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Perfect Pennants And Triangles

Индикатор разработан бывшим сотрудником хедж-фонда, и он автоматически определяет высоковероятностные паттерны прорыва – сильные симметричные вымпелы (pennants) и треугольники. Индикатор достаточно установить только на один график, после чего он постоянно сканирует все 28 пар и все таймфреймы и высылает вам алерты при обнаружении потенциального прорыва.


  • Одновременно отслеживает все 28 пар.
  • Отслеживает все таймфреймы, от M1 до MN.
  • Оповещения в реальном времени при определении вымпела или треугольника.
  • Ищет паттерны тройных внутренних баров для нахождения сильных, симметричных вымпелов и треугольников.

Параметры индикатора

  • Использовать таймфрейм M1: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм M5: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм M15: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм M30: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм H1: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм H4: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм D1: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм W1: True = Да, False = Нет
  • Использовать таймфрейм MN: True = Да, False = Нет

Для получения более детальной информации рекомендую ознакомиться со скриншотами ниже. Если у вас есть вопросы, свяжитесь с нами.

Обязательно посмотрите наши короткие видео. В этих видео содержится намного больше информации (включая наше ведение торговли).
Kirstie Baker
2017.07.15 14:24 

I'm sure the company is great, however these indicators are not necessary. Waste of my time and money. Give very conflicting signals.

The sooner you learn to trade without silly alert/signal indicators the sooner you will become profitable.

2017.07.04 21:44 

First day using this product but the support I've received from Mike is the greatest I've ever got from any MQL5 seller. Very helpful and clear to understand. I know a thing or two about the power of pennants/triangles regarding breakout so I know this tool will make my work much more easier. Looking forward to enjoying this product in the long-run.

2017.06.27 15:47 

Great product and very great customer service.

2017.06.09 06:26 

Another useful product.. Ill keep buying from Mike

2017.06.07 01:23 

Awesome support and a great indicator. I have known about this pattern for a long time. This indicator will save me a lot of time.

2017.05.16 23:11 

This is one of several indicators I have tried with this developer and am not disappointed in the least. Every one so far has performed beyond my expectations. I would not want to trade without them. The developer has also performed beyond my expectations. They are extremely knowledgeable and helpful virtually every time I needed it. Keep it up! I plan to try even more.

2017.04.30 19:44 

I just purchased this tool and haven´t tried it yet, but the developers seem to know what they are doing. You can tell by the awesome, helpful and very kind support. Thank you!

2017.03.17 13:05 

A great indicator provided by a great company. What you will learn about the scorpion team is they are not a sales team, they are there to educate you and help you make the best decision you can. They are tools that everyone should have in their arsenal.

2017.02.07 03:18 

I have been using this indicator for about a week now and I can say that I have had very much success with it!

I have tried MANY indicators with very bad success (and I am talking about in the 40's range here!)

If you have not learned about the power of pennants and triangles please do some research and give this tool a try, if you use it right you will get back your ROI and some! :-)