OpenPrice}, {TakeProfit}, {StopLoss},  {ClosingPrice}, {Profit}, {br}, {B}, {/B}, {I}, {/I}, {MONTH}, , {OrderComment}

 e.g. {B} New Order opened {B} #{MONTH} {Ticket} {BuySell} {OrderLots} lots {Symbol} @ {OpenPrice}, TP @ {TakeProfit}, SL @ {StopLoss} from {TimeFrame}

you can add now emojis to msg hre you find overview https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/730473

    评论 19
    Jia Hsiang Toh
    Jia Hsiang Toh 2021.10.04 10:12 

    can i add the trade comment as a variable to the telegram message?

    Ken Sears
    Ken Sears 2021.09.28 23:51 

    Excellent service. Can you please add : parameter {Comment} From the comment of the trade?

    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2021.07.10 13:09 

    So good

    This indicator is using the Central Limit Theorem in combination with historical volatility and Fibonacci ratios in order to create unique type of chart tool called Projected Volatility Distribution. This tool allows you to perform highly accurate intraday technical analysis where in a split second you can detect overbought and oversold conditions as well as strong trends. In addition you have at your disposal multi-functional panel which shows signals in real time and gives you the ability to o
    Oscillator Trends
    Maryna Shulzhenko
    The Oscillator Trend indicators are most useful in identifying trend decay. Nobody canceled the divergence. Correct use of this signal will give you a certain head start in the market. When working in flat. The principle of operation of the oscillator is based on the measurement of fluctuations. The indicator tries to determine the maximum or minimum of the next swing - an exit from the overbought and oversold zones. Do not forget that these signals are most interesting at the borders of the fl
    59 USD
    Rectangle control
    Dmitriy Sapegin
    4 (1)
    Rectangle Control простой индикатор который отображает на графике панель для рисования прямоугольников с различными настройками, будет удобен тем кто рисует на графике зоны поддержки, сопротивления. Прямоугольник можно нарисовать с заливкой или без, различной толщины и цвета. А также выбрать таймфрейм на котором нарисованный прямоугольник  будет отображаться. При нажатой кнопке алерт будет срабатывать оповещение (если прямоугольник находиться ниже цены на верхнем его краю, если прямоугольник нах
    具有广泛可定制参数的指标,以确定当前趋势的支撑位和阻力位。根据当前趋势方向显示级别:如果当前趋势向上,则显示支撑位,如果向下 - 阻力位。 当前柱关闭后,值不会重新绘制。它可以在任何时间范围内使用,之前已经为自己选择了方便的设置。 机会: - 26 种平滑价格流的方法 - 14 种估计价格选项 - 2种计算货币点差范围的方法 - 2 种检测趋势方向变化的方法 参数: PriceFilterPeriod - 趋势检测的计算周期 PriceFilterMethod - 趋势检测期数据的平滑方法 TrendFilterPrice - 应用价格 VolatilityPeriod - 波动率计算周期 VolatilityMultiplier - 波动率 VolatilityMode - 波动率计算方法 TrendChangeMode - 趋势变化检测方法 AddDigits - 通过添加小数位来提高值的准确性 AlertTextEnabled - 在趋势变化期间启用/禁用文本消息显示 AlertOnClosedBar - 仅通过闭合柱上的数据显示有关趋势变化的信息 AlertSoundE
    30 USD
    Trade Duplicate By Risk Percentage : is the most power full trade duplicate by risk percentage simple description: 1-when you open a trade by lot size 0.01 the trade duplicate tool will duplicate your  trade by risk percentage you entered in inputs. 2- when your trades go in profit %50 of your Take Profit the tool will move your stop loss Xpips below or above Entry price that you entered in inputs . important: firstly close your manually opened trade to avoid trade duplicate when you decide t
    49 USD
    Range Indicator
    Krisztian Kovacs
    Hi, This is only a simple indicator. It selects a range between two times - you can choose it from how long. Don't wait miracle. This indicator is ideal choose for your break out strategy, for example London break out strategy. Happy trading! We wish you the best! Yours sincerely: MarginCallMasters Team Warning! This is only an indicator, it will not open position or orders to your account. 
    30 USD
    一款操作“便捷”的交易面板,其特点是步骤简洁,操作迅速,1到2次点击即可完成一个功能操作,节省了时间,增加了效率。   面板 上手容易, 设置简单,不繁琐,符合交易者习惯。同时,其设计紧凑 ,一目了然 ,功能全面,乃手动操盘之利器! 主要功能说明: 点击“卖价”显示 历史 交易 路径 点击“买价”点数和价格输入切换 点击“点差”一键清除所有箭头 点击“相机”屏幕快速抓图   点击“Lot”显示“统计面板”,如:手数统计,净值,平均价,每日盈亏等。 点击“SL或TP”快速删除止损或止盈 点击“PD”快速删除挂单止损和止盈 支持“移动止损”和“保本止损”功能。 支持“划线开单”或“报警”。(价格高于"Red"红色线自动下单或报警,价格低于"Yellow"黄色线自动下单或报警)  支持“百分比开仓”功能,根据风险百分比和止损大小自动计算开仓手数。 支持“OCO订单”功能,一个挂单成交,另一挂单自动取消。 支持在“指定时间” 开仓 或 清仓功能 。 支持反手、反手2倍、平盈利单、平亏损单、平最近单、部分平仓、 锁仓 等基本操作。 支持中英文两种语言,支持MT4/MT5两个版本。 支持杠
    69.99 USD
    如果你正在尋找兒童圖片作為標誌或美麗的圖片從戰略測試,或想買貓在一個袋子裡花很多錢,那麼這個專家顧問不適合你! 如果你喜歡催眠的話,如,沒有馬丁蓋爾或沒有網格或其他危險的技術,仍然期望每月100或1000%的利潤?經紀人允許你逐月從帳戶中取出這麼大的金額? 對不起,但你還是太天真了。 外匯靈魂1號, 設置為澳元M15。 幾乎所有的工具都可以交易。 應要求,我將很樂意為您的儀器發送設置檔。 請不要聯繫AUTOR的建議,因為你不是一個專業的,不知道如何變得更好。只需使用此機器人,如果你想。 The Forex Soul No1,  is set for AUDUSD M15. Almost all instruments can be traded. On request I will be happy to send you setfiles for your instrument. Please do not contact the AUTOR with suggestions as you are NOT a professional and do NOT know how t
    30 USD
    AR Canada Luxe
    Aleksandr Lila
    3.33 (3)
    AR Canada is a fully automated Expert Advisor. It does not require any adjustments and is optimized for trading USDCAD H1. The product is a free version. It trades only using a fixed lot with the minimum volume. The Expert Advisor DOES NOT use hedging, martingale, grid strategies, arbitrage, etc. It uses a trading algorithm based on the intersection of two moving averages for analyzing the market conditions, as well as support and resistance levels. The Take Profit and Stop Loss values are fixed
    Aleksej Shcherbak
    The program is designed for copying your successful orders. The price is often fluctuates within a channel. But there is no time to monitor the terminal and place the next orders, especially if it happens at night. Place an order, when it closed with profit, the program repeats your order as a pending limit order. This will continue until the order closes with a loss, or the price goes too far away and the pending order will not trigger. An offset is provided for inclined channels. The order wil
