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Max Mixed Hedging DC

This is a multicurrency adviser where, when opening positions, the conditions of two correlation pairs are taken into account at the same time, which is impossible to see when testing in MT4. For testing, use the version for MT5:  https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42798


  1. Before use, make sure that in in the MT4 terminal, the currency pairs used in trade are has loaded into the window /Market Watch/ (description of currency pairs below)!
  2. Advisor to attach only to one chart (any of the working pairs), - all trading in all pairs is conducted only from one chart!
  3. Before using on a real account, test the adviser (a day or two) on a demo account (at conditions of your broker).

So, Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC this is the Maximum Mixed Hedging using:

  • mixed, pair trading,
  • grid, (but only with hedging),
  • direct (positive) correlation of currency pairs,
  • mixed, multi-currency hedging.

When trading, all the correlation pairs are involved at once, and there is a complete interaction between the pairs that are linked by single currencies. The signal is calculated for each ligament (two correlated of currency pairs) individually. Therefore, several ligaments can be opened at the same time, according to different instruments. In case of further divergence of the correlation pairs involved in trading, orders of the same ligament will be added but not more than 5 per currency pair.

It should be noted that the advantage of this EA is that the safety and minimization of drawdown is achieved by several ligaments in the trade at the same time, which allows a single ligament of pairs to pull the entire trading series on all open orders from the current drawdown, since the profit (for closing orders) is summed up.

With the default settings, the adviser will trade 8 pairs: EURUSD, GBPJPY, GBPAUD, EURNZD, AUDCAD, NZDCHF, NZDJPY, USDJPY  (minimum deposit with default settings: $500).

Additional sets:

  • Set-N2_for_Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC.set - for trading additional 8 pairs: AUDJPY, NZDCAD, NZDUSD, EURCAD, GBPCHF, AUDCAD GBPUSD, EURJPY.
  • Set-N3_for_Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC.set - for trading additional 8 pairs: AUDCHF, AUDNZD, USDCAD, GBPCAD, EURCHF, CADJPY, GBPNZD, EURAUD.

VERY IMPORTANT: Additional sets (Set-N1_MMH_SSSet-N2_MMH_SS and Set_3_MMH_SS) are provided as a bonus only to users of the unlimited version (not rent) EA and only to those users who have already tested and checked EA with Set-N1 in real trading and are completely satisfied with the results and the style of trading! 

This is a protective and necessary measure for your protection and the protection of your deposit. Carefully check and test EA with the Set's from here.

I will not provide additional Set's files if you have not tested EA well enough and / or you are not satisfied with the trading results. 

For receiving (Set-N1_MMH_SSSet-N2_MMH_SS and Set_3_MMH_SS), just send your request to me in private message here: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/setslav (Click: Send message).

Recommendations, instructions, advices: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518

Timeframe: H1


  • Due entry into the market with correlation pairs, and also in case of an opportunity to be at the same time in the market to several ligament of pairs (and different currencies), any sharp (long-term) movements are not terrible, since all open positions use mixed hedging and thus minimize drawdowns.
  • If there are drawdowns on any ligament of pairs, they are compensated by another ligament, with currencies not related to drawdown pairs.
  • Very easy to use and, if necessary, customize to your own requirements.

Comentários 171
View 2020.06.05 14:11 

Been using some EAs from the author since last year. This is a good EA and the author regularly improves his products and also develop new ones. I'm thinking of trying his new products.

jc4fun 2020.05.29 19:01 

Using it since February 2019. Give good result with appropriate money management

mewkung99 2020.05.01 12:19 

Great and constant result.

