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Portfolio X 10 eurusd


Generate your own strategies, build a portfolio and trade all together using this EA.

You can use PortfolioX in three ways:

1) Creating your own strategies;

2) Using one of the hundreds of built-in strategies and customizing with the various filters available.

3) Using one of the set files provided by the author or the community.

Trade any pair using PortfolioX.

Sample signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1013045

Feel free to contact me directly to clarify any information or feature.

    Comentários 118
    Алексей Верховых
    Алексей Верховых 2021.01.21 22:15 

    Good. Trades with good profit.

    deafmickael 2020.11.06 09:12 

    Honestly I say pretty, very good for this EA. Important is this EA stable. So far I have checked this backtest and test-forward and it comes out almost immediately. We can adjust the setting at any time, see Telegram there, users can post very good settings. For Service & Support, I've gone very well so far. @Matues, hats off for hard work! Keep it up We are happy to support him.

    XenofoX 2020.11.04 04:59 

    Great EA, Fast response, Good Community!

    Produtos recomendados
    This expert advisor works best on the the trending charts in forex and cfd's, also equiped with a unique trading strategy, safe and unique money monagement with martingale strategy that ensures no trade opportunity is lost. This expert advisor is equiped with two trading strategies to help int the safe navigation of the market trends depending on the chart symbol. This expert advisor's inputs should be adjusted by the user to fit the ChartSymbol to trade. Kindly reachout for help after purchase.
    2 000 USD
    SFE Stock Market
    Joel Juanpere
    1 (1)
    This EA trade with CFDs of Stocks. The EA can be used in any stock market, by default, the EA is configured with symbols of the US Stock Market. The minimal balance recommended is 3.000 USD. 960$  3 units left. Next price 1.200$ Any doubt or more information, you are invited you to join to the telegram group of the sfe users community. Telegram Community Group:   https://t.me/sfecommunity Live Performance : https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/692635 Backtest and Live Setup: please, look th
    960 USD
    AI Self Learning
    1 (1)
    IBRAIN2020++   ibrain is an algoritm based on artificial intelligence and self learning. (Neural network based on the MACD. We also included the ZIZAG indicator (Merill Pattern) and the sell/Buy Stop method). It works perfectly in M1 periods, which allows scalping.   This algoritm excels on assets like NG (natural Gas), low volatility, low spread, and low commission. Learning is easy over a short period of 12 months by gradually fixing the stoploss/Profit (5, 10.15... at each end of learni
    1 500 USD
    Vados MM
    Vadym Andrieiev
    3.55 (11)
    A multi-currency EA working on 28 pairs simultaneusly ! Monitoring The expert works around the clock, fully automatic. The strategy is based on technical analysis of the past 200 days. Time frame: H4. Doesn't use martingale. Preconfigured usage. Implemented with original author's algorithm. Parameters CountVal - The total number of orders available. ShagPP - Grid Pitch Plus - Profit in deposit currency to close all positions  dlin - safe distance MM - Money Management slippage - slippage  Lot -
    999 USD
    Daklak MT5
    The Huy Phan
    5 (1)
    Daklak MT5 the new generation EA. The basic concept is trend following. The indicators included in this EA will detect the price level and the movement of the market that is high possibility trend will continue. The fixed stop loss are always set for each trade. This EA has smart money management. Users only need to determine the accepted loss for each trade, EA will calculate the lot size for each trade according to stop loss price. Therefore, this EA is very safe. This EA will open 2 trades e
    1 000 USD
    We Can Do IT MT5
    Lai Thi Tuyet Mai
    We Can Do IT MT5 is a Secure Automated Software for Generation of Daily Profits for Forex Market. The architecture is a Fully Automatic Autonomous Robot Expert capable of independently analyzing the market and making trading decisions. The Trading system is Multi-currency and is able to trade on H1 charts:  EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, SPX500, DAX30, GOLD NOT  Martingale! NOT GRID, Averaging and other dangerous strategies are NOT used!  This is a full compliance with the FIFO method !  The trading
    999 USD
    Este sistema é bom em identificar reversões de curto prazo no mercado. É baseado em um estudo de aprendizado de máquina sobre a estrutura do mercado e pode ser uma ótima ferramenta para escanear o mercado ou negociar diretamente. Com tudo, não há uma taxa de vitória de 100%, mas esse indicador às vezes é sempre preciso. Quando ele pensa que uma reversão vai acontecer, ele vai colorir a vela uma cor específica, desenhar uma seta e, em seguida, alertá-lo sobre a compra ou venda da próxima vela.
    1 500 USD
    Andriy Sydoruk
    Very simple work on the principle of work. The elementary neural network is used, with the help of which the normalized RSI indicator is analyzed, the neural network has three outputs. One is responsible for the direction of trade, the other two for stop loss and take profit. Thus, by optimizing the coefficients of the neural network (this is the usual optimization using a genetic algorithm), we get a well-adapted network to work in the future. Sampling according to the results of optimization m
    127 USD
    Pavlo Andrash
    The Expert opens new positions with a trend strategy with martingale elements  using the Bollinger Bands indicator. A buy occurs when a candlestick crosses the upper indicator line, sell - when the candlestick crosses the lower line of the indicator. If the trend goes against us, we open trades using martingale. Expert has an ability to send telegram notifications in case of a drawdown event. Dynamic profits are supported for a maximum profit. Bot configuration parameters: 1. DRAWDOWN - default
    918 USD
    Financial Control
    Vitalii Zakharuk
    The Financial Control expert system traverses the entire history and all currency pairs with a single setting. The bot works on both Netting and Hedging account types. The Expert Advisor can be launched on any hourly period, on any currency pair and on the server of any broker. It is recommended to work on liquid Forex pairs, with a low spread and use VPS. Financial Control is high frequency trading. You can start using it with $ 100 and 0.01 lot. If there is a commission on the account, it m
    574 USD
    Ace Scalper MT5
    Andrey Vasilenko
    Ace Scalper EA works on the GBPUSD, EURGBP, USDCHF, EURCHF . Timeframe M5. The strategy is based on the search of price fluctuations for the quiet period of the Asian session. During this period, there is usually no strong unpredictable price movements, which allows relatively safe scalping, with the average trade duration 1 hour. Uses tight Stop Loss, which provides deposit protection in the event of adverse developments in the market. EA does not use dangerous methods of trading that can destr
    590 USD
    Cordoba mt5
    Mikhail Mitin
    Main: Not martingale, not a grid; Working on all symbols; Use on EURUSD; Use on M5. Signals: There is a good rational algorithm. Work of two indicators: Ichimoku and Alligator  (you can set a separate Timeframe for each indicator) Stop Loss/Take Profit: There is a good money management system (there are several type for trailing stop loss); There is virtual levels of Stop Loss / Take Profit; There is smart lot (percent by risk) or fix lot Important: EA can work on closed candles, and on c
    50 USD
    Mikalai Mazai
    По дефолту советник настроен под EURGBP m5. Настраиваться на любые пары. На примерах тест за 6 месяцев Советник работает по закрытию бара, Очень легко настраивается  под любой инструмент. Алгоритм: Поиск уровней на встроенных индикаторах, поиск волатильности и еще кое что. Описание настроек. limit_amount_buy  // Максимальное кол-во бай позиций limit_amount_sell // Максимальное кол-во селл позиций time_periods // Время работы wait_for_signal // Ожидание сигнала в минутах tp_for
    30 000 USD
    Yvan Musatov
    It is enough to optimize Hanvest once, for example, a month. After that, Hanvest shows excellent results in the forward period. There are several parameters to optimize. In addition to the indicator itself, it is necessary to optimize the stop levels. You need to trade on the M1 timeframe. The Expert Advisor was created for trading on EURUSD, but it can also work on other currency pairs, you need to select it. The Expert Advisor automatically determines the number of digits in quotes and gives
    358 USD
    Abdurahim Aras
    Aras Expert Advisor - MT5        1 mounthly only 30$ Hello my name is Abdurrahim Aras, I am a professional algorithm developer for trading on financial markets, crypto currency market and forex. Working experience in finance and programming for more than 15 years. Years of practice, mistakes and success. A lot of groundwork and hundreds of created algorithms.  Use the following settings; Working Instrument XAU/USD, GOLD   Timeframe M5 Account type Hedge Leverage 1:500 and higher  Ma
    1 000 USD
    Maximas e Minimas
    Lucas Ricardo Almeida Muniz
    Setup de volatilidade: Funciona bem em papéis pouco direcionais e em indices futuros Estratégia: Compra na minima dos ultimos Candles (Configuravel) Venda na maxima dos ultimos Candles  (Configuravel) 3 formas de gerenciamento de contratos: - Management_Type: FixedLots - usuário escolhe a quantidade de Lotes que será operado no parametro "Lots". - Management_Type:  CalculateLots - Calcula Automatico o volume de Lotes a partir da quantidade de dinheiro por operação inserida na variavel "CASH" -
    150 USD
    Shinichi Ikeda
    特徴 使用可能通貨・銘柄ペアは「USDJPY」 使用可能時間足はM15(15分足) USD、JPY口座のどちらでも使用可能です。 「USDJPY」 をターゲットにしたMT5 EAです。 損切幅が狭いのでドローダウンが小さいのも特徴です。 利確値と損切値を指数化したことで、相場の動きの大きさに合わせて自動的に決済幅を調整します。 フィルター機能では、ADXを使用しております。 ※MT4EA MAG_3のロジックが基本系で、それにちなみMT4・5の共通ライブラリを開発、よってMT4でも使用可能となりました。 各パラメーターの内容: スクリーンショットをご確認ください。 ※当社のブログもご参考ください。:https://belief-hf.com/ Q&A Q:1つの口座アカウントで複数のEAは使用できますか? A:EAのマジックナンバーを各EA異なるものにすることで複数EAの使用が可能になります。 ただし、それぞれのEAの発注が重なった場合、発注自体が通らないケースがありEAのパフォーマンスが低下する恐れがあります。 それを防ぐためには1つのアカウントに1つのEA
    3 000 USD
    Mikhail Sergeev
    2.5 (16)
    Easy start: Everything is already set up. The minimum Deposit is $ 100. Quick result. Convenient interface. On the stock exchange, you can often hear that averaging, martingale, and other types of progressive money management do not work. The reality is that more than 90% of successful, highly profitable and long-standing signals use this method of money management. The situation is similar with top PAMM accounts.   Sparta   is a fully automatic multi-currency expert Advisor that uses a uniqu
    550 USD
    Andrey Spiridonov
    1 (1)
    BinaryWizard is a powerful indicator for trading short-term binary options. In fact, this is a ready-made trading system. The indicator calculates the reference point and a short-term support and resistance levels. After the current price crosses the resistance level, a sell signal is formed (SIGNAL: SELL). Similarly, after the price crosses the support line, a buy signal is activated (SIGNAL: BUY). Parameters x1, y1 - binding coordinates of the indicator window to the upper left chart corner.
