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TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator


TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals (except early signals mode) strictly at the close of a candle!
TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several.

There are available now two free parts of the TPA User Guide for our customers. The first "The Basics" and the second "Advanced Trading Techniques".

Everybody who wants to get the PDF can contact us (visit our profile).

Please send a screenshot from your mql5 account (Purchases tab on the right menu) to check if you rented or purchased TPA.

The first part of the PDF is meant for renters in the first place.

The 2nd extended part of the PDF  is meant only for the owners of lifetime license for TPA and contains even more techniques, tips and tricks, which are not to be seen at first. Both parts of the PDF are definitely worth it, because they contain our experiences over years.

TPA has been developed by traders for traders and is not another combination out of existing indicators or a "magic, solve all situations" tool.

It is the answer for beginners and experienced traders about the misleading concepts of the mainstream, causing 90% of retail traders, never making a living out of trading.
Successful traders are "following the smart money" and do NOT try to catch every move from start to end. Consistent traders catching the large moves after a confirmed start with a good money management. They stay out of choppy, low momentum phases in smaller timeframes and wait for the right signal to enter and re-enter the large moves. This fits to the different trading style like a swing trading or scalping. For a scalpers, after the consultations with our customers we added "early signals" mode to the TPA indicator. It makes better quality of signals but sometimes it can repaint however, this does not spoil the profits. Once you recognize the potential of so many confirmed re-entries, exit strategies, you'll see that TPA is far from mainstream concepts.

Profitable trading is a kind of art and needs knowledge and training. There is no magic holy grail, solving every situation on every market. By getting away from mainstream thinking, not rushing in and getting rid of illusions about being rich in a month, you are finally on the right track, getting a consistent and successful trader.

What customers say: "It took me a while to get used to TPA to understand the filters, but I see A LOT of potential for this indicator! I honestly haven`t seen something like this in 14 years! It is worth $500+!!!  (SpeedBug)

Successful traders do, what unsuccessful traders are unwilling to do!
Trading needs discipline and strong decisions, not a "gambling attitude"
Settings are very flexible and user-friendly, please take a look at pictures. We highly recommend to visit our blog for more insights. Link is in profile.
There is a demo version available, to run on strategy tester. A lot of articles prove, that backtesting is not meaningful for future profits. Past happenings and actions of the market makers, after news for example, cannot be used for future results.
Therefore we keep that low the price to rent TPA for a full month (less than $ 2 a day) to give everybody the chance to see by himself, what it means to follow the market makers.
Отзывы 82
shubham kumar
shubham kumar 2022.03.21 17:50 

Hello I bought your TPA product, please add me at Telegram channel and send me user manual. Thanks a lot

Perry Mok
Perry Mok 2021.12.21 18:41 

Very reliable indicators. I am using it with appropriate money management and like it so much!

Fabrizio La Mantia
Fabrizio La Mantia 2021.11.26 01:52 

Hello I bought all your product, please add me at Telegram channel and send me the full guide. Thanks a lot. F.

