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Crystal moon

İşlem gören zaman çerçevesi ve sembol
  • M15 (15 dakika)
  • Kaldıraç; 500:1
  • İlk depozito; Yukarıda belirtilen kaldıraca dayalı olarak 1000 $
  • Düşük yayılma
  • ECN hesabı
  • Durma seviyesi; 0
Kısa sistem açıklaması

Crystal Moon, iki temel bileşenin, güvenlik ve istikrarın yatırımınızın mümkün olan en iyi şekilde yönetilmesini sağladığı, uzun vadeli yatırımların gereksinimlerini karşılayan, sınıfında birkaç kişiden biri olan gelişmiş bir martingale sistemidir.

Kurulum ve kullanım

Hesabınıza en az 1000$ ile para yatırın, M15 zaman diliminde bir EURUSD grafiği açın, buna Crystal Moon ekleyin. Orada bırakın ve ayarları kurcalamayın, asla dikkatinize veya aptal optimizasyonlara ihtiyaç duymaz. Bırak işini yapsın, ticaret! Mutlu ol... o kadar.

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При старте советник выставляет два отложенных стоп ордера образовывая канал. Если один ордер срабатывает то второй переустанавливаем на его SL с увеличением лота. При срабатывании ТП советник начинает цикл с ноля. Оптимизируемые параметры: Объем ордеров (   Lot   ) нам нет смысла оптимизировать. Его проще сразу установить в соответствии с размером вашего депозита. Например для депозита менее 500 usd ставим минимальный лот 0,01 Размер прибавки лота (   Plus_Lot   ) ставим в зависимости от пер
200 USD
Climbing Scalper
Liudmyla Bochkarova
4.57 (7)
Climbing Scalper EA is a night scalper that trades during the calmest periods of the market. During this period the markets usually fluctuate and the advisor will trade within these ranges. Each trade will have an initial stop loss and take profit, but the EA also uses advanced stop loss management algorithms that will assess the strength of the trades. 8 copy left at 399, next price 499 Buy this EA, post a feedback and get  Golden Future  for free The advisor works on all pairs with a stable s
399 USD
The Expert Advisor places a grid of orders with the specified step. Orders have the take profit level set at the distance of grid step, as well as the total stop loss level for all order of the same type. Trading is performed only within the time interval specified in the settings. Once the time ends, all pending orders are deleted and all open positions are force-closed. It is not recommended to use the EA as a fully automated trading system for continuous trading, only for working in certain m
613 USD
HEDGING AND TRAILING https://www.mql5.com/en/users/earobotkk/seller#products This Expert will hedge your trade position automatically. There are 2 buttons on chart for you to enter a trade. Blue button for buy entry and Red button for sell entry. It also can trail stop all hedged positions. It can also open its own trades with auto entry feature. How It Works :   (1) By Clicking Button. When you found a setup, click the button (blue for buy and red for sell). Expert will immediately open a stop
50 USD
торговая система с риском 1% чем больше денег на счете тем больше лот но риск 1% Начальный депозит 50.00 Спред 10 Чистая прибыль 6.71 Общая прибыль 51.97 Общий убыток -45.26 Прибыльность 1.15 Матожидание выигрыша 0.02 Абсолютная просадка 26.79 Максимальная просадка 29.21 (55.47%) Относительная просадка 55.47% (29.21) Всего сделок 427 Короткие позиции (% выигравших) 219 (72.60%) Длинные позиции (% выигравших) 208 (72.12%) Прибыльные сделки (% от всех) 309 (72.37%) Убыточные сделки (%
100 USD
The core principle of the strategy is to capture trading opportunities that can be separated from the entry cost immediately after entering the market. If you cannot make profits immediately after entering the market, prepare to leave quickly to capture trading opportunities that can be separated from the entry cost immediately after entering the market. Look for intraday single market and wide range volatile market operations (20% single market, 80% volatile market). Unilateral market profit ma
300 USD
Andrey Kolmogorov
This is a universal adviser working in several directions. The first and main thing is assistance in various situations that arise during trading. The second is scalping or positional trading according to the trend, open orders, at the same time, insured with support orders using the model of a quantum set of algorithms. Main Advantages Work in several directions; Increase in account balance during drawdown; Maintenance of already open orders; Building a grid lock; Scalping and/or trend trading
99 USD
>>> EA Trend Master Pro <<< With me you get cheap prices all the time! Everyone should be able to afford good EA's! After all as an author I want to make YOU happy with my products and that includes reasonable prices! You can find all my products  HERE PM ME AFTER PURCHASE FOR BONUS! MQL5 Channel:   https://www.mql5.com/en/channels/JensEAsAndFriends  (We also have Telegram Group link there)  Features of EA Trend Master Pro: Fully automated trading robot Trend following system No
49 USD
PipTick Grid Trader is a very special EA that allows traders to benefit from sideways markets. It trades long and short side separately and creates two different grids according to its setting. Both sides have their own account and virtual take profit, determined in money. The EA also uses virtual stop loss based on the percentage amount of the account. Traders can work with classic grid where the distance between orders is fixedly set or choose more "adaptive" dynamic grid with ATR-based distan
99 USD
Blow stopper EA is an EA that rely and uses Ichimoku strategy. it uses martingale and adds more if market goes opposite direction. the author and creator of this System is non other than TG NYATHI the best in the business of EA creations systems coding's. please do follow us on Facebook page and Instagram (BLOW STOPPER) for more information and results of our EA TRADING SYSTEM.