    30 USD
    Mr Lowry Pro
    Cesar Napoleon Guio Martinez
    4.79 (14)
    Mr. Lowry Pro is an automated trading system based on moving average cross.  Inputs Trading Style: "Intraday" if you want your trades to close on the same day, "Swing" if you want your trades to close the same week and "Positioning" if you want to keep your trades open for more than a week. First Day of Trading: Select the day, on which you want to start trading. Last Day of Trading: Select the day, on which you want to end trading. Trading start time(0-24): Indicate the time (0-24H), at which y
    Info Trend
    Maryna Shulzhenko
    The Info Trend trend indicator is used to determine the strength and direction of the trend and to find the price reversal points. The Info Trend indicator is used in Forex markets. The indicator was created in order to display the trend in a visual form. One of the main definitions for monitoring the currency market is trend. The trend can be ascending (bullish trend) and decreasing (bearish trend). In most cases, the trend grows for a long time and falls sharply, but there are exceptions in
    128 USD
    Description Bitcoin Scalper is an automated trading advisor that independently carries out high-frequency intraday trading on the Bitcoin trading instrument. The Expert Advisor is designed for margin trading and makes both buy and sell deals. The EA is based on the strategy of identifying waves and trends in the market, followed by the construction of correction-impulse levels. This method provides super-accurate entry points regardless of the market situation. Each position is protected by the
    100 USD
    Hedging Bridge EA
    Endra Wahyu Satria
    Hedging Bridge EA Hedging  Bridge EA is   a Metatrader Expert Advisor   that provides a correct framework for your trading activity. It provides proper risk calculations and a very smart position management strategy that will manage your trades automatically and recover your trading losses Live account   https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1178937 myfxbook.com/members/MNCFX/hedging-bridge-ea/8906977 Settings: Time Frame M5/M15/M30 Only work for GBPUSD Minimum Equity USD $2000 Lot 0.01 Max Drawdo
    200 USD
    NOHO Market Profile shows the market's price activity recorded in relation to time in a statistical bell curve. Get full control of your trading with several market profile sessions designed for a deeper analysis of the markets. Improve your scalping and intradia analysis with fully adjustable map periods from 15 minutes to monthly. New Remote Control that allows the user to control some input parameters directly on the chart. Works on every timeframe, financial asset and offline charts ( e.g. r
    Download now this MQL5 Edition of the powerful FWA TERMINAL and enjoy the order ticket feature for FREE! Just drag and drop the indicator to your chart and that's it. No inputs. Simple and easy to use! Please, take a look at the screenshots to discover the amazing FWA Terminal features: Live Charts Analysis , made by french professional traders (Dorian Abadie, Frédéric Denis and Jérémie Jamagne) AutoChart Harmonic Scanner Order Ticket Social Network with followers & stories Priv
    Eurosmart Pro  is a smart indicator of detecting trends,  contains two intelligences. first is intelligence detects trends, and filter on the indicator can function to eliminate false signals. This indicator allows you to open trading easily and accurately. all indicator features are easy to use and easy to understand. Trading Rule: Pair   : EURUSD, EURJPY Trading Sesion : London and New York Sesion Time Frame : M30/H1 Stop Trading : Sideway Market  and High news impact (NFP, ECB) Open BUY : Ca
    40 USD
    Detailed statistics of your trading for the selected period The utility includes 2 separate tools: Trade Statistics WeekDays Analyzer Statistics display modes: For the selected  currency pair/trading instrument Statistics for all trades   (" ALL ") You can select the period for which you want to get statistics: 1 day 1 week 1 month 2   months 3   months 6   months 1 year 2 years All trading history 1. Trade Statistics: Gross profit Gross loss Total profit/loss Number of trades Percentage of pro
    35 USD
    This EA is designed for BTCUSD, ETHUSD, LTCUSD trading Contact support:   #1    Set file here:   #2    Verified back-testing data Trades almost every day Trades other   cryptocurrencies too Lightweight and optimized codebase Finds the best places to range trade the market FIFO compliant Any broker using the MT4 platform Settings: Open new series -  on / off beginning of a new seri Start lots -  start lot. Trade Buy -  allow the adviser to buy. Trade Sell -  allow the adviser to sell. Support ma
    199 USD
    Elastic Grid
    Aliaksandr Charkes
    4.67 (3)
    The Elastic Grid is a multi-functional grid Expert Advisor, designed for full or partial automation of various ideas related to grid trading. The EA trades on any timeframe and symbol. It can also trade several symbols with any amount of decimal places. It does not interfere with manual trading and other EAs' operation or any indicators. It allows to adjust its settings on the fly, works only with its own orders displaying all necessary data on them when needed, and for some situations it can be
    65 USD