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Master scalping M1 -инновационный индикатор, использующий алгоритм для быстрого и точного определения тренда.Индикатор рассчитывает время открытия и закрытия позиций, алгоритмы индикатора позволяют находить идеальные моменты для входа в сделку (покупки или продажи актива), повышающие успешность сделок у большинства трейдеров. Преимущества индикатора: Прост в использовании, не перегружает график не нужной информацией. Возможность использования  как фильтр для любой стратегии. Работает на рынке
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Индикаторы МТ4. Автоматически рисуются три уровня поддержки и сопротивления Фибоначчи. Они есть: Уровень месяца: средняя орхидея Недельный уровень: оранжевый красный Уровень дня: бирюзовый Цвет можно настроить по параметрам. MT5 Version: https://www.mql5.com/EN/market/product/80068 Этот индикатор в основном используется для анализа будущих уровней поддержки и сопротивления для лучшего анализа торговли. Если уровень поддержки эффективно поддерживается много раз, рынок пробьет предыду
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Уникальная мультивалютная авторская стратегия, одновременно определяющая силу трендов и точки входа в рынок, визуализируя это с помощью гистограмм на графике. Индикатор оптимально адаптирован для торговли на временных периодах М5, М15, М30, Н1. При этом для удобства пользователя по определенной точке всегда появляется точка входа (в виде стрелки), рекомендуемые уровни получения прибыли (TP1, TP2 с текстовыми метками) и рекомендация по установке Стоп Лосс. Уровни получения прибыли (TP1, TP2) авто
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Индикаторы [ZhiBiCCI] подходят для всех циклов использования, а также подходят для всех разновидностей рынка. [ZhiBiCCI] Зеленая сплошная линия - разворот бычьей дивергенции. Зеленая пунктирная линия - классическая бычья дивергенция. [ZhiBiCCI] Сплошная линия к красному - обратная медвежья дивергенция. Красная пунктирная линия - классическая медвежья дивергенция. [ZhiBiCCI] можно установить в параметрах (Предупреждение, Отправить почту, Отправить уведомление), установить на (true) для отпр
58 USD
Heiken Ashi candle chart is an improved version of The Japanese candle chart, which can effectively filter the market "noise" of the Japanese candle chart. It is favored by many traders for its simplicity and intuition. For trend traders, the HA candle chart is a magic tool. Unlike the traditional Japanese candle chart, Heikenashi does not reflect the opening price, high price, low price and closing price of the market. Instead, Heikenashi calculates the value of a single K line in the dominant
30 USD
This is a new strategy for SUPPLY DEMAND areas It is based on a calculation using the tick volume to detect the big price action in market for both bear /bull actions this smart volume action candles are used to determine the supply and demand areas prices in between main supply and demand lines indicate sideway market  up arrows will be shown when prices moves above the main supply and the secondary supply lines Down arrows will be shown when prices moves below the main demand and the secondary
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Delta Pairs
Anatolii Zainchkovskii
1 (1)
Delta Pairs - Индикатор для парной торговли, показывает расхождение двух валютных пар. Не перерисовывается. Полезный инструмент для анализа поведения двух валютных пар относительно друг друга. Назначение Индикатор Delta Pairs предназначен для определения расхождений в движении двух валютных пар. Данный индикатор отображается как два графика линий и разницы (дельты) между этими графиками в виде гистограммы. Индикатор Delta Pairs будет удобен тем, кто применяет парную торговлю. В основе этого ме
65 USD
TWO PAIRS SQUARE HEDGE METER INDICATOR Try this brilliant 2 pairs square indicator It draws a square wave of the relation between your two inputs symbols when square wave indicates -1 then it is very great opportunity to SELL pair1 and BUY Pair2 when square wave indicates +1 then it is very great opportunity to BUY pair1 and SELL Pair2 the inputs are : 2 pairs of symbols         then index value : i use 20 for M30 charts ( you can try other values : 40/50 for M15 , : 30 for M30 , : 10 for H1 ,
10 USD
Tshivhidzo Moss Mbedzi
while indicators are used to analyze quotes and identify patterns in price changes. With these trading applications, you will make more informed trading operations and capture more trading opportunities. wn risk no refunds good luck  to you all  The indicator displays deals in the real time mode, it also displays their Stop Loss and Take Profit levels. Put the mouse over the arrows to see the details of deals including open time, ticket, direction (in/out), type (buy/sell) and volume. Put the mo
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Tочность правильных прогнозов  дo 83  % ! Данный индикатор тестировался на реальном графике в реальной торговле вся статистика об этом индикаторе с реальных торгов на рынке по данному индикатору 3 месяца велась торговля по нашей статистике получилось  дo 83  %   правильных прогнозов торговля велась на usd/jpy на таймфрейме m30 !  По скриншотам можете увидеть качество и количество сигналов данного инструмента если возникнут какие либо вопросы обращайтесь в личные сообщения или в обсуждениях под 
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Индикатор показывает потенциальный направление тренда по циклично-волновой зависимости. Таким образом, все лучи пересечения будут оптимальными лучами, в направлении которых ожидается движение цены с учетом периода индикатора. Лучи можно использовать как направление потенциального движения рынка. Но не надо забывать, что подход должен быть комплексным, сигналы индикатора требуют дополнительной информации для входа в рынок.
59 USD
Trend Monitor
Pavel Zamoshnikov
4.2 (5)
Индикатор дает ранние сигналы при смене тренда, основываясь на показаниях ADX в комбинации с элементами ценовых паттернов. Работает на любых инструментах и таймфреймах. Индикатор не перерисовывает свои сигналы. Вы видите на истории ту же картину, которая была в реал-тайм. Сигналы отображаются стрелками для удобства восприятия (чтобы не загромождать график). Особенности Простота использования. Все настройки фильтров сводятся к выбору чувствительности параметром " Sensitivity of the indicator ".
30 USD
WPR по Профилю, или WPR для Профессионалов Индикатор Geo_WprPro - один из серии знаменитых индикаторов по профилю валюты - осуществляет одновременное отображение в матричном виде состояния двух индикаторов WPR с разными параметрами на всех таймфреймах на нескольких валютных парах, образующих профиль валюты. Как следует из описания, " Индикатор WPR является опережающим индикатором, чаще всего, он опережает график цены. Замечено, что осциллятор очень часто образует экстремумы перед разворотом цены
30 USD
TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro
Eric John Pajarillaga Aldana
4.25 (4)
NOTE: TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro is only sold here at MQL5 and on our official website. If you see it on other websites, it is FAKE and the performance is not similar! Support and updates will not be provided on those who purchased or received the fake indicator on pirated websites. You can message me after purchase to receive the user manual PDF for this indicator. TakePropips Donchian Trend Pro  is a powerful and effective tool that automatically detects the direction of the trend and pro
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Хорошо было бы всегда быть в курсе "борьбы" между покупкой и продажей. Тогда стало бы легче определится, в какую именно сторону лучше всего идти, чтобы не оказаться в проигрыше. Данный индикатор предлагает своеобразное решение этой проблемы: размер спроса и предложения сравнивается с максимальными и минимальными ценами за выбранный период, тем самым пытаясь определить движение рынка в сильную сторону, не игнорируя силу противоположной стороны. Все это отображается в отдельном окне с помощью четы
44 USD
Royal Trend Indicator   This is a Trend Indicator for MT4 Providing Signal To Enter The Position At The Best Time    It can be applied to any financial assets:  F orex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Stocks, Indices .    Benefits of the Royal Trend Indicator Entry Signals At The Best Possible Level The indicator algorithms allow you to find the ideal moments to enter a deal (buy or sell an asset), which increases the success rate for each and every trader using it Available Notification Feature
999 USD
Всем привет! Выставляю свою торговую стратегию для форекс (далее - ТС). После покупки или аренды ТС пишете мне, я вас добавляют в закрытый чат телеграм, где дам все индикаторы и поддержку по торговле, и мы вместе будем торговать. Статистику по торговле в ТС я добавлю чуть позже, так как открыл новый счет по ТС, что бы было наглядно как проходит торговля. Кроме этого  я дам счет и пароль инвестора, можете сами смотреть в живую торговлю и решить для себя подходит ли она для вас. Два режима, 1) Сре
120 USD
Индикатор отображает на графике данные стохастик-осцилятора более старшего временного интервала. Основная и сигнальная линии отображаются в дополнительном окне. Ступенчатая характеристика не сглажена. Индикатор удобен для отработки "ручных" стратегий форекс-торговли, использующих данные от нескольких экранов с различными временными интервалами одного инструмента. В индикаторе используются настройки, аналогичные стандартному и выпадающий список для выбора тайм-фрейма. Параметры индикатора TimeF
30 USD
For sure, this indicator has become very popular amongst traders. Through coding this indicator will give you the most accurate levels possible for your trading analysis. We have also added in the ability for you to receive alerts when the price breaks above or below a Support or Resistance lines! HOW TO USE The red rectangles represent your resistance/supply zone. The green rectangles represent your support/demand zone.  BONUS FEATURES We coded this indicator with the ability to switch between
197 USD
Индикатор определения флета и тренда. Если цена ниже любой из двух гистограмм и двух линий (красной и синей), это зона продаж. При покупке этой версии индикатора, версия  МТ5  для одного реального и одного демо-счета - в подарок (для получения, напишите мне личное сообщение)! Если цена выше любой из двух гистограмм и двух линий (красной и синей), это зона покупок. MT5 version:  https://www.mql5.com/ru/market/product/70409 Если цена находится между двух линий или в зоне любой из гистограмм, зна
69 USD
Gvs Undefeated Trend   indicator is designed for trend and signal trading. This indicator generates trend signals.  It uses many algorithms and indicators to generate this signal. It tries to generate a signal from the points with the highest trend potential. This indicator is a complete trading product. This indicator does not need any additional indicators.  You can only trade with this indicator. The generated signals are displayed on the graphical screen.  Thanks to the alert features you ca
50 USD
Способ применения Pair Trading Station Рекомендуется использовать Pair Trading Station на таймфрейме H1 с любой валютной парой. Чтобы получить сигналы на покупку и продажу, следуйте указанным ниже инструкциям по применению Pair Trading Station в терминале MetaTrader. При загрузке Pair Trading Station на график индикатор оценит доступные исторические данные на вашей платформе MetaTrader для каждой валютной пары. В самой начале на графике отобразятся исторические данные, доступные для каждой валют
280 USD
Advanced Stochastic Scalper - это профессиональный индикатор на базе известного индикатора Stochastic Oscillator. Advanced Stochastic Scalper представляет из себя осциллятор с динамическими уровнями перекупленности и перепроданности, у стандартного Stochastic Oscillator эти уровни статические и никогда не изменяются. Это позволяет Advanced Stochastic Scalper адаптироваться под постоянно меняющийся рынок. При появлении сигнала на покупку или продажу на графике рисуется стрелка и появляется алерт,
34 USD
Trend Line Chart Pattern Signals  Is a traders Tool for Signals based on Strong  Patterns Formed By a pair of robust trend lines. They FOR WITH DIFFERENT POPULAR PATTERNS ON CHARTS LIKE – TRIANGLES, FLAGS,RANGE , ASCENDING TRIANGLES, DESCENDING PATTERNS, PENNANTS ETC. The TREND LINES  form  dynamically  on running bars. The  sensitivity  of the trend lines can be changed by custom settings. The  Buy and Sell Signals Generate upon Break Of the Trend Line + "Close" of the same bar above the previo
80 USD
Усовершенствованная версия бесплатного индикатора HMA Trend (для MetaTrader 4) , с возможностью статистического анализа. HMA Trend - трендовый индикатор, базирующийся на скользящей средней Хала (Hull Moving Average - HMA) с двумя периодами. HMA с медленным периодом определяет тренд, HMA с быстрым периодом - краткосрочные движения и сигналы в сторону тренда. Главные отличия от бесплатного варианта: Возможность предсказать вероятность разворота тренда с помощью анализа исторических данных; Постр
30 USD
Infinity Trend Commander
Nedyalka Zhelyazkova
4.8 (20)
"UNIQUE TRADING APPROACH FOR SERIOUS TRADERS!" Most traders can never see stable profits because they do not have a profitable strategy. They are always waiting to find the holy grail of forex but instead they trade with a simple system of several indicators. Do you really have the courage to fight back and win!  Trade from   safe side of the market   with  amazing results and with high success rate . Infinity Trend Commander  generates t rend signals filtered by a smart algorithm  that finds
59 USD
С этим продуктом покупают
Cycle Sniper
Elmira Memish
4.65 (17)
Cycle Sniper  Simplified MT5 Version :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/76505 Videos, settings  and descriptions can be found   here  . Please watch the videos carefully before purchasing! Please check sample trades and strategies on the comments section This indicator does not send any signal without a reason...You can observe and analyze the indicator and the signals it sends Cycle Sniper focuses on the present. It tries to analyze what will happen in the future, not what happened in t
499 USD
Уникальный индикатор, реализующий профессиональный и количественный подход к торговле на возврате к среднему. Он использует тот факт, что цена отклоняется и возвращается к среднему предсказуемым и измеримым образом, что позволяет использовать четкие правила входа и выхода, которые значительно превосходят неколичественные торговые стратегии. [ Installation Guide | Update Guide | Troubleshooting | FAQ | All Products ] Четкие торговые сигналы Удивительно легко торговать Настраиваемые цвета и разм
299 USD
CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! Solution for any Newbie or Expert Trader! This dashboard software is working on 28 currency pairs. It is based on 2 of our main indicators (Advanced Currency Strength 28 and Advanced Currency Impulse). It gives a great overview of the entire Forex market. It shows Advanced Currency Strength values, currency speed of movement and signals for 28 Forex pairs in all (9) timeframes. Imagine how your trading will improve when you can watch the entire market using a single indicato
199 USD
Снайперская стратегия, созданная, чтобы предоставить вам лучшие точки входа для всех пар и всех временных рамок, и всегда двигаться в направлении тренда на основе ценового действия. как только вы освоите стратегию, вы станете более уверенными в своей сделке, чтобы вы знали, когда открывать и закрывать свою сделку с максимальной прибылью, потому что она показывает начало тренда с несколькими входами, поэтому, если вы пропустите вход в начале Стратегия снайпера по тренду даст вам больше шансов
2 500 USD
CS ATR FIBO CHANNELS MULTI TIMEFRAME Additional tool to trade with Cycle Sniper Indicator. Cycle Sniper :  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/51950 Indicator Draws Channels based on: - Cycle Sniper Price and Moving Averages - ATR Deviations - Fibonacci Retracement and Extensions Features: - Multi TimeFrame - Full alert and Notification options. - Simple Settings - Finds the trend change or extreme reversals. Inputs: - Arrow Mode: ATR Levels or Median Line   If Median Line is selected
200 USD
