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Trend Snipper Scalper

Trend Snipper Scalper is a FULLY automated Expert Adviser which uses a combination of indicators to analyse the forex market for quick short trades opportunity in the 5 minute chart. The scalper has a News filter which enables the robot to avoid trading during news time. The robot provides the user with many trades control options and money management to ensure success over its trades. For best results, use the default inputs setting except changing the avoid news to true.


  • Minimum account balance 100 USD
  • Set the avoid news to true in the input settings
  • Best Symbols: EURUSD 15 MIN Chart, EURCAD 30 MIN Chart, EURAUD 15 MIN Chart
  • THE STRATEGY TEST RESULTS DO NOT ACCOUNT FOR NEWS AVOIDING FILTER, if it was posible to backtest with the news filter the results could be better.
  • In the Inputs, Under NEWS TRADING SETTINGS, Change the time zone value to the correct GMT time zone in your country. This time zone is important because it allows the robot to avoid news at the correct time. You can contact the programmer to help you with this by leaving a text message.


  • After downloading the robot from the platform into your meta trader, in your mt4 platform go to: Tool>Options>Expert advisors. Check the “Allow WebRequest for listed URL” box
  1. Add the following URLs in the space below the checked box:

3. Click OKAY and add the robot onto the chart. Ensure it is a 5 minutes chart. 

4. In the inputs, change AVOID NEWS to true and click OKAY to close the inputs window.

5. Wait for the robot to draw lines on the chart. If no lines, click the refresh button redownload the news file. OR repeat step 2.

6. If the lines are drawn, your robot is perfect.


  • Lot Value Mode: The are two option modes, Fixed lotsize and Auto_Lotside calculated buy the robot based on your account balance.
  • Lotsize per 100 of Balance: When the Lot Value Mode is set to Auto_Lot, the this value is used to calculate the lotsize. We recommend setting this value to 0.01 for small accounts and 0.02 for big accounts.
  • Second Order Opening Settings: These are options or conditions for which the second hedging trade will be opened. The default option is recommended.
  • Second Order Closing Settings: These are options for which the robot exits the market with the hedging trade. The default setting is recommended.
  • Second Order Range in Pips: The maximum drawdown pips for which the EA will start scanning the market for the hedging trade. 250 is recommended.
  • Fixed Lot value: Trading lotsize value when using a fixed lotsize.
  • Use lot multiplier: The lot multiplier increseases the lotsize of the second trade to ensue market exit with profits of the first trade. We recommend a true
  • Lot Multiplier: The multiplier value, 2 is recommended.
  • Use visible take profit: For brokers will stop levels less than 50, there is no harm to setting this to true. Its still the same if you leave it at default.
  • Use Sl: The stoploss protects you from long time draw downs. However, sometimes it cause many loses than when it is not used. When using it, used a minimum stop value of 600 pips.
  • TP in Pips: Take profit in pips (points) 50 is highly recommended for this scalper. A lesser value can also do.
  • Trade on Friday: We highly recommend the scalper not to trade of Friday, please set this to false.
  • Monday Start Trading Hour: The time the robot will start opening trades on mondays. Due to gaps the comes up on Mondays, we recommend the scalper to only start trading after 8 AM.
  • Avoid News: We recommend the robot not open trades during news time. Keep this value to true except when running the strategy tester.

DrFinest 2020.01.09 14:48 

This is one of the best bots to use to make good money with a good broker. Use the bot as directed or to be on the safer side just, trade 1 pair. The maker of this bot answers your questions in about a day or less. I've asked tons of questions, even tested out different settings to use but ultimately the best settings are they ones they tell you to use. Do that and this bot can grow a small account into something huge in time. I don't want to jinx myself, but this may just be the one bot to take you to financial freedom. To anyone interested demo it on a pair or back test it yourself (look up the news when you do the test as the bot may take trades it wouldn't take on a live account since back testing you can not get the news to work for the weeks prior). In the comments section there is an account log in to an account, but that account looks to be that the creator used for for testing out strategies in order to give you the best working settings. Again DEMO it yourself and be blown away with the settings they tell you to use. You should be able to pull in at at least 20-25% a month account increase.

Версия 4.0 2019.12.10
with time zone witch can be edited manually. Only use this version if the previous time zone does not give correct time zone for your area or broker.
Версия 3.500 2019.11.03
Improved news indicator setting, with auto time zone detection.
Версия 3.0 2019.06.26
With improved hedging strategy
Версия 2.500 2019.06.20
With improved money management strategy.
Версия 2.0 2019.06.19
With an improved interface and performance. Easy installation settings added too.