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Start Display N Bars

Do you already know Display N Bars?

Do you already know the Start tool (from Midas indicators)?

In this indicator, we unified the two tools, allowing you to define which candle will start counting, or use the automatic numbering that was already available in the previous version.

Description of the utility follows:

Display N Bars

The Display N Bars utility is a simple tool that aims to help identify candles.

If a trader tries to share the knowledge with a colleague but it is difficult to point out exactly the desired candle, just say the number of the corresponding candle.

The candle count is reset each day.

Seeking to offer good customization, the inputs are:

Visualization type -> Display only even candles, odd only or both?

Vertical displacement-> distance.

Show multiples of -> Show all numbers, multiples of 3 or multiples of 5?

Color of even objects -> Color of even objects

Color of odd objects -> Color of odd objects

FontSize -> Font size

and more!

Success and good trades!

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