CURRENTLY 20% OFF !! This DASHBOARD is a very powerful piece of software working on multiple symbols and up to 9 timeframes. It is based on our main indicator (Best reviews:  Advanced Supply Demand ). The new DASHBOARD gives a great overview. It shows: filtered Supply and Demand values including zone strength rating, pips distances to/and within zones, it highlights nested zones, it gives 4 kind of alerts for the chosen symbols in all (9) time-frames. It is highly configurable for your personal
199 USD
[ MT5 Version ] Order Block Indicator MT4 Order Block Indicator MT4  is currently the most accurate and customizable indicator in the market. It has been developed to facilitate the analysis of operations based on Order Blocks and Supply and Demand Zones. These zones are possible reversal points of a movement. Order Blocks indicate a possible accumulation of orders in one area. The price usually gets to reach and react strongly to those areas. The most relevant levels for this reaction are the c
270 USD
Свинг-трейдинг - это первый индикатор, предназначенный для обнаружения колебаний в направлении тренда и возможных разворотов. Он использует базовый подход свинговой торговли, широко описанный в торговой литературе. Индикатор изучает несколько векторов цен и времени для отслеживания направления совокупного тренда и выявляет ситуации, когда рынок перепродан или перекуплен и готов к исправлению. [ Руководство по установке | Руководство по обновлению | Устранение неполадок | FAQ | Все продукты ]
249 USD
IMPORTANT; Price is subject to rise at any time from now! Do not miss this offer! Dear trader I am glad to introduce my new tool called Trend Analyser Dashboard to you. The design, style, and settings of this indicator  have been made simple to make its users not take too much time in understanding the indicator itself.   The purpose is to help traders in analysing the direction of the major trend and the status of the trend whether in weak trend or its strong trend. The indicator will also prov
275 USD
Reversal Sniper is designed to find the extreme reversals of the price. Indicator collects data of Cycle Sniper Indicator. NOTE: REVERSAL SNIPER Indicator is made for Cycle Sniper Users as an additional tool.  However, it can be used by the traders who look for finding out strong reversal levels. Indicator works on all timeframes and all instruments. Reversal  Sniper  Checks: Harmonic Patterns RSI Zig Zag and Harmonic Swings Cycle Sniper Indicator's Buy / Sell Signals The complex algo i
275 USD
KT Renko Patterns MT4
2.33 (3)
KT Renko Patterns scans the Renko chart brick by brick to find some famous chart patterns that are frequently used by traders across the various financial markets. Compared to the time-based charts, patterns based trading is easier and more evident on Renko charts due to their uncluttered appearance. KT Renko Patterns features multiple Renko patterns, and many of these patterns are extensively explained in the book titled Profitable Trading with Renko Charts by Prashant Shah. A 100% automate
180 USD
Идея индикатора основана на индикаторе ZigZag с использованием нового уравнения с добавлением объема. Входные параметры InpDepth — глубина. InpDeviation — отклонение. InpBackstep — количество баров в истории. Enable_Alert — звуковые и текстовые уведомления об изменении тренда. Send_Notifications — push-уведомления на мобильные устройства. E-mail alert — уведомления по электронной почте. Необходимо настроить параметры электронной почты в настройках терминала. Особенности Индикатор не перерисо
175 USD
NO REPAINT ADVANCED CHART PATTERN INDICATOR By definition, a price ( chart)  pattern is a recognizable configuration of price movement that is identified using a series of  trendlines  and/or curves. When a price pattern signals a change in trend direction, it is known as a reversal pattern; a continuation pattern occurs when the trend continues in its existing direction following a brief pause. Advanced Chart Pattern Tracker is designed to find the MOST ACCURATE patterns. A special script is ad
350 USD
Это, пожалуй, самый полный индикатор автоматического распознавания гармонического ценообразования, который вы можете найти для платформы MetaTrader. Он обнаруживает 19 различных паттернов, воспринимает проекции Фибоначчи так же серьезно, как и вы, отображает зону потенциального разворота (PRZ) и находит подходящие уровни стоп-лосс и тейк-профит. [ Руководство по установке | Руководство по обновлению | Устранение неполадок | FAQ | Все продукты ] Он обнаруживает 19 различных гармонических цен
299 USD
WD Gann Possible Reversal method Our Signals and targets based on Gann Time and Price Calculations to find out  possible Reversal Points. It will give you Right idea of possible turning points as well as sharp trend continuation till next turning points. An idea can change a trend or sharp continue trend within new time and price cycles  points(new signal) Non repainting Signals Note :- Strategy Tester not Showing perfect Results we are not able calculate time prices Turning point on tester.us
777 USD
Full Forex Market View Dashboard
Opengates Success International
5 (2)
FULL FOREX MARKET VIEW Dashboard Indicator This is a custom indicator created to give Traders a full view of what is going on in the market. It uses a real time data to access the market and display every bit of information needed to make successful trading. INSTALLATION : Before attaching this Indicator to your window chart, go to your MT4's Market Watch panel and HIDE all the Currency pairs you don't need or trade and leave the rest there. The reason is that FFMV Dashboard will DISPLAY ALL the
650 USD
А. Что такое A2SR ? -- Полное руководство на  --  https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/734748/page4#comment_16532516 --  https://www.mql5.com/en/users/yohana/blog A2SR обладает особой техникой определения уровней поддержки ( спроса ) и сопротивления ( предложения ) . В отличие от обычных способов, доступных в интернете, в A2SR используется оригинальная концепция определения уровней поддержки/сопротивления. Этот оригинальный метод не был взят из интернета, и он никогда не публиковался в интерне
276 USD
This indicator uses support and resistance, volume and some special formula to calculate the volume to filter the candles. If the volume reaches a specific value, And at the same time, Candle breaks the support/resistance line, There would be a signal and we can enter the market. Signals appear when the current candle closes. then you can enter the trade when a new candle appears. Please don't forget to follow your money management plan. MT5 Version Support/Resistance Breakout MT5 :   https:
299 USD
Индикатор All-in-One Trade (AOTI) определяет дневные цели для пар EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, USDCHF, EURGBP, EURCAD, EURAUD, AUDJPY, GBPAUD, GBPCAD, GBPCHF, и GBPJPY. Все остальные модули работают на любых инструментах. Индикатор включает в себя множество функций: двойной канал для определения тренда, ценовой канал, полосы МА, построение уровней Фибо, определение точки кульминации и др. Индикатор создан для упрощения анализа рынка и основан на нескольких торговых стратегиях, которые я применяю на р
189 USD
НОВОЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЕ: БЫЛО 249 долларов! ТЕПЕРЬ ТОЛЬКО $199! ================================================== Наши продукты доступны для продажи только здесь, на рынке MQL5 или на нашем официальном сайте, если вы видели наши продукты в продаже в Интернете где-то еще по более низкой цене, это подделка, и вас обманут. Кроме того, если вы покупаете где-то еще, вы также не получите никакой поддержки от нас. Не рискуйте, покупайте только в официальных местах и не теряйте свои деньги. Beast
179 USD
Price Action Sniper is designed to trade the Price Action on the desired chart time frame. - Trend Reversals. - Trend Continuation. - Brekaouts. - Good tool for Binary Options Price action forms the basis for all technical analysis of a currency pair, commodity or other asset chart. Many short-term traders rely exclusively on price action and the formations and trends extrapolated from it to make trading decisions. Technical analysis as a practice is a derivative of price action since it uses
400 USD
Weis Wave with Alert
Panagiotis Diamantopoulos
4.76 (17)
Индикатор волны Вайса основан на теории Ричарда Вайкоффа. Работает на всех таймфреймах, флетовых и тиковых графиках. Может применяться к любому рынку. Индикатор добавляет объемы соответствующих ценовых волн и рисует кумулятивную гистограмму. Каждая ценовая волна движется в определенном направлении вверх или вниз, пока не изменится. Чтобы индикаторная волна развернулась, цена должна превышать количество точек (пипсы * 10), установленных в параметрах индикатора. Поэтому последняя волна перерисовыв
499 USD
This is an indicator which was originally developed for the Gold and Silver markets, but it could also work in other markets too, such as the SP500 index. The indicator was developed through a lot of trial and error, and tests, and big help and guidance by a 3rd party specializing in market analysis methods. I have attached images of recent gold trends, as well as interesting patterns in the SP500,  the indicator does both, and will be adding more and more examples in various time frames of
1 500 USD
Binary GURU — это индикатор с точностью 75%+ для торговли бинарными опционами и внутридневной торговли в 18:02 (+3 GMT). Индикатор не перерисовывается и не меняет своих показаний. Binary GURU предназначен для определения мест, где цена совершит разворот. Индикатор фиксирует как развороты тренда, так и откаты, что позволяет повысить эффективность его использования. При использовании индикатора значительно расширяются возможности анализа, на графике хорошо видны не только места коррекции и разворо
400 USD
FxBears Powers работает со всеми валютными парами, металлами, товарами, фьючерсами, индексами, энергоносителями, криптовалютой и всем ... и на всех таймфреймах от M1 до MN. Он основан на спросе и предложении и некоторых внутренних индикаторах, он дает вам очень сильную точку входа с нулевым проскальзыванием большую часть времени, вы можете проверить это в тесте. Он мгновенно отправляет вам сигналы на платформу вашего телефона, где бы вы ни находились, он содержит название пары, время, таймф
319 USD
Most accurate  Pattern indicator on this market. It search triangles, wedges, channels (next patterns and autoscanner in plan) Works on Forex, Commodities, Indicies, Stocks, Crypto, ... on all timeframes and on every brooker. If you want this and all my other products for FREE , create account here  and then write me and I will send you all my actual and future product for FREE + VIP on my  http://discord.io/reitakfx For more info join to http://discord.io/reitakfx  where you can get
199 USD
Индикатор BuySell H4 Signals показывает стрелками потенциальные точки входа в рынок. Стрелки не перерисовываются и не рисуются задним числом на истории. Стрелка появляется сразу после завершения 4-х часовой свечи. Индикатор BuySell H4 Signals работает только на таймфрейме H4. Индикатор использует в своих расчетах уровни и свечные паттерны, а не пересечение скользящих средних, что позволяет давать качественные сигналы на самой ранней стадии движения цены. Вы можете использовать 5 (пять) разных ти
250 USD
The super trade signals channel index system automatically calculates the supporting lower track and resistance upper track according to the fluctuation amplitude of K-line at this stage and the position of space. The super trade signals channel indicator system will automatically calculate and detect the supporting lower rail line and resistance upper rail line at the position of K line in real time. When the price of K line touches the supporting lower rail line, it will automatically promp
200 USD
NAM Order Blocks
5 (1)
Индикатор обнаружения блоков ордеров мультитаймфреймов MT4. Функции - Полностью настраиваемая панель управления графиком, обеспечивает полное взаимодействие. - Скрыть и показать панель управления где угодно. - Обнаружение OB на нескольких таймфреймах. - Выберите количество OB для отображения. - Различные пользовательские интерфейсы OB. - Различные фильтры по OB. - Оповещение о близости OB. - Линии ADR High и Low. - Служба уведомлений (Экранные оповещения | Push-уведомления).
200 USD
Индикатор Elliott Wave Trend был разработан для научного подсчета волн на основе шаблонов и паттернов, впервые разработанных Чжон Хо Сео. Индикатор нацелен на максимальное устранение нечеткости классического подсчета волн Эллиотта с использованием шаблонов и паттернов. Таким образом индикатор Elliott Wave Trend в первую очередь предоставляет шаблон для подсчета волн. Во-вторых, он предлагает структурный подсчет волн Wave Structural Score, которые помогает определить точное формирование волны. Он
200 USD
Другие продукты этого автора
Считаете ли вы, что на рынках, где цена может измениться за доли секунды, размещение ордеров должно быть максимально упрощено? Если вы хотите создать ордер в Metatrader, вы должны открыть окно, в котором надо ввести цену открытия, stop loss и take profit, а также размер сделки. В торговле на финансовых рынках управление капиталом необходимо для сохранения и приумножения первоначального депозита. Итак, когда вы хотите разместить ордер, вы, вероятно, задаетесь вопросом, насколько крупную сделку в
99 USD
Считаете ли вы, что на рынках, где цена может измениться за доли секунды, размещение ордеров должно быть максимально упрощено? Если вы хотите создать ордер в Metatrader, вы должны открыть окно, в котором надо ввести цену открытия, stop loss и take profit, а также размер сделки. В торговле на финансовых рынках управление капиталом необходимо для сохранения и приумножения первоначального депозита. Итак, когда вы хотите разместить ордер, вы, вероятно, задаетесь вопросом, насколько крупную сделку в
99 USD
TPA True Price Action indicator reveals the true price action of the market makers through 100% non-repainting signals strictly at the close of a candle! TPA shows entries and re-entries, every time the bulls are definitely stronger than the bears and vice versa. Not to confuse with red/green candles. The shift of power gets confirmed at the earliest stage and is ONE exit strategy of several. There are available now two free parts of the TPA User Guide for our customers. The first "The Basics"
168 USD
Успех или неудача при торговле на рынке Форекс по большей части зависит от управления капиталом. Как известно, открытие каждой сделки сопряжено с риском потери денег. Именно поэтому так важно контролировать риск. Использование соотношения риска к прибыли в торговле При помощи Risk Reward Ratio для MetaTrader вы сможете оценивать риск каждой сделки, открытой на валютном рынке. Благодаря этому инструменту вы сможете проверить соотношение риска к прибыли у каждой запланированной сделки и точно оц
30 USD
"TPA Sessions" indicator is a very important tool to complement  "TPA True Price Action" indicator . Did you ever wonder, why many times the price on your chart suddently turns on a position you can't explain?  A position, where apparently no support or resistance level, or a pivot point, or a fibonacci level is to identify? Attention!!!  The first run of the TPA Session indicator  must be in the open market for the lines to be drawn correctly. Please visit our blog to study actual trades wit
50 USD
This is the forex visual orders tool & forex position size (lot) calculator with intuitive panel. Risk Reward Ratio Indicator works on all kind of symbols: currency pairs, indices, metals, commodities, cryptocurrencies, etc. If you want to make sure that Risk Reward Ratio Indicator works on your favorite symbols contact us ( visit our profile ) and ask for 7-day free trial to test this tool without limits. If you want to place orders easier, faster and more intuitive? If you like to mark tr
30 USD
"TPA Sessions" indicator is a very important tool to complement  "TPA True Price Action" indicator . Did you ever wonder, why many times the price on your chart suddently turns on a position you can`t explain?  A position, where apparently no support or resistance level, or a pivot point, or a fibonacci level is to identify? Attention!!! The first run of the TPA Session indicator must be in the open market for the lines to be drawn correctly. Please visit our blog to study actual trades with
50 USD
Alan Ray Northam
Alan Ray Northam 2022.04.17 13:39 

