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Best Price Method Panel Lite MT4

  • Here is the simplified version of the Best Price Method.For more details of the method, the links are below.
  • This panel will allow you to make decisions quickly if you like graphics.
  • In addition to the Take Profit and Stop Loss for each operation, the panel has a general Take Profit or Stop Loss, which will close all operations quickly in the blink of an eye as soon as the objective is achieved.
  • Manage the operations of the 30 most liquid pairs in the Foreign Exchange Market.
  • Clearly and quickly manage the number of orders and lots of each pair and the sum of them.
  • Easily note which pair is bought or sold. Open or close the orders for each pair individually.
  • Button to close purchase transactions (Long), sales transactions (Short) and close all open orders.
  • Quickly load the desired symbol on the graph using the ID's buttons.
  • Spread Indicator.
  • Best Price Method Panel Lite (Metatrader 5) https://www.mql5.com/pt/market/product/52066
    1. Resolution : 1360 x 768 
    2. For the Panel to be fully loaded, the Financial Market must be open.
    3. The full version of the Best Price Method with 300 robots and synthesized indicators can be downloaded at this link:
    4. Metatrader 5 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/45886
    5. Metatrader 4 : https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51455
     AUDCAD                                                                                      AUDCAD# Fill in the name of the pair according to the syntax of your broker.
         There are 30 pairs available for operation.
    *****MANUAL TRADING*****
     Take Profit (pips)  Profit in pips                             
     Stop Loss (pips)  Stop Loss in pips
     Lots Size  Lot Quantity
    ******CLOSE ALL TRADES*****
     Enable to Close All Trades ?                                           Enables to close all manual and automatic operations               
     Total Profit Amount (money) Close All Orders  Total Profit Amount (money)
     Total Loss Amount (money) Close All Orders  Total Loss Amount (money)
    ******ADJUST IN THE Y AXIS VIEW*****                                                                     
     (576 or 591) pixels.                                           The position of Total Sell or Total Buy changes position
     Show Balance ?  Shows the Balance, Margin and Equity field
     Gold adjustment factor  Nou used
     Chart Period  Graph time for ID buttons

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