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Trend China EA

This is an automated Expert Advisor . EA uses advanced algorithms to find entry points and several additional filters to enter and exit the market. EA does not require optimization or any other configuration.


MagicNumber - EA ID to avoid interference with other EAs.

Lots - Fixed single lottery

UseMoneyManagement - Automatic order number

MaxRisk - Risk as a percentage of the account's available margin

MaxLotsPerOrder -MaxLotsPerOrder 

TakeProfit - Maximum Take Profit Points

StopLoss - the maximum number of stop loss points, usually closed early based on the signal


MaxSlippage - maximum allowable price slippage

Lifeng Han
Lifeng Han 2018.12.20 16:12 


hermann fraenken
hermann fraenken 2018.12.19 12:38 

After installation on terminal there is a script file.

No function, no testing = no rating

Version 4.1 runs by copying and pasting into the correct ea / market folder.

After 24 hours this EA produces

profit for the broker but not for me. I tested this EA with a demo / live account including VPS.

Strategy Tester has been extensively used with equal negative values.

Версия 4.1 2018.12.20
Версия 4.0 2018.12.20
Версия 3.0 2018.12.20
Версия 2.0 2018.12.20