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Mac Undead

EA Undead is fully automated bot to generate a stable profit from the volatile FOREX market.

This EA will never depend on any indicator.

How this EA works?

  • At the very first it will open a Buy order and Sell Order at same time. And by default take profit will be 15 Pips for all orders.
  • Once take profit reaches it will Re-Open that order.
  • If the market goes against any order than it will add more positions, by default 50 Pips away from last open trade.
  • To minimize the draw-down and loss and to be stable, there will be positions open on both direction BUY(s) and SELL(s)


  • To minimize the risk you can use the EA on a cent account. Time-frame doesn't matter.
  • Use on a low spread broker that allows hedge.
  • Better to use on 20 currency pairs at same time to generate stable profit.
  • Use this EA only on Currency Pairs, do not use instruments such as stocks and bonds.
  • Withdraw the profit regularly.

And do not forget, always invest only the amount you are prepared to lose.
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

 Default Inputs

  • Magic Number, kind of... = 4505 - (Should be unique on each additional chart)
  • VolumeSize = 0.10 - (Fixed lot size)
  • TakeProfitPips = 15 - (Fixed Take profit level for each trade. In Pip)
  • PipsAway = 50 - (Gap distance from each trade. In Pip)

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