    490 USD
    FX Rover MT5
    Smart Forex Lab.
    5 (2)
    Non-indicator Range Trading System | Peerless perfection and reliability Trading pending orders from the borders of the range. A grid of orders is activated if necessary. Features Indicatorless 100% automated Stoploss for every position (optional) Fixed & Auto volume Optimized & Backtesed   in 2011-2022 ( Weltrade  quotes, 100% history quality) FX Rover MT4 >>  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/79588 Monitoring  >>  Range Rover  ( FX Rover MT4 EA / eurusd H1, eurjpy H1) Telegram  Chan
    195 USD
    GridMartin Conqueror MT5
    Konstantin Kulikov
    4 (6)
    An automated trading system with smart entry/exit algorithms that uses grid and martingale techniques to maximize profits. The expert has monitoring with a long history for many months, since this system, like all my other experts, is focused on long-term growth: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/author/test-standart The best sets for currency pairs: GBPUSD, GBPCAD, EURJPY (timeframe М1). Download settings (sets):   https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/747929 Description of EA parameters in comment
    197 USD
    Trend Trader is an intelligent, fully automated EA. It's combining Institutional Levels (for stop loss and profit targets), and 3 indicators for buy and sell signal at same time. When 3 indicators agree with each other for trend, or changing trend, EA will open position, stop loss will be set on last low, or high, depending on direction, and targets profit are made on levels (on default settings, you can change it). Indicators its using are Expert Market Edge (custom made indicator  https://www.
    29 990 USD
    GOAT Scalper 2
    GOAT Scalper   strategy is known as the   NEW MARKET STRATEGY , the approach it use is more of a positional trading and understanding probability. this EA can penetrate a lot in the market and it has a proper Money Management , Risk is 2% per trade.    Price action   describes the characteristics of a security's   price movements . ... In simple terms,   price action   is a trading technique that allows a trader to read the market and make subjective trading decisions based on the recent and act
    399 USD
    Catching Bot
    Andriy Sydoruk
    Catching Bot is an automated advisor used for trading in all financial markets. This bot combines rich functionality for working on the Forex market and on any instruments. The bot implements methods that can overcome the security of the forex market and help you work with it with an acceptable reasonable risk. Briefly about the essence of the problem. As you know, working in the forex market is not easy, it is difficult to predict the price movement, and if you work with one order, it is dif
    360 USD
    Uncharted EA eur
    Alexandr Palkin
    Fully automated advisor. This EA trades a strategy based on breakouts of support and resistance levels using an adaptive market behavior pattern recognition system and a built-in signal filter. Always sets Stop Loss and Take Profit to protect the deposit. The adviser does NOT use:   arbitrage, martingale, netting and the like. Recommendations Symbol:        " EURUSD ". Timeframe:   M15; Minimum deposit:   $100; Account Type:   ECN.
    990 USD
    R Factor EA MT5
    Raphael Minato
    5 (4)
    R FACTOR Multi Strategy Expert Advisor with Proprietary Dynamic Portfolio Management System After 4 years of development and more than  3  years of real positive results  and 8 months after the MT4 version, here comes its MT5 version! It has always been important for us that the strategies performed positively for the creator before it could be shared.  Skin In The Game  is essential to demonstrate the belief in the strategy and also to provide a continuous improvement of it. Anyone who has
    519 USD
    O indicador ROMAN5 Time Breakout desenha automaticamente caixas de suporte e resistência diárias para rompimentos. Ajuda o usuário a identificar o momento de comprar ou vender. Vem com um alerta sonoro sempre que um novo sinal aparece. Ele também possui a facilidade de enviar e-mail. O seu endereço de e-mail e configurações do servidor SMTP devem ser especificados na janela de configurações do guia "Email" no seu MetaTrader 5. Seta para cima azul = Comprar Seta para baixo vermelha = Vender. Você
    Breakout Scalper is an efficient EA that trades on EU and US Market Open events. It assesses the strength of the signal and decides to trade with a fixed risk and profit.  Best results are achieved on Major indices such as  NAS100 and DJ30 . NO  martingale, grid or averaging, each trade starts with a Stop Loss. Myfxbook account: myfxbook.com/portfolio/mt5-1189635/9539626 Parameters : Entry lots (1): Specifies the lot size for each order. Slippage (1000): Specifies the maximum allowed slippage S
    450 USD
    Stormer RSI 2
    Ricardo Rodrigues Lucca
    A estratégia do robô é baseada na ensinada pelo Stormer. Segue a explicação da mesma: Quando o RSI fica abaixo de 25, compramos nos últimos 15 minutos do pregão a mercado e o stop de ganho fica na maior máxima dos dois últimos dias. Sendo o mesmo movimentado até ser atingido ou ir para baixo da entrada (quando encerramos a posição a mercado, independente de termos atingido o número máximo de dias). Como utilizo? Configura o Lote e configure a hora e minuto que o EA deve operar. O mesmo só
    99 USD
    Os compradores deste produto também adquirem
    SIEA Pro
    Daniel Stein
    4.75 (8)
    Obtenha mais informações, como FAQs, relatórios de backtest e dicas para as definições DST/GMT correctas   nas nossas FAQ públicas SIEA Envie um screenshot da sua compra, e receberá os ficheiros do conjunto para SIEA ZEN e SIEA MAX. Assim, terá 3 SIEAs em 1. As chaves do sucesso na negociação de Forex são a disciplina, a paciência e uma vantagem clara, tal como temos com a nossa análise única do volume real de negociação. Esta é a nossa experiência de 10 anos de negociação de Forex, e todo
    1 999 USD
    PriceTracker MT5
    Stanislau Siatsko
    4.78 (9)
    Friends! Someone is trying to draw attention to their products with all sorts of promotions, discounts, Black Fridays, etc., someone with super-profitable tests... I just show how the product works on real ECN accounts with real market conditions. I will only say one thing: look not at the size of the discount, but at what real results the system is showing. PriceTracker is a working (with verified real results) fully automated trading system. I know what PriceTracker is capable of, so starting
    7 000 USD
    Bonnitta EA MT5
    Ugochukwu Mobi
    Bonnitta EA MT5   is based on Pending Position strategy ( PPS ) and a very advanced secretive trading algorithm. The strategy of   Bonnitta EA MT5   is a combination of a  secretive custom indicators , Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels ( Price Action ) and most important secretive trading algorithm mentioned above. DON'T BUY AN EA WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY TEST OF MORE THAN 3 MONTHS, IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 66 WEEKS TO TEST BONNITTA EA MT5 ON REAL MONEY AND   HERE THE RESULTS. BONNITTA EA MT5 IS
    5 000 USD
    NorthEastWay MT5
    5 (5)
    North East Way EA é um sistema de negociação “pullback” totalmente automatizado, que é especialmente eficaz na negociação de pares de moedas “pullback” populares: AUDCAD, AUDNZD, NZDCAD. O sistema usa os principais padrões do mercado Forex na negociação - o retorno do preço após um movimento abrupto em qualquer direção. Prazo: M15 Pares de moeda base: AUDNZD, NZDCAD, AUDCAD Pares de moedas adicionais:  EURGBP, EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURCAD.   Sinais AO VIVO: North East Way NEW2000
    9 986 USD
    Bober Crypto MT5
    Arnold Bobrinskii
    5 (3)
    Crypto trading with   Binance   exchange is available! Hurry up to get it! Limited number of copies will be sold out. Hey guys! I hope u are doing well.     I'm gonna show you new trading robot which is essentially differ from all others MQL5.com market products. The main feature of   Bober Crypto MT5  is an ability to trade with   Binance Futures . This product is using "Static arbitrage" strategy which is have a lot of advantages we gonna be taking profit from.  All coins can be traded th
    2 000 USD
    GerFX Density Scalper MT5
    Exler Consulting GmbH
    5 (6)
    IMPORTANT: Please contact me after buying or renting for the correct key paramter.  For strategy tester please use time frame H1 or higher. For live trading it uses M5.  Before you buy a night scalper please be aware of the risks involved: 1) Past performance is no guarantee of future profitability (the EA could also make losses).  2) The backtests shown (e.g. in screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters but therefore results cannot be transferred to live trading. 3) Any mea
    2 000 USD
    Traders Toolbox
    Jason Kisogloo
    Traders Toolbox Premium  é uma ferramenta multifuncional Características: 19 Sinais individuais   - Cada um desses sinais   é   polarizado em uma configuração de estilo de rede neural para constituir o resultado final / geral.   Cada sinal tem suas próprias configurações   que podem ser   personalizadas ou otimizadas, se necessário.   Comprehensive On   Tela   Tela   - Seis tirar Painéis de distância com informações e ferramentas abrangentes dicas.   (clique na borda do painel para desdobrá-la
    5 000 USD
    Henry Onyefunuwe Smith
    5 (1)
    This EA snipes perfect entries on buy/sell trades and execute the trades using the moving average, stochastic indicator and a special trick I have harnessed over the years in the forex market. This is a scalping EA and the recommended TP pips is 5 pips, and no SL. But you can as well add an SL of your choice but this EA works best without an SL. This EA has an 85% accuracy. Recommended currency pairs and TP pips for this EA: 1. GBPUSD, 2. EURUSD Recommended TP pips = 5 pips It a
    5 000 USD
    LazyBoy Scrapper Scalper EA
    Hesham Ahmed Kamal Barakat
    5 (2)
    From the makers of the Successful               Gold Super Trends AutoTrader Robot             - Comes this unique opportunity at a low price The Idea You think the days of scrapper scalping ended?! Think again. This Expert Advisor which is made for Gold trading is perfected to scrape ever tick by the second, timeframe independently. Comes along with account management and 6 safety settings for the most satisfied to the most greedy of us to choose from. Not based on indicators which most of
    1 999 USD
    Etf QQQ MT5
    Natalyia Nikitina
    The EA has a high frequency of opening deals and has real track records with a low drawdown: Please note that Profitable trades (% of the total 97% - 100%): Live signal available here Impulse movements in the Forex market are formed constantly. The peculiarity of such market segments is that the chart covers a considerable distance in short periods of time ; In addition to the chance for earnings, such fragments indicate the position of important support and resistance zones, and the chart
    7 988 USD
    Tsagli Hughes Tsatsu
    3 (2)
