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Blue Raptor Oscillator

A two-lines crossover oscillator for market entry and exit. Use on M15 and above for better accuracy. Place indicator on a second chart with the same currency pair and expand for a better view.

The indicator gives one a good idea of volatility, volume and trend. Works on any currency pair, yet extremely well on currency pairs with good daily PIP volatility such as GBPJPY, GBPNZD and exotic currency pairs.

Use during major market sessions such as London and London-New York overlap for best results. Ensure there is sufficient volume/liquidity in the market before you place a trade.

Enter long trade when the lines cross and the dark blue line is above the aqua line and short trades when aqua line is above the dark blue line.

Default setting is 14 periods but you may change to suit your preference.


0 - SMA

1 - EMA

2 - SMMA

3 - LWMA

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