150 USD
The basis of the strategy is the identification of quick corrective movements between the crosses of a working currency pair or metal. At the moment of differences in prices of trading instruments, the adviser analyzes the possible direction of price movement on a working instrument and starts work. Each position has a stop loss and take profit. A unique position tracking algorithm allows you to control the superiority of profit over loss. The adviser does not use dangerous trading method
1 790 USD
Innovative and complex system for determining the correct market entries for trading. Calculated signals that determine the exact moments for exiting the market are based on a very complex mathematically algo. Tight and close Stop Loss and Take Profit. Slippage control to avoid news but seems that high impact news dont have any side efects on this EA. For each position, maximum levels for the profit and loss limits are established. TF M30. Pairs are EURGBP and GBPAUD. Not Martingale and Not Gr
150 USD
简介 本产品是一款单均线趋势类EA。 使用这个EA可以节省您所花的时间,不用再编码一个定制的MA交易策略。 入场信号利用K线与单根均线的交叉入场。 设计原理 利用K线与均线的交叉判断行情的涨跌,并设定止损和止盈,也可以不用设置。 如果价格朝向不利方向移动,可以选择加仓或者不加仓,加仓的间距和比例也可以自由设定。 软件优点 易于设置和使用,既适合初学者也适合专业人士。 可交易任何金融产品(Forex, Crypto, CFD, Futures, Metals)。 可再策略测试器中优化参数,任何时段进行交易。 既可以利用交叉进行顺势交易,也可以加仓做部分震荡行情规避一部分风险。 如何设置 Lots,启始交易手数。 Stop Loss (in pips),止损点数。 Take Profit (in pips),止盈点数。 Use Add Position,订单止盈点数。 Add Pos Ratio, 加仓手数比例。 Add Pos Step,订单加仓间距。 AVG TP Pips, 加仓均价止盈点数。 MA Period,均线周期。 使用建议 建议测试一个月左右的时间,在用于实盘交易。 建议
30 USD
EA Vampire Scalper  is a fully automated trading system that uses proprietary algorithms to enter markets with high winrate and low drawdown. Expert Advisor can be used with all currency pairs and Gold. The 89 USD price is only available for 10 purchases. Next price 129 USD. Recommend min balance: 400 USD with currency pairs, 700 USD with Gold. Recommend    time frame: M5 timeframe ECN account with low spread, stops level < 5. Settings:   EA trades completely automatically, you just need to se
129 USD
This EA uses a variety of strategies and functions such as neural network grid scalping, mobile stop loss, automatic lot number setting, etc. Use revolutionary price model algorithms, price behavioral trading, and signature collaborative work with artificial intelligence adaptive processing units. The system adopts some kind of reverse sampling development method, which makes the system show a very substantial benefit in the 13-year historical backtesting. Profit drivers to keep profits maximiz
1 500 USD
Bar Boss
Iurii Tokman
5 (1)
The Expert Advisor uses the FletBoxPush indicator for market analysis and for determining trading signals. The indicator is built into the Expert Advisor, there is no need to additionally run it on a chart. The EA trades breakouts of certain levels determined as flat borders. The EA uses Stop Loss. Description of EA Parameters TimeFrames chart period required for the indicator colour - the color of the price zone defined as flat, a setting for the indicator Rectangle - show price zones defined
375 USD
EA Sapphire
Fanur Galamov
4.42 (67)
SUPER SALE 50% OFF!!!  EA Sapphire is a fully automated expert adviser that uses a model of trading at key price levels. Each market's entry point is analyzed by an advanced selection algorithm and, depending on the specified criteria, a strategy of rebound or breakout of the key level is used. All trading positions contain a protective stop order, and also include take profit and break-even levels. The expert contains a block of trailing stop order, a flexible filter of economic news, a block
99 USD
Iberian Master GOLD H4 is a fully automatic professional Forex expert advisor. This EA trades according to trends (NO scalping, NO martingale) This trading robot is the result of combining the strategies of our three previous robots in a single robot: IberianEA H4 GOLD EffectivenessEA GOLD Big BBand GOLD The strategies used are: Strategie 1 - The starting base for operations is the surpassing of maximum or minimum values in the price of the last 24 hours (6 candles) , relying on various calcu
290 USD
Copyright(c) 2019 Superfarabi EA Is the Scalping Forex Expert Advisor for MT4 Working on Timeframes (M5) Best Pair Recomended is EU/UChf=0.4 Calculation is based of Envelopes indicator ===========Rakyat +62 =========== Hak Cipta (c) 2019 Superfarabi EA Merupakan Scalping Forex Expert Advisor untuk MT4 Berjalan pada Time Frame Kecil (M5) Pair Rekomendasi adalah EU / UChf = 0,4 Perhitungan didasarkan pada indikator Envelopes
444 USD
BF Scalper PRO
Lachezar Krastev
4.14 (43)
PROMOTION: Price: $199 (Regular price $279) - Hurry up! It is for limited period of time!!! BF Scalper PRO is the professional version of the very popular EA - BF Scalper EA. We have implemented a lot of new additional features and systems in this PRO version, in order to improve its overall performance . The improved exit logic reduces the drawdown and increases the efficiency of the system. In addition, the new ATR based Stop Loss calculating algorithm /as an option/ works excellent adapting