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This is a fully automatic EA based on price fluctuation, it uses principle of special recognition of price and balance. The parameters are simple and adaptable,the EA can deal with shock, trend, data, news and other types of market, and the performance is stable. Run timeframe: the results are the same in any period. Execution demonstration of the EA can be viewed in the links below: https://www.mql5.com/zh/signals/470101 Requirements and suggestions Please use this EA on EURUSD H1 timeframe,
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S-MAGIC TREND   S-Magic Trend  is a automated trading system on  MT4 . The EA trades once hour timeframe. Only one signal exists at a time Key Features Multi-currency trading robot Automatic Take profit Just enter the volume and magicnumber to be able to use Settings Set magic number on each trading window Set other properties if you want.  the meaning of some parameters: Maxtradenumber: Maximum number of opened orders daynumberlimit: The maximum number of new opened orders per day Typical key p
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Megatrader is a fully automated trading system, that uses the signals of the Stochastic oscillator for market entry. Megatrader also uses a modified strategy of doubling the rates. Unlike the classic Martingale system, after every failed deal, the Expert Advisor closes the next order as soon as the loss returns, without waiting for profit in every single deal, thereby decreasing the likelihood of the deposit drawdown. The EA uses only the market orders Stoploss is set for every order All trading
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This Expert Advisor is based on Garmaliga trading system. It can be used in two ways: as a trading system or as a fully automated EA. Objectives: Opening orders continuously. Managing each order's breakeven. Automatic profit fixing after reaching a specified parameter value. This is done in order to avoid: Psychological factor. Humans are prone to errors, risk, weariness, etc. Technical factor. The EA is able to open and close orders, calculate breakeven at various characteristics according to t
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The Multibot is a multi-currency EA, that trades on the breakouts of the important support and resistance levels. Period H1. The system shows a good diversification of risks when using the major currency pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, USDCHF, AUDUSD Features: Does not require a huge deposit Does not use martingale Each trade has a Stop Loss and Take Profit The profitable trades are moved to breakeven Uses pending stop orders for trading Can work with fixed lot or with a free margin percentage
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EA Orbit
Selvy Romiyati
Orbit is an Experts Advisor based on some standard indicators and simple inputs. Recommended pair is EURUSD. Recommended account leverage is 1:400. Recommended timeframe is M5. Balance Standard Account: $2 000 for Lots 0.01. Balance Mini Account: $200 for Lots 0.01. Balance Micro Account: $20 for Lots 0.01. VPS hosting 24/7 is strongly advised. Inputs Lots - fixed lot size. Take Profit - take profit in pips.
10 000 USD
FIA Hunting High and Low
Junping Wang
FIA Hunting High and Low trade is based on buy low and sell high rules conbining with grid trading strategies. Features No limit of trading any symbols for this EA Grid trading design Slippage, spread, or commission do not matter. Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading. Requirements Lot size: lot size cannot be less than the minimum lot size for symbol allowed. Other parameters: except lot size parameters, other types of parameters need to be integer values
9 999 USD
FIA Algorithm Fate
Junping Wang
This is a very unique design with my algorithm calculation, take profit control and stop loss control. It is based on both grid trading and algorithm trading. FIA Algorithm Fate does not provide parameter settings for take profit and stop loss because this EA execute take profit and stop loss by itself with strict rules. Features No limit of trading any symbols for this EA Martingale design Slippage, spread or commission don't matter. Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows E
9 999 USD
Light Strategy 2PIP
Rafea Mohammed Bubaker Buzgia
Light Strategy 2PIP can be used for all Currency Pairs, preferred currency EURUSD and GBPUSD on timeframe M15. This expert depends mainly on the form of the Japanese candles. As well as determine the expected direction of currencies. Equally are taking profits from all open positions by taking profits points. It can be used on all timeframes. When using larger time frame than 15, then the minimum number of open positions. Parameters COPY = 19-06-2016 Time_Frame = M15 LOTRisk = 10 - lot size f
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FIA Flag of Imagine HFT is an Hight-Frequency Trading solution based on acheiving profit goals for every single trade. Features No limit of trading any symbols for this EA Martingale design Slippage, spread, commission and order execution speed sensitive Suitable for any broker and any account type which allows EA auto trading Requirements Lot size: lot size cannot be less than the minimum lot size for symbol allowed. Other parameters: except LotSize and ProfitPerUnit parameters, other types
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Draco Gold
Enric Francisco