This indicator is not worth its money. You can do the same thing by plotting a 21 period simple moving average on your chart which follows the TPA indicator very closely. The signal to buy or sell is as follows: During an uptrend when a candle closes below the low of the previous candle this indicator generates a SELL signal. You can do the same thing by observing the candle without this indicator. When any following candle closes below the low of the previous candle a re-sell signal is generated which you can also do without this indicator and just watching the candles. When a candle closes above the high of the previous candle a new BUY signal is generated. When a following candle closes above the high of the previous candle a re-buy signal is generated. The reverse is true in a down trend. All these things you can do without this indiator a simply watching the candles. Conservative traders will only take BUY signals above the moving average and SELL signals below the moving average. The steepness of the moving average gives an indication of the strength of momentums. What you don't get withou this indicaot are the arrows and dots indicating buy or sell and you don't get the Alerts. The only value I see in buying this indicator is to get the arrows, dots, and alerts. As far as the actual indicators, you don't need this product. Now here is a couple of very important point to understand: The success of a trader is based upon two things: 1. 33% of the success in trading comes from knowing when to enter and exit the market and this indicator will do this, 2. 66% of a traders success comes from using proper risk management. This indicator does not do this nor can any indicator! As a result you can follow the buy and sell signals gnerated by this indicator and still lose money if you don't apply proper risk management in addition to using this indicator. Bottom line is that you can use a 21 period simple moving average and enter buy and sell signals as described above by monitoring the charts. You don't need this indicator to be a successful trader and by itself this indicator will not make you a succesful trader as it does not offer risk management. Save your money, go to udemy.com and take a good fx price action trading course!

