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Grid Extractor

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Grid Extractor is a multi-currency expert who operates the market with an optimized Martingale strategy. The robot does not analyze the market to trade. Its strength is to have a command interface to manage the bot according to the trader's criteria.

The expert has several adjustment points, which allows to maintain the advantages of the Martingale strategy, but reducing the exposure of the account that a classic martingale produces.

The important points of the expert are:

Optimized Martingale, manages the increase of the lot in order to make an increase with a mild impact on the growth of the martingale. The increment is configurable by the user.

Variable Grid, this option allows making a change in the distance from the grid, which softens the negative effect on the account, in the face of long trends against the operations of our martingale.

Anti Martingale, this is a configurable option that allows us to execute orders opposite to our Martingale, to take advantage of the opposite trend that the bot is managing, and to be able to obtain some income while waiting for our Martingale.

Lotage, is an option that allows you to fix the lot or ask the expert to execute a start on a% of our Equity.

Take Profit, we have the option of working with a fixed amount expressed in money or through a% of setback of the generated grid.

Filters, it has 2 filters to operate, both configurable, maximum spread value and operating hours.

Account protection, There is a protection to put a limit to the loss generated by the operation of the grid, in the desire to avoid exceeding a value set by the user.


Operation Interface, has a group of buttons that allow interaction with the robot in its operation, being able to choose whether to position ourselves long or short, or in both directions. Furthermore, it allows us to stop the martingale cycles of the robot, so as not to restart new orders after closing the orders that are open; and finally we can manually close all buy or sell orders at our discretion, without generating conflicts for the robot.
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Версия 2.0 2020.09.23
A modification is added to the tool, which allows a better conduction of the trade according to the trader's criteria:

Buttons were added to operate pending orders, such as Trade start. Limit and stop orders, both for buying and selling.
Also its corresponding order cancellation buttons
The buttons generate the order at the amount of pips set in the setting, and then they must be moved to the desired point manually
It only admits 1 type of pending order for each direction.
Once the order for the price is reached, it is executed and the expert continues with their management, in the same way as in the previous version.