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Intraday Signals is a visual and effective semi-automatic trading system, that:

  • generates signals to open BUY and SELL trades;
  • displays recommended  Take Profit and Stop Loss;
  • displays current profit on open trade;
  • displays  current spread.

The profitability of the indicator is shown in the screenshot on the example of the GBPUSD pair

Does not redraw and works on opening bar. 

Time frames - M1-H1.

Signals are produced based on the used of HMA, Laguerre, ADX and local extremums.


  • ALARM- enable/disable the alarm;
  • Push - enable/disable Push notification.

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Версия 8.3 2020.07.14
Reduced unwanted alarms
Версия 8.1 2020.05.21
Reduced unwanted alarms
Версия 7.0 2020.05.14
1. Reduced the level of unwanted alarms
Версия 6.0 2020.04.16
1. Added two modes of operation of the indicator.
2. Added buttons to switch modes.
3. Added audio signals.
4. Improved algorithms.
Версия 5.0 2020.04.11
Added a filter to reduce false signals
Версия 4.0 2020.03.31
reduced the number of false signals
Версия 3.0 2020.03.19
add signals.change display
Версия 2.0 2020.01.17
Improved algorithms