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Forex Factory News EA

This Expert Advisor trades news on any timeframe.

The news are downloaded from the Forex Factory website. Make sure to add the URL to the terminal settings.

The EA is launched on a single chart and defines all necessary pairs for trading on its own.

The robot works with pending orders setting two Buy stop and Sell stop orders before a news release.


  • Selecting calendar - selection of the calendar
  • Enter the suffix - set the suffix
  • Use for trade - use for trading
  • Distance to orders - stop order distance from the price
  • Take Profit - take profit
  • Stop Loss - stop loss
  • Profit transfer stop to breakeven - activate a breakeven
  • Step breakeven - breakeven step
  • Profit activate trailing stop - activate trailing
  • The trailing stop - trailing size
  • Step trailing stop - trailing step
  • Type of initial lots - use a fixed lot or a free margin percentage
  • Fixed lot - fixed lot to be used in trading
  • Using margin, % - free margin percentage to be used in trading
  • Doubling enabled - enable/disable doubling the lot of an opposite stop order. When one of the orders is activated, the opposite one is placed with a double lot
  • The number of doublings - number of doublings
  • The maximum spread - maximum spread to open an order
  • The maximum slip - maximum slippage. If a slippage exceeds a specified value, orders are removed

General Settings

  • Align the order of, s - set stop orders before a news release in seconds
  • Remove pending orders through min - delete orders if none has been activated after a specified time
  • Close open orders by, min. - close all orders after a specified time
  • Interval modify orders - move orders towards the price after a specified time interval in seconds (0-off)
  • Displays news headlines on the screen - display news on screen
  • Show markers news - display news markers
  • Place orders on the EURJPY on the news on the JPU - set orders on EURJPY after a JPY-related news appears (by default, USDJPY only)
  • Place orders on the EURUSD on the news on the USD - set orders on EURUSD after a USD-related news appears (by default, USDJPY only)
  • Place orders on the GBPJPY on the news on the GBP - set orders on EURUSD after a USD-related news appears (by default, USDJPY only)
  • Place orders on the DE30 on the news on the USD - set orders on EURUSD after a USD-related news appears (by default, USDJPY only)
  • Place orders on the US30 on the news on the USD - set orders on EURUSD after a USD-related news appears (by default, USDJPY only)
  • Trading only High - trade high impact news
  • Trading only Medium - trade medium impact news
  • Trading only Low - trade low impact news
  • Add the name of the news file for Strategy Tester - enter the name of the currency for testing in the strategy tester
  • Time test news 1 - time of the test news for testing without a date file
  • Time test news 2 - time of the test news for testing without a date file
  • Time test news 3 - time of the test news for testing without a date file
Francisco Javier Lucena Zurera
2017.03.17 18:44 

So far it shows that it is a great EA in August 2016. Is a good EA with good rules and more serious than other EA´s of Buy Stop and Sell Stop (Even with real spreads). I would like to continue on this path. It would be very good news. Although the DD can be dangerous, it might be better to reduce the risk. I will update this review soon. And if is stable i will give 5 stars. Support of the author is very good

UPDATE: 15/09/2016--- Is a EA with dangerous random results. Not stable and dangerous with DD

UPDATE: 17/03/2017--- The author have removed two signals in different times about this EA

Atep Novic
2017.03.09 13:28 

please update robot, web http://www.forexfactory.com move to https://

Jozef Vasko
2017.03.03 11:02 

Waw best news trading ea... Thx

Anatolie Pavliuc
2017.03.02 21:22 

Купил робота для МТ4 через пару дней написал Алексею что хочю купить и для МТ5 . И он меня очень удевил что для МТ5 без платно. Спосибо что есть такие люди. Советник очень хороший .

Waleed Almutairi
2017.02.24 15:17 

During the first three trades on Thursday and Friday profitable on live account.I Recommend this EA strongly As well as the price of the EA is Cheap compared to performance

2017.02.15 17:59 

Советник отличный , перед покупкой советую проконсультироваться у автора насчет брокера,типа счета, депозита и тд , потому как ваша прибыль напрямую зависит от брокера(онли ECN счет) и настройки сет файла.

Евгений Головань
2017.01.13 14:54 


На данный момент - сплошные положительные впечатления от данной торговой системы! Тестировал как на демо так и на реальном счёте!

Хотелось бы отметить необходимость установки его на ECN счёт.Доходность показывает порядка 13%-19% (зависит от брокера)

Прекрасная поддержка автора, отвечает очень быстро на любой возникший вопрос, за это отдельное СПАСИБО!

Aleksandr Romazanov
2016.12.28 01:32 

4 версия вреде лучше. В целом советник очень хороший, удобный, интуитивно понятный. Но во 2 версии большие стоп-лосс давали сильные убытки. В 3 и 4 версиях уже лучше. Пока торговал две новости и обе в плюс. Надо еще понаблюдать. Автор молодец, желаю успеха в разработке данного советника.

2016.12.09 12:55 

Спасибо за новую версию. Советник работает надежно. Из всех советников, что приобретала - этот лучший.