EA based on the stock price. It is always present in the market by analyzing the trend impulses and setbacks, therefore taking advantage of all movements. It works on any timeframe. Strategy From the very beginning, this EA calculates the volatility of the instrument to define a Stop Loss and Take Hidden Profit, which prevents from sudden price movements. It is forming a grate around the trading price delimiting when you close a position and opens another, not only the same type if you have cl
30 000 USD
Sherif Hasan
TREND MAXI EA is a Momentum Break out indicator EA, Which filters the timezone and daily Pivot channel. The Strategy pursuing the trend direction accordance of momentum, also it filters with timzone and pivot channel to avoid false momentum breakout. TREND MAXI Expert Advisor trades on only EURJPY using market orders. Its using default indicator and trend following on pattern. The indicator's signals are verified by Elder-Ray. Trailing Stop Loss are based on ATR. The trading robot running good s
9 999 USD
Set Your Strategy EA
Sami Saydam
Only Settings on 4 hours EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPJPY, CADJPY are:  Contact me when you buy it. This EA is opened inputs for all users to set up their own trading strategy using two main indicators: My own indicator which is already (in mql5 market) showing the dynamic support and resistance also can act alone. 2 CCI indicators added to support the first indicator or both can act alone if the first indicator is CheckTrendLine=false. Automated lot size calculator by LeverageUse=true or you can use or
30 000 USD
EA for ESTOX Index
Sami Saydam
This EA is trading European stocks' index only ESTOX.Cash or EURSTOXX.Cash Index on 30 minutes chart only . It is using 2 indicators plus trailing order as the following: My own invented indicator which is showing trend lines can point to the exact dynamical support and resistance levels, it is new technique and It is for sale on mql5.com market. Special modified CCI indicator which is using special input variables. Specific trailing order . This trailing order is acting when the price goes to p
26 000 USD
BARS trade system
Sergei Slesarenko
Operation Principle BARS is a trend trading expert advisor with main objective to achieve the take profit. There are two modes of operation: fully automatic and semi-automatic. In the latter case, trader is able to limit the price range. System Features The system does not use indicators. The trend calculation and auxiliary algorithms are based on the price action. The system has filters, which balance the system allowing it to adjust to the different modes of operation. The system works using
19 900 USD
Nikolaos Bekos
The Avato is one of our standalone tools. (A Signal based on it will also be provided on Mt4 Market in the future). It is designed around a combined form of hedging and martingale techniques and uses sophisticated algorithms and filters to place the trades. It uses Stop loss and Take profit levels while Lot size is calculated automatically following the according multiplier settings. We consider it a toolbox for every seasoned trader. Made with Gold market in mind, it can be tested in other inst
5 000 USD
Qiuqing Zeng
RocketRise EA  Key Advantages Congratulations on China's new type of coronary pneumonia being controlled, 50% off from March 1st to March 15th, 2020. The EA is  the symbiosis of trading algorithms. Designed for trading major currency pairs,It implements a simple and universal trading strategy which can be applied to any instrument. 1.Fully automated trading 24/5. 2.Can handle deposits of any size. 3.Always use stop loss risk. 4.Use tracking to stop chasing profits. 5.Ability to set the time of
4 900 USD
Infinite Forex EA
Roman Pozdnyakov
We are pleased to present to you, our new product, this is the next step in the development of automated trading in the Forex market. This is a revolutionary algorithm developed by our team of programmers. Here all the accumulated experience for 10 years of work in the Forex market is gathered. The adviser uses several strategies for different stages of the market (Trend, Flat, Volatile market or Very weak). The algorithm passed all testing with different brokers, at different quotes. Advisor is
30 000 USD
Quang Nguyen Dien
ZeryEA is a fully automated Expert Advisor based on scalping when indicated the market makes a fast movement. EA can work with any pairs, but It is recommended for GBP/USD, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY with M1. Expert Advantages NO: Grid, martingale, hedge & arbitrage. YES: Stop loss is always for every orders. LOW: Average position holding time. MIN: Drawdown, initial deposit. Parameters Auto lot enable (true/false): Auto lots calculate on margin account. Risk percent: when enable auto lot. Fix Lot Min
30 000 USD
Chicken peck rices
Jun Feng
Chicken peck rices This is a short-term EA what based on price breakthroughs,and the parameters are simple and adaptable. Requirements: Run timeframe: H1; The type of account:ECN,spread of currency≤3,for example,EURUSD,USDJPY,and others. The minimum spread for order modification:0,it means that the minimum distance is zero between setting stop loss or take profit and current price. You must use the required accounts to ensure the reliability of profit. Input parameters: explanation=chicken peck
3 800 USD
Alexander Pekhterev
Needle is an adviser who trades on the breakout of support and resistance levels. Trading is pending orders. To support the position, a trailing stop is used. Recommendations Currency pair: EURUSD; Accuracy : 5 signs; Timeframe: M5, M15, M30, H1; Recommended leverage: from 1:100 and above; Minimum deposit: $ 100; Before installing on a live account, test with minimal risk; Brokers with low spreads and low commission. Settings and Input Parameters Risk - Risk per trade (as a percentage
12 000 USD
View 2020.06.05 14:11 

