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EA Bollinger Bands Martingale Averaging

EA BB Martingale


If the price touches the upper Bands then OP SELL. However, if the price rises again from the previous order, OP SELL will return with a larger Lot, if it goes down to the previous price then Close all sell transactions together (of course this profit has been calculated ),

Conversely if the price touches the Lower Bands then OP BUY

This EA can run in two different directions (Buy will be counted separately from Sell orders)

#Recomend Start Balance $1000

Flat movement is very good for work.


Period (Bands Input)

Deviations  (Bands Input)

Shift  (Bands Input)

Apply To  (Bands Input)

Trading (Slow/Full)

  • if SLOW when there is a SELL martingale and has TP, it will not repeat the sell back before the price touches the Middle band
  • but if you select FULL when there is a martingale SELL and TP, If the price is still above the Bands UP, OP will immediately sell back from the beginning

Lots : Lots / volume orders / Start Lot 

Multiplier : Multiplier value of lot, You can use a small multiplier of 1.2 1.5 1.7 while Take Profit is automatically created to always calculate a favorable value

PipStep : Distance from previous orders

TakeProfit : Take Profit Point if zero = No Take Profit  

Max OP = Max Order Averaging Martingale

These EA Bollinger Band are simple EAs, it might be suitable to be tested on a currency pair with a certain timeframe that you have tried and managed to get a lot of dollars

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