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Pinbar Scanner With Trend Filter

Индикатор создан бывшим сотрудником хедж-фонда. Он автоматически определяет наиболее вероятные пин-бары.

Детали и процесс торговли представлены в наших коротких видеороликах.


  • Одновременный мониторинг всех 28 пар.
  • Мониторинг всех таймфреймов – от М1 до MN.
  • Алерты в реальном времени при обнаружении сильного пин-бара.
  • В качестве трендового фильтра используется RSI для правильного определения потенциальных разворотов тренда.


  • RSI Period: настройки фильтра RSI
  • RSI Up Level: уровень перекупленности для фильтра RSI. Пин-бар должен сформироваться выше этого уровня, чтобы считаться действительным.
  • RSI Down Level: уровень перепроданности для фильтра RSI. Пин-бар должен сформироваться ниже этого уровня, чтобы считаться действительным.
  • Pinbar Percent: максимально допустимое соотношение тела к длине. Чем ниже процентное значение, тем меньше тело свечи.


  • При значении 5 тело свечи может составлять максимум 5% (1/20) от всей свечи.
  • При значении 10 тело свечи может составлять максимум 10% (1/10) от всей свечи.
  • При значении 25 тело свечи может составлять максимум 25% (1/4) от всей свечи.

Чем ниже значение, тем более выраженным должен быть пин-бар.

  • Symbols: выбрать пары для мониторинга. По умолчанию индикатор отслеживает 28 основных пар, но вы можете уменьшить их число.
  • Alert on M1: алерт на М1 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on M5: алерт на М5 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on M15: алерт на М15 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on M30: алерт на М30 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on H1: алерт на H1 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on H4: алерт на H4 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on D1: алерт на D1 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on W1: алерт на W1 - True = да, False = нет
  • Alert on MN1: алерт на МN1 - True = да, False = нет

Подробная информация представлена на скриншотах ниже. Если у вас есть вопросы, свяжитесь с нами.

marco85s 2019.05.05 16:35 

Good indicator for my Strategies/Trade - Management.

Thank you Mike for the idea with the "watching-dogs" (-:

Thanks to Mike, Now I trade only in the H1 + H4 chart. Thank you again.

k0ta2 2019.01.23 07:00 

These are particularly good ones I bought

Moreover, it is cheap

Thank you

Irfan 2018.12.25 18:40 

I have recently purchased this indicator. The good thing is this indicator scans all the pairs on one chart. I am waiting to get a signal which is (as I have been informed) will come less often on higher time frames but it will be a higher probability signal. I am happy to trade quality vs quantity signals. The support from Mike is excellent.

yusuf hamid
yusuf hamid 2018.07.02 20:11 

loved it

kazemjoon 2018.06.25 09:50 

Best Pinbar indicator ever. Just works as they say. And the most important thing about them is "Customer service"


Chunshui Wen
Chunshui Wen 2018.03.30 01:56 

Great product and very great customer service, Worth It !

Hardley 2018.02.24 17:35 

Good indicator! And, the best of all is that Scorpion gives you suggestions to avoid false signals. Mixed with another indicators by Scorpion can be a lethal weapon to win many pips. My respects for the customer service!

hoanggiaquang87 2018.01.28 02:18 

I bought it few months ago. It's great indicator and excellent customer support.

emenyke 2018.01.19 22:54 

Before I purchased the pinbar scanner, I read reviews and I was beginning to wonder why everyone kept hammering on the customer service.Now I wonder no more because I have tasted it.I am challenged at how Mike responds promptly and in great detail. Its simply amazing. And I just started using the indicators and they have worked fine as described. Please keep up the good work Mike, you're simply amazing. Of course 5 starts all the way.

gigisulivan 2017.12.26 23:54 

Great customer service and what's more important a useful indicator

Vitalii Moskalyk
Vitalii Moskalyk 2017.12.12 09:06 

The indicator has surpassed all my expectations. The support is brilliant. The best wishes to the team that developed this indicator.

dainengxin 2017.12.05 10:54 

Perfect indicator! Perfect service!

Arthit Arunroj
Arthit Arunroj 2017.11.20 21:48 

very great customer service

ichmry 2017.11.14 00:28 

All from mike is excellent! Great products, great support. Thank you. 100 Stars!

cosson jeanphilippe
cosson jeanphilippe 2017.10.17 20:19 

These guys are excellent! Je suis français : ces types sont géniaux !

david.l 2017.10.17 02:11 

Scan all the chart save cpu/memory usage. Work find with low spec VPS. Good indicator, thumb up.