199 USD
FX Barracuda is an automated Forex trading advisor ideal for USDJPY. The robot analyzes the market and automatically determines entry points based on the identified price fluctuations. The robot uses a dynamic system of profit taking and risk control. To make an entry decision, the robot monitors the formation of divergence, and filters them according to the delta calculated on tick data. The robot uses virtual floating Take Profit, Stop Loss. Decisions are made at the opening of the bar. The ro
95 USD
This is a grid Expert Advisor. It has several trading strategies based on the MACD indicator. The virtual trailing stop, stop loss, take profit levels can be set pips, in the deposit currency or as a percentage of the balance. Depending on the settings, different orders may be opened for diversifying risks. Their closure can be either an oppositely directed or unidirectional basket of orders. The orders grid is adaptive, only market orders are used in it. If the price moves the distance of Order
30 USD
Max ScalperSpeed   is a fully automated expert advisor. This system has been developed to improve the efficiency of generating more returns. Rely on scalping trading strategies and recovery strategies with appropriate trading frequencies, and also able to work well in all market conditions, whether trend or sideways, able to trade full time in all conditions. Enable or disable news filtering according to user needs. Added a proportional lot size adjustment function, where users can choose to a
199 USD
Робот Wolf Stream имеет в своей основе особенность "видеть" график так, как его видит человек. Именно поэтому он точно считывает настроение игроков. Страхи и надежды у толпы формируются в текущей момент, в текущих ситуациях. Робот реагирует на них и действует оптимальным образом для каждой из ситуаций.  Торговля в реальном времени принесла 103% прирост с 26 июля 2021 года (3.5 месяца) На рынке есть множество фаз, которые по характеру своему в корне отличаются друг от друга. Поэтому необходим инд
350 USD
Tiburon EA
Elizaveta Erokhina
5 (1)
Tiburon EA is another one of my fully automatic EAs working specifically with the EURUSD currency pair. The Expert Advisor showed excellent results on the H1 timeframe in the period from 2011 to 2021. Tiburon EA is based on several trading indicators: RSI (Relative Strength Indicator), Stochastic Oscillator and my own custom indicator which makes it even more efficient. As an initial signal for determining suitable entry points, the EA uses the standard crossing of 2 levels: overbought and ove
399 USD
EA Fantasy Gold is a trading robot focused on the Gold market with high winrate and low risk. The EA has a smart entry and smart position management strategy to close floating positions. The EA uses a variety of strategies to better adapt to each different market situation. Strategies focus on reducing risk for (when has) floating positions. Expert Advisor is designed specifically for (Gold)  XAUUSD. The price of 68 USD is only available for 8 purchases !!!  Th en the price will be 97 USD. Sign
68 USD
Andrews night scalper is a fully automatic night scalping Expert Advisor. The inputs are based on generator signals with an ATR filter. The Expert Advisor is great for any symbols. Advantages of the advisor: Easy to set up and use. Built-in automatic lot calculation. Doesn't load terminal. Convenient control panel for the advisor. Suitable for any financial instrument. Several modes of operation of the advisor. Input settings: Trading strategy - Choosing a strategy by which the advisor
50 USD
This EA has been developed for DAX (GER30) M15 timeframe. It also works very well on the same market and TF M30 and M5.  So you will get 3 strategies for lower price, that means better equity curve, higher profits and lower drawdowns. Everything is tested for M15 timeframe, tests are made also for M30 and M5 TF . Strategy is based on continuation of TREND by HIGHEST channel after some period of consolidation. It uses STOP pending orders with   FIXED STOP LOSS . Strategy uses also some   BREAKEV
149 USD
Semiautomatic EA for trading based on the averaging and locking strategy. The trader sends signals for opening grids by using the buttons on the chart. The EA opens a market order, places a grid of limit orders in the same direction with lot multiplication according to specified parameters and a locking stop order in the opposite direction with the volume equal to the sum of all the previous ones. Once the price passes the specified breakeven level, the EA places a stop loss at the open price+sp
30 USD