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2022.04.19 12:54
Good money management is a very important success factor to be a profitable trader. However, risk management, i.e. the appropriate selection of a lot for a transaction according to the size of the account, is a job for EA, not for an indicator. No indicator can make transactions and manage them, so there is no risk management option in it, but it is a tool for providing information about the current market situation and facilitating investment decisions.
Here I would like to inform all traders interested in our products that if you have any doubts or questions about our products, please contact us to make sure BEFORE buying it is what you are looking for, so that you do not make mistakes, do not lose your money and do not have to lose your valuable take time to write a bad review.
shubham kumar
shubham kumar 2022.03.21 17:50 

Hello I bought your TPA product, please add me at Telegram channel and send me user manual. Thanks a lot

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2022.03.21 19:25
Hello. The telegram group has been closed. Instead, based on telegram discussions, we have created an TPA User Manual covering the most important aspects of TPA trading. Contact us in private message to know how to get TPA User Manual.
Perry Mok
Perry Mok 2021.12.21 18:41 

Very reliable indicators. I am using it with appropriate money management and like it so much!

Fabrizio La Mantia
Fabrizio La Mantia 2021.11.26 01:52 

Hello I bought all your product, please add me at Telegram channel and send me the full guide. Thanks a lot. F.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2022.02.01 12:55
The telegram group has been closed. Instead, based on telegram discussions, we have created an TPA User Manual covering the most important aspects of TPA trading. Contact us in private message to know how to get TPA User Manual.
KJFX 2021.10.06 04:17 

Review updated : 1 star to 4 star managed to make it work after few months will update to 5 star once working on live account will take some time to get use to making it work for each individual eye and edge. possible work better with adding authors trade manager tool. :)

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2022.04.27 09:35
I'm glad you spent more time getting to know this tool well and discovering its potential. Patience and persistence are very desirable qualities for trading in the financial markets.
Good money management is one of the basic elements of success in forex, therefore supplementing the strategy with a tool such as Trade Manager significantly increases the efficiency of trading.
NXVZ 2021.09.06 14:24 

hi just bought the TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator please send me manual installation file in my mail i could not bind in my mt4 installation directory via indicators, please help Mail id - nxvz9999@gmail.com

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.09.06 15:03
Hello. Please check your e-mail and reply to our message.
magan423 Magan
magan423 Magan 2021.09.06 10:58 

nice indicator

Ernesto Abasolo
Ernesto Abasolo 2021.08.08 07:17 


Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.08.09 15:08
The TPA User Guide has been sent to you by email.
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Delgado
Maria Isabel Gonzalez Delgado 2021.07.11 00:17 

Hello, I have just paid your indicator but I cannot find in my meta trader 4 from the broker just Forex. you can send me download link to install manually. my mail: houssborde@gmail.com

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.07.12 14:54
Please check private message
15848799 2021.07.08 15:36 

very good indicator add me in your telegram

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.07.08 16:20
Please check private message.
joshua_sanchez 2021.07.06 11:01 

just bought the indicator today. how can i join the telegram?

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.07.06 11:04
Thank you for your purchase of the TPA indicator. Please check private message.
John Anthony Sanchez
John Anthony Sanchez 2021.07.05 18:38 

I rent this indicator... this indicator is very helpfull for me, its give's very good profit result in my trading! how to can I join in teleragram?

Rokas Smailis
Rokas Smailis 2021.06.27 21:24 

I just bought TPA. Can i join your telegram?

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.28 11:14
I sent the information by email. Please check.
RonaBasio 2021.06.24 04:00 

Hi, i already bought the indicator how can i join your telegram and the pdf for detailed manual? Some of my entries were loss, wrong signal Please advise. Thank you

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.24 10:31
Trading is all about probabilities and it is the job of the trader to drag the winning probability to his side. You can increase your chances with TPA by understanding what the market makers are doing and follow their actions. You won't avoid losing trades, but by making good use of the tools for trade, your winning trades will outweigh the losing ones, and that's what our guides are about. Please read the private message.
Mateusz Gaza
Mateusz Gaza 2021.06.17 13:49 

Overrated. This Indicator is just random :) Put on chart MA and you will get simillar results. Regards

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.17 15:13
It all depends on what you are looking for. TPA is not a fully automated forex trading system that allows you to blindly follow signals, as we have already written many times before. Manual traders in the forex market take the time to learn the tool in depth and they can find a real value.
A week is not enough to master any trading system.
Chireco Shristian Ayong
Chireco Shristian Ayong 2021.06.17 09:59 

hello i already bought the indicator how can i join your telegram and the pdf for detailed manual?