Been using some EAs from the author since last year. This is a good EA and the author regularly improves his products and also develop new ones. I'm thinking of trying his new products.

jc4fun 2020.05.29 19:01 

Using it since February 2019. Give good result with appropriate money management

gbel 2020.05.07 16:24 

If you have money to waste and your peace of mind is not important for you, this is the right product to buy. Go for it!

mewkung99 2020.05.01 12:19 

Great and constant result.

leaps_and_bounds_testing 2020.03.05 10:42 

Good improvement !

Fritz Schmale
Fritz Schmale 2020.03.04 20:43 

Good results, I run this EA since 19/05.

jingo_lu 2020.02.28 03:26 

First of all,Good support;and like this EA.

Josef Aigner
Josef Aigner 2020.02.01 10:27 

I have purchased MMHDC in April 2019. So I want to share my experience with you.

Wonder, why the last reviews only five stars? It's because the author decided to give only one set for free and the remaining two other sets only for customers with a five star feedback. Sorry Stan, this is a no go for me. Many clients will give you five stars to get your setfiles. But no review is honest or reflects the real experience with this product.

The product was designed to trade two pairs at the same time in a direct correlation. If correlation happens, there will be TP at 0.5% or less (depends on your settings) of the balance. But what if the pairs don't move as expected? They will keep opened and more position will be added in time. This fact makes the ea dangerous. Even if you start with 0.01 lot per 1000 Units account currency, it can lead your account in a very deep drawdown over months. In worst case this can lead your account to a total loss.

The author is promoting with his gains what shows many hundred percents. Don't be deceived of that. What counts is the equity curve. This shows you the real gain. So if you're interested in this project, please take a look into authors signal. He started with 0.01 lots per 1000 (2x deposit of 500). Some pairs still trading with 0.01 lots. The drawdown exceeded 50% when the balance was already more than 2000. So what if you catch another entry date? Yes, the account could be blown up already. For now, it's just praying and waiting. The author decided to add more funds to keep his account alive.

If you feel comfortable with that facts, you can give it a try.

I removed this ea from my live account after one months. There was no loss but the risk is simply to high.

The author promotes his products with 'big discounts' from time to time. 'last time for lowest price'. Don't be rushed to buy this ea's. He will start promotions again and again (even if it's 'the last time discount'). Take the time to test MMHDC by your own if you're interested to buy.

Conclusion: too risky, too expensive no benefit for a buyer. One star!

CONSTANTIN STAHEI 2020.01.26 21:53 

Running since 19/04, the DD is as per author specification . Great support. The author's recommendations should be followed. I highly recommend this product.

so2018 2020.01.19 12:09 

Great EA. Author is very responsive and excellent support.

Markus Fettelschoss
Markus Fettelschoss 2020.01.08 18:46 

Good profits since months.

Keep in mind: more risk is your decision not Stans!

Joker 2020.01.07 16:52 

With a little patience, the profits become drawdown and then it's only happiness. Just think of hanging the pairs during important economic events. Stan is very close of his clients. He answered at all my questions since more than 6 months now. It's too soon to evaluate correctly the last update but knowing Stan, I'm pretty sure that if he decided to change it's for a good reason.

Guang Shen
Guang Shen 2020.01.01 14:35 

This is one of the kind amazing EA, brought me profit quick and safe. Worth the money.

Billioner 2019.12.25 14:17 

Very good performance for the last year. Thanks a lot.

Ting Wei Wu
Ting Wei Wu 2019.12.21 17:31 

Great EA. Good support.

nasyu41 2019.12.15 13:52 

Very good EA!

take5221 2019.12.11 10:08 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Kurt 2019.12.03 17:03 

80% profit in a year, I'm very happy with the EA.

Todd Griffin
Todd Griffin 2019.12.03 15:51 

I've been using EA for about 9 months. Happy with product and drawdown. Listen to the recommendations and reap the rewards with low drawdown. Stan now requires a 5 star review before he will send you set files which i completely disagree with but if i had to rate it anyways i would give it a 5 wither way. Easy to set up and to be honest i never really check on it anymore, just let it run.

EieiCM 2019.11.27 08:35 

Profitable EA with a great support from the author. Thanks to Stanislau.

mingster008 2019.11.26 18:21 

This EA is the real deal! The author, Stanislau, is very active and continues to make improvements on this already well-performed EA. All I did was set up the EA and the charts, and add the sets that he provides, which have been optimized.

Steady and consistent profit. It's been running for the past 6 months, and my $3000 account has a gain of 77.36% !!! (Find my screenshots in the comments section.)

Since I take medium level risk, the account has 18% MaxDD. Majority of the time is under 10% DD. It works fine for my 1:500 account; thus, I don't have to monitor it or worry about the drawdown.

Now I have been running the newly released version on a demo account for the last 2 weeks. The account has a 2.55% gain, and 2.08% MaxDD, and the newer version of the EA has a profit factor of 11.42!!! (See my screenshots in the comments section.)

Hugo Arturo Gonzalez Cruz
Hugo Arturo Gonzalez Cruz 2019.11.26 05:46 

Best EA,Very Low DD

Mike Turko
Mike Turko 2019.11.25 21:49 

Great EA and developer. I have been using MaxMix Hedge since March 2019 and have made steady gains every month matching the live single. The developer quickly responds to my questions and continues to make improvements to the EA or settings as the market changes.

lmcx19 2019.11.25 21:42 

Running this EA since 4 months and it is returning constanly revenue. I recommend it.

