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Tortoise Scalper

Tortoise Scalper is an Expert Advisor for trading on Forex markets using MT 5 platform.

This scalper is useful for day traders.

This is slow and steady strategy, which helps you to win the race like tortoise .... regular small profits with calculated draw downs …

It will keep you always on the winning side at the end of the race, just like tortoise…

We made this scalper with the belief that, for day trading most recent data should be used for analysis and to create a trading system.

So, we made a simple day trading strategy ,which has performed extremely well in last 6 months.

This strategy is not for those who want to get rich immediately. This is not a get rich quick scheme. Our strategy provides you slow and steady returns and makes you winner at the end same as

the hare and rabbit story.

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How to use Tortoise Scalper Solution <:p><:p>

Just put it on your chart.

Checkout  allow Auto Trading.

It will take care for the rest of the things and will start trading.

You  just need to provide input about lot size as per your comfort.

How does it work <:p><:p>

Tortoise  Scalper Solution uses a breakout strategy combined with price action and dynamic Support and Resistances.


Tortoise Scalper 1.0 Features:

-Strong-and simple trading logic

-Reasonable TP and SL levels

-Low draw down

-recent 6 months backrest performance, because for day trading, recent behavior of market is the most important.

-Multiple currency pairs support

-Highly effective exit logic

-At the end of the day, pending order and positions are cancelled automatically.

-You can have option to change lot size as per your comfort

- This Expert advisor is not for any arbitrage or high frequency trading.

-Advanced Time Management System

               *This Robot is configured with the time Management System to place trade only during specific hours.

               *This is a very powerful option which will let you avoid the most dangerous periods and to trade the best periods when the robot shows best results.

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Recommended time frame: D1

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Recommended back test method: D1 with tick data

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Recommended minimum account: tested on 1000 USD with GBPUSD and with minimum lot size of 0.01.

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The default settings are for GBPUSD.

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