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Icarus Reversals Indicator FULL Suite

The Icarus Reversals(TM) Indicator is a powerful tool to identify high-probability reversal points, across all instruments. 

The Reversals Indicator provides traders and investors with a simple-to-use and highly dynamic insight into points of likely price-action reversals. 

Generated by a unique proprietary code-set, the Reversals Indicator generates long and short trade signals, which can be customised for all inputs, allowing for the complete optimisation fitted to any trader or investor style and instrument types.

The Icarus Reversals Indicator (Full Suite Version) includes embedded Icarus BolliBand Change Display Indicator code, allowing the all-important Bolli-Band Filter to be not only fully customised, but also set to 'true' or 'false'.  

Optimisable and Customisable Inputs include:

  • The Reversal's Slope Intensity Type, to a range of variable Moving Average types, including EMA, SMA, WMA and Linear Regression
  • The Moving Average's period
  • The Intensity threshold for the appearance of the signal, being managed in decimal increments, allowing for infinite optimising of the indicator's sensitivity
  • The Consecutive signals tool, allowing the filtering of early, and less powerful signals
  • Pre-emptive mode, allowing the early printing of signals, based on liklihood of eventual appearance, ensuring traders can be prepared early for entry and exit's upon appearance of the following bar
  • Signal Validity Duration, allowing users to set the duration (amount of bars) by which the signal will remain active, and ready to print an entry signal
  • Complete Icarus BolliBand Change Display settings, providing critical filtering opportuntiy, based on the proprietary 'Change Display' feature of an expanding, contracting or neutral market environment, as measured by the BolliBand Change Display indicator. (Note that this feature is embedded, and does NOT require the additional purchase of the Icarus BolliBand Change Display indicator)
  • Arrow Display Offset, allowing customisation of the appearance of the signals within the chart, upon trigger
  • Signal Band Display Bars, critically providing for the shaded area of the ATR Band threshold that price must exceed to validate the signal's application. Note that the ReversalsFREE version has pre-set ATR Band thresholds included at a level that research has suggested is most useful, particularly with FX pairs. 
  • The colour of Long and Short bands, ensuring all template preferences can be matched.
  • All important Signal Band Offset, measured in ATR values. This critical input ensures that a clearly defined upper and lower band (shaded) is included with each signal appearance. This critical band level, is often the basis for a trade entry or adjustment, ensuring that Icarus Reversals, when appearing, are validated by a continued strong move, within the allowable period, as set by the user.

The Icarus Reversals Indicator is a very reliable tool for the identification of high-probability turning points, while also providing exceptional indications of likely continued trends when the failure of the Reversal indicator to extend beyond the ATR band occurs.

The Icarus Reversals (Full Suite) version includes complete access and customisation, across all critical inputs, allowing users to perfectly match the indicator settings to their preferred trading and investing style. 

Check out the Youtube video outlining the Icarus ReversalsFREE(TM) and full-suite Icarus Reversals(TM) Indicators, including an outline of all of the customising features and benefits, and how they can be successfully applied to a range of instrument types, timeframes and chart templates. Both Indicators are included within the same video tutorial.

A range of back-test results, utilising the Icarus Reversals Indicator as a key component are reviewed in some detail within the Youtube video

We hope everyone enjoys this resource, and hope to receive positive reviews, which will help us to continue to develop highly-effective indicators for traders and investors around the world.

Please feel free to send us a message with any questions or comments, and take the time to visit. www.icarussignals.com for the free news-feed and aggregation service.

Yours in trading confidence. 

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