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Waxter D1


This robot is part of the RPTrade Pro Solutions systems.

WAXTER is a robot using trend indicators, oscillator and price action.

You can download free .Set at the support site: https://sites.google.com/site/robotwaxter/home

  • It's designed to be used by anyone, even the absolute beginner in trading can use it.
  • Mainly Designed for D1, can also eventually be used in H4
  • Uses Takes Profit, Stop Loss and Trailing stop.
  • Can also work as a switch without SL/TP
  • Features a Martingale and Anti Martingale system for the players.
  • Works with any pairs
  • Lot of .Set files available.

How does it work

  • WAXTER is a Trend-Wise EA, means that its strategy is to trade in the direction of the trend.
  • WAXTER is using a Trend strategy combined with price action and dynamic Support and Resistances.
  • The specific embedded WAX indicator is used to determine the Trend
  • When a trend is detected, according to parameters, a trade is started in its direction
  • Trades are stopped either by TP/SL/TS or by the next opposite Trade to come.
  • No hedging, no averaging.
  • A trade must end before the next can start.
  • WAXTER controls the bar opening only, means it works on open price mode.

WAXTER works

  • With any instrument like FX pairs, indexes, metals, futures or any other.
  • optimizations and backtests are required for every different instrument
  • In D1 and H4 (backtest before use). 
  • With any broker.
  • On any account.

WAXTER Features

  • On Screen Alert 
  • Push notifications 
  • Email Notifications
  • All notifications are very detailed and give also Take Profit, it allows to be followed from a mobile device.


  1. First be sure to have enough history data in D1 or the results will be meaningless.
  2. The default .Set is made for EURUSD D1 Roboforex-Pro accounts but you can download many .Sets for other instruments or brokers at the official support site.
  3. As WAXTER controls only the open of the bar, you may set the backtest in Open Prices mode. No complicated tick history is needed to test it properly.
  4. Set the Time Frame to Daily, set the start date to 2002 and run !

How to use WAXTER D1

  1. Ensure to have a wide history from the instrument you wish to use (whole history is better).
  2. Use a .Set file from the support site or make your own optimization.
  3. Backtest it properly
  4. Open a chart of the desired instrument in D1
  5. Enable Auto-Trading.


  • Trade Once per bar (Open prices): [bool] Waxter will operate only at bar opening, it's the default mode.
  • UseMaximumPercentageAtRisk: [bool] Will calculate lot size to keep risk ratio. If false: will use a fixed lot size.
  • Risk Percentage: [double] Will calculate lot size according to this parameter. Example: 1% risk for 1000€/$ equity = 0.01 lot.
  • Max Lot Size: [double] Maximum lot size for risk percentage or Lot Size for fixed mode.
  • Take Profit: [double] Take Profit value in pips.
  • Stop Loss: [double] Stop Loss value in pips.
  • Trailing Stop: [double] Trailing stop value in pips.
  • Magic Number Long: [integer] Unique ID for the EA to manage its long trades only.
  • Magic Number Short: [integer] Unique ID for the EA to manage its short trades only.
  • Trend k: [integer] Differentiation coefficient for Trend research.
  • Slow Period: [integer] Period for the first Moving Average.
  • Mid Period: [integer] Period for the second Moving Average.
  • Fast Period: [integer] Period for the third Moving Average.
  • Sigma: [double] Multiplier for WAX Indicator
  • Turns Martingale On/Off: [bool] Set true to use martingale or set false to ignore it.
  • Martingale Multiplier: [double] Enter here the multiplication factor 
  • Use Martingale After Loss: [bool] Will multiply lot size by multiplier after a Lost trade only
  • Use Martingale After Win: [bool] Will multiply lot size by multiplier after a Won trade only (Anti Martingale)
  • Enable Alerts: [bool] True enables all alerts; false disables all alerts.
  • Popup Window: [bool] True enables the popup alert window displayed on the terminals screen.
  • Send Mail: [bool] True enables mail sending; will send a mail for each new trade.
  • Send Push Notification: [bool] True enables Push notifications to the indicated Metaquotes ID; will send a mail for each new trade.

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