    Trade Space PRO   Профессиональная торговая панель для MT4. Главное  ПРЕИМУЩЕСТВО - все настройки выведены на график символа. Запоминаются автоматически для каждого символа отдельно.  Трейдинг/риски/блок контроля новостей и тайминга/панель сигналов .  Вся важная информация отображается на панелях.  Вам нужно только открыть позицию одним щелчком мыши. Управление открытой позицией так же просто,  насколько это возможно:  вы можете легко настроить уровни Стоп Лосса (S/L) и Тейк Профита (T/P).  В о
    Reverse Trend Solution And Trade Panel For All Symbols In One Tool! MuteLight AK Trade Pro's smart algorithm monitor the markets price, filters out noise and gives recommendation of entry time. Monitor different pairs in one chart Support to open, monitor and close orders automatically Trade Panel allow to open market or hidden pending orders with preset parameters to best fit different market condition. Advantages You Get Easy, visual and effective reverse trend detection. Gives you the abili
    我們以 1277 美元的價格出售前 10 份,其餘的將以 1699 美元的價格出售 Robin the Hood EA 是最新的先進黃牛機器人,可交易大多數主要貨幣對(GBPUSD、EURUSD、EURCHF、USDCAD 等)。這個黃牛機器人使用智能算法來尋找進入和退出點。它具有自學習神經有效穩定性模塊,能夠搜索市場價格模式並將收集到的數據應用於當前市場。 推薦時間範圍:M5、M15、M30、H1。 EA 不使用網格、鞅和其他風險交易策略。該機器人僅根據數學算法進行交易。 機器人優勢: 機器人不使用鞅或網格。 機器人在大多數時間範圍內交易。 機器人交易多種貨幣對 GBPUSD、EURUSD、EURCHF、USDCAD 等。 開啟交易時,機器人通過電子郵件和推送向交易者發送信號。 機器人以 500 美元起的存款進行交易 在機器人的設置中,您可以指定機器人可以交易的具體時間。 對機器人工作的要求: 最小點差。 機器人必須安裝在 VPS 上或全天候在 PC 上交易。 建議使用 ECN 經紀商。 機器人參數: Volume_tics - 信號過濾器參數。機器人收集有關價
    1 450 USD
    Keep Sleeping MT4
    Dmitry Homenkov
    5 (1)
    Keep sleeping while your EA does his job!   Keep Sleeping EA   - is an expert advisor which trades at night. It uses calm but more predictable night time for achieving stable profits. It is recommended to use the EA on a number of instruments simultaneously. This will allow to raise profit and make profit curve smoother. EA's setup guide -  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/746449 EA's channel with news and updates -  https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/keepsleeping_channel Live signals: https:/
    99 USD
    FXC iMACD-DivergencE MT4 Indicator This is an advanced MACD indicator that finds trend-turn divergences on the current symbol. The indicator detects divergence between the MACD and the price movements as a strong trend-turn pattern. Main features: Advanced divergence settings Price based on Close, Open or High/Low prices Give Buy/Sell open signals PUSH notifications E-mail sending Pop-up alert Customizeable Information panel Input parameters: MACD Fast-EMA: The Fast-EMA variable of the MACD
    69 USD
    Extended Fractals
    Sergey Efimenko
    5 (1)
    该指标扩展了标准分形的功能,允许您查找、显示和使用它们,计算任何奇数长度,即 3、5、7、9 等柱线。分形不仅可以通过柱线价格来计算,还可以通过给定时期的移动平均线的值来计算。 所有类型的警报都在指标中分别针对上分形和下分形实施。 设置使用条的数量,在settings中设置Left fractal bars count变量(默认值为2),其中的number设置一侧不包括中央条的条数,即等于到 2 表示 5 个条形的标准分形(2 个条形 * 2 个边 + 1 个中心 = 5 个用于查找和确定分形的条形)。 参数: Period price MA   - 用于计算分形价格的移动平均线的周期(值 1 - 对应于没有平均的分形的通常计算) Method price MA - 计算分形价格的移动平均法 Price High - 价格寻找高点 Price Low - 寻找低点的价格 Left fractal bars count - 一侧分形中的条数,不包括顶部,即对于 5 个条的标准分形,值为 2 Arrow shift from extremum - 从分形极值的点偏移以突出显示顶部 Usin
    30 USD
    Cheap Robot
    Andrey Kozak
    Cheap Robot is a fully automated EA for the Metatrader4 platform. You do not need to configure it. Just upload the robot to the Metatrader4 platform, open the GBP1D currency pair H1 timeframe and start trading the robot. You don’t have to do anything else. The robot itself will analyze the market, open / close transactions, manage finances and risks. This is a complete automated trading system. How to start trading using Cheap Robot: If you do not have a Metatrader4 terminal yet, you need to
    55 USD
    Three Stochastics
    Pavel Zamoshnikov
    3.86 (14)
    This indicator signals about crossing of the main and the signal lines of stochastic (lower stochastic) in the trend direction which is determined by two stochastics of higher time frames (higher stochastics). It is not a secret that stochastic generates accurate signals in a flat market and a lot of false signals in a protracted trend. A combination of two stochastics of higher time frames performs a good filtration of false signals and shows the main tendency. The indicator is recommended for
    MT4/5通用交易库(  一份代码通用4和5 ) #import "K Trade Lib.ex4"    //简单开单    long OrderOpen( int type, double volume, int magic, string symbol= "" , string comment= "" , double opprice= 0 , double sl= 0 , double tp= 0 , int expiration= 0 , bool slsetmode= false , bool tpsetmode= false );    //复杂开单    void SetMagic( int magic, int magic_plus= 0 ); void SetLotsAddMode(int mode=0,double lotsadd=0);    long OrderOpenAdvance( int mode, int type, double volume, int step, int magic, string symbol= "" , string comme
    Open multiple trades with 1 click. The EezeOrder Script is designed to make trading easy. All in 1 click, open as many trades as you want, and select the order type from a dropdown list.  No need to change chart just enter the name of the symbol Enter the number of trades you want Select whether it is a buy, sell, buy limit, sell limit, buy stop or sell stop Enter TP and SL and click OK, and trades are opened If you have any questions after the download, simply send me a message. I will be avail
    30 USD
    Trade Assistant MT4
    Evgeniy Kravchenko
    4.67 (110)
    它有助于计算每笔交易的风险,容易安装新的订单,具有部分关闭功能的订单管理, 7 种类型的追踪止损和其他有用的功能。 线条功能  - 在图表上显示开仓线、止损线、止盈线。 有了这个功能,就可以很容易地设置一个新的订单,并在开仓前看到它的附加特性。   风险管理  - 风险计算功能在考虑到设定的风险和止损单的大小的情况下,计算新订单的成交量。它允许你设置任何大小的止损,同时观察设定的风险。 批量计算按钮 - 启用 / 禁用风险计算。 在 " 风险 " 一栏中设置必要的风险值,从 0 到 100 的百分比或存款的货币。 在 " 设置 " 选项卡上选择风险计算的变量: $ 货币, % 余额, % 资产, % 自由保证金, % 自定义, %AB 前一天, %AB 前一周, %AB 前一个月。   R/TP 和 R/SL - 设置止盈和止损的关系。 这允许你设置相对于损失的利润大小。 例如, 1 : 1 - 这决定了 TP = SL 的大小。 2 : 1 - 这意味着 TP 是 SL 的两倍。 RR - 它禁用比率。   订单管理 该面板支持市场订单和挂单。 交易时间管理器 - 按时间开仓或平
    100 USD
