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Elliott Wave Marker

Important notice! This indicator does not automatically select waves. This is your job.


  • calculate risk
  • calculate position size
  • mark Elliott waves
  • mark Fibonacci levels
  • change object parameters

Input parameters:

  • Keyboard shortcuts - enable/disable keyboard shortcuts
  • External capital - fill in if you do not keep all your capital in broker account. The risk will be calculated from the sum of the broker account and external capital.
  • Select object after create - if true, then every created object will be selected
  • Show only on - select on which timeframe created objects will be visible

How it works:

  1.   Specify the parameters: wave degree, color, font size
  2.   Select all waves that you want to mark on the chart
  3.   Click on the chart

Keyboard shortcuts:

A - reduce the degree of wave 

S - increase the degree of wave

D - increase font size

C - decrease font size

Z - previous color

X - next color

Buttons „Change color”, „Change size”, „Bold” works on the selected objects on  the chart.

Use parameter „External capital” if you don’t keep all your money on the broker account.

WARNING: There is no guarantee that the output of this indicator is correct. Use at your own risk.

abbasalihassan 2018.08.21 18:03   

i have rented it but cannot install it

Версия 2.2 2019.01.20
Visual panel corrections.