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Эксперт Limpid работает на слабом и быстром рынках, а также торгует по новостям.

Эксперт выставляет отложенные ордера, используя индикаторы, скорость движения цены и различные встроенные фильтры.

Стратегия исключает плавающий убыток и подходит для счетов с небольшим депозитом. Может работать с депозитом 50$.

Мониторинг сигналов: https://www.mql5.com/ru/users/emporium/seller

  • Без мартингейла
  • Не использует сетку
  • Не использует арбитраж
  • Без иных рискованных стратегий
Если у вас возникли какие-либо вопросы или вам необходима помощь, обращайтесь ко мне

Основные возможности

  • Может работать с небольшим депозитом
  • Только отложенные ордера
  • Каждая сделка имеет жесткий СЛ
  • Прибыль при помощи трейлинга, но при наличии тейк-профита
  • Может работать с фиксированным лотом и ММ
  • Ордер со временем истечения
  • Может удалять ордера при высоком спреде, а затем восстанавливать их
  • Может торговать на новостях
  • Коррекция СЛ
  • Без плавающих убытков
  • Все отложенные ордера удаляются в 23:00 по времени брокера


  • VPS-сервер
  • ECN-брокер с низкими комиссией и спредом
  • Пара EURUSD
  • Таймфрейм H1
  • Максимальный спред - 10 пунктов
  • Максимальный стоп-уровень - менее 20 пунктов


  • Maximum Spread - ограничение спреда для выставления отложенных ордеров
  • Lots - фиксированный размер лота
  • AutoLot % - Автоматический лот в процентах, работает как управление капиталом
  • Take Profit - Тейк-Профит в пипсах
  • Stop Loss - Стоп-Лосс в пипсах
  • Time Frame - Таймфрейм, по умолчанию H1 или 60
  • Slippage - Проскальзывание в пипсах
  • Magic No - Уникальный идентификатор ордеров эксперта
  • Show Info - показывать/скрывать информацию на графике;
  • Text Color - цвет текста информации на графике
  • Disable Alerts - в значении true эксперт не показывает всплывающие уведомления

Эксперт уже оптимально настроен для торговли на реальном счете. Но вы всегда можете изменить значения параметров.

2017.12.28 21:24 

Still one of the best Breakout EA's on the market. Very simple algorithm without unnecessary extras. Overall profitable on EURUSD and GBPUSD, although it is having some hard weeks from time to time. But I am still using it since 2015, and it is generating profit for me.

Yutish Govsky
2016.08.10 16:36 

2016.01.08: So far nice result!! I hope 2016 will be a good year for us :)) *running it on Pepperstone Razor.

2016.04.30: Very nice EA. I had some draw in this period but I've got a much bigger gain with Limpid. It's not the EA to make you millionaire in a day but this sure helps for a long run. It's worth it.

2016.08.10: These two months are tough days for Limpid but it's having a profit steadily. Totally recommended.

2016.07.08 08:40 

I can say great planning for investors , especially when they have over 50k accounts they can feel secure and sure growth. If 90% peoples loose in Forex this strategy can take you in 10% list.

Nessuno Nessuno
2016.06.11 17:34 

one of the best expert advisor in circulation !

2016.05.13 07:09 

Live EA stats on Pepperstone viewable here: http://www.myfxbook.com/members/d003r/limpidample/1475319. Using VPS and Pepperstone.

This is also used for the Ample EA, custom analysis by magic number to view only Limpid stats.

2016.05.02 16:45 

I'm in Forex but depending on auto robots and bought few only two giving me good results include Limpid. The key point is we cannot face high DD , no floating loss no stop out level even no scaring in chart gaps so more secure and sensible trading function. Using average low spread broker and vps if anybody tried other pairs please share results. Thanks

2016.04.21 17:43 

I'm using Limpid and can say it giving me better results if I compare to my other purchased EA's. I

also uploaded a snapshot in comments after Author left FXCC broker due to some issues with them he advised me

after FXCC Pepperstone is better broker and I'm getting better results. So it gives me more confidence If I want

to open with 5k account sure soon. Happy Trading

Arnold james
2016.02.25 12:26 

Forex is unpredictable and losing side always big. With Limpid at least my capital protected and I waits for a better chance to avail few days before saw few loose trades in row however market conditions never says same always but row loses gave 11% DD it's acceptable. This time author made some changes in trailing setting and it's nice to trade on two pairs. Hope to see better growth in coming months.

2016.02.20 18:24 

Using it on my two accounts and I can say it's a good strategy with this we can keep safe our capital and chances always

there. As author guide to change trailing because of weak market and I think it's a good idea. :)

Nico Bilio
2016.02.11 17:16 

Only losses after buying and starting in real account, same setting, same broker, same VPS... author has now also a new signal startet, think the old is no profitabel as it recommned

Abel Liu
2016.01.20 08:44 

My forward test account for this EA :-


So far I have only positive things to say about this EA and the Author. Forward test account initiated and will update accordingly.

2015.12.16 19:00 

Seeing account in little growth after using same broker I think need to use EA on right place then growth is possible. I likes hard SL and it can protect account in any troubleshoot. Good luck to all.

2015.12.14 18:53 

Little broker dependent strategy but bright side is without floating loss. Selection of a right broker for this strategy will be a key point some times we can see few small losses but over all DD under control and really it's peace while having large capital base account. Received good support and help. A quality work makes worth.

Trung John
2015.12.14 02:58   

Only losses, the drawdown is small because the Stoploss is tight not because the strategy is sound. Be careful before buying . I want a refund

2015.11.28 10:26 

Using this EA from last 40 days very conservative strategy less trades but very good to protect large capital to get growth need VPS and need to run this robot always I followed owner signals setting and same broker and seeing good results but also it can work on Pepper stone ECN account. One thing important thing author is helping person and giving me good support. واصل العمل الجيد

Karen AJ
2015.11.01 15:45 

Happy with tight strategy with tight SL and creates low DD and I'm not worry when my account with 10k balance. Using low slippage broker can make vital profit....

2015.09.08 16:48 

Experiencing with this EA.though a tight strategy and less trades but if wait reward is big.Best side is I'm confident when using large capital and it can defend in bad conditions and have peace of mind.Good support from owner as he answered to all my questions.

Good Luck

Faizan Malik
2015.09.01 14:05 

I like strategy without floating loss quick trades. Trying with three different brokers with high risk 2 brokers showing well and if we select right broker for this ea can do best but need to hold and wait to see long time time results. quick support is awesome and it helps to keep running in right way.

Shahida Afshan
2015.08.25 21:50 

I bought this robot and results are looking good on my live account as few trades today but I think need to use vps for more better results

Версия 4.2 - 2016.05.27
Исправлена незначительная ошибка.
Версия 4.1 - 2016.05.10
i) Улучшено правило входа, результаты улучшены от 5% до 10%.
ii) Улучшены фильтры для оценки качества сигналов.
iii) Исправлена мелкая ошибка.
Версия 4.0 - 2015.11.25
Появилась возможность указать время торговли. Параметры:
Start Trade - время начала торговли
Stop Trade - время окончания

Во время окончания торговли все отложенные ордера удалются.
Версия 3.9 - 2015.11.18
Теперь советник сначала проверяет стоп-уровень брокера, а затем отправляет ордера.
Версия 3.8 - 2015.09.22
Теперь сделки могут открываться только на покупку/продажу или в обе стороны
Внесен ряд исправлений