Experimental Scalper - This Expert Advisor is quite an aggressive tool that suits those traders who are accustomed to taking risks. Able to open many deals. The bot will become a good tool for overclocking a deposit. It independently controls the volume of trading positions, slippage, spread, maintains and protects open orders, can work with a deposit of any size (from $ 100). Does not use dangerous trading methods in trading that lead to a sharp loss of the entire deposit (martingale, grid, ar
499 USD
Bu ürünün alıcıları ayrıca şunları satın alıyor
North East Way EA
4.83 (23)
Until June 25, the price of North East Way EA will be 9,988 USD. North East Way EA it is a fully automated “pullback” trading system, which is especially effective in trading on popular “pullback” currency pairs: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. The system uses the main patterns of the Forex market in trading – the return of the price after a sharp movement in any direction. Timeframe: M15 Base currency pairs: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Additional currency pairs:    EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD,
9 988 USD
Bonnitta EA
Ugochukwu Mobi
5 (1)
Bonnitta EA, Bekleyen Pozisyon stratejisine (PPS) ve çok gelişmiş bir gizli ticaret algoritmasına dayanmaktadır. Bonnitta EA'nın stratejisi, gizli bir özel gösterge, Trend Çizgileri, Destek ve Direnç seviyelerinin (Fiyat Hareketi) ve yukarıda bahsedilen en önemli gizli ticaret algoritmasının birleşimidir. 3 AYDAN FAZLA BİR GERÇEK PARA TESTİ OLMADAN EA SATIN ALMAYIN, BONNITTA EA'YI GERÇEK PARA ÜZERİNDE TEST ETMEM 66 HAFTADAN FAZLA SÜRDÜ VE BURADA SONUÇLAR. BONNITTA EA, SEVGİ VE GÜÇLENDİRMEDEN
5 000 USD
Night Hunter Pro
Valeriia Mishchenko
4.7 (46)
EA has a   live track record   with many months of stable trading with   low drawdown : Best Pairs   (default settings) High-risk   performance Only 9 copies of the EA left  at $1499! Next price --> $1799 Night Hunter Pro is the advanced scalping system which utilizes smart entry/exit algorithms with sophisticated filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points during calm periods of the market. This system is focused on a long-term stable growth . It is a professional tool developed
1 499 USD
Math Formula EA
Lydiah Wanja Kinyua Lydiah Wanja Kinyua
A very warm welcome to this wonderful expert adviser. The EA works with GBPUSD and the M5 period since these have some unique trend and indicator patterns.  The EA uses these unique patterns to be successful.  The EA uses M5 indicators that is why it is tailored to work with M5 period.  EA shows everything on the chart, such as the Indicators used, etc. There are other background concepts used, such as intraday gaps and bars analysis to determine when to place trades. The inputs for this EA
7 900 USD
Aura Black Edition is a fully automated EA designed to trade GOLD only. Expert showed stable results on XAUUSD in 2011-2020 period. No dangerous methods of money management used, no martingale, no grid or scalp. Suitable for any broker conditions. EA trained with a multilayer perceptron Neural Network (MLP) is a class of feedforward artificial neural network (ANN). The term MLP is used ambiguously, sometimes loosely to any feedforward ANN, sometimes strictly to refer to networks composed of mult
1 495 USD
Hello, Dear Traders My name is Alexei, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and Forex. I have a lot of experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms. Both successful and not so successful. Now that I am a successful man and a programmer with a fortune of several million dollars. I've decided to share with you my experiences i
1 900 USD
GerFX Density Scalper
Exler Consulting GmbH
4.5 (8)
IMPORTANT: Please contact me after buying or renting for the correct key paramter.  Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading. 3) Any mean reversion can get caught on the wrong side of a fast movements due to unexpected new
2 000 USD
The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Live signal available here Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time ; In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart reacts to them in the future ; Next, we will analyze the Lgd
2 700 USD
From the makers of the Successful               Gold Super Trends AutoTrader Robot               - Comes this unique opportunity at a low price The Idea You think the days of scrapper scalping ended?! Think again. This Expert Advisor which is made for Gold trading is perfected to scrape ever tick by the second, timeframe independently. Comes along with account management and 6 safety settings for the most satisfied to the most greedy of us to choose from. Not based on indicators which most
4 999 USD
Expert. Automatic and manual trading. Ready-made trading system based on Elliott waves and Fibonacci retracement levels . It is simple and affordable. Display of the marking of Elliott waves (main or alternative option) on the chart Construction of horizontal levels, support and resistance lines, a channel Superposition of Fibonacci levels on waves 1, 3, 5, A Alert system (on-screen, E-Mail, Push notifications) visual panel for opening orders in manual trading visual panel for setting up automat