Mike S
Mike S 2019.11.25 14:04 

I am using the EA since around 6 month on live system. It is the most stable EA i have ever used. I personally use lower risk settings as the authors defaults are, to have a max DD of 20%. Profit is around 40% in my case and stable. The author always reacts on personal messages and is very helpful.

Olivier Mensonides
Olivier Mensonides 2019.11.24 22:20 

Smart EA. Unlucky start in May with serious DD. Thereafter recovering and running into profit, keep track of the performance of the signals. Helpful support from author in a few days. Keep on the good work!  

Hao Sun
Hao Sun 2019.11.24 19:45 

Using the all eas in one account since the inception from the developer. The equity curve is pretty much in line with the developer's signal. It is not a system that someone aims for quick overnight profit but a consistent small monthly gain.

Bull n Bear
Bull n Bear 2019.11.23 20:15 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

MarsBaby 2019.11.23 16:17 

Great EA. 5 Stars.

HO YUEN DAVID SIN 2019.11.22 14:56 

Good EA. And the author is constantly making the upgrades and supportive! I appriciate it!

Terdsak 2019.11.21 12:04 

My portfolio have many EAs running, MMH is one of most EA that easy to use and manage, also with very small amount of time a week to check. In result, unless you forgot to check major news that may effect some pairs, otherswise EA always make good positive profit. So far this is one of my trusted portfolio's soldier .

maex3Awoh 2019.11.19 21:46 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Andris Forstmanis
Andris Forstmanis 2019.11.18 23:25 

Good EA, excellent support. Use this product for year and very satisficed ! Thanks to author !

oosaveoo 2019.11.18 16:13 

Great EA. Good support. 7 months now 30.01% profit

Martin Metzler
Martin Metzler 2019.11.16 18:51 

I run the EA since march on three different accounts. All of them show good results but floating DD especially during the GBP downtrend. With the new 6.X version the performance is getting better and the DD is reduced since the two weeks after the update. Stanislau is always helpful! Great work and thanks for the system

Carl Tilley
Carl Tilley 2019.11.16 18:51 

Great and profitable system, with acceptable DD if you use it correctly and think ahead about what pairs might be unwise to use for the next 6 months, e.g. gbp because of Brexit.

haya238 2019.11.16 13:11 

Good EA. 3month real trading shows constant monthly profit with acceptable floating DD.

Hope MMH goes w/o problem and will be developed for more fund.

hoanggiaquang87 2019.11.16 11:14 

This EA is working well with drawndown. I recommend check Stanislau's signal see more details before buying it.

Thanks Stanislau for your support.

DirkK 2019.11.15 18:05 

Profound concept. If you take advice on how to use it seriously and have your emotions under control (i.e. let the system do the work) it works. Last but not least: great support from Stanislau :)

dorederka 2019.11.14 21:06 

Good EA.

hardway17 2019.11.14 19:35 

Best ea on the market

pinnjstiv 2019.11.14 12:26 

Excellent EA, great support!

Topomoto11 2019.11.14 09:03 

I am satisfied, thank you for everything Stanislau

mekatama 50
mekatama 50 2019.11.14 02:46 

I have been using it for over a year.

People with low ratings are mistaken.

First of all, I don't think this EA's greatness can be understood in a short period of one month.

There is always some drawdown.

And there is a certain profit.

There is also a reason for depositing into your account.

Read the explanation carefully.

It is important to believe and wait.

hellow0rld 2019.11.13 19:03 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Ang Sheng Hao
Ang Sheng Hao 2019.11.13 14:38 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

garysun777 2019.11.13 13:59 

Great EA. 5 Stars.

Bonasoro87 2019.11.12 19:31 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Frank 2019.11.12 17:47 

I use this EA since 04/19 in version 5 with different settings on different accounts. The robot is profitable.

The author is very helpful with a response time of max 1 day with all questions - thank you very much.

The new version of the program is a tremendous improvement, as it can test different variants in advance.

Elma 2019.11.12 12:09 

Great EA. I was unsure how it worked in the beginning and had a huge DD (started on May 2019). However, support from author is really good. If I have questions, he responds almost immediately, sometimes it takes a couple of days. My account is now at 45% profit and 25% DD.

Mirek007 2019.11.11 21:48 

EA running since 4/2019, gain 45%. Follow the author's recommendations. I highly recommend.

Igor Holko
Igor Holko 2019.11.11 18:09 

Very good EA. Stable profit for nearly a year.