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.17 10:16
Thank you for your purchase of the TPA indicator. Please check private message.
Matthias Goehringer
Matthias Goehringer 2021.06.12 22:32 

I can not recommend because arrows are 100% matching with a free indicator. So it’s not worth the money for me. Wished I knew this before.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.14 13:31
Each client comes here with different expectations and different trading experience in the financial markets. The first thing to know about TPA is that it is not a set and forget system that allows you to follow signals blindly. Trading is all about probabilities and it is the job of the trader to drag the winning probability to his side. You can increase your chances with TPA by understanding what the market makers are doing and follow their actions. Therefore, you need to spend some time learning about the True Price Action strategy. Those who honestly worked it found their way into being a profitable trader, or improved their existing strategy by increasing trading efficiency or passed the FTMO challenge. For the rest, it is another indicator similar to all the others. I do not know if you have received the user manual, if not and you want to learn more about the True Price Action strategy, please contact me.
임원묵 2021.06.12 12:32 

Hi, I just purchased the TPA, how can I join the telegram group and also have the PDF manuals.....? Thank you

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.14 12:49
Hi, The information has been sent to your email.
Marcos Yuge
Marcos Yuge 2021.06.10 05:54 

Here is my review. Most sellers require you to rate in 5 stars before releasing some kind of advantage, that in the product description, does not inform this condition. This is not the case. My rating will not yield any extra indicators or any benefits. Therefore, it is an honest opinion about the quality of the product. It works very well without affecting the speed of the computer. Its signals are extremely reliable. Of course. There are times when it fails due to the intervention of market makers and, in this case, there is no system that can prevent damage under these conditions. It is a tool that must work together with your personal strategy. You are the one who must decide, through your experience and knowledge, if the indicator's signal, at that specific moment, has chances to become a winning trade. For me it is being an extremely valuable tool. And to help even more in the decision making, I also acquired the TPA SESSION. Finally, I had questions after a few days of using the product and I was promptly attended to by the company's support. With a very well reasoned and illustrated explanation. For a product to be rated as 5 stars, the result must be accompanied by customer support with the same efficiency. I affirm that it is worth every penny invested.

myronqdc 2021.06.08 10:26 

Hi, I just purchased the TPA, how can I join the telegram group and also have the PDF manuals, and H1/H4 settings? Thank you

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.08 11:22
Thank you for your purchase of the TPA indicator. Please check private message.
Joel O
Joel O 2021.06.08 10:15 

I just bought TPA for my first trading journey, can I join to your telegram? Thanks.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.08 11:21
Thank you for your purchase of the TPA indicator. Please check private message.
joizkee 2021.06.06 17:05 

I just bought TPA. Can i join your telegram?

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.07 09:48
Thank you for your purchase TPA indicator. Please check private message
Metangere 2021.06.05 13:53 

I bought TPA. How can I join your Telegram Group?

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.05 14:39
Thank you for your purchase TPA indicator. Please check private message
2005000276 2021.06.02 18:26 

I just bought TPA, very good indicator. How can I join your telegram.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.02 19:59
Thank you for your purchase TPA indicator. Please check private message
Gerald Guerrero
Gerald Guerrero 2021.06.02 06:03 

i just bought the indicator 2 days ago, so far after trading using TPA on demo account, i have positive results and planning to trade using my real account. how can i join you telegram

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.06.02 12:45
Thanks for purchasing the TPA indicator. We are glad with your good results in trading with True Price Action. We wrote a private message to you. Please check.
Wilt Valencia
Wilt Valencia 2021.05.31 06:18 

Good day! I just purchase the TPA and so far so good, how do I join your Telegram? thank you!

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2021.05.31 12:11
Good day! Thank you for your purchase. Details in private message.
Miketrader2 2021.05.08 02:37 

Honestly, I found the whole strategy (TPA session combined with true price action) highly profitable and very clever. I called this system the killer strategy, not far from the holy grail. I will never have thought about session lines as high volume nodes where true price action indicator will show you where market makers will go or what they intend to do. Thank you for the hard work. Obviously this come from a lot of observation and screening time. If you add the market sentiment indicator with some experience of the market especially the MM tricks and cheet, it will lead you to find the most high probability set-up

Aravind Kolanupaka
Aravind Kolanupaka 2021.03.13 23:56 


YHW1022221880 2021.03.08 08:03 

Great indicator!

Yerly 2021.02.13 10:28 

Je débute avec cet indicateur, fort potentiel.

turky7713 2021.02.05 13:29 

Rent TPA True Price Action MT4 Indicator For 1 month

Stomper2k 2021.01.01 14:24 

Very useful indicator. Helps to identify market turns and gives confidence to stay in winning trades longer and cut any losses sooner. The way trading ought to be.

swtrdr 2020.10.15 05:50 

Great for charting in the past, extremely difficult to find solid entry points to work with. The telegram group is good but the entire trading strategy lacks proper documentation. In the group you will be asked to review 1000's of old telegram posts and from there try to piece together some sort of trading strategy. You can spend hours if not days reviewing old posts, if you directly ask for a strategy you will be called "Lazy" for not finding it.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2020.10.29 10:49
Trading in financial markets is a fight for money. Here you have to use your wits and the sense of observation. As we have said many times before, TPA is not a holy grail but it is a signpost that makes certain things easier. There are different methods of trading, and TPAs need to be adapted to your trading style. That's why we started a group on a telegram to help everyone find their way. You do not need to read the entire history of the group, but some last examples is enugh and you must open the charts and start trading live. There may be difficulties at first, this is normal, but you need patience in the learning process. Some of the adaptation process goes faster, others slower, but this is the part you need to go through to be a successful trader. I don't know who called you "Lazy" but something like that is unacceptable. Thanks for your opinion anyway. Each opinion/suggestion is important for us. We will keep improving to make our products better and better.
esasa 2020.09.26 17:41 

Super helpful and highly recommended. Especially in combination with the Trend Manager which in itself is the most helpful script you could have as a trend trader. I am a programmer myself and knowing that it would take me weeks and months to program this myself it is crazy how affordable this is. Support also answered my question on a Saturday. Two thumbs up and five stars.

Illdar 2020.09.22 02:55 

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Nazmul Hasan
Nazmul Hasan 2020.06.16 10:41 

Simple but powerful. Once you have got the main theme of this indicator then you can be do anything with it. No matter you are a scalper or long trader or swing trader, all solution is here. I made continuous profit with it and Now subscribe an FTMO account also to make my capital bigger. The members of TPA telegram group are awesome. They always ready to help.

Arnab Chakraborty
Arnab Chakraborty 2020.06.16 07:17 

Clearly one of the best indicators around ,no nonsense and solid support in the telegram group. You guys rock. Recommended..

Advertisyinc 2020.06.15 16:26 

amazing indicator, very good results, like everything you need to learn and understand. Very supportive author and telegram group. Deserve 5 stars. One of the best indicators i have ever bought

enesfaruk 2020.06.15 11:51 

An indicator that has so much potential. Was uncertain at first, but the support of the team is invaluable. I really recommend it to those who want to act independently and save a lot of time.

vishwadeep 2020.06.15 11:44 

I have been using TPA for a long time.. and it has been a money maker ... the support provided on the telegram channel is excellent and the price is way too less for the value provided.. i would say only one decent trade will cover the cost.. did for me ..cheer..

