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FRT PriceAction Lite

This EA opens trades when a trend inversion occurs.

Trades are normaly closed one by one. When an open trades must be recoverd, the EA opens reverse trades using the same criteria of standard orders.

This is  the free and limited version of the FRT PriceAction Pro. 

I suggest to use this EA, first with EURUSD at M1 or D1 , on an ECN account with a good leverage and low spread + commissions (not over 7 USD per lot).

If you attach the robot to more than one parity on the same account, remember to change the MagicNumber for each parity. 

To reduce execution latency I suggest to put the EA on a VPS.

Main input parameters:

TradingType         : 1 - conservative 2- aggressive ( on this version only aggressive);    

MM                       : (not available on this version);

RiskPercent          : (not available on this version);

Lots                      : limited to 0.01;

MaxSpread            : max amount in points to open trades;

BarsCount             : count of bars considered by the EA for its strategy;

BarsCountFront     : count of bars considered by the EA to select the MaxHigh or the MinLow; 

BarsCountBack      : count of bars considered by the EA to detect the inversion;

BarLength             : amount in points considered by the EA before opening trades;

BLDivisor              : divisor of BarLength to  verify the inversion validity ;

PointsToClose        : amount in points to calculate profit target to close trades (Lots * PointsToClose);

CommPerLots        : amount of commission per lot applied by the broker (ex: 7);


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Версия 1.9 2020.06.26
Some improvements have been made in this version and also:
The value of the BarLength parameter has been made dynamic;
The MoveTrailingPrice function has been added to close the trades with the MaxProfit function which closes the trade when the trade profit falls below the MaxProfitRatio;
The PTCDivisor has been added to reduce the profit target when the recovery trades are opened (if set to 1 the profit target does not change);
If you trade multiple currencies on the same account, with the robot, you can choose to close all the positions or only the positions of a single currency, when the profit target is reached (ClosingMethod).
Версия 1.7 2020.06.13
In this version you can manage Stop Loss to verify if it is better with Stop Loss set with a value (less profit, less D.D.) or StopLoss equal to 0 and only reverse trades (more profit, more D.D.)
Версия 1.6 2020.06.12
Errors in setting input parameters