Jörg Mortag
Jörg Mortag 2019.11.11 12:09 

Running since 18/03, the DD is max 35%. You need patience. The author's recommendations should be followed.

Manea Marian
Manea Marian 2019.11.10 22:46 

https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/32948#!tab=tab_p_comments&comment=14803149&page=51 #1013

I have been using this EA for almost a year and with all his recommendations, I end up losing all my money ( almost 40k euros ). He is a man who does not know what he is doing, from the first conversation I detailed my accounts, leverage, sum.... when problems started to appear he started telling me that I didn't do well and I demonstrated through the conversation's history that I did exactly as he told me.....

In the attached picture I have an account where I added 30% to the amount so as not to lose my balance (I also had 80% DD) now I have 60% and almost zero profit. He advised me to add 50% more, what am I the bank?

Now I noticed that he still added 100% more to his account so he can boast what DD has and for how long.... https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/491068

Stanislau Siatsko you tell me about other EAs how much it costs and you lose your money but with yours how they are ?

Where it is "not more than 20% DD" ??????? Even your account has exceeded 50%DD + and you have deposit more money so you don't lose your account....

And I told you about set, your optimizations are not good, and I also showed you ..... those made by me had a big DD and in the end they lose everything..... what did you answer me? "Just see in my real results for last 4 days (this is not testing) :) "..... ehhhh , look now !!!! who was right ?

All the positive reviews are FAKE, just to receive the new set !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Johannes Petrus Berbee
Johannes Petrus Berbee 2019.11.08 11:13 

Respect for the developer, he made a major update and while initial drawdown was higher then expected, it still generates profit. I am running to live on the new releases and will add another review to it in A few months. Solid and smart EA

Yeun Jung Hwan
Yeun Jung Hwan 2019.09.22 12:30 

Can I get a refund? I am requesting a refund for this EA.

If it's not refundable, I can hand it over to someone who needs it. But I try to pass over $ 100 to get my price up.

I will request a full refund for mql4 due to the exaggerated advertising activity.


I can share prints of account, I have profits and max DD was 35%. Probably the users don’t follow owner instructions. Running since February .

vlvgolubev 2019.09.06 13:06 

Вошел в феврале 2019 с 10000 долларами. Была сумасшедшая просадка почти 70%, думал,что брокер начнет сам закрывать сделки, но к сентябрю все выравнивалось. Сейчас более чем 60% в плюсе. Хотелось бы конечно иметь защиту от такой просадки. Возможно стоит роботу останавливать открывать сделки при определенном уровне, например 1000%

Sio Fong Fok
Sio Fong Fok 2019.09.03 08:13 

excellent EA too , i make about 15% P in past 4month, dd is under 15% too, that's i want to seaching for , thankyou!!

Tobias 2019.08.16 07:50 

excellent EA, im averaging around 3-4% per month using half the recommended risk... my experience suggests it is best to close ligaments rather than waiting for entire basket..

akaziaa 2019.08.13 14:14 

I give 5 evaluations to developers' constant efforts.

Heinrich 2019.08.12 22:42 

I've been using MMH since April 2019. Always with low risk profile. The EA survived the Corona-tragedy excellently, which proofs the quality of the product. I'll continue using it. Thanks for the support.

Elsa Arroyo
Elsa Arroyo 2019.08.12 00:40 

Bad ea. Ran it on a demo account and had to close out all trades due to a negative margin. Ran it again and again on Demo was unable to continue to run this ea. Test any and every ea on DEMO. Do not get this ea. Better to trend trade.

Timur Niiazov
Timur Niiazov 2019.08.10 11:57 

EA не соотвествует описанию автора, ни каких механизмов защиты депозита нет, открывает позиции без смысла, хеджирования нет. Все что написал автор о работе советника ложь. Станислав всегда прикрывается своим действующим сигналом, но в этом сигнале при 2000$ депозита советник открывает позиции объемом 0.01 это не соответствует стандартным настройкам, и при этих настройках у него просадка депозита намного больше чем должна быть.

Eduard 2019.08.09 23:06 

this ea break one very important rule in investing in forex or other market never cut the winners and leave the loosers open !!!!!!!! never!!!!

it should be the other way round. this special taktik close every profit at 0,35% and leave the loosers run. it has incraise the drawdown from time to time. this system maybe work for a long time in a ranged market but not in a strong trending market or black swan market like now with gbp. you cut the winners and the loosers grow up to the point of blowing accounts. god bless me i used all the time this ea in demo. i just can recommend to use all ea for long time in demo to understand how it work and if it work with your broker and if the system has no logic mistake like this one. Avoid martinagel heading grid and other biullshit better search some eas with SL and TP and test it a long time and decide with one of them you can trust to run in life. dont be greedy and give it time to find the real one you can trust. Maybe this ea could be adjusted and made better with a new model or some else. This will show us if this autor jsut had want our money or he is a trustfull seller. At moment he failed with this system and much guys paid for it but maybe he can at least learn from this mistake and improve his ea. he shold know what is go wrong now.