1 200 USD
Get more information, like FAQs, backtest reports and tips for the right DST/GMT settings in  our SIEA FAQ Send a screenshot of your purchase, and you'll get the set files for   SIEA ZEN   and   SIEA MAX .  So you'll have  3 SIEAs in 1. MT4 can't execute multi-symbol strategies in its strategy tester. Please use the  SIEA MT5 versions  to run realistic real-tick multi-symbol backtest. The keys to success   in trading Forex are discipline, patience and a clear edge, as we have with our unique
1 499 USD
About the Author: The author graduated from the Department of Electronics Engineering, is familiar with computer programming, and achieved excellent results in computer programming(C, C++). The author devoted himself to financial work shortly after graduating from university. The author has worked for many listed financial companies in Hong Kong or China for more than 10 years. The author passed the LEVEL 2 in the CFA exam in 2014. The author is currently the head of the trading department of a
5 000 USD
Algo Strength EA
Emir Revolledo
3.67 (3)
Fiyat Mart 2022'ye kadar 4999$ olacak *NOT: Backtest, Alış Emirlerini açmaya devam edecek ve işlem yapma şekli bu değil. Sofistike algoritması nedeniyle, MT4 backtest çalışmıyor, bu yüzden sadece ALIŞ Emirleri veren bir backtest yapmam gerekiyor. Gerçekten nasıl çalıştığını görmek için lütfen sinyal bağlantısını kontrol edin. Canlı Hesap Canlı Hesap 1 (%20 risk, 2000 arabellek) Canlı Hesap 2 (%30 risk, 2000 arabellek) Bu, MACD CSM göstergeme ve diğer tüm CSM göstergelerime day
4 999 USD
Murodillo Eshkuvvatov
5 (3)
Herkese merhaba, e-Savdogar.com Resmi Robotumuz hazır, Bu robotta Ticarette ihtiyacınız olan tüm özellikler var, Harika bilgi panelleri (Bitmap (= grafikte sonuç), Gizli kâr, Tam monitör, spread, mum son kullanma süresi) yapabilirsiniz Grafikte de görüntülenebilir, 3 farklı modda işlem yapma yeteneğine sahiptir !! 1. Otomatik Alım Satım yöntemi = Hedge aracılığıyla tamamen piyasa özelliğine uyarlanabilir, Takipte güvenli fonksiyonu eklendi !! 2. Manuel işlem yöntemi = Tüccarların riski yöne
2 000 USD
The autonomous trading system Serenade works on the basis of a unique strategy for determining impulse movements after false breakouts and price rollbacks for a subsequent strong movement. The Expert Advisor has been successfully tested with 99% quotes quality, floating spread and random ping since 2010. Live signals here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/trendhunter/seller Advisor optimization is not required. In the process, the algorithm of the adviser adjusts the sensitivity of the strategy.
1 320 USD
4 ters grafik desenine göre robot ticaretimiz. (Double Top, Double Bottom, Head & Shoulder & Reversal Head & Shoulder. Aynı zamanda size trendin yönünü de gösterir, böylece her zaman diliminde fiyatın mevcut grafiklerde tam olarak nerede olduğunu bilirsiniz. Bu yüzden onu 9 para birimine kuruyoruz. çiftler, böylece çizelgeleri bu kalıplar için tarar.Böylece kalıbı tanımladıktan sonra kalıbı onaylayacak ve bir alım satım yapacaktır.Robotun tetiklediği tüm alım satımlar TP & SL'ye sahiptir. giriş
1 200 USD
Super Scalping
I Nyoman Suryasa
1 (2)
Description This expert advisor uses with a  Super  Scalping Technique Strategy . Can be used with limited capital and   minimum capital of 100 USD  with   1:500 Leverage , it is   Recommended   by using   200 USD   capital   Leverage 1:500 , or more. Use on brokers with tickcharts and data on a must  M1 Time Frame  on chart, it is Recommended by using pair GBPUSD/EURUSD  on M1/M5 Time Frame . Use on brokers with   Spreads   of   less than 30 points, recommended best of fix zero spread (Not
1 500 USD
FTMO Breakout EA Suitable for FTMO Challenge, Verification and Funded Single Trade No Martingale No Averaging Installation is easy, just drag and drop EA to the chart. Settings: - Pair = XAUUSD Set files: Asian Session download here US Session download here If you have any question just send email to support team, signalforexz@gmail.com If you don't know about automatic trading you can hire us to manage your FTMO Challenge Account Management Service including Challenge   and Verification S
1 599 USD
Fox Wise
Cutting Edge Forex LLC
4.2 (5)
Built to handle trending, volatile,quiet, and range bound markets. Fox Wise can handle it all in stride. With a fleet of strategies  using standard indicators with repeating price patterns unique to USDJPY. No longer are you tied to 1 strategy prone to long periods of drawdown and stagnation!  Fox Wise operates on the USDJPY1 hour chart.   Backt-test from 2003-Today to see the amazing results! Plenty of activations (15). Good News USA Traders! We have FIFO settings! No grid, no martingale,
1 299 USD