    This EA takes trades based on the 4hr time frame as an intraday trading strategy with respect to the lining up or confluence of the other time frames.. This robot works well on all asset classes listed on MetaTrader 5 platform and Any broker using ONLY MT5. The Strategy is a high probability one as it seeks to depend on other time frames for considerable momentum to trend so beautifully. There is no Martingale. It executes one trade at a time. It's a true trend EA and you will love the result
    1 999 USD
    Please private message me for proper settings for trading boom and crash indexes i will also add you to our Telegram channel for all support related issues. Trading time frame can be adjusted as you wish with the same settings that i will provide to you. The system is available for free for a limited time. The system is designed for high frequency trading with a combination of neural networks. BOOM AND CRASH settings for the Dragon master Experts Advisor     1.        For all Boom and Crash pair
    4 000 USD
    Dragon Master
    Amos Tsopotsa
    This system   doesn't   use any Grid or Martingale strategies, buy has been careful developed to trade synthetic indexes apart from boom and crash on Binary.com or now known as deriv   ,Careful  mathematical calculations have been taken into considerations for any type of trader ,either ,Scalper ,Day trader ,intra day trader , swing trader  ,real tick prices have been used to get the most accurate price levels for trades to be taken. We mainly focused on these Synthetic pairs but surprisingly we
    2 000 USD
    Reactor MT5   is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for   Intraday   Trading.  it is   based on  m any indicators . The Expert was tested on the whole available historical period on   EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDCAD, AUDUSD and USDJPY M15  currency pair with exceptional results. You can download the demo and test it yourself. My tests were performed with the real tick date with   99,90% accuracy , actual spread, and additional slippage. The basic strategy starts with Market order in counter trend and tre
    3 999 USD
    Dax30 Ea Mt5 Hk
    Pankaj Kapadia
    Future of Ea: We make this Ea on scalping strategy for short term trend. Ea is able to works on any Currency pair with specific time chart frames. Ea using short stop loss and minimum profits target. We using three three standard trend indicators to judge market short term trend. Ea is working on By Stop order and Sell Stop Order model. Ea is working On Dax 30 Index and we specially made for German Index trading. We provide you proper guidance how to use Ea. You can contact us by sending massag
    5 001 USD
    A scalper system only work during Asian hours. Several unique indicators to detective the price fluctuation. Dynamic TP/SL level according to market conditions. Fixed stoploss to protect the capital, very low risk of losing a lot of money. No need to obtain SET files. The parameters are the same for each currency pair. It is optimized to work on EURAUD . It is recommended to use Eagle Scalper on M15 chart. It is recommended to run it on a real ECN broker with very low spread . It is recommended
    5 000 USD
    Jack of all Trades MT5 is an Expert Advisor for trading high market moves. This is a fully automated EA optimized for multicurrency EURUSD, EURGBP, GBPUSD, USDCAD, USDJPY. The EA can be used on any timeframe because the indicators are locked to M10. The EA uses MACD(7,21,4), MOMENTUM(11) and candlestick history for last 10 candles on M10 for creating a signal. Because the EA is locked on M10, the trades will open on the same spot, it does not matter, on which timeframe it is tested. The EA also
    1 500 USD
    TSO Price Channel MT5
    Dionisis Nikolopoulos
    TSO Price Channel is complete trading strategy focused on creating profit from market volatility. The system takes advantage of the intrinsic tendency of the market to reach its periodic maximum and minimum levels. By allowing the use of multiple instruments, the exposure of the system to any single instrument is reduced. Complete strategy including fully integrated positive and negative management. Works on any instrument. No pending orders placed. Any account size - $1,000+ is recommended. B
    1 750 USD
    Snake EURUSD
    Thurau Baerbel
    Snake EURUSD Real EA is a fully automatic Forex Trading Expert Advisor. The robot can run on any pair, but the results are better on EURUSD M15. The system can run with any broker that also provides Floating Spread. Advantages The EA does not use systems like martingale, hedging, etc. The EA uses SL and Trailing Stop to make a profit. In addition, you can also set TP (EURUSD at 93 for me). Best test results with 99.0% in the backtest. It is not necessary to close the EA during the press releas
    4 500 USD
    BenefitEA Mt5
    Vsevolod Merzlov
    Benefit EA Uses only hedging accounts.     Benefit EA is a non-indicative flexible grid adviser with special entry points that provide a statistical advantage, revealed through the mathematical modeling of market patterns. The EA does not use stop loss. All trades are closed by take profit or trailing stop. It is possible to plan the lot increments. The "Time Filter" function is set according to the internal time of the terminal as per the displayed time of the instrument's server, not the ope
    5 000 USD
    BE SAFE mt5
    Rajkumar Palanisamy
    Updated latest version DD is below 30%    **Back Test in IC Markets,  EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD  Time Frame M30**  *USDCAD 1H * *AUDUSD H2*    **BE SAFE EA includes 9 Powerful Trend Indicators**    **99% Accuracy Super Strong BUY and SELL Signal entry**    **EA takes Super Strong BUY or SELL order, after 9 indicator confirmation in one bar** Super Strong BUY and SELL entry EA takes super STRONG BUY and SELL entry, after 9 indicator confirmation in single bar. When you receive the super st
    2 999 USD
    Be Safe Scanner MT5
    Rajkumar Palanisamy
    BE SAFE TURBO EA with indicator 24*7 Real account monitoring with deposit 3000$. Updated latest version DD is below 30% https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/598896    **Back Test in IC Markets,  EURUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD  Time Frame M30**  *USDCAD 1H * *AUDUSD H2*    **BE SAFE EA includes 9 Powerful Trend Indicators**    **99% Accuracy Super Strong BUY and SELL Signal entry**    **EA takes Super Strong BUY or SELL order, after 9 indicator confirmation in one bar** Super Strong BUY and SELL entr
    1 999 USD
    EA STFX BINARY TECHNOLOGIES EA STFX Binary Technologies is specifically designed for Binary MT5 products Volatility Index 75 and 100 The Expert Advisor can be used for Full Automatic and Semi Automated trading. EA STFX has various strategies such as: Day Trade, Averagging , Martingale, Anti Martingale and or combine the two Trading positions can be closed easily using panels such as close profit only, close buy, close sell, close all transactions The choice of indicators for position entries us
    2 000 USD
    Buy and Hedge MT5
    Armen Khachatryan
    TRADING STRATEGY ON THE BASIS OF HEDGING WITH CORRELATION (Made in Germany) We have repeatedly encountered various strategies based on hedging, but in practice, in their pure form, they were all doomed to failure.  With high volatility in the Forex market, it is rather difficult to detect such convergence of quotations, and there is no need to search for any patterns in the movement of two or more currency pairs at the same time. That is why we decided to create our own automated trading tacti
    2 000 USD
    TS Trade
    Carlos Reis Dos Santos
    DESCRIÇÃO O TS Trade é um robô desenvolvido por profissionais com longa experiência no Mercado Financeiro. É baseado em algoritmos de negociação avançados. Tem como principal característica uma gestão de risco rigorosa. É perfeito para quem busca uma ferramenta eficaz para automatizar suas negociações. Instale o Robô e deixe que ele faça todo o trabalho por você. MÉTODO O TS Trade utiliza um algoritmo o qual possibilita identificar uma tendência do mercado a partir da movimentação de duas méd
    2 400 USD
    EZ.Fury Kite is judged based on the trend indicator MA. The general setting period is 15M, the trading time is about 1-2 hours, and 1 hour is the best. Multi-currency transactions that support ECN accounts. Use the default settings for compound interest mode, this EA will increase revenue by 20%-40% per month. Set the parameters manually and make a fixed profit model. This EA generates revenues of 10%-20% per month. This EA gives time-limited attributes. In order to reduce the possibility of
    1 500 USD
    The Willing horse Expert Advisor EURUSD trades on the signals of the Moving Average, Stochastic Oscillator, Average True Range indicators; uses a variety of intelligent strategies, without martingale, hedging or grid; applies stop loss to protect your capital; there is a capital management system, it has restrictions on the volume of trading positions (in% of the deposit). This advisor does not require adjustment, just attach it to the M1-chart of EURUSD. You can test any period from 01/01/2018.
    1 900 USD
    This robot is designed for work on BORSA ISTANBUL Option Stock Market. You can earn good profit on F_XU030 and F_USDTRY pairs The Robot gets good performance on F_XU030 and F_USDTRY pairs and M15 period. Trading strategy is based price action trading model. Optimization results are profitable on test. So the risk of loss is very low. Robot earns good and stable money with swing trading model. This is the strategy of Market Maker. Robot opens an order, closes. Then opens a new order. Does not col
    1 750 USD
    Spider King 5
    Pengfei Zhang
    This EA uses a variety of strategies and functions such as neural network grid scalping, mobile stop loss, automatic lot number setting, etc. Use revolutionary price model algorithms, price behavioral trading, and signature collaborative work with artificial intelligence adaptive processing units. The system adopts some kind of reverse sampling development method, which makes the system show a very substantial benefit in the 13-year historical backtesting. Profit drivers to keep profits maximiz
    1 500 USD
    Trader Dream 02
    Marco Stacchiotti
    A IDEIA PRINCIPAL. Primeiro de tudo, este é o segundo de uma família de EA, com base na mesma estratégia aplicada a diferentes indicadores. Isso significa que a mesma estratégia e a mesma administração de dinheiro são aplicadas a diferentes indicadores com filtragem principal de spread. O objetivo final é projetar um EA com maior taxa de sucesso possível, com menores perdas em geral. Essa peculiaridade aumentará a confiança no uso do EA, para satisfação a longo prazo. A ESTRATÉGIA 1. ESTRATÉG
    2 000 USD
    Mais do autor
    Portfolio X 10 eurusd MT4
    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    3.87 (78)
    Generate your own strategies, build a portfolio and trade all together using this EA. You can use PortfolioX in three ways: 1) Creating your own strategies; 2) Using one of the hundreds of built-in strategies and customizing with the various filters available. 3) Using one of the set files provided by the author or the community. Trade any pair using PortfolioX. Sample signal:  https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1013045 Telegram Group for PortfolioX Members MT5 version here Download reco
    1 499 USD
    Le Thai Son
    Le Thai Son 2021.12.02 16:22 

