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Lisaiceland Stoch HA EA

Automatic intraday trading
  • Demo it by using provided optimized (.set) files for testing in Strategy Tester!
  • Set it and forget it type of operation
  • No high-risk martingale, averaging, grid or hedge strategies
  • Easy signal to open / opposite signal to close and a new signal and so on
  • Easy signal + opposite signal for trade open/close strategy (like you would do manually but automated)
  • Hybrid strategy ok meaning open by EA, close manually (set TP=0)
  • Works on Demo and Real money accounts (screenshots are from very recent demo trading)
  • Solid custom code maintained and supported (no open-source provided, sorry)
  • Hide TP and SL from broker
  • Indicators used are Stochastic (Stoch) and Heikin Ashi (HA) indicators data
  • It's NOT necessary to have the 2 indicators on any chart
On second HA bar, open in price direction (buy/sell)
  • Trade Open: uses combination of Stoch and HA signals and opens trades with HA as dominating signal
  • Trade Close: uses combination of Stoch and HA signals and closes trades (if chosen as true)
  • Advanced technique to identify the trade entry/exit points
  • .set files (see below links) available to test with Strategy Tester
  • Regular updates: .set files with feature updates and more optimizations
  • Settings are GUI-based accessible in EA panel
  • Easy to understand and intuitive
  • Grow your account in an automated way with the money-management (mm) settings (set to true and risk %)

Set files (latest updated March 12, 2019 GMT +2 06:43 AM)


EA Recommendations

  • Time Frame is H1
  • Optimized times for trading (GMT +2, please check with your broker to match):
    • EURUSD start hour = 10 & end hour =18
    • GPBUSD start hour = 10 & end hour =18
    • USDJPY start hour = 12 & end hour =14 (some optimizations are also for start hour=12 and end hour=13)
  • ECN broker
  • Low latency VPS
  • Low spread account (the lower the better)
  • 1:50 & $100 if you want (for U.S. clients)
  • Money Management: Please practice good money management (mm) always

Other EA Info

  • All values are expressed in pips
  • We do LIVE testing on US $2000 (1:200, spreads between 2 - 3.8)
  • Offered as a fully-automated trading robot assistant
  • Has been validated by the MQL5 platform
  • Contact us for any help or info
EA Settings
  • Maximum Orders: use maximum orders setting to open multiple orders, simultaneously on signal
  • Please note: all orders are opened by looking at BOTH HA and Stoch and choosing HA as dominant signal to open trade(s)
  • Close On Opposite Signal: if true closes trade on opposite signal by looking at BOTH Stoch and HA
  • CloseByHeikenAshi: if true makes sure to close ONLY by heiken Ashi as only signal
  • SL TP Hidden: if true, the TakeProfit (TP) and StopLoss (SL) will be hidden from broker
  • TP and SL: set as you want
  • TrailingStop: (TS) use the settings if you want TS to be active
  • BreakEven:(BE) use if you want BE to be active
  • Fixed Lot: if you want fixed lot orders. Note: This is turned off if you choose Money Management as true.
  • Money Management: (mm) set to true and use Risk % if you want it active on your account and trades to choose lot sizes
  • Use Time Filtering: make sure coordinate with your broker's time used in your terminal if you want to use optimal trading times (all our .set files are for GMT +2)
  • Use Alert: this section is for you to set up all your alerts needs
  • Magic Number: ID number of the orders (do not change)
  • Trade comment: Text that will show up in your journal Comments column for each trade


Trading Forex has its risks

Don't trade money you can't afford to lose

We do not guarantee any profits

We do not guarantee this EA will live up to any unusual expectations for profitable trades

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