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Magic Flash

Magic Flash is going to be a strong investent weapon for you. 
Follow your established personal settings. 
This EA can be turned into a fast and efficient but relatively high-risk EA, 
it can also become a medium or low risk but slower profit. 
High growth in a short period of time when in the right market conditions. 
But if the market conditions are not right, the "Martingale Stop Loss" function to decisively leave the scene. 
This EA is very varied and malleable. 

This EA is built on the Scalping and Hedging strategies, 
and with different Pipsteps and Martingale Lot Exponent. 
The main suitable trading market is the small Swing and Range Market. 
Please carefully measure your Input Setting parameters such as Maximum Trade Level, 

and use the Backtesting(BT) as a reference. 

Be sure to Backtesting(BT) in advance before entering a real deal.

Basktesting (BT) BT Period Lowest Point BT Period Highest Point BT Period Point Range Deposit Net Profit Maximal Drawdown Time Frame Spread Demo Signal Set File
EURUSD (Period: 1/1/2019 - 31/12/2019)

BTpage1 (pdf file)

1.10030 1.15698 1.15698 - 1.10030 = 0.05668 (5668 points) $3,000 $24,168 $13,159 (58.2%) M1 10


 (Demo signal expired)

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