    waist time and loss money

    Peter Poellabauer
    Peter Poellabauer 2021.06.27 07:17 

    Very, very disappointing. Despite great efforts and a large amount of time, this EA only makes losses.

    brandoncardillo 2021.04.03 21:39 

    Please, Please, Please DO NOT BUY. Mateus the developer of this app just makes the backtests look good but then it never with a real account. He then promises that the EA will have a new update and it will start being profitable soon. This is a lie. Today I asked some tough questions to him about the profitability of the EA and instead of facing the issues, he decided to block me off the group chat. Keep in mind I paid full price for this EA. Very unprofessional and very manipulative. All he wants are for backtests to look good so more people will buy. Do not waste your money or time with this.

    alexsandr11 2021.03.30 10:51 

    Ждал надеялся верил, В итоге проведенные месяцы торговли на реале, понимаю как красиво автор сделал рекламу.

    Williamalllis 2021.03.04 23:30 

    Complete waste of money. Loss after loss. Preprogrammed on the back test. Real time horrendous

    Fernando 2021.02.05 19:19 

    This is the biggest waste of money here. Take your money and have fun at the roulette. Actual value of this EA is at most $ 50 I tried this for 6 months and it was never profitable. This only works on the back test. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY HERE! In the Telegram group, if you disagree with the moderator, you are banned. Every week, the creator and moderator said that the problem is with the set file. So, they release one set a week and it doesn't work again and again and again. Community did set files but it work for some days and stop also. So, they recommend that you create a set yourself, so you need a lot of money to rent servers to find the "strategies" that work for 2 days. "Strategies" here are indicators defined randomly by EA, there is nothing Elliot, Aligator, Bollinger, trend follow or anything like that. Every week, EA has a new feature that no one knows if it helps, ultil now NO! About 'strategies' You can take a brief example of how strategic and smart EA is: It opens 20 positions in the same pair at the same time, could be 10 buy and 10 sell positions, for this example. 10 of them take the SL at 100pips and another 10 close with 50pips due to the pre-configured ATR indicator of TP. Reallly smart! Digest: - THE EA IS NOT READY YET, AFTER 6 MONTHS - THE EA NOT WORTH THE VALUE - ITS NO PROFITABLE - IT LOSES YOUR MONEY - IT HAS A LOW HIT RATE - WINS IS SMALLERS THAN THE SL - ITS JUST A COMPLEX PROJECT OF EA D O N T BUY THIS EA Trust me, it will drain your wallet like a 20 yo beautiful woman, without any fun. Today is 05 fev 2021, If you really want to buy this, I advice you to wait at least more 6 months Any doubts feel free to contact me!

    Fumiya Haga
    Fumiya Haga 2021.02.05 13:59 

    Used 4month. Result is one start. Plus1 is still author is keen to improve. So far very good backtest, bad real forward then update, very good backtest, bad real forward then update... infinite loop! Recommend to stop to use or purchase till future update which show profitable forward as backtest.

    Pham Ngoc Tu
    Pham Ngoc Tu 2021.01.29 02:31 

    This EA is beautiful only when running on historical data, it optimizes the data to deceive buyers, the real run is bad, not to buy it.

    Kisem 2021.01.28 11:45 

    Experience after a little more than 2 months: At the beginning it looked promising, almost 5% profit in just a few days (after the election), then it stopped, started to fluctuate, now it looks like it's going to be at least 10% loss. It had its moments, but I believe it's just the nature of the market.

    TonyWhite 2021.01.28 06:40 

    Only good in the back test Real account only losses

    Алексей Верховых
    Алексей Верховых 2021.01.21 22:15 

    Good. Trades with good profit.