Fully automatic multicurrency trading machine MT4/5 The advisor's strategy is based on trading volumes and statistics of the movement of trading instruments, the author's trading method, which shows excellent results over the past 7 years Multicurrency testing since 2016 with 99.9% real ticks, testing was carried out on the MT5 platform, with all traded currency pairs at the same time. The Expert Advisor has three trading strategies with a smart dynamic lot, which depends on the load on the d
1 250 USD
If you are afraid of Martin's sudden position explosion and are tired of the frequent stop loss of trend strategy, use this hedging arbitrage strategy! Top arbitrage   It is an automatic trading robot of arbitrage logic. Due to the function of adding positions, it runs smoothly and the trading curve is smooth.   But unlike Martin's robot, this EA does not mindlessly add positions. It will take action according to the needs of the market and stop adding positions when the spread widens.   In addi
5 699 USD
ORB-Williams FPO ticaret robotu, Toby Crabel'inki de dahil olmak üzere farklı Açılış Aralığı Koparma (ORB) stratejilerinin yanı sıra daha iyi bir giriş sinyali için ek trend göstergeleri ile eskinin çıkış stratejisi, Larry Williams'ın karlı açılışı (FPO) birleştirmenin sonucudur. Sinyaller üzerinde gerçek otomatik ticaretimin sonucunu görebilirsiniz: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1481106?source=Site +Signals+Favorites Açılış Aralığı Kırılımı (ORB), her seans için destek ve direnç seviyele
2 000 USD
Zoom Dax
Pankaj Kapadia
1 (1)
Future of Ea: We make this Ea on scalping strategy for short term trend. Ea is able to works on any Currency pair with specific time chart frames. Ea using short stop loss and minimum profits target. We using three three standard trend indicators to judge market short term trend. Ea is working on By Stop order and Sell Stop Order model. Ea is working On Dax 30 Index and we specially made for German Index trading. We provide you proper guidance how to use Ea. You can contact us by sending massag
5 001 USD
Just starting your prop firm challenge?  Pass it with confidence with my new Prop Firm Challenger This EA trades following the trend and market conditions and it recovers all the losses using a smart algorithm of lot multiplication  The overall and daily drawdown have been limited to the least possible in order to respect the prop firms rules How to use it? It is pretty much plug and play. Some settings can be changed, but I suggest to keep them as default The risk can be changed based on th
1 299 USD
C-19 Scalper EA is work on all Major and Minor pairs with M1 timeframe. This is not any arbitrage or HFT trading strategy, Its pure trend following scalping algorithm. This EA will work only on low spread ECN brokers. So make sure you are using one of that.  Time Frame - M1 Pairs - Use 20 Major and Minor pairs Broker - ECN Raw or Low spread broker Minimum Deposit - $100 Parameters - All fixed to all size of accounts C-19 Scalper Successfully worked on Tickmill broker.  Tickmill Broker account mo
1 750 USD
This is a fully automatic trading robot for the EURCHF currency pair.  But this robot can be configured to trade for other currency pairs. TURBO SCALPER PRO using a trend following strategy based on MACD, Parabolic SAR and Moving Average indicator. The robot works in full automatic mode, on the M1 timeframe. The trader does not need to set it up for trading. Open EURCHF and attach TURBO SCALPER PRO only to EURCHF M1 using the default settings. Advantages of the TURBO SCALPER PRO :  We show y
2 000 USD
M5 timeframe with zigzag upward and downward Strategies Parameters General Trade Settings Money Management  Lot : Fixed (can change) Strategies  - M5 Strategies it is fixed with MA, Bollinger band, Candlestick Levels Close Functions  - M5 Strategies MagicNumber  - individual magic number. The EA will only manage position of the chart symbol with this magic number. NextOpenTradeAfterSeconds  - 60 seconds is default, can change it MaxSpread  - upto currency pairs, MaxSlippage  - upto currency p
2 894 USD
Советник выставляет ордера по времени,для его существует 2 настройки (М,М2).При убыточных сделках срабатывает локирование ордеров,что помогает существенно сократить просадку.Советник адаптирован для работы с малыми депозитами(от 1$ ,если это позволено брокером).Он так же будет интересен ,тем трейдерам которые зарабатывают не только на сделках,но и за счет ребейтов,так как совершает большое количество сделок(в среднем  около 50 в день.  Slippage   = 3;           //  Slippage  Lot        = 0.1;   
2 800 USD
PROMO PRICE ONLY FOR LIMITED TIME  6 month at only 30$ (5$/month) RECOMMENDED VALUE: Timeframe: M1 ONLY FOR NAS100  SPREAD RECOMMENDED: 80 Test Broker: Vantage Fx EA SETUP: Lots: 1 for each 100€ (if Balance is 1000€, Lots = 10) TP: 5 SL: 0 min: 10 After buying EA, be sure to write to me in private messages. I am ready to help each buyer install and configure the advisor. If you have never used EAs before, I will show and teach you how to use it.
