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MA Jumps Trend

MA Jumps Expert (MT5 version https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52400)

This system uses the overall trend to trade exponential moving averages jumps that at the same time form some pattern (wick formation, engulfing).

The system uses 2 exponential moving average to calculate the jumps to trade, based on the market direction. The market direction is determined by the 200 exponential moving average.

This system was design to work best for EURUSD and AUDUSD on 1H timeframe and its already tuned with the best settings for this pairs.

Expert inputs

  • TakeProfit - Take Profit in Pips
  • StopLoss - Stop loss in Pips
  • Lots - Position size 
  • ACTIVATE_WICK = Activate wick detection
  • ACTIVATE_ENG = Activate engulfing detection
  • MAX_CONSEC_BARS_WICKS - Number of bars between wicks detection
  • MAX_CONSEC_BARS_ENGU - Number of bars between engulfing detection
Please if you have any questions leave a comment. I will answer to all questions.

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