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Elliot wave

The first process begins by detecting the fatigue symptoms of the market with the bolinger band and moving mean indicators. If the process does not go as expected, the second process starts. It closes the transaction with a reasonable profit or loss for European and US sessions. eurusd is used for 1 hour. 3 or 4 operations per month. Within 1 year, earnings are final. Magic numbe =magic number inp1_TimeStart =Time Start inp1_TimeEnd =Time End inp5_VolumePercent = buy Volume Percent inp11_mmMgInitialLots =buy mm MgInitia lLots inp11_mmMgMultiplyOnLoss =buy mm MgMultiply On Loss inp18_VolumePercent = sell Volume Percent inp23_mmMgInitialLots =sell mm MgInitial Lots inp23_mmMgMultiplyOnLoss = sell mm MgMultiply On Loss
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