Kandasamy Senthil Kumar
Kandasamy Senthil Kumar 2020.06.11 10:54 

great indicator

rock65 2020.05.03 13:04 

I don't think the guy below is telling the truth, I have been trade with this indicator for months and I’m glad that I found this very good and wonderful TPA indicator. Now I put it on my every single chart. For my opinion, This is a must have indicator!!! Highly recommended!!!

jmhuang 2020.05.03 05:55 

HUGELY OVERRATED - too many false signals mixed with correct signals. Imagine getting a big arrow and then a collapse in price in the next candle! Author suggests to combine with other indicators to filter and get more accurate signals. In that case, i can suggest many alternatives to this product. OVERPRICED. BUYER BEWARE as there are many far cheaper alternatives which are the same and better. if i can give zero star would be correct but unfortunately i had to give one star. DO NOT TRUST THE OTHER GLOWING REVIEWS as there are many far cheaper alternatives. TRULY DISAPPOINTED.

Ответ разработчика Janusz Trojca 2020.10.29 10:54
Everyone have a right to have an own opinion. As it depends on expectations, there are positive and also negative opinions. Participate in capital markets is a game of probability. There are no 100% accurate signals and 100% accurate transactions. Otherwise all money management and risk calculation would have no sense. The TPA indicator is not a fully automated strategy but in combination with the TPA sessions indicator it is a trading strategy that gives an advantage on the market. It allows to follow marketmakers so you can be on the proper side of the market in the most of trades. The default settings are not magical and optimized that work on all symbols and all time spaces always giving outstading results. As we have written many times, since the markets behave flexible, the indicator must be used flexible. We had many questions about the settings and ways of using the TPA indicator from our clients, so we decided to set up a private telegram group for TPA traders, where we discuss in detail how to adjust the indicator settings to the specified market dynamics, provide current chart analysis. Also you can read there about supplementary analysis techniques to increase the probability of winning. If you are willing, I invite you to join the group to get to know the tool which is the TPA indicator. Even the best tool is worth nothing if we are unable to use it to benefit us. Back to your experience with wrong signals, probably in every indicator that has non-repainting signals there will be possible to find a situation when the market turns over after the signal and goes in the opposite direction. It also happens to professional traders that after opening the transaction the market turns back and goes in the opposite direction. This may occur due to unforeseen events in the world or in politics.
RalfHornig 2020.04.21 20:40 

Hallo, vielen Dank für diesen richtig guten Indikator, es ist mir zuerst nicht leicht gefallen damit umzugehen, aber Dank der sehr guten Beratung von Guard klappt es jetzt schon super gut. Bin jetzt schon sehr zufrieden mit dem Indikator und den gehandelten Umsätzen. An dieser Stelle nochmal Herzlichen Dank an Guard, der wirklich ein sehr guter Berater ist und einen guten Job macht. Respekt. LG Ralf Hallo an alle, die einen Indikator brauchen der auch funktioniert!!!! Wollte nach 4 Monaten mit dem Indikator TPA Price Action und Session ein Feedback geben was jeden Interssiert: Zahlen / Fakten. Ich habe unzählige Indikatoren Kostenfreie sowie Kostenpflichtige getestet, aber keiner konnte mir so helfen das der Handel funktionierte und ich auf meinem Handelskonto (Demo) Guthaben ansammeln konnte. Da ich erst ca. 1 Jahr dabei bin was den Handel betrifft, war ich also ein Anfänger. Nun, bis ich den Indikator das erste mal bei MQL entdeckte, jetzt fühle ich mich sicher was den Handel betrifft, das liegt an der Einfachheit dieses Indikators. Nach anfänglichen Unklarheiten lief es auf einmal sehr gut auf dem Demokonto. Das Handeln mit dem Indikator TPA Price Action ist Simpel und gut und erhöht die Wahrscheinlichkeiten nach Einarbeitung um ein vielfaches. Ich wurde nach kauf der Indikatoren, per link in eine Gruppe eingeladen, die von Guard geführt wird. Guard ist der Urvater/Erfinder der Indikatoren ohne Ihn wäre ich wahrscheinlich immer noch auf der suche nach (DEM) Indikator, er hat mir bzw uns in der Gruppe so viel Unterstützung gegeben um den Indikator recht gut zu handhaben. Vielen Dank nochmals an dieser Stelle Guard. :-) Nun zu den versprochenen Fakten: Ich habe seit einer Woche ein Echtgeldkonto eröffnet. Ich konnte nach einer kleinen Testfase von 2 Tagen mit kleiner Lotzahl, mein Konto von sage und schreibe 1000 Euro auf das 3 Fache erhöhen...... Ich kann es selbst kaum glauben und muss mich manchmal zwicken ob ich träume.......:-) Es ist also für jedermann schaffbar. Ich bin nur ein einfacher Hausmeister und habe es mit TPA geschafft Geld zu verdienen....Auch und natürlich ein Dankeschön an Janusz unseren Programmierer in der Gruppe er stellt uns ab und zu nützliche kostenlose Indis zur Verfügung zb Pips und Gewinn Zähler, den man dann auch brauch :-) Ich bin überglücklich das man auch noch Hilfe erfahren hat nach dem man etwas bezahlt hat.

Magwa78 2020.03.31 23:14 

Fantastic tool one of the best that I have used I have worked with it now for months and customised my own settings and style. The group also have a Telegram group sharing Ideas and strategies I have shared my strategies in the Telegram Group and they are extremely profitable.

steedchitra 2020.03.04 15:37 

very nice indicator and perfect for market situation right now. author also make a very good manual and show different situation and strategy. I really Love this tool combining it with stochastic works really great for going in entry point.

Wills 2020.02.29 14:45 

Amazing indicator when used with the right strategy. Definitely a good piece of kit to add to your trading arsenal. Well done

threepillars 2020.02.28 16:24 

This indicator is awesome! It took some time and effort to customize it to my style. But my search for an effective trading tool is over. Very highly recommended!

Thechaser 2020.02.25 10:31 

This indicator is very good it has a lot of potential, the support from the authors is very good, the authors are very supportive there is a telegram group that they teach and share charts, settings on how to use the indicator to get profitable results. Guard is very passionate about teaching and making everyone to see the light, to be independent and a profitable trader, this is very good especially for novice, beginners and all traders in different levels.

Mihai Stanciu
Mihai Stanciu 2020.02.21 15:52 

customer support is excellent

Irfan 2020.02.12 08:59 

I recently bought this indicator but could not install it as I was not able to log in to the Mql5 community via MT4 platform. I contacted TPO customer support. Janusz helped me out of the way. He spent hours to solve this problem although it was not the problem with the product. I received an extraordinary technical support from him. 5 stars for customer support.

YannickVerstraete 2020.02.11 09:49 

Super indicator with outstanding support from the team behind it.

It takes some getting used to but once you have a understanding of how it works, you take your trading to the next level.

eiji0618 2020.02.10 06:16 

Very good indicator. In addition, supporter kindness is good.

Raoul de Jong
Raoul de Jong 2020.01.20 09:28 

Пользователь не оставил комментарий к оценке

sherbird 2019.12.27 04:47 

Why there are so many good reviews? So suspicious... You will soon to know that you are ripped off. Remember there are no refund on MQL5 policy. It sucks.

maxon2020 2019.12.24 12:52 

Nice indicator!

