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Eagle Scalping

Eagle scalping is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on 3 EMAs and supporting 4 and 5-digit quotes.

This EA provides the best results in an uptrend or a downtrend market.


Main features:

Scalping M5, M15 (best results M5)

-Main Pair EUR/USD and any other pair

-Money management (Risk reward and ratio % based on the account free margin)

-Break Even and Trailing Stop

-Days and Time Trading Management


  • EA Settings: Use default settings or the set file provided.
  • Symbol: EURUSD
  • Time Frame: M5
  • Brokers: ECN brokers, low spread/commission, 1:200-500+ leverage
  • No Minimum Deposit required: Risk ratio is computed based on trading account balance-equity

It is recommended to do your backtest with MT4 data and your Broker and adjust the parameters accordingly.


G1=EMA Parameters  


Fast EMA


Trigger EMA


Slow EMA


Default EMA=1


The EA allow only one Trade per Candle

Shift, F=0

Set to 0 (zero) for the current candle


Set to 1 for the last fully formed candle


Set to 2 for the candle formed before 1 (one)


G2=EMA Distance Parameters



Min distance between the Trigger and Slow EMA (21,50)


Max distance between the Trigger and Slow EMA (21,50)


G3=Trading Parameters  

AllowTrade=True or False

Allow EA to trade

AllowMultiple=True or False

Allow multiple trades. If Enable the MaxBuyTrade and MaxSellTrade are not used

AllowBuy=True or False

Buy trades allowed

AllowSell=Ture or False

Sell trades allowed


Take Profit


Stop loss


Max BUY trades allow


Max SELL trades allow

Range Over FMA

Range in pips above the Fast EMA


EA Magic number


G4=Money Management Options  

Default Lot=1

Static lot size. If set to static, consider the lot sizes

1=100K, 0,1=10K, 0,01 = 1K. Need to disable the ‘UseMoneyManagment’ by setting it to 0 (zero)

UseMaxLot=True or False

Max Lot size to limit the max lot size allowed per trade


Max lot size - set to 10 Lot (1M contract)

UseMoneyManagement=True or False

Automatic Money Management based on the RiskPercent and the account free margin


The RP and the StopLoss are directly related to the lot size to ensure that each new position represents the settled risk % of account free margin.

Ex. If your free margin is 1k (USD) and you risk is 2% and your StopLoss is 20 pips then your lot size is going to be 0.1 Where each pip value = 1USD. Then if you lose your position by the StopLoss, you're going to lose only 20USD that represents the 2% of your account free margin


The “slippage” parameter is how many points you’ll allow the trade to slip and still complete the order


G5=Break Even Options  

UseBreakEven=True or False

Breakeven allow protection of initial risk amount to the entry price.


Sample of BE at 3 pips from the entry price. Adjust based on trade management (conservative 1X Risk Amount, Moderate 0,75X Risk Amount or Aggressive 0,5X Risk Amount)


G6=Trailing Stop Options  

UseTrailingStop=True or False

Usage of Trailing Stop – to follow the price movement and lock more profit.

TrailAllPositions=True or False

Trail all positions (buy/sell)

TrailingWhenProfit=True or False

Use the TrailingStop when in profit


Set the Trailing Stop 4 pips away from the current price


Set the Trailing Step 1 pip at the time following the current price


G7=Operation Time Parameters  

UseNotTradingDay= True or False

Define Days to NOT trade


Starting day for no trades


End day of no trades

UseOperationTime=True or False

Define Time to trade


Starting time to trade (please check Broker Timezone)


End time to trade

UseSleepingTime=True or False

Define Sleeping time for NO trades


Starting time to NO trade


End time to trade

UseMandatoryClosing=True or False

Set to close all open trades at a given time (end of day)


Time to mandatory close all open trades



ShowAlert=True of False

Set Alert to be displayed on Screen


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