mt5上面那个 注册一个vps 的图标是灰色的 根本点不开呀,账户导航那里也没有注册vps的选项
The icon for registering a vps on mt5 is gray and can't be opened at all. There is no option to register vps in account navigation.

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Eleni Anna Branou, 2017.04.10 09:50

Hello Nashy, below are the steps for implementing MQL5 integrated VPS:

1. Go to your account details in the Navigator window of your MT4 platform, right click in your account number or name and select the option Register a Virtual Server.

2. In the Virtual Hosting Wizard window that opens, the VPS with the lower Ping, ms value is presented automatically.



3. Select your payment plan for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months and click Next.

4. Tick the: I agree to the virtual hosting service rules and the auto renewal option below (if you want) and click Next. 

5. Complete your payment for the VPS Service

6. In the next window, tick the Migrate signal: account and settings option, click End and you are done.