    您认为在价格可以瞬间变化的市场中,下单应该尽可能简单吗? 在 Metatrader 中,每次您要开单时,您都必须打开一个窗口,您可以在其中输入开盘价、止损和止盈以及交易规模。 在金融市场交易中,资本管理对于维持您的初始存款并使其倍增至关重要。 因此,当您想下订单时,您可能想知道应该开多大的交易? 在这单笔交易中,您应该承担多少百分比的存款? 您可以从这笔交易中获利多少,利润风险比是多少? 在您设置交易规模之前,您需要进行必要的计算,以获得交易规模应该是多少的问题的答案。 想象一下,您有一个工具可以自动完成所有这些工作。 您打开图表,进行市场分析并用水平线标记入场点、防御点(止损)和目标(止盈),最后您定义风险水平,例如 作为可用资本的百分比,您可以在此交易中承担,此时程序提供: 定义风险和止损规模的可接受交易规模 以点数、点数和账户货币计的止损和获利值 风险回报率 现在剩下的就是点击面板上的相应按钮来打开交易。 如果您是黄牛,需要在不设置防御或目标的情况下快速打开和关闭交易,那么您可以在交易管理器面板中轻松掌握一切,您可以在其中定义固定订单参数并通过单击“购买”或 “卖出”按钮。 关闭
    99 USD
    ATTENTION AFTER A CAREFUL EVALUATION  I PUT BACK ON SALE  I DO NOT KNOW FOR HOW MUCH LONGER. INCLUDED AS A GIFT THE TELEGRAM CHAT TO LEARN HOW TO USE IT TO THE FULLEST POTENTIAL. Performing forex tool, it is a revolutionary tool where the user can trade using only this tool to trade every day, evaluating their income only by observing the correlation between the various currency pairs both daily and weekly, both monthly and yearly, there are very intuitive visual indicators that determine the hi
    1 200 USD
    TradePanel MT4
    Alfiya Fazylova
    5 (34)
    Trade Panel 是一个多功能的交易助手,可帮助您快速、方便地进行交易并正确管理订单。 该实用程序包含 50 多种交易功能,可让您自动执行大部分交易操作。 您無需在每次交易前計算風險,實用程序會自行計算所有內容。 您只需指定一次風險百分比,實用程序就會為每筆交易應用此風險,為每筆交易選擇最佳手數。 您無需等待某些事件,例如突破關卡或達到給定時間。 只需為實用程序設置任務。 當指定的事件發生時,實用程序本身將執行必要的交易操作, 例如,它會在價格越過某個水平時打開訂單,或在指定時間關閉訂單。 您無需擔心未結訂單,該實用程序具有所有必要的訂單支持功能。 該實用程序將對訂單應用指定的追踪止損,將止損移至盈虧平衡點,或執行部分平倉。 達到指定利潤時將關閉訂單,或使用“OCO-order”功能。 您不需要打開許多圖表來分析所需的工具(符號)。 該實用程序可以同時與所有經紀人的工具一起使用。 要切換交易品種,只需單擊圖表控制面板中的按鈕。 此外,使用該面板,您最多可以創建 4 個包含交易工具的工作列表,用顏色突出顯示所需的符號或將它們添加到您的收藏夾。 使用交易面板,您可以盡可能地自動化您的
    80 USD
    Fast Copy MT4
    Pavel Kolchin
    4.67 (70)
    该程序允许您尽可能快速、轻松地在不同的 MetaTrader 4 和 MetaTrader 5 账户之间以任何方向和数量在本地复制交易——直观的界面使您无需阅读附加说明即可快速了解程序的主要设置,以及强大的功能将满足即使是苛刻的用户的需求。该程序旨在在“Windows PC”和“Windows VPS”上运行。 任何类型的复制都可用 MT4 - MT5 MT4 - MT4 MT5 - MT5 MT5 - MT4 *不同MT4-MT5终端之间的复制,需要购买两个版本的Fast Copy MT4+ Fast Copy MT5 主要功能 一种收发交易的工具(复印机):在程序中可以选择操作模式[主]或[从] 一个提供者 [master] 可以将交易复制到多个接收者 [slave] 的帐户 一个接收[从]可以从多个供应商[主]的账户复制交易 与 MetaTrader 4 - MetaTrader 5 之间以及 Netting - Hedge 之间的订单/头寸会计系统绝对兼容 复制止损和止盈水平 - 可选。可以为未结交易程序设置您自己的 SL 和 TP 水平 复制挂单 Buy Limit、Se
    55 USD
    Trend Line Optimizer
    Evgenii Aksenov
    4.82 (11)
    这是趋势线PRO指标的自动参数优化器 轻松快速地为您最喜爱的趋势线PRO指标选择最佳参数。  优化只需几秒钟。 优化器允许您找到每对和周期的最佳参数:振幅,TP1-TP3,止损,以及所选历史部分(天)上的时间过滤器和HTF过滤器的值  要优化不同的时间框架,您需要不同的历史范围: M5-M15设置计算范围参数(天)=60(三个月) M30-H1设置计算范围参数(天)=120(6个月) H4设置参数计算范围(天)=240(一年) D1-W1设置参数计算范围(天)=720(三年) MN1设置参数计算范围(天)=1200(五年) 优化后,参数自动保存到文件夹中的现成设置文件中:MQL4>Files>trendlineoptimizedsettings  如何使用优化器实用程序: 在需要优化的符号和时间的图形上运行优化器实用程序。 优化结束后单击保存按钮 将趋势线PRO指标添加到图表,然后将趋势线PRO扫描仪 Trend Line PRO指标面板上TP1、TP2、TP3、止损和利润指标的值将变得更好,Trend Line PRO 扫描仪中会出现一个按钮(红色或蓝色  Manu
    99 USD
    Save time placing orders and automate entry under your conditions.  Managing open trade with TBOM is easy Order box is rectangle which defines market order with entry and stop loss price (virtual market order) Video tutorials and manuals   here . Find contacts on my   profile . Money Management -  Risk percentage position size calculator, gain percentage, target risk reward ratio, spread and commissions are included in calculations Safe Trading -  Protect orders before big news spikes and Mond
    118 USD
    What Exactly Is A Smart Trading Tool? Smart Trading Tool was developed for fast and comfortable trading of the financial markets especially for ORDER BLOCKS TRADERS . It provides traders functionalities, such as: A Drawing Tool One-Click Trading Panel Automated Lot Sizes Calculation based on your risk appetite & Money Management ( Watch this video , how this tool can help manage your risk per trade better!) Built in PRICE LEVELS (Fibonacci, Round Numbers, Daily hi-low, etc) Shows Trading Informa
    125 USD
    VirtualTradePad mt4 Extra
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    4.98 (52)
    交易小组进行人工交易。您可以从图表(图表窗口)或键盘进行交易。打开和关闭,反向和锁定。处理职位和订单! МetaТrader4中主要订单的交易控制面板:买入,卖出,买入,买入,卖出,卖出限制,收盘,删除,修改,追踪止损,止损,止损。 从符号窗口交易并从键盘交易! 您正在为MetaTrader 4终端提供一个独特的插件 - 虚拟控制面板VirtualTradePad。 Description on English 你也可以试试这个   МetaТrader5终端的面板  。   详细的手册和VirtualTradePad参数说明 + DEMO + PDF 注意!如果您想学习如何交易 策略测试器  ,请查看我们的免费 TesterPad 实用程序 VirtualTradePad在“  MQL5语言最佳图形面板  ”竞赛中 获得二等奖 。 VirtualTradePad - Full Description 工作标签 职位标签   -使用职位: 开/关买入和卖出, 冲销所有头寸, 锁定一个共同的立场, 更改止损/获利, 设定一般的止损/获利的位置, 启用追踪止损, 实现盈亏平衡 只平仓有利
    79 USD
    Everything for chart Technical Analysis in one tool Quick tip: Draw your supply demand zone with rectangle and support resistance with trendline and get alerts to mobile phone or email alert -  Risk reward indicator mt4 Video tutorials and manuals   here .  Find contacts on my   profile . 1. Extend rectangle and trendline into future -  Trend Support Resistance Object will be extended into future when price will draw new candlesticks on chart. This is rectangle extender or trendline extender
    98 USD
    The product will copy all telegram signal to MT4   ( all channel and group which you are member) , also it can work as remote copier.  Easy to set up Work with almost signal formats Work with multi channel Work with Image signal Copy order instant Auto detect symbol Work as remote copier: with signal have ticket number, it will copy exactly via ticket number. How to setup and guide: Let read all details about setup and download Telegram To MetaTrader Apps  here Contact me to get trial version
    149 USD
    Local Trade Copier EA MT4
    Juvenille Emperor Limited
    5 (6)
    Local Trade Copier EA MT4 是最快和最容易使用的贸易复印机,只需 1 分钟即可快速设置! 它在安装在同一台 Windows 计算机或 Windows VPS 上的两个或多个 MetaTrader 终端之间复制交易。 如果您想增加信号订阅的手数, Local Trade Copier EA MT4 也可以作为信号手数乘数。 提示: 您可以在您的模拟账户中下载并试用 Local Trade Copier EA MT4 模拟版: 这里 本地贸易复印机EA MT4 安装指南   |  Local Trade Copier EA MT4 输入    |    本地贸易复印机 EA MT4 故障排除指南    |    更新购买的产品   特征 本地 ΜΤ4 和 MT5 终端之间的高速复制(小于 0.5 秒)* 支持МТ4>МТ4 、 МТ4>МТ5、МТ5>МТ4复制* 从真实>模拟、真实>真实、演示>真实和演示>模拟账户复制,在所有经纪商之间 一个发送方账户可以向多个接收方账户发送交易,一个接收方账户可以从多个发送方账户复制交易 可以从只读/投
