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Line Trader

This EA you can automatically act on trend lines of your choice. You only need to draw a line and then press the buy or sell button.

Suitable for traders the chart pattern (triangles, channels, spikes ...) act.

The tool is also suited for quick and easy to set Pending Orders.

Input parameters

  • Magic - Choose magic number
  • MoneyManagement - Automatically calculated lot size, values are displayed on the lines
  • RiskMode - Choose risk model RiskPercent or RiskMoney
  • RiskPercent - In percent when money management is turned on calculated size
  • RiskMoney - In money when money management is turned on calculated size
  • TakeProfit - Choose take profit in pips
  • StopLoss - Choose stop loss in pips
  • LineDistancePips - Trade is executed before line
  • SlipPage - Maximum allowable distance between trend line and price for a trade in pips
  • SpreadMax - Maximum allowable spread for a trade in pips
  • Breakeven - Distance between order price and price in pips (0 = off)
  • BreakevenPlus - Example Long: -30 = 30 pips under open price
  • TrailingPips - Trailing stop in pips (0 = off)
  • TrailingProgressive - Stop loss is progressively reduced, take profit is necessary
  • OneClickTrading - One click trading, if no trend line has been selected
  • TradeAtClose - Trade when "close price" of the last candle line crosses
  • Hidden - Possibility to hide Stop loss and Take profit from broker
  • PanelCorner - Dock the panel in the desired corner
  • PanelX - Horizontal distance of the panel in pixel
  • PanelY - Vertical distance of the panel in pixel
  • ButtonColorSell - Color of the sell button
  • ButtonColorBuy - Color of the buy button
  • ButtonColorText - Color of the text for all buttons
  • LineColor - Color of the line when it is activated
  • LineColorTP - Color the take profit line
  • LineColorSL - Color the stop loss line
  • LineStyle - Styles for all lines (solid, dash, dot, dash dot, dash dot dot)
2016.11.24 01:41 

Misleading, unable have diagonal trend line stop/tp. 5 Stars otherwise

Akshay De
2015.09.18 09:59 

Simple and effective EA, if you are a trendline/pattern trader then look no further. I have spent lots of money buying other products for trading the trendline/pattern , and I wasted a great deal of money. This product finally meets all the expectations of a trendline/pattern trader.

The support is really great and fast, I have requested the coder to implement options for closing/reversing the trades and he has happily agreed.

2015.08.31 11:07 

Very easy to trade especially a lot of positions. I draw many lines, press buton SELL and the EA will trade them with SL, TP, Breakeaven. I can easily prolong the lines, SL and TP will prolong automatically.

Версия 2.10 - 2017.04.05
Added input "Hidden" - Stoploss and takeprofit are hidden before broker
Версия 2.0 - 2016.12.22
Добавлен параметр "TradeAtClose" - Торговать, когда пересекается линия "цены закрытия" последней свечи
Версия 1.90 - 2016.04.08
Добавлен параметр "LineWidth" - Толщина линий в пикселях
Версия 1.80 - 2016.02.19
Добавлен параметр "TrailingProgressive", стоп используется прогрессивно, тейк-профит обязателен
Версия 1.70 - 2016.01.22
- Добавлена торговля одним кликом, если не была выбрана ни одна трендовая линия. Функцию можно отключить.
- Добавлено отображение прибыли за день.
Версия 1.60 - 2016.01.14
Добавлен трейлинг-стоп, параметр TrailingPips, при 0 отключен.
Версия 1.50 - 2015.11.03
Добавлен параметр Money-Management.
Версия 1.42 - 2015.10.22
Исправлено исчезновение линий SL и TP при их редактировании
Версия 1.41 - 2015.10.08
Теперь панель работает со всеми брокерами
Версия 1.4 - 2015.10.01
Добавлена кнопка Reversal All - развернуть сделку
Версия 1.3 - 2015.09.23
Улучшен CloseAll
Версия 1.2 - 2015.09.21
Добавлена новая кнопка CloseAll - закрыть все ордера на графике
Версия 1.1 - 2015.09.17
Добавлен новый входной параметр LineDistancePips
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