    OM2019 2021.01.05 17:03 

    Uma verdadeiro SCAM! esse é um jogo sujo de mais um EA que otimiza o historico antigo para o backteste ser positivo.. e ele ATUALIZA O EA TODO MÊS, para atualizar o historico.. Eu estou usando a 4 meses, e nunca obtive lucro.. ele paga as pessoas para dá review positivo.. É um verdadeiro ladrão, mas o que é dele está guardado, o brasil +e grande mas com dinheiro se encontra tudo. A real SCAM! this is a trash game of yet another EA that optimizes the old story for the backtest to be positive... and it UPDATES THE EA EVERY MONTH to update the story... I've been using it for 4 months, and I've never made a profit... it pays people to give positive reviews... If you don't believe what I'm saying, ask for the EA owner's myfxbook; and run the backtest, you'll see that the backtest is profitable, and the real account is a tragedy.

    Saeed Bin Dhbaj
    Saeed Bin Dhbaj 2020.12.29 00:24 

    If you want to waste your time and money , buy this rubbish EA

    In the Telegram group there is a gang that will deceive you with fake accounts, but the truth is none of them has a real account. Be careful...

    Stepan Khabardin
    Stepan Khabardin 2020.12.21 21:51 

    Да уж, обмануть более 100 покупателей, это искусство. То, что советник показывает в тестере стратегий это то, на что "клюют" покупатели, на реальном счете таких результатов нет. Какой эффективности можно ожидать от советника, основанного на обычных линейных индикаторах? Может быть в конце 20 века это бы работало. Трэш.

    24278-Fabry 2020.12.18 07:36 

    after 3 months of rent, set default, EURUSD H1, capital $ 25,000, result to date: loss of $ 700. my experience with this expert advisor ends here ..

    Casper G
    Casper G 2020.12.17 02:56 

    กำไรน้อย ขาดทุนหนัก เพราะเวลากำไรราคาไม่เคยแตะเส้น TP เลย จะได้กำไรจากการตัดขาดทุนตลอด แต่เวลาขาดทุน ส่วนใหญ่จะโดนเส้น SL ทุกครั้ง (รัน Ea 3เดือน) มีช่วงขาดทุนหนัก ไม่แนะนำ!

    Lester David Saldana Reyes
    Lester David Saldana Reyes 2020.12.16 18:06 

    I rented it for three months, at first it made good profits. But in the end he lost what he won. I have always worked with the set file recommended by the author on a $1000 account. This EA has its advantages, but you have to be very aware of it.

    Conor Stephenson
    Conor Stephenson 2020.11.26 12:46 

    Okay, I purchased the EA 22nd of September, 2 days prior to the start of the telegram group and before the author started to include a bonus code as default that was needed for the EA to function to it's full potential. This was a well designed marketing move to gain reviews in exchange for the code. I immediately got it up and running on my vps with a small demo balance risk set to 1% as author states smaller accounts may need more than 0.5. Performance of the EA was questionable. I thought it could be a balance/set issue so I created a 10k demo and risk set to 0.5 and created/obtained multiple sets, still, random buys and sells, couldn't seem to determine a direction, not the performance expected from a 400usd expert, I honestly have free EA's that function more consistently.. Then to the telegram group , which quickly became an echo chamber for how the EA is built for longevity and a profit over the long run, criticism is met with denial. I've seen the author ask members to defend negative reviews and comments against the product here on MQL5, three days ago when I woke I read a conversation in the group, and again, some one was criticising performance , which was met with a more dedicated member dismissing and swearing at the person, to which I intervened and said the guy isn't full of it for expressing a negative opinion. I was then removed from the group, this is why I can't recite the exact words said... This, and the continued terrible performance of the expert, is what has been the final straw for me to write a review, I wanted to leave it six months and really get a feel if the EA would improve but in this time I've become aware of better functioning experts and I've recently discontinued use of portfolio X. Please if you're reading this, don't be scammed like I was man, this expert sucks.

    ubirock 2020.11.24 21:18 

    guys, i don't use this EA anymore

    Drunkyy 2020.11.16 16:29 

    After a very intense backtesting I purchased the EA ~3 weeks ago...very very good performance so far. Will give the 5th star after 1 year of good performing if doing so!

    edit: big drawdowns were incomming after my first valuation. no recovery yet. No WORKING setfiles are published by the autor. PortfolioX is just a tool for everyone who likes to customize strategies but not a real EA which u can set and forget.

    deafmickael 2020.11.06 09:12 

    Honestly I say pretty, very good for this EA. Important is this EA stable. So far I have checked this backtest and test-forward and it comes out almost immediately. We can adjust the setting at any time, see Telegram there, users can post very good settings. For Service & Support, I've gone very well so far. @Matues, hats off for hard work! Keep it up We are happy to support him.

    yukifune 2020.11.05 01:13 

    I will write the negative points of this EA. I hope it will be helpful for those who buy this EA in the future. This EA optimizes past data. All lost cuts in this EA are based on designer rules This EA does not have insurance. I don't understand the contents of SL by EA and the optimized data of EA. In other words, it's all up to the developer. I'm also a developer, and I came up with such an EA with optimized data and its combination, but if I really want to use it in the future, I need to improve it.

    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Mateus Botelho Mattos 2020.11.05 23:21
    I would love to read the positive points also.
    dorederka 2020.11.04 17:28 

    I run this EA last month, the result is -10%

    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Mateus Botelho Mattos 2020.11.04 17:32
    Thanks for sharing your results. If you want to help others, please share full information. - How much risk did you set?
    - What set file did you use?
    - What broker?
    - How much balance did you start with?
    - Did you left it running during US election? So we can avoid to repeat the same you did. For those who want to see a real account, just get the myfxbook link on Telegram pinned message, or ask me on private message.
    To see other users accounts, please ask on Telegram group.
    XenofoX 2020.11.04 04:59 

    Great EA, Fast response, Good Community!

    dsp999 2020.11.03 09:51 

    buy it today.how to setting? Runging MT4

    Is there a Chinese version of the settings

    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Mateus Botelho Mattos 2020.11.03 11:32
    Thank you for your purchase. This version is MT5, if you want the MT4 one, here is the link: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/52552
    The settings are in English, but if you paste the link on Google translator you can read it in Chinese: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/739294
    Manuel Rodriguez
    Manuel Rodriguez 2020.11.02 02:40 

    The negative comments I see that they delete them.

    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Mateus Botelho Mattos 2020.11.02 03:06
    On the eve of the presidential election in the US and through the effects of COVID-19, the behavior of the markets is greatly affected.
    But even so, some brokers showed positive results, as in my real account publicly disclosed in the mfxbook.
    I am working on new strategy lists and I hope to make it available to all users very soon.
    amid203 2020.10.30 17:24 

    Excellent EA! 5 stars

    The best EA I have ever seen, strongly recommend. Don't wait at all and buy it quickly...

    Specially Mateus is very responsible and responds patiently to all messages.

    Mateus Botelho Mattos
    Resposta do desenvolvedor Mateus Botelho Mattos 2020.10.30 17:30
    Thanks for sharing your opinion. For those who want to see a real account, just get the myfxbook link on Telegram pinned message, or ask me on private message.
    To see other users accounts, please ask on Telegram group.
    HoschiX 2020.10.26 13:33 

    Constant losses. I strongly advise anyone not to buy this EA.

    Peresvet 2020.10.22 16:16 

    Самый лучший советник который я видел, и его потенциал еще не раскрыт полностью! Я поражён его возможностями! На первый взгляд он может показаться несколько сложным, но стоит вам вникнуть в суть его системы и вы поймёте какой мощный финансовый инструмент у вас в руках... Только дайте ему возможность проявить себя и вы будете приятно удивлены.

    ninjawk 2020.10.15 08:39 

    Finally ran the EA for 1 full year on MQL5's VPS. Running a 1% Risk, total drawdown is 87%. Do not waste your time, there are many FREE EA out there that would outperform this. Initially, the first 3 months, everyone have been losing money, but the Telegram Admin (I've spoken to them and they've admitted that they're paid to promote the EA) kept telling us to be patient as the market is not in the right position, but 12 months later, with my VPS just expiring at this very moment too, I've lost $8700 USD + $499 for this EA. I'm not blaming the developer for my losses, as they didn't force me to do so. But this EA just simply doesn't work.

    The developer edited the EA to make the last few years look good, but if you try it for data from 2000-2010, it always runs your account dry. But if you run the test from 2017 with just $100, you'll be a billionaire today. This EA is manipulated, it doesn't trade properly, and there are no basic fundamentals to it.

    Welison Lopes
    Welison Lopes 2020.10.07 23:15 

    Looks very promising after last update. Good Job

    trautsch 2020.10.01 09:12 

    The back tests looks great. The first few days on the live account are promising so far ...

    Marinero 2020.09.29 16:01 

    Activated, just now. Will see.. ;)

    (21.08.13) Possibly this EA is acceptable for programers only... No any cent of profit for me...

    divonney 2020.09.28 15:06 

    This EA has a low DD and a good profit

    Midnight Cowboy
    Midnight Cowboy 2020.09.28 11:18 

    Good work. Will be interesting to see this product grow.