    50 USD
    Telegram MT4 Signal Trader 是一款 EA,可帮助您交易通过 Telegram 频道、群组、聊天接收的信号。 您甚至不需要成为频道的所有者。如果您可以阅读 Telegram 帐户中的信号文本,则可以全部交易。 EA 需要一个很棒的免费工具——Telegram Reader 应用程序,它可以帮助通过 Telegram API 从 Telegram 频道、群组、私人聊天中读取信号文本。 如何设置 阅读此处的用户指南,了解如何设置和了解 EA 的工作原理。 * 主要特点: 10 个许可证:您可以在 10 个 VP、台式机、笔记本电脑中运行 EA 无限的 MT4 帐户和电报频道:您可以将 EA 用于无限的 MT4 帐户(模拟和真实)、无限的 Telegram 频道(所有频道、群组、聊天)、无限的 Telegram 帐户(您的帐户和其他人的帐户) 可以交易所有信号类型:EA 被开发用于交易各种信号结构,甚至是 OCR 技术的图像信号,或任何复杂的信号文本。如果 EA 不能适应您的信号,我将开发 EA 使其适合您 过滤信号:仅通过设置以下条件来
    199 USD
    Easy Trade Manager
    Anoop Sivasankaran
    4.94 (32)
    Easy Trade Manager 1.0 基本特征是成功交易者最重要的因素之一;     1.预订TP1,TP2和TP3的利润     2.根据每笔交易金额管理风险。例如,100美元(最大损失) - 这可能是您总权益的2%。     3.设置您想要在TP1,TP2和TP3预订的金额(%)。例如。 TP1为100美元的50%,TP2为25%,TP3为25%     4.根据STOP-LOSS自动选择LOT SIZE! (设置批量大小=自动以启用此功能)     5.最重要的是,将交易自动设置为TP1或TP2的盈亏平衡! (盈亏平衡= TP1 / TP2)     如果您愿意,请留下好的评论和EA,给我一些改进的建议 高级用户 -     1.基于两个功能自动跟踪止损(设置=是/自动);          - 手动设置步骤点数(是)          - 基于抛物线SAR(自动)|自动跟踪P.SAR的优点 -  https://goo.gl/NWG3dV     2.手动输入TP1,TP2和TP3点数(确保其点数)
    50 USD
    Trade copier MT4
    Alfiya Fazylova
    5 (12)
    Trade Copier 是一种专业实用程序,旨在复制和同步交易账户之间的交易。 复制发生从供应商的帐户/终端到收件人的帐户/终端,安装在同一台计算机或 vps 上。 主要功能和优点: 支持复制MT4>MT4、MT4>MT5、MT5>MT5、MT5>MT4,包括МТ5 netting账户。 复制速度快(小于 0.5 秒)。 供应商和收件人模式在同一产品中实现。 简单直观的界面,允许您直接从图表中实时控制复制。 连接中断或终端重新启动时不会丢失设置和位置。 允许您选择要复制的符号,也可以替换接收者的符号,例如 EURUSD> USDJPY。 支持回拷贝。 能够仅复制某些订单。 允许您设置开仓交易价格的最大差异和最大时间延迟。 正确复制部分订单关闭的执行。 计算复制手数的几种方法。 同步止盈和止损。有几种方法可以计算它们的位置。 支持通过执行在“Market account”上工作,其中 SL / TP 仅在开仓后设置。 如何使用简单的设置复制交易 将供应商终端和接收终端安装在同一台计算机或 VPS 上。 在供应商终端上以“Master”模式安装复印机,然后按“Start”按钮。 将复印机
    40 USD
    Auto Trade Copier
    Vu Trung Kien
    4.96 (82)
    自动交易拷贝机 设计用于在多个 MetaTrader 4 账户/终端之间 100% 精确拷贝交易。 利用这个工具,您可以既作为供应者 (源) 也作为接收者 (目的地)。所有交易行为将从提供者那里拷贝到接收者,中间没有延迟。 演示版: 用于测试的演示版在此下载: https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/4904 参考: 如果您需要在网络的不同位置之间拷贝, 请参考 交易拷贝机专业版 https://www.mql5.com/zh/market/product/5412 以下是突出功能: 在同一款工具中,在提供者与接收者之间切换。 可以将一个提供者的交易拷贝至多个接收者。 一个接收者也可以拷贝来自多个供应者的账户交易。 每个帐户可以同时充当提供者和接收者,所以帐户可以彼此双向传输拷贝。这就好像一个交易共享网络。 不仅入场和离场, 还拷贝止损/止盈的修改, 所以在断网或终端停机时也能保证接收者的安全。 接收者的账户依旧可以进行手工交易或使用其它 EA,并无任何冲突。 自动识别并同步经纪商之间的货币符号后缀。 允许多大 5 个特殊符号设置 (即:
    79 USD
    This is a visual strategy builder . The way it is supposed to be. Turn your trading strategies and ideas into Expert Advisors without writing a single line of code. Generate mql source code files with a few clicks and get your fully functional Expert Advisors, which are ready for live execution , strategy tester and cloud optimization . More information about the product, including some real life EAs creation examples can be found in the article: https://www.mql5.com/en/articles/4951 Mission A
    199 USD
    Unlimited Trade Copier Pro is a tool to copy trade remotely between multiple MT4/MT5 accounts at different computers/locations over internet. This is an ideal solution for signal provider, who want to share his trade with the others globally on his own rules. One provider can copy trades to multiple receivers and one receiver can get trade from multiple providers as well. The provider can even set the subscription expiry for each receiver, so that receiver will not be able to receive the signal
    299 USD
    MT4 Strategy Builder
    Jacobus Van Schoor
    4.21 (14)
    MT4 策略生成器 ('StratBuilder') 是一种在 MT4 平台上运行的网格交易订单管理实用程序。 该产品现在也可在 MT5 平台上使用: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/68858 强烈建议从 MQL5 租用虚拟专用服务器 (VPS),并将交易者计算机上的设置迁移到 VPS,以允许 StratBuilder 24/7 运行。 独特的 StratBuilder 概念: 一篮子交易以预定的价格水平开盘(每个品种和交易方向的环围),当实现账户余额或净值的目标利润百分比时,就会发生获利回吐,此时所有头寸同时平仓,新的一篮子交易被打开。请选择此链接观看 YouTube 介绍视频: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IgkdZKk25k 示例策略参数 .set 文件可以从我们的 MQL5 博客下载(首次下载时的默认参数是示例策略 4,针对 EURUSD 货币对,针对博客上指定的交易条件进行了优化)
    340 USD
    High Tools MT4
    Tais Miranda Hoffmann
    A versatile tool for: " viewing trading records ", " trading management ", " risk management" and "calculator " For $ 30, get 3 versatile tools.   Each tool is only $ 10.  With just one purchase, use several commonly used tools for a trader. In the first section, view your trading history in detail for each trade, In the second part, perform and manage all types of transactions with accurate and convenient profit and loss limits, And in the last part, use a professional and complete calculator.
    30 USD
    Ultimate Trailing Stop EA
    4.9 (10)
    This EA Utility allows you to manage (with advanced filtering) unlimited open orders (manual or EA) with 14 trailing stop methods: fixed, percent, ATR Exit, Chandelier Exit, Moving Average, Candle High Low Exit, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic, Envelope, Fractal, Ichimoku Kijun-Sen, Alligator, Exit After X Minutes or Bars. The trailing stop can be either real or virtual, and you can exit fully or with a partial close percent on touch or bar close.  Moreover, you can add (override) stop loss, take
    100 USD
    Attention: Demo doesn't work in terminal. Active Lines - a powerful professional tool for operations with lines on charts. Active Lines provides a wide range of actions for events when the price crosses lines. For example: notify, open/modify/close a position, place/remove pending orders. With Active Lines you can assign several tasks to one line, for each of which you can set individual trigger conditions, as well as conditions for re-activations and the number of possible activations. Activ
    120 USD