7 000 USD
Nguyen Trong Hoa
EA Scouts FX  This scout has the ability to navigate and execute virtual orders in advance to identify market turning points. In case it is not determined correctly, the Martingel strategy will be used to balance capital and generate profits. This EA has the ability to trade on 27 currency pairs, which shows the feasibility of the strategy. The file set of each pair is uploaded in the comments. Min balance: $1200 See actual trading results at:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1157461?source=S
1 500 USD
Yazarın diğer ürünleri
İşlem gören sembol/zaman çerçevesi XAUUSD, ALTIN H1 dışında herhangi bir zaman dilimi önerilir Gold Express'in kurulumu ve başlatılması Karmaşık ayarlar veya optimizasyonlarla uğraşmayın, uzmanın önceden programlanmış standart temel ayarları ticaret için hazır. En sevdiğiniz zaman diliminde sahip olduğunuz buysa, XAUUSD veya GOLD sembollü bir grafik açın ve ona Gold Express ekleyin. Onu orada bırakın ve işini yapmasına izin verin.. ticaret! Algoritmanın kısa açıklaması Gold Express uzman
79 USD
JPY Expert, verilen birincil çıktı olarak JPY para birimi ile alım satım sinyalleri üretmek için tahmine dayalı ve ortak göstergelerin bir karışımını kullanan %100 algoritmik bir sistemdir. Çok fazla karmaşık ayarlara ve ayarlamalar için sürekli dikkatinize ihtiyaç duymayan ve hepsinden önemlisi, herhangi bir tehlikeli para yönetimi kullanmayan, kullanımı kolay uzman. Uzman, çeşitli Forex JPY çiftlerinde işlem yapar ve aşağıdaki gibidir; USDJPY AUDJPY CADJPY CHFJPY EURJPY GBPJPY NZDJPY özel
79 USD
İşlem gören zaman çerçevesi ve sembol Herhangi bir zaman dilimi Forex ana dalları ve küçükleri EURUSD, H1'de kullanmak için varsayılan ön ayar iyi Karakteristik özellikler zaman filtresi Parti ayarı Uyarlanabilir ızgara Kısa açıklama Uyarlanabilir ızgara uzmanı, herhangi bir zaman diliminde en yaygın Forex sembolleri, büyükleri ve küçükleri üzerinde işlem yapabilen nispeten çok basit bir algoritmadır. Algoritmanın yüksek beklentileri karşıladığının veya strateji test cihazında elde edilen her
İşlem gören zaman çerçevesi ve sembol Herhangi bir zaman dilimi Forex ana dalları ve küçükleri Karakteristik özellikler zaman filtresi Parti ayarı Uyarlanabilir ızgara Kısa açıklama Uyarlanabilir ızgara uzmanı, herhangi bir zaman diliminde en yaygın Forex sembolleri, büyükleri ve küçükleri üzerinde işlem yapabilen nispeten çok basit bir algoritmadır. Algoritmanın yüksek beklentileri karşıladığının veya strateji test cihazında elde edilen herhangi bir olumlu geçmiş sonucun gelecekte de aynısın
Virtual OCO Pending
Kenneth Parling
5 (1)
Tanıtım 'Virtual OCO Pending' - OCO bekleyen kuralı (Tek İptal) kullanarak sanal kar al ve zararı durdur ile mevcut fiyata bir düğme tıklamasıyla bekleyen durdurmaları veya limitleri hızlı bir şekilde yerleştirmenizi sağlayan risk değerlendirmesine sahip yarı otomatik bir sipariş yönetimi yardımcı programı aracı (uzman danışman) Başka). Kolay görsel onay için grafik üzerinde çizilmiş görsel seviyeler. Bu aracı tek bir grafikten istediğiniz herhangi bir sembole emir göndermek için kullanabilirsi
30 USD
Tanıtım Fibonacci Level Professional göstergesi, ticaret kurulumlarının ve piyasanın hareket etme eğiliminin daha iyi onaylanması için diğer göstergelerin tamamlayıcısı olarak günlük ticaret için harika bir araçtır. Bu göstergenin kurulumu kolaydır ve tüm döviz çiftlerinde ve zaman dilimlerinde çalışır, M15-W1 önerilir. Bu göstergenin amacı, Fibonacci seviyelerini grafikte, günlük, üst ve alt satırlarda göstermektir. Ek bir işlev olarak bu gösterge aynı zamanda grafiğinize geri çekilme ve gen
30 USD
Multi Chart Refresh Mt4, birden fazla grafiği aynı anda yenilemeyi mümkün kılan hızlı, sorunsuz bir şekilde vazgeçilmez bir komut dosyasıdır. Hangi sembolleri yenilemek istediğinizi önceden seçebildiğiniz için çoklu görev bunu mümkün kılar. Meta tüccar 5 sürümü Bunun yerine mt5 sürümünü tercih ederseniz https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/28796 O nasıl çalışır? Herhangi bir grafiği açın, komut dosyasını gezginden sürükleyin ve grafiğin üzerine bırakın. İstediğiniz sembolleri ayarlayın ve
30 USD
Plot History Mt4, uzman danışmanlar tarafından gerçekleştirilen ticaret terminalinizin ve hesabınızın ticaret geçmişini analiz eden tüccar için vazgeçilmez bir komut dosyası. Analiz yöntemi, bir veya daha fazla uzman tarafından kullanılan tüm sihirlerin özel veya tam bir analizi olan sihir numarasının yanı sıra, komut dosyasının çalıştırıldığı sembol diyagramına dayanır. Komut dosyası, ticaret verilerini analiz eder ve bunları grafikte çizebilir, uzman günlüğünde ayrıntılı ticaret bilgilerini y