    Tomas Vitkovic
    Tomas Vitkovic 2020.09.28 10:35 

    Very good, NICE.....

    Katsunori Ishikawa
    Katsunori Ishikawa 2020.09.28 04:30 

    The backtest is good. After confirming the operation with the demo account, it will be transferred to the real account. I'm really looking forward to it. The author politely taught me the question.

    Zeyu Huang
    Zeyu Huang 2020.09.28 02:48 

    25/12/2020: After three month usage, the expert draw me back to the breakeven. The performace is questionable in both trend market and range market. Do not trust the backtest, as every single strategy iz over-optimized and it is hard to be profitable in any set.

    pmalcev 2020.09.27 16:48 

    Very good

    Alejandro Villa Gonzalez
    Alejandro Villa Gonzalez 2020.09.27 16:34 

    For me, one of the most complete on the market, it does not have an author's set but you can configure them for time, time, patience and a little knowledge and you have EA for years!

    Imanuel Alberto
    Imanuel Alberto 2020.09.27 13:33 

    Very promising backtests and reviews. It's should be working best...

    nbg over
    nbg over 2020.09.27 12:48 

    I have been in the market for a very long time and could not find a good Expert Advisor that is close to my manual trading. I have also tried the cua of advisors with martingale and I can say that this product is the best for me now. As safe as possible, no martingale and no risk of running out of funds. Thanks to Mateus!

    RDI 2020.09.27 11:47 

    Everyone can test themselves and form their own opinion .

    Gerald van Wattum
    Gerald van Wattum 2020.09.27 09:49 

    waste of money. after 2 month's still no profit.

    CHUN KIU CHEUNG 2020.09.26 15:58 

    Looks good on bt

    andersonmiranda2020 2020.09.26 07:55 

    Excelente EA. He probado muchos EA, pero Portfolio X10 es lo que mas me agrada por su consistencia de ganancias y por el Drawndown y Flotante bajos. Gracias! Excelent EA- I have tested a lot of EA, but Porfolio X10 is my prefered due to consisten profit and low balance and equity drawndown. Thank you!

    47470386 2020.09.26 04:52 

    You can use multiple strategies in this one EA. I 'll look forward to stable and continuous good performance.

    Guillermo Gonzalez Melgarejo
    Guillermo Gonzalez Melgarejo 2020.09.26 03:51 

    Very good EA

    Janis Hellmuth
    Janis Hellmuth 2020.09.26 00:02 

    Super Backtest results. I will see how the ea in my live Account performed☺️

    stefan.dom 2020.09.25 22:19 

    Satisfied so far, comprehensive and very well designed strategies, looking forward to more good results

    ChefVidal 2020.09.25 17:59 

    Excelente profesioinal ,me a llevado de la mano como inesperto que soy en esto del trading. ahora acabo de abrir mi primera operacioin con dinero real Estoy seguro que estoy con un gran maestro......GRACIAS

    emir2018 2020.09.25 15:26 

    bin sehr zufrieden

    Boriwan 2020.09.25 08:43 

    БУДЬТЕ ОСТОРОЖНЫ!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fred 2020.09.25 08:18 

    Back test looks good and positive, I will be back on review after got result on live account. Good job. keep it up.

    fabowav 2020.09.25 03:16 

    Very Happy with this EA!

    Kenji Motoki
    Kenji Motoki 2020.09.25 01:34 

    Very promising backtest results.

    Ronald Torres
    Ronald Torres 2020.09.24 21:36 

    I have been trading Forex for over 12 years and have come across hundreds of failed strategies through out this time. I can honestly say with 100% conviction that Mateus has developed the #1 Forex EA currently in the MLQ5 Market. My Results have been outstanding while maintaining a DD under 1% which is underheard off. I recommend anyone to take advantage and Buy this EA. Then come join our community in Telegram =)

    Harakos1805 2020.09.24 13:45 

    O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

    ow1977mt5 2020.09.24 12:11 

    After 3 months running at real accounts, up and downs, still a loss in total. I do not use this EA anymore. Many good ratings here are imo only given to get key to activate features at the beginning. Ea is good in backrest only.

    win_00 2020.09.24 10:55 

    Looks promising

    ss ii
    ss ii 2020.09.24 08:19 


    Sagus Yudistira
    Sagus Yudistira 2020.09.24 05:01 

    Look good in bt

    Joshua Aaron Porter
    Joshua Aaron Porter 2020.09.24 02:37 

    Very promising EA, looks stable and low risk. Keep up the good work!

    Sergio Dutra Veiga
    Sergio Dutra Veiga 2020.09.23 21:36 

    The results of the backtests were very encouraging, so I decided to buy.

    marketplace_experts 2020.09.23 19:21 

    II just bought this very interesting EA. The backtest is very promising! I give this EA 5 star :)

    maksimoff 2020.09.23 17:55 

    O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

    Lourenco Jakobson
    Lourenco Jakobson 2020.09.23 15:57 

    The developer is always updating to improve the program and is Very good in answer all questions.

    mcraes 2020.09.23 15:19 

    I executed a number of back tests to determine a good config. The back tests are great so far. I have now purchased the full product and am looking forward to seeing the real world results.

    Dengxiang Wei
    Dengxiang Wei 2020.09.23 07:50 

    Very interesting EA, has been running in real accounts, hoping to make a long-term profit.

    Ahmad Fauzy
    Ahmad Fauzy 2020.09.23 06:51 

    Great result EA so far.. and backtest looks very promising...

    R3008 2020.09.22 21:12 

    Very promising backtest results

    Juan Fernando Moreno Delgado
    Juan Fernando Moreno Delgado 2020.09.22 03:48 

    Great intentions of the seller… he seems a good person… but…

    The initial idea has gone. The result is a low profit and high drawdown EA.

    AbdulRahaman F.
    AbdulRahaman F. 2020.09.21 21:22 

    Looks Good, Just bought! Thanks for Author

    Avni Bicmeti
    Avni Bicmeti 2020.09.21 19:09 

    Looks amazing on backtests. Done multiple backtests with a variety of parameters and always shows positive results. Already rining it on a live account.

    Algoritmic Capital, Ltd.
    Branislav Truchly 2020.09.21 15:50 

    Continually in 3th month in Loss, Expert Advisor is OUT , after updated TOO,I dont recommend buy it to anyone....

    ehsanovic 2020.09.21 15:34 

    The backtest result was very good. Started testing

    dennisamissah 2020.09.21 02:36 

    The test looks really really promising, will come back with updated... thanks for now

    Simon Gagnebin
    Simon Gagnebin 2020.09.20 22:28 

    This EA is just the best. Strategies are very secure and take a profit also. It's a great seller . I advice really anybody to buy this beautiful algorythm

    Samueldc 2020.09.20 20:26 

    This EA is impressive, and the developer continue working to improve this EA. Excellent Service A+++

    Ai Garry
    Ai Garry 2020.09.20 15:01 

    Looks pretty good and excellent srevice

    Vladimir Azarenko
    Vladimir Azarenko 2020.09.20 14:56 

    Very promising backtest results!

    shitanekazuyoshi 2020.09.20 14:20 

    It's a very disappointing result.

    The longer you run, the greater the loss.

    Chen Xiao Wei
    Chen Xiao Wei 2020.09.20 11:24 

    Very promising backtest results.

    JBarck 2020.09.20 07:40 

    Very promising backtest results.

    Michael Fityani
    Michael Fityani 2020.09.19 21:18 

    Looks promising in backtests and time will tell if its profitable in live trading

    shoji 2020.09.19 18:20 

    Very promising backtest results

    GoldenPhoenix99 2020.09.18 12:00 

    This MA looks good because of positive review and back-test. I need to use it a bit to confirm for sure.

    Ageres69 2020.09.18 09:24 

    Пока только положительные результаты.

    s89165010 2020.09.17 13:17 

    the profit was not stable .

    Fluppiflipper 2020.09.17 13:16 

    I ordered it yesterday. Used the .set file for setup and I am running it on my demo account on EURUSD H1 for now. I did the historic retest starting 2003. It went very well. There is some volatility, so make sure not to use a risk that is too high. I will write the next evaluation once it's running with real money. best!

    No so good in real life, unfortunately...

    stardust83 2020.09.17 11:30 

    Amazing results in backtest

    Mr Chanut Thatritorn
    Mr Chanut Thatritorn 2020.09.16 17:34 


    Karl.Loidl 2020.09.16 10:47 

    Backtests look fine. Now testing on live account. Update will follow.

    Nick.E 2020.09.14 16:53 

    backtest stable depending on broker and account type, i'll be back with a review on a real account.