    If you have bought any of my products then you are eligible to join the private group !!! Telegram group: send me message to add you to our community private group (unfortunately there are a lot of scammers to public ones...) This is the semi auto Utility of the Super Pips Pirate Pro EA which uses tens of conditions to find entries and make an in and out as fast as it can to scalp the price action as many times it can within a day. This utility has :signals,Trading Panel and Order
    99 USD
    Take control of your forex portfolio. See instantly where you stand, whats working and whats causing you pain! MT5 VERSION AVAILABLE HERE:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/58658 The Trade Manager Dashboard is designed to show you at a glance where each position you have in the forex market currently is, and make risk management and exposure to currencies easier to understand. For traders that scale into the market gradually with multiple positions or those trading grid and basket strate
    49 USD
    VR Watch list and Linker
    Vladimir Pastushak
    5 (7)
    VR Watch list and Linker 一个EA交易,用于在MetaTrader终端的打开窗口中同步更改金融工具。当您在市场概览中选择交易工具时,您将立即在打开的终端窗口中获得图表。每个窗口都可以由您单独配置。 有了这个程序,你将能够VR Watch list and Linker 快速查看大量金融工具,并找到具有高质量交易信号的工具。 按金融工具的值、点的值、工具的名称、每日变化或指标的计算来筛选和扫描金融工具。进行金融工具的筛选和绘制。 创建您自己的金融工具列表,技术数据列表,重要新闻列表,股票列表,货币和差价合约列表以及任何其他列表。 直接从所选金融工具的程序进行交易。 自动为每个金融工具和每个打开的图表窗口保存自己的分析 缓解寻找适合您交易策略的金融工具的单调工作 VR Watch list and Linker-非常适合新手和有经验的交易者。该程序有你需要的金融工具的高品质分析的一切。 还有什么好关于VR Watch list and Linker? 适合初学者和专业交易者-该程序有14个俄语和英语视频课程,详细解释每个块的操作。 适用于任何金融工具(Forex,
    78 USD
    Vladislav Andruschenko
    4.84 (56)
    MetaTrader 4 的交易复制器。     它从任何账户复制外汇交易、头寸、订单。 它是最好的贸易复印机之一     MT4→MT4,MT5→MT4     为了   复制 MT4     版本(或     MT4→MT5 MT5→MT5     为了   复制MT5     版本)。 复印机 版本       MetaTrader 5 终端 (   МТ5→МТ5, МТ4→МТ5   )-   Copylot 客户端 MT5 独特的复制算法将所有交易从主账户准确复制到您的客户账户。 该产品还以其高运行速度而著称,并且具有强大的错误处理能力。 一组强大的功能。 该程序可以在多个终端绑定上运行。 使用它作为您在一个账户上交易的多个账户的交易 的同步器 , - COPYLOT 会将您的交易复制到其他终端。 从已关闭的账户中复制 Invest 密码; 部分关闭仅从 mt4 到 mt4 从模拟账户复制到真实账户; 从多个终端复制到一个; 从一个终端复制到其他几个终端; 从任何不同的经纪人复制到任何不同的经纪人; 安装 1. COPYLOT CLIENT (Slav
    60 USD
    The Expert Advisor will help you forward all pop-up alert with screenshot from  MetaTrader 4 to Telegram channel/ group.  Parameters  -  Telegram Bot Token - create bot on Telegram and get token.  -  Telegram Chat ID  - input your Telegram user ID,  group / channel ID  -  Forward Alert - default true, to forward alert.  -  Send message as caption of Screenshot - default false, set true to send message below Screenshot  How to setup and guide  - Telegram API not work with Windows 7 or lower.  - L
    100 USD
    Avenger Trader Tool
    Fabrizio Sanmartino
    5 (1)
    This tool will help you in managing your open trades and open new ones in both automatic or manual way. It's an hybrid tool, that can be half an Expert Advisor and half a pure utility to interact with trades opened by the user by handling them in an automatic way to be able to keep the equity safe when the account is unsupervised. Main features are: a clear and simple status panel, containing all the information about open trades and next automatically positions that the tool will open if the us
    150 USD
    This is our newer and improved tool to assist you in the Elliott Wave counting, which represents an improved version of the ElliottWaveTool7pasos idea. How to Use It Start counting a new wave Start by clicking the "<>" button to indicate you want to deselect any previous wave (if applied). Set the pattern's type that you want to count (if you do not have our free Elliott Wave Font, you will see the letters instead of the pattern's icons in the Type's Section buttons: I=Impulse, D=Diagonal, Z=Zig
    60 USD
    Night Trader EURUSD
    Ugur Oezcan
    4.21 (29)
    The EA can trade multiple currencies. Please check our signals ( https://www.mql5.com/en/users/ugur-edin/seller ) for detailed information. No grid or martingale! No manual configuration or adjustment needed! Every trade is protected by stop loss. This Expert Advisor only trades for a short time frame at night, during the ending of the New York session. It uses low volatility moments and enters trades based on indicators. It then manages those trades with dynamic stop losses and take profits als
    149 USD
    Telegram to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from telegram channel anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of telegram signals. You can use tool with any telegram forex Signal channels. Users can also copy their trades if they are only members of a VIP channel. Admin rights is not required. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals !!! Important create user account at  https://teleg
    45 USD
    !!! New faeture sending Signals as VIP SMS with ASPSMS.COM !!! New faeture sending Signals as VIP EMAILS MT4 Telegram Signal is tool, which sends selected trades via magicno to telegram channel , sms and email to user. Tool sends trades when open and close with chart to telegram chanel. It also sends every modification from trades to telegram. Tool can send multiple charts and magicno and pairs from a single chart. For this you have to fill in on the chart corresponding magic number to be sent
    80 USD
    Turbo pivot levels
    Ugur Oezcan
    4.5 (2)
    This Expert Advisor is based on pivot points. Users can choose entry level and direct themselves. Expert use martingale strategy to recover unsuccessful trades. When going into drawdown it starts its slipping mode in which it always tries to keep the whole set of trades on a steady course level. In hedging mode, all take profits will be deleted and the basket will try to close at breakeven price. EA can also be used as normal with Stop loss. Please test before using with Stop loss. The EA can tr