2 stars because maybe working in a ranged market for decades but not in real forex market.

keltonactis 2019.08.09 19:19 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Xing Zhihao
Xing Zhihao 2019.08.09 19:01 

completely shit hole , this is another failure EA of this author , he always broadcast lies and cheating , never believe any product of him !

I can confirm this EA will be delete in future , and he will release another scam EA , this is what he did in the past.

Marcus Nyman
Marcus Nyman 2019.08.08 21:37 

I hope the whole community learned a hard lesson with this EA. All those 5 star reviews strongly defending the product from the beginning, proven total BS.

A signal with less than a year's progress is not enough.

Backtests could not be done because of the hedge feature. However a MT5 version would have backtested this perfectly.

We have also seen backtests on other products with manipulated tradinghistory coded into the EA. So always check the file size. If it's too big, then raise suspicous thoughts.

The author was working very hard to promote his work. I do remember this author had a lot of other products before, which he dumped. So I don't know why I trusted this EA in the first place. This gave me however, more experience to recognize shitty EA's before purchase.

MQL is a swamp with a lot of fake/bad products and very very few rare diamonds with honest authors. Wish you all good luck

jlababn 2019.08.08 13:26 

+1 blown account

Rob Marchant
Rob Marchant 2019.08.08 00:58 

Total Waste of MONEY will not give you updates unless you give him 5 star review he is a crook and a fraudster a total waste of $1000 please do not spend your money on this.

1qaz2wsx33 2019.08.07 10:13 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Carlo Thullen
Carlo Thullen 2019.08.05 22:04 

At the beginning I was quite convinced that this is a good EA with a reliable and safe strategy. At least it was sold this way with the following description:

"The advantages of this Expert can also be noted that the safety and minimization of drawdown is achieved by simultaneously several ligaments in the trade, which allows one ligament of pairs to pull the entire trading series on all open orders out of drawdowns, since the profit (for closing orders) is summarized. [...]

I use this system in the real trade many years, and also for management of the money of investors therefore the system is constantly analyzed and, if necessary, is corrected and updated."

In addition to that he made the following statement in his comments, which suggests that there is an additional safety mechanism to prevent MC, e.g. hedging all pairs in the ligaments with high DD. He wrote:

"Understand, the to become more drawdown on the account, the quicker the drawdown rests against the so-called deadlock and already practically cannot increase and if increases, then it is absolutely insignificant and the account can be in such state very long and the same time others ligaments (not in drawdown) will work and take profits. These are the states I would call Absolute Hedging."

Where is this "deadlock"??? Where is this "Absolute Hedging"??? Many accounts were blown away in the meantime and the DD increases step-by-step.

I asked the author per PM many times about this deadlock, but he always avoided this question and wrote something to calm me. That was the point where I pulled the ripcord and stopped trading with this EA with sizable but bearable loss (also due to preventing the EA to open any GBP ligaments in the past).

I gave this 1-star rating because it is proven that the author lied to us. There is no way to trade with this EA several months or years w/o having these problems we currently have during the GBP downtrend. For 2 months the EA almost always tried to open BUY positions -- WHY?????

This review is to warn everyone. Maybe the idea behind this EA is good (I cannot evaluate this, because there is no clear description what the EA really does), but it is certainly not fully developed. Unfortunately, the author sees things differently...

gugacarmellino 2019.08.05 14:23 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Poltergeist 2019.08.04 13:50 

I'm running Max Mixed Hedging DC now since several months. The profits are very low but the drawdown is steadily increasing! I use the default settings but the DD told by the author are heavily exceeded.

alex 2019.08.03 14:48 

Great EA. I can´t understand the negativ reviews. I use MMH for month´s with default settings and it performs very well. Of course there are EAs with higher returns per month but although with higher DD. My highest DD was about 24 % last week. The Autor has mentioned manytimes how the EA works. You have to have patient, let the EA work for months.

Alan Alphapoint
Alan Alphapoint 2019.07.31 08:18 

This Ea is like "Boiling a Frog". Drawdown will slowly crawl in each week. Eventually a 40% drawdown will show in your balance. There are no hedging or correlationship in each pair after 4 months live trading.

