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Buy Sell Simultaneously

This EA will open Buy and Sell simultaneously after attached to chart. It has customized grouping grid step and lot multiplier group.

Please contact me if you have any question. Please Like, Share & Subscribe to my Youtube Channel.

I will give this EA for FREE for everyone if there is 2k Subscriber on my Youtube channel, please ask your friend, because subscribe is FREE :).

Need at least 10k balance (10k cent or 10k$), or you can adjust with various setting inside the EA to get the minimum drawdown result.

Default set is not the best.

input string   TS1               = "======================"; //Trade Setup
input bool     Compounding_Lot   = False;//Compounding Lot
input double   LotStart          = 0.01; //Starting Lot
input int      Balance           = 1000; //Starting Balance (Mandatory if Compounding)
input int      LotLevel          = 3; // Lot Multiplier after Level
input double   LotMultiplier     = 2; // Lot Multiplier
input double   MaximumLot        = 25.6;//Maximum Lot
input int      MaximumPos        = 30; // Maximum Position
input string   TS2               = "======================"; //Trade Setup
input double   Step              = 20;  //Step
input int      StepLevel1        = 5;  //New Step1 at Level
input double   NewStep1          = 35;   //New Step1
input int      StepLevel2        = 10;  //New Step2 at Level
input double   NewStep2          = 35;   //New Step 2
input string   TS3               = "======================"; //Trade Setup
input double   TPS               = 40; // Take Profit
input int      TPB               = 5; // TP BEP at Level
input double   TPA               = 20; // BEP + TP
input double   SL                = 0;  //Stop Loss

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