    99 USD
    Email to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from email anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of email signals. You can use tool with any email forex Signal. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals Attach at one chart for trading all symbols from channel extensive detailed reports. also for export in html or csv files 3 money management systems. No trades without SL / TP. Use your
    This is no martingale, grid, hedge or other averaging strategy. This expert is a classic break-out-strategy with special filter. It monitors market movements and set pending trades. If not activated in a certain time frame, new levels are set. On activation the experts trails the trade very closely. Every trade is protected by stop-loss. Best trading times are while London and USA is open. We suggest – and have tested it with – EURUSD and GBPUSD We also suggest a VPS with very fast ping times an
    99 USD
    This tool monitors your current Expert Advisors and manages stop losses and take profits. You can customize which EAs and/or which currencies to monitor. It is primarily meant for EAs that you feel manage stop losses and/or take profits poorly. If you want this tool to be able to monitor manual trades, please use '0' (zero) as the magic number. Supports hidden stoploss and take profit Supports ATR-calculated dynamic stoploss Supports Breakeven for individual trades Supports Trailing stop Lower r
    30 USD
    Retro Trader
    Ugur Oezcan
    3.64 (11)
    This expert trades on price action. It does not use signals from indicators but creates a statistics-based custom channel for entry and exit of trades. Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. Each trade position is protected by stop-loss, both hidden and visible. No martingale, hedging or grid. The expert uses 3 different strategies within the same channel for entry and exit. Each opens only 1 trade at a time. Please find a sig
    149 USD
    Ugur Oezcan
    This indicator shows the trend based on two configurable moving averages. A custom calculation shows market volatility in the lower frame. Higher bars mean higher volatility. The chart also shows suggestions for buy, sell or close with the help of arrows. It is possible to set minimum volatility for entry points and to set time filtered alerts. This indicator is useful to judge trends or market volatility, for example to catch good periods for scalping. Parameters Volatility Period - volatilit
    30 USD
    This EA trades mainly in the London and New York Sessions of the market. Forex Agent A is a day scalper with a bigger stop loss and a smaller take profit. Trades are opened at the first tick of the bar. In case of extended drawdown, take profits are adjusted to exit the market sooner and if at all possibly profitable. The built-in news filter prevents the opening of new trades when important news is upcoming. Entry points are determined exclusively by various indicators. Trade exits determined e
    99 USD
    Expert opens trades by level and uses no indicator. It can be used with multiple currency pairs with correct settings. Depending on the currency pair, trading sessions are mostly short before the newyork close to the middle of Japan session. Due to independence of indicators, the expert can be optimized for several currency pairs and trading times. In case of extended drawdown, take profits are adjusted to exit the market sooner and if at all possibly profitable. The built-in news filter prevent
    199 USD
    The diamond top and bottom are reversal patterns. It represents a rally to a new high with a drop to a support level followed by a rally to make a new high and a quick decline, breaking the support level to make a higher low. The bounce from the higher low is then followed by a rally, but making a lower high instead. Once this behavior is identified, prices then break the trend line connecting the first and second lows and start to decline further. Indicator shows you target level and stop loss
    30 USD
    What is Double Top and Bottom Double top and bottom patterns are chart patterns that occur when the underlying investment moves in a similar pattern to the letter "W" (double bottom) or "M" (double top). Double top and bottom analysis is used in technical analysis to explain movements in a security or other investment, and can be used as part of a trading strategy to exploit recurring patterns. Indicator shows you 2 Level target and stop loss level. Stoploss level and Take profit can be adjusted
    30 USD
    Email to Metatrader4. Do not miss any trading signal or to be late to enter or exit from email anymore.  Our tool give user ability to parse all kind of email signals. You can use tool with any email forex Signal. We include also valuable functions for trader, which you can use independently form channel signals Attach at one chart for trading all symbols from channel extensive detailed reports. also for export in html or csv files 3 money management systems. No trades without SL / TP. Use you
    45 USD
    Ugur Oezcan
    5 (1)
    No grid! No martingale! No manual configuration or adjustment needed! Every trade is protected by stop loss. You can find metatrader4 version here: https://www.mql5.com/de/market/product/18571# This Expert Advisor only trades for a short time frame at night, during the ending of the New York session. It uses low volatility moments in EURUSD and enters trades based on indicators. It then manages those trades with dynamic stop losses and take profits also based on indicators. A safety mode further
    149 USD
    Ahmed Gaber
    Ahmed Gaber 2021.12.30 09:06 