Md Monir Hossain
2016.11.24 05:38 

First news robot that made a profit also very good support. thanks

Update (24.11.2016)

Is nothing more than a waste of time.

spy break
2016.11.21 15:09 

Very poor results as the myfxbook vendor himself, ea is not profitable on the long term, many losses !

2016.11.01 11:01 

El Ea funciona perfectamenfe, pero lo mejor de todo es la buena atencion al cliente, te ayudan en todo.

Lo recomiendo.

Tran Ngoc Nam
2016.11.01 03:41 

I have bought for a month . The result is good. Author has upgrade version and now EA working good. This EA is one of the best EA for news trading here( if not the best). People need to chose good VPS with lowest latency and an ECN broker ( ICmarkets, Darwinex, Pepperstone, Tickmilll).

Give 5 start because Author very friendly and kindly support!

2016.10.31 20:08 

Just trying a few weeks. Until now very good philosophy, not very much risks and good and fast support from the developer.

abdulla almehairbi
2016.10.27 06:05 

very good ea and very good support Thanx alex

2016.10.24 08:24   

The new version is easier to use. Thank you Moshkin!

Innokenti Prelovski
2016.10.22 10:58 

worked before, but now no success more :/

2016.10.21 14:39 

Very good EA

2016.10.06 11:26 

Very bad results. I tried this EA on the following accounts: IC Markets ECN and Pepperstone Razor (connection both approx. 10ms). On both accounts similar bad results!

Ala Khasawneh
2016.09.18 17:29 

my new review :

do not waist your time on it just continues loses i lost 50% in account Balance in several trades my review is 0/5.

my old review :This is my first time i am writing a review to any EA !!! please do not waste your money in any EA !!! this EA just what you need !!!! its perfect today i had a very good results and hope its continue like this 5/5 stars !!! .

Stefan Marjoram
2016.09.07 19:46 

Made 50% of the cost back on my first set of trades on a relatively small account 7% up from NFP, fair to say I am happy with my purchase. I had some problems initially but he came on team viewer and sorted it all out for me.

Turns out that 0.05 lots is around 3% risk at £300-£400 so adjust accordingly. I will stick to 0.1 per £1000 and be happy it won't blow the account.

Andrey Bakhilin
2016.09.06 16:45 

Great EA. Pay for itself in one day of trading. Just one recommendation for anyone buying it, be sure that you have a fast and reliable e-net connection and trustful broker which has not re-quote problems during the news release. EA works very fast and could produce an excellent profit. Do not start with large volume until you see its performance and learn how to handle it. Thanks to the author for the help and support.

Оличный Эксперт. Вернул затраченные за себя деньги в один день торгов. Только одна важная рекомендация для тех, кто покупает его, убедитесь, что у вас есть быстрый и надежный интернет и "не играющий" с ценой брокер, который "тормозит" и не переспаршивает подтверждения новой цены во время выпуска новостей. EA работает очень быстро и может зарабатывать отличную прибыль. Не начинайте с большим объемом, пока не увидите его производительность и не научитесь, как управлять настройками. Спасибо автору за помощь и поддержку.

Ifsaah Waseem
2016.08.27 22:42 

Excellent Thx

2016.08.13 17:19 

Excellent EA!! First news robot that made a profit for me.

2016.08.07 11:37 

Приобрел данного робота, торгует на новостях, торгую им уже месяц, по своему небольшому опыту советую счета лучше выбирать ECN, чтоб были меньше проскальзывания, т.к. проскальзывания - упущенная прибыль, начал с депо 50, на сегодняшний день уже 139, итого около 180%, отличный результат, все зависит какой лот ставить, если происходит откат цены, то сделка закрывается по БУ или тралу. Скажу честно, я раньше новостных советников недооценивал, но попробовав данный советник полностью изменил свое мнение. Он не боится резких движений, он на них зарабатывает, и не важно в какую сторону пойдет цена.

版本 4.0 - 2016.12.19
Added a new trading calendar www.fxnewskiller.com, the calendar publishes only important news.
Added support for trading GAS, EURSEK, EURNOK.
Added the use of limit orders (optional).
Added the use of martingale (optional).
版本 3.0 - 2016.10.20
Changed the server for receiving Forex Factory news from http://forexfactory.com to http://www.forexfactory.com
Added new news server of invesing.com - http://ec.forexprostools.com, selection of the calendar is in the settings.
Added step for placing breakeven.
Added a parameter for entering a suffix.
Added the function of duplicating orders to GBPJPY when news is released for GBP, orders are only opened on the GBPUSD by default.
Added the function of duplicating orders to DE30 when news is released for USD, orders are only opened on the USDJPY by default.
Added the function of duplicating orders to US30 when news is released for USD, orders are only opened on the USDJPY by default.
Added separate settings for each currency pair.
Implemented the ability to test the EA in the strategy tester. To do this, download the text file to Tester>files
when testing, set the Interval modify orders to 0 in the strategy tester settings
Parameter values are specified in pips for the five-digit quotes
版本 2.0 - 2016.06.27
Implemented the automatic detection of the time zones for the news calendar and terminal trading server, manual time adjustment is no longer necessary.