30 USD
H4 Trend
Kenneth Parling
5 (2)
Tanıtım H4 Trend Forex ticaret robotu - Trend hareketlerini yakalamak için H4 grafiğini takas etmek üzere tasarlanmış, kullanımı kolay ve tam otomatik bir ticaret robotu. Hareketli ortalama göstergesini geçerek üretilen al/sat sinyalleri. Emirler her zaman sanal zararı durdur, kârı al ve takip eden durdurmayı ve fonları güvenceye almak için bir bağlantı kaybı olması durumunda bir sonraki sabit durdurmayı kullanır. Karakteristik özellikler Martingale, riskten korunma veya başka herhangi bir tehl
40 USD
Auto News
Kenneth Parling
5 (2)
Tanıtım Uzman danışman Auto News - Meta trader 4 için %100 algoritmik Forex haber ticaret robotu - Bu danışmanla hiçbir haberi kaçırmazsınız, işlemek için pazara girmek için zamanı (haber aralığı) ve ne tür haberleri bir kez manuel olarak girersiniz - kurulumda ve bundan sonra her şey otomatik olarak yapılır. Kullanılacak farklı emir türleri, bekleyen stoplar ve limitler - her yönde veya sadece tek yönlü alım veya satım ile ticaret yapmak isteyip istemediğinizi seçin. Bekleyen siparişler, haber
99 USD
Tanıtım Uzman 'Simple RSi Unlimited' - Basit mi? Evet! Hem acemi tüccara hem de profesyonel olarak uygundur. İyi bilinen ve popüler Göreceli Güç Endeksi ile giriş sinyalleri. Pozisyon karını güvence altına almak için takip eden durdurma ve hatta kırma ile donatılmıştır. Hiçbir tehlikeli ticaret tekniği kullanılmamıştır ve bu uzman, aynı hesapta çalıştırabileceğiniz diğer uzmanlara asla müdahale etmez. Varsayılan uzman ön ayarları Herhangi bir zaman diliminde ve en yaygın Forex sembollerinde çal
40 USD
Tanıtım Meta Trader 4 için Expert Randomizer - Saf rastgeleliğe dayalı ticaret robotu. Gösterge yok, hiçbir şey yok - yalnızca saf rastgelelik, bir alım veya satım işlemi başlatır. Öyleyse kendinize sorun - Şanslı gününüz mü değil mi? asla gerçekten bilemezsin. Bu, bahsinizi siyah veya kırmızı üzerine koyarak bir kumarhaneye girmek gibidir. Son derece şanslı olabilir ve gerçekten iyi karlar elde edebilir veya... çok çok şanssız ve gevşek olabilirsiniz. Kaybedersen ağlama, uyarıldın! Randomi
40 USD
Plot History Mt5, uzman danışmanlar tarafından gerçekleştirilen ticaret terminalinizin ve hesabınızın ticaret geçmişini analiz eden tüccar için vazgeçilmez bir komut dosyası. Analiz yöntemi, bir veya daha fazla uzman tarafından kullanılan tüm sihirlerin özel veya tam bir analizi olan sihir numarasının yanı sıra, komut dosyasının çalıştırıldığı sembol diyagramına dayanır. Komut dosyası, ticaret verilerini analiz eder ve bunları grafikte çizebilir, uzman günlüğünde ayrıntılı ticaret bilgilerini y
30 USD
Multi Chart Refresh Mt5, birden fazla grafiği aynı anda yenilemeyi mümkün kılan hızlı, sorunsuz bir şekilde vazgeçilmez bir komut dosyasıdır. Hangi sembolleri yenilemek istediğinizi önceden seçebildiğiniz için çoklu görev bunu mümkün kılar. Meta tüccar 4 versiyonu Bunun yerine mt4 sürümünü tercih ederseniz https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/26987 O nasıl çalışır? Herhangi bir grafiği açın, komut dosyasını gezginden sürükleyin ve grafiğin üzerine bırakın. İstediğiniz sembolleri ayarlayın
30 USD
Kenneth Parling
5 (1)
Tanıtım Meta Trader 5 için Expert Randomizer - Saf rastgeleliğe dayalı ticaret robotu. Gösterge yok, hiçbir şey yok - yalnızca saf rastgelelik, bir alım veya satım işlemi başlatır. Öyleyse kendinize sorun - Şanslı gününüz mü değil mi? asla gerçekten bilemezsin. Bu, bahsinizi siyah veya kırmızı üzerine koyarak bir kumarhaneye girmek gibidir. Son derece şanslı olabilir ve gerçekten iyi karlar elde edebilir veya... çok çok şanssız ve gevşek olabilirsiniz. Kaybedersen ağlama, uyarıldın! Randomi
40 USD
İşlem gören sembol, zaman çerçevesi ve mevduat M15 zaman çerçevesi üzerinde çalışır. Herhangi bir Forex majör veya minör sembolü, uzman uygun şekilde optimize edildikten sonra takas edilebilir. Varsayılan uzman menüsü ön ayarı, minimum ~400$ depozito ve 500:1 kaldıraç ile EURUSD üzerinde çalışır Herhangi bir, ancak düşük depozito boyutu işe yarayabilir, bu optimize edilmeli ve dikkatlice kontrol edilmelidir. Twenty One veya '21', temelde Göreceli Güç Endeksi (Rsi) göstergesine ve alım satım sin
59 USD
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