Folasade Aluko
Folasade Aluko 2017.09.20 07:56 

These guys have redefined trading, and with their indicators, I feel more confident!

Sepp1985 2017.09.15 21:53 

Great indicator if you combine it with market analysis. Made some nice profits already. And there are no words for the support...it's simply amazing how fast and competent these guys are.

10 stars to the moon.

Darren Cooper
Darren Cooper 2017.09.15 19:26 

The indicator is fantastic, makes analysis quick and simple especially when combined with other indicators and your analysis. I will be purchasing further products very soon. As for the support, in this field for retail traders, I have never encountered better support. I've been trading for 10 years and this is by far the best vendor of any product I've used.

alejoarcilacano 2017.07.21 19:44 

Amazing product! Great support! Very recommended!

rok101 2017.07.18 11:20 

Hello Mike,like always very good product and excelent support.I already have 4 of scorpion indicators...)))

wjason777 2017.06.27 14:49 

Great product and very great customer service.

shor73 2017.06.13 20:51 

This is my third indicator by ScorpionFX! Great product and great support!

Michalangelo 2017.06.10 04:51 

Great indicator that gives excellent results with divergence and double top bottom detector

marvinchin 2017.06.03 12:25 

Excellent addition to my trading the pinbar scanner.

It shows you a BIG indication where the price is and what its mostlikely going to do after such an rejection with those OB/OS lvls. Also customer service from Mike is superb!

Gregade 2017.05.31 08:56 

I reviewed this product for over 3 months and I'm very impressed . I use this product specifically for binary options .. I can say my winning rate increased to 18% . I have great collection of their products . It's really flexible and your able to manupulate , change the parameters and make it your own

mattwtts 2017.05.30 00:11 

Great time-saving tool for any trader. Can't say enough about the customer support either. Mike was great!

Angele 2017.05.25 19:48 

So, let me first start by saying that this is my third purchase from Scorpion FX, and I have not been disappointed once. I have the divergence scanner, the double top scanner, and now the pinbar scanner. They work together beautifully, and this tool is GREAT! Because of my settings {RSI 10, 70/30, and 15 percent} and not really having my computer on at key times of the day, I've only gotten one alert this week, BUT it's all about quality over quantity. With that one alert, which appeared at an area of resistance and with bearish divergence, I was able to catch a quick 30 pips. So, the pinbar scanner has paid for itself with just one trade! I've been telling so many people about this company and their indicators because in this industry, it's rare to come across one that is all about quality products AND superior customer service. Mike is super helpful and has went above and beyond with every purchase! Bottom line is that their products work IF you do proper analysis and the alerts fit within your trading plan rules. DON'T just blindly take the signals, but follow your system's guidelines, practice proper risk management, and just sit back and collect your pips. I look forward in the coming year in becoming what I've been working so hard to accomplish in the last couple of years: a professional trader. I'm on my way. Thank you kindly, Mike! :)

BoJo199 2017.04.29 19:21 

Awesome indicator and awesome people! Very helpful, eager to learn more, thank you

Viktor Kashlev
Viktor Kashlev 2017.04.10 06:16 

Great product, great support. Thank you.

jasonwang1234 2017.03.21 05:04 

Great indicator and great support.setting of RSI 14 and pinbar 15, the signal is highly profitable. real trading helper.

dacarle 2017.03.17 13:04 

A great indicator provided by a great company. What you will learn about the scorpion team is they are not a sales team, they are there to educate you and help you make the best decision you can. They are tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

Yang Sijie
Yang Sijie 2017.02.23 17:14 

Dear Yossarian,

I have not seen anyone with such professionalism and trust for clients such as you. Your replies- prompt, concise and accurate. Your service and generosity are simple top notched. Thank you so much and I use your Pinbar scanner for the most precise entries and they all my TPs.

To all the others reading this review, I use this pinbars scanner in relation with my bolinger bands, EMA 10 25 150 365 as well as price action, as mentioned, always using it in accordance with the economic backdrop and own study will then bring the best results.

Use it blindly, not wisely and you will thank this developer for one of the best EAs ever created.

Thank you so much once again for creating such a wonderful Indicator.