    Hi, It's Really Excellent Product but, I have a question, why always send an advertisement for # ICMarket ( 21 % Live Discount ) & is there a way can prevent it from auto sending ???? Please.

    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2021.12.31 11:51
    free version send about 12 hours addvertisemment. in paid version is no advertisement
    Jia Hsiang Toh
    Jia Hsiang Toh 2021.10.04 10:12 

    can i add the trade comment as a variable to the telegram message?

    itskev 2021.09.30 08:48 

    I haven't gotten it to work just yet... any suggestions?

    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2021.09.30 10:39
    Can you log in with your Username and pw to https://telegram-trader.com . Do you allow webrequest. Are you correct set for signal parsing. You can send me msg at telegram...
    Ken Sears
    Ken Sears 2021.09.28 23:51 

    Excellent service. Can you please add : parameter {Comment} From the comment of the trade?

    Glyn Robert Williams
    Glyn Robert Williams 2021.08.31 15:42 

    great instructions and seems to work ok - for some reason it will not post xauusd trades though and it would be perfect if it would do twitter too :)

    brown888 2021.08.03 10:28 

    WORKS THEN stops

    Mehdi Faraz Fard
    Mehdi Faraz Fard 2021.07.10 13:09 

    So good

    Godlive Massivi
    Godlive Massivi 2021.07.09 13:40 

    COMMENT AJOUTER LE NOMBRE MAGIQUE? je pense que c'est la partie la plus importante qui manque

    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2021.07.09 18:03
    just fill in the white inputbox separate it comma.
    Matthew Todorovski
    Matthew Todorovski 2021.04.14 11:22 

    Awesome utility! Such clear and concise instructions on the complex Telegram setup - very good support! I haven't yet seen the orders get posted to the channel, but I am already impressed that everything appears to be working fine! Thank you so much for sharing your masterpiece!

    FiboMatti 2021.03.18 20:03 


    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2021.03.21 02:09
    which link?
    Austin John Villarico Salvador
    Austin John Villarico Salvador 2021.03.11 08:19 

    This is good!

    Briar Amberly
    Briar Amberly 2020.07.23 19:19 


    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2020.12.28 01:56
    thank you!
    Sairoong Kidtook
    Sairoong Kidtook 2020.04.28 05:21 

    Error http request failed, i follow video i not mistake :-) good luck

    insh 2020.04.14 16:34 

    Great utility and easy setup.

    rozhawni 2020.02.17 11:01 

    Excellent software, excellent support! Very fast respons and updated the software to meet out needs. 5 stars developer and 5 stars software.

    Husain Dana
    Husain Dana 2020.01.23 23:46 

    Great work, excellent utility, Thanks a lot.

    valentinhalgand 2019.12.06 17:14 

    Amazing !!

    Note : Magic number for manual trading is ALWAYS 0

    sunnychow 2019.07.30 17:21 


    William Manotas
    William Manotas 2019.03.12 13:16 

    Excellent product it works really well! and all instructions are clearly explained 5 stars!!

    Ugur Oezcan
    来自开发人员的回复 Ugur Oezcan 2020.12.28 01:56
    thank you!
    版本 3.42 2022.01.10
    - Can show OrderComment now with parameter {OrderComment}
    版本 3.41 2021.06.10
    - report bugs fixed . send now not results with 0
    版本 3.40 2021.05.13
    - default fill in the magic boxes "-1" so should send all trades. if required you can delete an fill in just magic number you want to send.
    版本 3.30 2020.10.15
    - sending SMS possible
    - sending Emaill possible
    版本 3.29 2020.04.27
    - parameter {MONTH} added
    - Msg send typ change intern to html_markup
    版本 3.28 2020.04.24
    -Debuging prints in expert tab disabeled
    - For user possible modifying msg with {B} text{B} = bold
    - For user possible modifying msg with {I} text{I} = italic
    版本 3.27 2020.04.20
    -Now if You set "Sending Pending order=false" msg ordertyp will send as new marketorder trype
    版本 3.26 2020.04.20
    -Pending order tiggering Bug fixed
    版本 3.25 2020.04.15
    - bug at ordermodify fixed
    版本 3.24 2020.04.09
    - bug fixed sending to many msgs
    - bug fixed sending msg again after mt4 restatrt
    - bug fixed with digit at profit msg
    版本 3.14 2020.03.03
    - custom order delete msg modification added
    版本 3.13 2020.02.24
    - move function back to every tick from timer. because timer function was not worked properly
    - at reports bug fixed
    版本 3.12 2020.02.13
    - daily report added
    - chart send option for order close added
    版本 3.11 2020.02.12
    - reinit time function deleted
    版本 3.10 2020.02.10
    -bug fixed
    版本 3.9 2020.02.05
    more option included to consider to openorder in report
    版本 3.8 2020.01.29
    - Bug fixed, with profit show msg in dollar after digits
    版本 3.7 2020.01.27
    - bugfix at report open order msg.
    - input parameter added, " Send only new orders after start"
    版本 3.6 2020.01.24
    - Bug fix with pending order deleting msg in case of dollar report chosen
    版本 3.5 2020.01.23
    - Bugfix with ordermodify msg
    版本 3.4 2020.01.22
    - Add option to send chart at ordermodification
    - Add Report msg open orders symbol and ticketnumber
    版本 3.3 2020.01.10
    - Input field added for including open ordersprofit to reports
    版本 3.2 2019.12.09
    - All function move to ontimer. tool should send quickly the messages . It sould not wait next tick.
    - Total line added for weekly and monthly report. User can set text for total line for getting total sum use variable {Total}
    - user input field added weder sending ordermodify messages.
    - new emoji added.
    版本 3.1 2019.10.31
    - more emojis added
    - parameter added to customize weekly and Monthly report. also possible emojis at report
    版本 3.0 2019.10.14
    - Partialy close trades will catch and can send custom partiall close msg
    - User can add selected emojis to custom messages
    - User can send different closing order Messager depend order Profit/Loss
    - bugs fixies with price showing after point
    版本 2.3 2019.10.11
    - input field broker digit added to prevent problem wit 2 digits symbls like XAUUSD
    - line break parameter {br}. User can sent now multiline msg with this paarameter
    版本 2.2 2019.10.08
    - Bug fix to show orderlots in case of pending order tiggered for customized text
    版本 2.1 2019.09.27
    - typo error correct at pending order msg
    - Pending order triggered msg can now customized
    版本 2.0 2019.09.24
    - input parameter added which allow not to send pending order information.
    - some pending order bugs corrected.
    版本 1.44 2019.09.23
    - Pendig orders Closing custom text problem fixed
    - this version addad 10 try if creating and send failed expert try 10 x every seconds to send msg and chart.
    版本 1.43 2019.09.20
    - Bugs with Pendig order fixed
    版本 1.42 2019.09.18
    - report and profit from single trades will shown now only in pips
    版本 1.41 2019.09.16
    - Pip and Point bug fixes on Msg and report
    - Added Parameter to select Ordertime for reporting
    版本 1.31 2019.06.05
    - Bug fix with custom user notification text BUY / SELL
    版本 1.30 2019.04.10
    - Now possible customize order messages to telegram with parameter
    - added following parameter
    - Order Open Message
    - Order Close Message
    - Order Modify Message
    版本 1.20 2019.04.10
    - bug fix with parameter "sendchart=false"
    版本 1.10 2019.04.03
    - weekly and monthly report added
    - user msg function added
    - email notification added
    - mobile notification added
    - add text shorten