    Fabbrini 2020.09.14 12:02 

    Ótimos resultados nos backtests realizados. Boas opções de configurações do EA. Aguardando bons resultados devem vir nas proximas semanas. Great results on backtests. Good configuration options as well. Looking forward for nice results in the next few weeks.

    syed_wajeeh2003 2020.09.14 11:30 

    Backtest results really good with very low drawdown, multiple strategies. Now running on demo will update later the live results

    Juwei 2020.09.14 00:32 

    Very fast response from Mateus, aswered to all of my questions within one hour! Top! Also phenomenal backtesting results with very low risk (even when i increased the risk within the input settings up to 50, i couldn't get it into an margin call...! At least with back tick data - lets see how real live data with low risk setting work). This looks very promising, will update the review soon with REAL account results! ****** UPDATE 2020-09-21 ****** I have had running 4 Demo accounts with different Bots, 2 of 3 martingale bots have been blown up (MCed). One didn't have any open positions which was it's luck. Otherwise this would have been blown as well! Thats one problem of martingale strategy (google it) if the trend changes significant. Other this Portfolio X EA: today morning on an $700 demo account: $+200 and now it has open positions with $+428 .... That makes an equity change of over $+600 on just one day! Phenomenal! Just one thing the EA can't handle: running into support/resistance zones (that way i missed some more profit, but however - still ended in profit!). So it's never a good idea to letting an EA (whichever you take) unattended. Always keep an eye on it. Will update this review after some more time to test and see how it runs (other than on Real account i'll keep the Bot on Demo fully unattended - just to see how it handles even missed exits) and also with high risk factor (5 actually), to see how it works under extreme situations.... (maybe some time i will make a real greedy-account if i got too much money at some time... ;) ).

    ***** UPDATE 2020-10-18: last 3 weeks went really bad, the EA lost most of the trades and so I lost some money. But that is in my opinion not the fault of the EA but the situation of brexit, Trump tweets, president election, and so forth... Trading is a long term game!

    bikashacharyaforex 2020.09.13 19:26 

    Back test result is very promising. Going to test on live trading account . The developer is responsive to the messages.

    kelenfiz 2020.09.13 16:36 

    Looks promising. Very good backtest results.

    aaronpriest 2020.09.13 05:26 

    I haven't run this on a live account yet, but will soon and can update my review with long term results when I have them. So far, with back testing and demo accounts, this has very good control of draw down over the long term, without any risky martingale or grid strategies. The developer is also very responsive and continues to add new features and strategies to support it.

    noochey 2020.09.12 23:36 

    It is too soon so say something about the long term performance, but the author is very active, adds new stategies regularly and provides a lot of set files, which give good results in backtest. So far all seems good.

    robert19 2020.09.12 18:33 

    This EA has a low DD and a good profit

    IGOR IAREMA 2020.09.12 13:04 

    in the test period showed a good result decided to put a real account, after a while I will give a score for a while I give 5 points

    Konstantin Polle
    Konstantin Polle 2020.09.12 08:42 

    Я очень рад,что приобрел этот советник,классная идея,автор не заставляет себя ждать с ответом,надеюсь на развитие этого проэкта

    Lau Ka Shun
    Lau Ka Shun 2020.09.11 18:03 

    great performance in recently update with many different new strategies! will run into live account and keep update.

    Cayetano Martin Fernandez
    Cayetano Martin Fernandez 2020.09.11 16:10 

    Excelente EA en backtesting .... No coincide exactamente con el de la Cuenta Real.... No coincide en el mismo broker ni de casualidad, es mas otroas operadores tienen entradas contrarias en otros brokers.... No es fiable el backtest para nada. SCAM.

    bolodecenora 2020.09.11 13:36 

    To muito esperançoso com essa ea, o melhor dos muitos que testei. Se fizer na conta real 50% do que fez nos testes serei muito grato :)


    Se a esperança do autor desse lucro estaríamos todos ricos. Mas são apenas prejuízos, esperanças e promessas de bons sets a cada 3 meses que nunca chegam. Enquanto uns 3 postam que estão felizes com seus + de 60 pares lucrativos em alguns dias a cada lançamento dizendo que precisam de mais algum tempo de teste para disponibilizar ou que não disponibilizarão arquivos lucrativos porque gastaram dinheiro testando, todos os demais perdem ou esperam mais 3 meses até que o autor crie mais pares na esperança de serem lucrativos e não são. 7 meses de ilusão.

    samwise888 2020.09.11 12:37 

    Very happy with this EA. I'm a long time trader and it's one of the best I came across.

    sohwtv 2020.09.10 18:20 

    Very good EA. Highly recommended

    orcafm 2020.09.10 11:36 

    An established and stable strategy - very interesting

    Thomas Laugeman
    Thomas Laugeman 2020.09.09 21:59 

    This EA is amazing, and the developer is continue working to improve this EA,

    Jun Nakakarumai
    Jun Nakakarumai 2020.09.08 18:08 

    Very good on the backtest. The order frequency is just right and has been steadily adding to the profits.

    mt5boy 2020.09.04 06:26 

    this ea have so many strategies to hedging, it is good idea, it looks good.

    Lee Yong Hong
    Lee Yong Hong 2020.09.02 18:19 

    ea looks promising and the author's service is very good.

    Alexandru 2020.08.30 19:14 

    O usuário não deixou nenhum comentário para sua avaliação

    moresi 2020.08.24 21:28 

    I'm using x10 since some weeks and seems very promising with positive results.

    Johnathon Arthur Roy Hornby
    Johnathon Arthur Roy Hornby 2020.08.21 00:54 

    Using 3.1 and looking excellenct so far. Very excited for this EA. Consistent positive results so far.

    Andrew Lee
    Andrew Lee 2020.08.20 07:51 

    I've been using x10 since it was released, and it seems the EA has now evolved considerably as Mateus promised it would. The support and help from Mateus has also been amazing - really quick to respond, and is very open to suggestions on improving the EA.

    Responder ao comentário
    Versão 5.5 2021.05.17
    Bug fix on RecoveryEngine.
    Versão 5.4 2021.05.17
    Minor improvements and a bug fix.

    PortfolioX will notify on your mobile when important events occour.

    This control is a cross group protection, useful when you run multiple strategies on a same symbol.

    This parameter creates a delay to start trading again after the _closeSymbolPositionsOnLossPercent is reached.

    Bug fix on:
    Versão 5.3 2021.05.11
    Important bug fixes and minor improvements.
    Versão 5.2 2021.04.29
    PortfolioX 5.2 fixes minor bugs and add a few new parameters

    Per group parameters

    _closeGroupPositionsOnLossPercent and _closeGroupPositionsOnProfitPercent
    Formula adjusted, replacing Account Balance with Account FreeMargin.

    _Recovery_mode = PURE_GRID
    When using _Recovery_mode = PURE_GRID, also if using _operatingMethod = VERIFY_EXIT_FILTERS, PortfolioX now ignores any exit signal to close a position, but continues to read them prior to open a new position.

    If true, new positions on RecoveryEngine needs to pass on ExitTriggers to be oppened.

    Two additional filter on Recovery Engine.
    _A_Recovery_GridPositionsFilter3 and _A_Recovery_GridPositionsFilter4

    General parameters

    It avoids closing a position in a very short time, which is denied by some brokers and financed accounts.

    Allow us to change the volume of all strategies at once, to simplify some adjusts and backtests. Default = 1.0 , if set as 0.5 , so every new main positions will have the volume as 50% if using 1.0. Note that there are minimum lot value on symbols. To trade with low balance, below USD $10,000 , consider using cent accounts.

    Allows the EA to compute the commission on profit related features, like _closeAllPositionsOnProfitPercent or RecoveryEngine internal functions.

    _EquityAbortLimit_max and _EquityAbortLimit_min
    The EA will close all trades and suspend new ones since the account equity reaches any of these limits.

    Other changes

    Bug fix on formula for SL_TP_BY_POINTS and SL_TP_BY_ATR.

    Please verify on backtest any old strategy prior to run it on this version.

    More StringCode groups are available

    New options on the first value of StringCodes. We have the two options ON and OFF, and new ones as following:

    Any other value => OFF (StringCode ignored)

    These actions are related to group positions only, does not affect other group positions and trades.
    To have these actions on all groups/positions, look at Input parameter _OpenNewPositions.
    Versão 5.1 2021.03.25
    PortfolioX 5.1 brings some minor improvements, but pretty effective.

    Per group parameters


    New parameter to force closing all group positions if a percent of the account balance is reached.

    _ExitPositionTrigger0-G (zero to letter G)

    Added 8 new Exit filter fields.

    _ExitTriggerType has two new options


    These are powerful options and have this behavior:

    _ANY_1to9: This part set PortfolioX to close group positions if any of the ExitTrigger filters from zero to nine give a signal.
    OR_OnProfit_ANY_OTHER: This part set PortfolioX to close group positions if any of ALL the ExitTrigger filters give a signal, and the position is in Profit.
    OR_OnProfit_ANY_OTHER_AlsoOnEnter: The same as above, but prior to opening a position all ExitTrigger filters are verified to allow it, not only the zero to nine filters.

