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Telegram Forwarder II

You can forward trade/order signal to the Telegram messenger app via a telegram BOT.

This utility is able to forward signal for "new order", "modification of order", "Pending order", "Order close", "TP hit", "SL hit" or "Expiration" to any telegram ID, group or channel.

In limited-time promotion, I sell it 50% off. After that, the price will return to the normal price of 78$.

Please add a review and give five stars. It will help me to provide you an updated and improved version.


  • detect new position, new order, SL or TP modify, pending order modify
  • detect closed positions and the reason like TP hit, SL hit, manual close and pending expiration
  • calculate profit or loss amount both is pips or currency amount
  • send a relevant text message
  • send screen-shot relevant currency pair (symbol)
  • daily message send in a specific hour
  • ability to memorize number and order of signals
  • customized formatting of text messages


  • Telegram URL address
  • Forward Message to Telegram (Enable/Disable)
  • Telegram Destination ID (it can be individual id, group or channel id)
  • Telegram Token (Access token to send a message via telegram API)
  • send chart screen (Enable/Disable)
  • Chart screen timeframe
  • Screen-shot label, a specific label that will draw in the screen-shot
  • skip old orders (Enable/Disable)
  • Hour to send daily message
  • Daily message
  • show profit in pips (or amount of account base currency)
  • Magic (identification) number of orders

How to config Metatrader terminal to work with Telegram

  1. Press Ctrl-O and select "Expert Advisors" tab
  2. Check "Allow WebRequest for listed URLs"
  3. Add https://api.telegram.org to the URL list

How to make telegram BOT to forward message

  1. In your telegram messenger search for "BotFather".
  2. Write /start to begin interactive communication with Bot Father.
  3. Select or write /newbot to create a bot
  4. Call your bot with a name
  5. Assign a profile picture for your bot
  6. Write down your given API token and put it in input fields
  7. Create a channel or group and invite your audience
  8. Add your bot (with name) in member of channel/group as an admin
  9. Send your first message to the channel/group and write "This is Telegram Forwarder"
  10. Open the following URL in your browser: https://api.telegram.org/bot<token>/getUpdates
  11. Look for "chat":{"id": to find a large negative number. This is your group or channel ID
  12. Write down the chat ID and put it into the input field


Ten types of different customized formatting are available for a different type of signals

  1. New Signal
  2. SL modification
  3. TP modification
  4. SL/TP modification
  5. Pending orders modification
  6. Pending order activation
  7. Close, TP hit
  8. Close, SL hit
  9. Pending expiration
  10. Order close

In formatting input fields you can write every thing you like and you can use a specific identifier that Telegram Forwarder distinguishes it and replace it with relevant value.

These identifiers are

  • $signumber              (signal number)
  • $N                           (new line)
  • $ordertype
  • $symbol
  • $openprice
  • $opentime
  • $closetime
  • $expiration
  • $takeprofit
  • $stoploss
  • $pre_takeprofit  (previous TP value)
  • $pre_stoploss     (previous SL value)
  • $pre_openprice  (previous pending price)
  • $profit               (profit amount of closed order)
  • $loss                  (loss amount of closed order)
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Версия 2.0 2019.07.03
-Add trades report feature (user can set days in an interval for report)