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NeveScalping is a Scalping Trading and Intraday Trading. NeverScalping uses predictions and predictions using artificial intelligence algorithms. In this way, the professional higher law has lost its luck.

EURUSD does a practical, historically important job. Download the demo yourself. My tests were 90 days of accuracy, actual spread, extra slip and high visibility date of actual ticks.

  • The recommendations are as follows

  1. optimized for the EUR / USD's D1 chart. There are no other components. 
  2. Choosing smoke and slip selects poisoning.  Ex) ECN, ICMaket, Pepperstone
  3. Margin of $ 100
  4. Strategic testing is 2010-2018.

  • Parameters

  • If you have a live ECN account
    Commissions are automatically calculated.

  • The ECN optimization parameters are the same as the screenshot.

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