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Neuron One

Neuron One

is a masterpiece EA, jointly developed from 9 champion forex traders together with our programmers and software. We approached those 9 champion forex traders, who have almost 10 years-experience in forex trading to corporately generate a powerful EA.
During 4 years of developing Neuron One, 9 forex champions have applied their best strategies to our EA. Moreover, our programmers have been optimizing the trading strategies using our ultimate software to maximize the efficiency of EA. We truly ensure that Neuron One is much more beyond those in the market.

Neuron One is highly secured EA, in which profit target and stop loss are clearly set. All strategies inside the EA are developed without hedging, martingale, grid and any other kinds of risky trades. There is no scalping strategy or high execution speed trade. Neuron One is greatly endurable as it passed the test over 15 years with an average of more than 51% profit per year. Through their mindset and our optimization.
You can feel safe and secure. Just sit back, relax and watch our 9 champions trade for you!!

Inputs Setting

  • On symbol section, if broker you are using have prefix or suffix in symbol eg.EURUSDm or EURUSD+
  • Money Management: True
  • Risk-Pro: True
  • Aggressive: False (Can change to True but it's very HIGH RISK. We recommend please do a back-test first)
  • Pending Strategy: True
  • Risk: You can see the Backtest result from Table (99.9% Chart Quality)

  • Fix lot: If you want to run Fix-lot please change Money Management and Risk Pro in to False
  • Max Spread: 30
  • Slippage: 3
  • On System 1-9: Please do not change anything.
  • Trading Day: Please do not change anything.

Suitable for

  • person who seeks for long-term profit
  • person who is patient
  • person who needs safe and secured EA
  • person who prefers low risk trades

Not Suitable for

  • person who prefers high risk investment
  • person who wants to get a sudden profit over night
  • person who needs profit on every single month, and cannot admit any loss.

*Important Notes

  • “Neuron One” is built for EURUSD. You can use with or without AUDUSD and GBPUSD. If you use three pairs together, the profit will gain more about +10% per year but also drawdown. But you cannot run GBPUSD/AUDUSD without using EURUSD Because GBPUSD/AUDUSD trading by using the volume of EURUSD.
  • Timeframe M5 only
  • We recommend all of user try a backtest first before using it. To know how risk and profit each pair is. And you can customized the way you like.
  • Minimum Deposit for running Neuron One is $500/ Leverage 1:200 But we highly recommend $1,000 with leverage 1:100

Watch Real Performance and Follow Signal here (Running in Low Risk Setting)


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Supapit Wachirapoka
Supapit Wachirapoka 2019.06.10 17:18 

I've followed this signal about 2 months ago, right now decided to buy it.

You'll never blowout your account with this EA

This product is really great/ risk-free/ stable profit in long run.

CrazyKen 2019.06.07 17:38 

I've been using for 6 months.

This EA is very solid. EA does not trade often but steadily make profit with very low drawdown.