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Blow your account

Trading Hours:

    useTradingHours = false; - if it is true, the system opens trades only in defined time;
    StartTime = "06:00"; - start time of trading;
    StopTime = "18:00"; - end time of trading;
    GMT_Offset = 0; - GMT offset;

Trading Days:

    Monday = true;
    Tuesday = true;
    Wednesday = true;
    Thursday = true;
    Friday = true;
    Saturday = true;
    Sunday = true;

View settings:

    showMenu = true; - if true, EA shows on graph information about open trades, lots and profit;
    menuColor = Blue; - color of menu text;
    variablesColor = Red; - color of variables;
    font = 10; - font size;
Sonali Chathurika
Sonali Chathurika 2019.02.26 08:38 

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Michael Sanchez
Michael Sanchez 2019.02.22 22:34 

Martingales don't kill accounts / they're like toddlers. They have lots of energy and if you don't watch them and they break things...is it the EAs fault or the Trader's fault? Meaning watch after it. Trade a martingale on the correct pair, with the trend and news in mind. I'm only giving 5 stars to counter the one star review....I mean c'mon, the robot is called:

BLOW YOUR ACCOUNT & has Dennis the Menace as an icon. Who's really going 'Live' with this???

philippe germain
philippe germain 2019.02.22 18:30 

Martingale= account killer.