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Hedger MT5

HEDGER MT5 is a Hedge Strategy Expert Advisor.

Simply install and use. All other settings can be adjusted according to your wishes and experience.


+---------------------------------- HEDGER Settings ----------------------------------+

  • Magic Number: ID that should be changed if you want to install Expert Advisor on different graphics, without interfering with each other and behaving like a single Expert Advisor.
    • Max Spread By Tick Size:  The Max Spread (measured by Tick Size) that you want to trade.
      • Initial Lot Size: You can put the initial lot size that you wish the EA open.
        • Max Positions: You can put how many trades in the same time.
        • Use Martingale: Martingale is when the EA doubles the aport trade to compensate when the prices move against it, waiting a correction, by price action. You can change True or False.
          • M. Multiply Factor: Every time that EA do the Martingale, this value will multiplied by the last lot traded. Be careful to change it!

          +-------------------------- Position Settings By Tick Size --------------------------+
              • Trailing Stop Distance: Distance in ticks or points far of current price for the EA to put the Stop Loss, and to trailing the price.
              • Positions Distance: The distance between the positions that you want the EA respect before make trades.

              +-------------------------------- Trade Time Settings --------------------------------+
                    • Begin Hour and Begin Minute: Hour and Minute for EA begin to work.
                    • End Hour and End Minute: Hour and Minute for EA stop to work.
                    • Close All At End Of Day: if chosed the value True, after trading hours, orders will be closed.

                    Important information:

                    • TimeFrame: H1.
                    • VPS recommended.
                    • Hedge Account and High Leverage is recommended.

                        • Initial Deposit: US$ 10.000,00

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