    General parameters


    If false, this option makes it  easier for US residents to run PortfolioX on US FOREX rules.


    Name changed to fix a typo.

    Other changes

    Some parameters and options were renamed to have better meaning.



    New tool to allow custom parameters when optimizing using Genetic Algorithm.

    StringCode compressed to remove useless zero values. This resolves the problem with text getting truncated.

    Internal filter cache feature added to speed up optimization with TRADE_BY_FILTERS

    Moved Strategy info on Experts/Journal tabs to the end of backtest.
    Versão 5.0 2021.03.11
    PortfolioX 5.0 is the biggest update ever.

    Two amazing new features have been added:
    - Trading By Filters
    - Recovery Engine

    Read about the new features and many other enhancements to this version on our website. The address can be obtained from our Telegram group or from EA parameters.
    Versão 4.18 2021.01.12
    We are pleased to announce PortfolioX version 4.18

    The default set file comes with all strategy sets enabled, and some strategies selected. After a while we will have the opportunity to try out the new strategies added and create better lists for our use.

    This new set file basically uses native strategy parameters, we do not configure Break Even, trailing, ATR or filters in groups. Only a few filters in NZDUSD were used. PortfolioX retain all these features, only the new set file had these unused.

    The default set file comes with _VolumeByRisk = false, to pass the mql5 validation, we recommend setting it to be true in your real account or backtests.
    New Strategy Sets

    This version got six new packs of strategies, here are they:

    CADCHF_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (88 strategies)
    EURAUD_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (137 strategie)
    GBPCAD_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (156 strategie)
    GBPCHF_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (120 strategie)
    GBPUSD_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (127 strategie)
    NZDUSD_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 (116 strategie)


    New filters
    MagicNumber now is built using group number, and not anymore strategySet. This new formula enable the usage of same StrategySet and strategies on multiple groups, without conflicting.
    CloseAllPositions, in case of overall profit was improved to catch missing opened positions.
    Removed second Break Even on groups, to make EA settings easier to handle, since trailing can do it’s job.
    Removed option created on 4.17, that negative triggers would use ATR Stop Loss distance as starting point. The new feature “BE_Trailing_Triggers” makes it clear and powerful.
    Break Even and Trailing triggers can now have negative starting point.
    New feature on groups, BE_Trailing_Triggers, enable you to configure the triggers starting point to be one of these:
    ENTER_PRICE – regular usage
    SL_PLUS_SPREAD_DISTANCE – starting from the same distance of the Stop Loss + spread
    STRATEGY_TP – starting from the Take Profit distance.

    The last two option remove the positions Take Profit, and can also have strategy TP/SL overwrited by ATR, if desired.

    New parameter _ATR_SL_bars. When using SL or TP by ATR, this allow you to set the number os bars used to calculate the ATR value.
    New parameters _ReserveMargin and _ReserveMarginPercent_AutoUpdateMontly. Intended for money management, when using _VolumeByRisk=true, _ReserveMargin will be deduct from FreeMargin, so PortfolioX will calculate positions volume considering the available margin as (FreeMargin – _ReserveMargin ). Ex: you have $10.000 as FreeMargin and wants $8.000 as reserved. So PortfolioX will calculate new positions volume considering only $2.000 of margin.
    _ReserveMarginPercent_AutoUpdateMontly enable PortfolioX to auto update the _ReserveMargin value at the beginning of each month, to the percent here entered. Ex: A _ReserveMargin of 80 means that PortfolioX will update once a month the _ReserveMargin to 80% of your account FreeMargin.

    Versão 4.17 2020.11.30
    Break Even and Trailing can have the trigger starting at the same distance as SL_by_ATR, plus #n points. See settings page for usage.

    Minor bug fixes.
    Versão 4.16 2020.11.20
    New features by strategy group:

    - A_SL_by_ATR
    Replace the Stop Loss with a new value based on ATR.

    - A_TP_by_ATR
    Similar to A_SL_by_ATR , but for Take Profit.

    - A_ignoreExitSignal
    Exit strategy Signal can be ignored.

    - Three open position filters
    A_OpenPositionFilter1 / A_OpenPositionFilter1_bars
    A_OpenPositionFilter2 / A_OpenPositionFilter2_bars
    A_OpenPositionFilter3 / A_OpenPositionFilter3_bars

    Small bugs fixed.
    Versão 4.15 2020.10.25
    This parameter configures the EA to close all open positions, in all symbols, when that percentage of profit is reached.

    Limit the maximum number of open positions on the same symbol, for all strategies, all groups.
    Versão 4.14 2020.10.23

    - Trailing Stop per Strategy Group
    Great new feature, applying trailing stop to all positions in the desired groups.
    If used, the standard trailing stop of the strategy is disabled and the group trailing stop takes place.
    The group's trailing stop works well in conjunction with the double Break Even levels.

    - Added more Strategy Groups.
    Increased strategy groups from 7 to 16. Groups are now from A to P.

    - SHORT and LONG filter per strategy group
    Each group now have the parameter _OpenPositionType
    You can select it as SHORT, LONG or BOTH, to allow any group to trade on a single direction or not.

    - custom flexible comment
    New parameter _customCommentStype, allows you to have only the _customComment or all strategy details on positions comment field.

    - New Symbol AUDUSD
    Added Strategy Set AUDUSD_D1_STRATEGY_SET_01 with 37 new and unique strategies.

    - Rearranged input parameters for better organization.
    Versão 4.13 2020.10.01
    - New parameter: _ignoreMidnightNewBarMinutes
    Similar to OpenPositionMinutesDelayD1, this new one allow the EA to ignore the first bar on midnight (00:00 broker time), for strategies on other timeframes than D1.
    This avoid Enter/Exit signals when brokers have higher spreads or market closed.

    - MaxSpread per Strategy Group
    This enable you to use different max spread per symbol.

    - New Symbol AUDUSD
    Added Strategy Set AUDUSD_H1_STRATEGY_SET_01 with 154 new and unique strategies.
    Versão 4.12 2020.09.28
    Bonus code now embed into the EA for all, so all Strategies Groups are enabled by default.
    Versão 4.11 2020.09.25
    Hourly stats enabled
    Versão 4.10 2020.09.19
    Changed the name of some constants, to make it easier to understand:
    STRATEGY_SET_symbol => symbol_STRATEGY_SET

    Added two Break Even levels per strategy group.
    This feature helps the EA to guarantee profit, once the pre-established limits are reached.
    All strategies are the same, but when using the new Break Even feature, I selected a new list per Strategy Set.
    The new feature opens up new possibilities for building customized portfolios.

    New input parameter: customComment
    Versão 4.9 2020.09.07
    New Strategy Set "STRATEGY_SET_USDCHF_H1_01", with 106 new and unique strategies on USD x CHF.

    Better strategy list selection for default settings on EURUSD D1 and H4.
    Versão 4.8 2020.09.04
    Fixed USDJPY logic error.
    Versão 4.7 2020.09.03
    New set of Strategies: STRATEGY_SET_USDJPY_H1_01

    53 new and unique strategies for a new Symbol USD x JPY on timeframe H1.

    You can run both symbols and timeframes from same a single chart, read more here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/739294
    Versão 4.6 2020.08.30
    New set of Strategies: Strategy Set STRATEGY_SET_EURUSD_H1_02 with 135 new and unique strategies.
    New default settings.
    Versão 4.5 2020.08.26
    New default settings.
    Versão 4.3 2020.08.25
    Fixed some bugs.
    Removed Strategy Set GBPUSD since it needs more work to be used in production.
    Versão 4.2 2020.08.24
    Added multi pairs/symbols capability.
    Added GBPUSD D1 strategy set, 96 strategies.
    Added EURUSD H4 strategy set, 85 strategies.
    Changed EURUSD D1 strategy set with first 207 best strategies from previous set.
    Added optional Break Even tool
    Changed the way you enter strategy numbers, so make it easier to handle and have less input parameters.
    Strategy groups have no limits anymore. Previous version could run only 20 simultaneous strategies on default group and 50 on bonus groups.
    STRATEGIES GROUP A has _timeframe_A input, to pass mql5.com validation tests.
    All groups have now input CustomSymbol, to run on non standard symbols, like mEURUSD.
    New config sets are being generating and will be posted.
    Versão 3.1 2020.08.20
    New OpenPositionMinutesDelayD1 parameter was created, to avoid high midnight spreads when using D1 strategies.
    Versão 3.0 2020.08.18
    Many improvements, added 304 new strategies, more risk control.
    Capability to run more simultaneous positions.
    Versão 2.19 2020.07.22
    Minor on screen comment change.
    Versão 2.18 2020.07.22
    Enter/exit signal algorithm improvement