Jun Yu Chen
Jun Yu Chen 2019.12.18 17:12 

Good indicator。very usefull。It is very helpful, but it must be matched with corresponding support resistance.

faizla 2019.12.12 08:08 

For like one month used this product, I can ensure you that it work as expectation. I am day-trader/swing trader myself are very grateful for what this indicator can gives. Usually I used this indicator for a confirmation of my entry, if my entry does not tally with the indicator, I will not execute the trade. So, overall I'm quiet satisfied with this product.

ceejay1 2019.12.07 19:58 

Just purchased TPA two trading days ago. Great results so far! Like all indicators it will work better in a trending market, but using the TPA line slope and the distance of current price from the TPA line helps greatly in weeding out those non-profitable or only marginally profitable trades during non-trend periods. Will be getting the TPA Sessions indicator soon and I am really looking forward to using it to "fine tune" my entries! Great indicator at a VERY reasonable price for how much it helps!

sowenkee 2019.12.06 05:58 

Been using TPA since 4 Nov for trend continuation. Use the TPA trendline to check the general price direction whether to continue to hold or close an existing trade. This is useful when the price is moving against your trade but the trend line is showing otherwise. Personally had not trade price reversal based on the arrow indicator. But had observed the arrows (filter on) are showing at locations where price reversal occurred. Happy with the purchase and support.

joaovargas 2019.12.02 20:44 

Good indicator. Demands good MM to suport some eventual DD. I´m using it with TPA visible, ST filter 1H 50, but "false" option ( true price action), and using it on Eurusd. It can fit any strategy as main element, or confirm signal.

Jeff Yeap
Jeff Yeap 2019.11.19 12:36 

Good indicator that allow you to adjust TPA line to view lower time frame or higher time frame. Most important the support and explanation is excellent. By continuous tweaking parameter and trial error with TPA should be able to work out for your best trading strategy.

deepcat 2019.11.18 11:24 

Good indicator as long as you use it with other confluences - make sure you have a trading plan and follow it. Use this as confirmation of trend

Yebo Lu
Yebo Lu 2019.11.17 13:45 

Good indicator, and good support, very useful tool to help me do manual trade.

rainwalker123 2019.11.16 14:51 

@sherbird 2019.12.27 04:47 #

98% of the indicators here, just bullshit and useless indicators.

anjane201 2019.11.05 15:43 

Am using this on things aside forex and only get familiar to the way it works, what i am very much happy about is the continuous support and encouragement received every time a query is submitted, there is no holy grail what u would need is continuous tweaking and customization and thats what this indicator provides :)

Martin Schakowski
Martin Schakowski 2019.11.04 21:02 

This indicator is great - combines trend and price action.

It totally fits to my trading style and offers tremendous chances to beat most perfomances.

I am in this frading business over thirty years and I can honestly say thats the one tool I was looking for, all the years !

If it fits to your trading style, too there is no alternative in my eyes.

Congrats for this "eye opener" !

Even a great indicator needs good support to save time and money - this indicator has it - no question !

ennio depalo
ennio depalo 2019.10.31 19:06 

It's unbeleivable.....when you think it is going to do the other way , the indicator say buy and price goes up, the indicator say sell and the price goes down....you just need to be careful with MM and follow the indicator.

remcous 2019.10.30 12:53 

Very good indicator, even on 5 min TF :-)... Great support+++

70025205 2019.10.30 09:06 

I have bought. Very good indicator and support!!

Mike Steward
Mike Steward 2019.10.28 20:23 

After some feedback from Janusz I bought this Indicator I will be updating my review with performance but so far seems good! Update: been using this indicator for some time now and I can say it's worth the money. If you find the settings that go with your trading style it can be a very good tool to enhance your trading. Telegram group is great for support from both janusz and guardkeys. 2nd Update. This tool is best tool i ever had for trading. If you dont make money with this tool, then close your computer, and stop trading. Buy it, red the tleegram group and ask us whatever question. We are always around. Use it to trade 4h, 1h, 30min or 1 min charts. Worth every penny. I also use TPA sessions indicator with it.

skelts 2019.10.24 00:02 

After some dialogue with Janusc I took the plunge and bought the indicator, so far everything has gone perfectly, very happy and look forward to a long and profitable relationship.

It's been almost 4 months since I bought this indicator and it has changed the way I think about trading. I now use it not just as an entry indicator but it also lends itself to developing proper risk management protocols. Instead of going all in and then scaling out of trades the arrows and dots get you to enter the initial trade with a smaller lot size and then scale in as the trade develops, this results in an exposure which is smaller at the beginning and then if the trade develops you can increase your exposure whilst protecting your capital. Overall very happy with my purchase and the service from Janusc and Guard has been exceptional.

Trader mql5
Trader mql5 2019.10.20 16:43 

Good, but too cheap. Please increase the price. This is truly extraordinary and nothing will match its performance in the sense that MACD, RSI, Stoch, Moving Averages, etc. obviously have no or very little parts inside the functioning of this indicator. You could ask Janusz what this indicator is based on, and he will tell you, then he will have to kill you. This is truly a dangerous weapon against MMs or the BBs, but you need how to handle it yourself according to your needs (optimize it). Get it before it gets banned by the industry... and no, I am not getting paid or bribed for this review. IT IS THAT GOOD BAR NONE!

The performance, once you have optimized it to your style, pair, instrument, time frame, aggression levels, matching strategy, is nothing like I have seen before, no single setting will satisfy all styles and personalities, but guidance is already given in the comments. I hated arrow indicators as they have so many "but ifs", "ignore if", "only take if" and then have to match it with 2+ lagging indicators and you get in just too late by the time they match. With this one you get in "just in time" or even early if you understand volume based trading, in fact, it gives you the opportunity to enter the trend even after a major signal at a later stage, but I use these dots just to check I am still rolling in the "correct" mud for the time being. Getting rid of all your indicators will also clear the charts and make you see price action a bit more clearly. I haven't tested the TPA Sessions add-on yet, but it makes sense using some sort of Swing High/Low, S/R, S/D, Fib or Session opening prices as price targets, breakout areas or potential turning points. I would buy it for $500 if I knew the potential.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the most important: Good or bad you can see the potential of any indicator by the way it repaints. This one does not repaint. It is NOT a semafor/ZigZag derivative like 90% of popular holy grail/"neural" indicators out there. But note you will obviously find multiple sell/buy signals in congestion areas, for which there is no trading strategy or solution humanly possible, skip that pair and look for something more trending. Good Luck all.

Lorant Nemeth
Lorant Nemeth 2019.10.17 20:39 

Robert Riggs
Robert Riggs 2019.10.10 21:35 

Awesome team and great tool. It is actually hard for me to trust it because I am used to second guessing anything I have tried before. This is the first one I have used that really predicts the future movement. Well done.

M. Asad Farooq
M. Asad Farooq 2019.10.09 13:20 

Solid ,Must have for me now .Bought it.

Support is excellent seller tells the real Stuff to understand this indicator instead of fancy Stuff

Fully Recommended

Frank Paetsch
Frank Paetsch 2019.10.08 10:49 

Sehr guter Indikator. Habe mir einen EA dazu schreiben lassen und bin super zufrieden.

Unglaublich stark. Vielen Dank

Rupprecht 2019.10.06 02:20 

This indicator is well constructed and very helpful. I use it in a separate EA. Thank you very much!

tonybibc 2019.10.02 01:00 

Very good indicator, and good support

Valentin Popa
Valentin Popa 2019.08.28 19:04 

Very good indicator with the right settings, author very responsive, I'll buy it.

vollmerama 2019.08.13 14:02 

I believe this indicator has a big potential!

4xplosion 2019.07.19 15:42 

Very good indicator and support!!

Ответ на отзыв
Версия 2.2 2020.12.17
added early signals mode
Версия 2.1 2019.11.06
some code improvements to ensure the indicator performs clean in every situation
Версия 2.0 2019.10.11
added TPA Line for determining current trend direction.