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Engulfing Candle Screener

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The Engulfing Candles Screener is a deeply customizable dashboard. 

You can chose a trend filter, using 2 EMAs, with custom periods applied on a custom TimeFrames

Then you can choose 3 timeframes to search, any TimeFrame is suitable and the screener will find the engulfing candles in the selected timeframe. 

  • 3 Timeframes to scan
  • All the major forex pairs and crosses - up to 28 symbols
  • Deeply Customizable

How to setup the screener: 

  1. Let the crosses visible on your market watch 
  2. Apply the indicator to your chart
  3. Open the option and chose the trend settings and screening timeframes


A filled square is a trend-following engulfing candle 

An empty square is a mean reverting engulfing candle

Trade accordingly and be wise. 

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Produly developed by www.automazionetrading.com

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