Ooi Jun Jun
Ooi Jun Jun 2019.07.30 18:06 

My account just blew today with medium risk settings recommended by author. This system did not "HEDGE" at all !! We need refund !!

rosaluigi 2019.07.30 17:29 

Great and stable EA, as I'm looking for. profit around 5% montly.

Bogdan Gheonea
Bogdan Gheonea 2019.07.30 14:12 

The best way to sell an EA is to make it trade multiple currencies concurrently and claim it cannot be tested in MT4. This way customers must believe what you tell them, and if you make a good pitch you're all set! Once you get the money it doesn't matter what happens to customer accounts - MQL won't force any "developer" to refund the money. This is quite a strong trend in EA "development" on MQL5.com

Alessio Bizzarri
Alessio Bizzarri 2019.07.30 07:04 

update 09/20/19 the 2nd account started 20 days after it survived continues to make profit, the DD is now acceptable.

Summary the system is good, it always has acceptable floating DD.

Remember that GBP from May to now 20000 movement points generated 3k of DD with a 0.01 size. (All 3 EAs of Stan).

Having overcome the disappointment and understood the limits of continual trust with his EA.

My account Exploded now 06:40 30/07/19

€ 3650 Size 0.01

No Comment!

naufilcollege 2019.07.28 20:28 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

euro-r 2019.07.19 17:03 

19.07.19 .работал эксперт с 01.05.19 настройки нормальные: Risk_value = 1,0 , GLOBAL_Profit = 0,35 ,0.01 лот за 1к , и 2.5 месяца приходилось наблюдать не за ростом прибыли , а за ростом ДД , ДД достиг 65% .

Обновление 30.07.19 : депозит - 5000 , капитал - 5600 , ДД - 4550

автор ошибок в моей торговле не нашел , пишет , что причина в неиспользовании специальной тактики , но исходя из инструкции это дело добровольное , а я тактикой пользовался , закрывал связки вручную в начале работы эксперта , потом закрывать было нечего т.к. все связки ушли в просадку .

вывод : здесь кому как повезет , в зависимости от удачного или неудачного времени установки этого эксперта

14.10.19 обновление : несмотря на то , что я потерял больше половины своего депозита , я считаю , что это очень достойный эксперт и заслуживает уважения . на данный момент заслуживает твердые 4 звезды ...

PUI SIU GEOFFREY CHEN 2019.07.13 12:09 

I am using the All Hedge EAS (6 systems) on 1 account system since April.

Drawdown and profit is similar with Stan's live account and I accept the drawdown as part of the game.

This system will not make you rich over night, but it made constant profit week after week for me.

The market is always changing and there will be month with higher profit and month with lower profit, and drawdown will keep floating up and down.

Of course, it is too early for me to make final judgement now, but I will keep testing and observing.

I am comfortable with the system at this moment.

I may update again in 1 or 2 months later.


Updated on 1 Dec 2019.

The profit in the past few months:

May - 7.45%

Jun - 2.8%

Jul - 4.06%

Aug - 4.96%

Sep - 5.88%

Oct - 8.1%

Nov - 3.04%

With the default setting, my maximum drawdown went as high as around $4,000, so the minimum capital I recommended is $7,000 or higher. But in most of the time, the drawdown is less than $1000.

I have been using 5 to 6 EA in the past few months, and this one is one of those that I am comfortable with.

Jay Trader
Jay Trader 2019.07.12 09:14 

Very good ea for long term results. The author is very supportive

Nelastrasza 2019.07.02 08:29 

I´m trading with this EA on an ECN EUR account since three months and the results are exactly how Stan, the developer, describes it.

Of course the profit and dd changes accordingly to the market conditions, but the overall result hits the description.

The support is very good as well and Stan even offers to set the EA up for people who are not able to do it themselfs, though I didnt "test" this service myself.

In my opinion, bad reviews of this EA are based on totally wrong expectations, even though Stan describes everything super detailed and honest. Or on a wrong setup of the EA and/or the trading account.

I´m super satisfied with the EA and happy to use it!

Cheers Nela


Just for info:

I trade with conservative settings and yes, I have the negative GBP float as well at the moment, which is not concerning me at all.

mark43043p 2019.07.02 04:00 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Sam Khardif
Sam Khardif 2019.07.02 02:23 

The good thing with this EA low DD, on the other side, never make money very Low Profit, with the demo account 10K for 60 days, only make $215, Today I feel that If I don't trade at all i have the same result.

woland 2019.06.28 15:24 

The EA failed.

It doesn't work at all.

Very big drawdowns

If you take a look at EA profit it is lower and lower.

And profit 1.29% (Jun) with DD bigger than 50% is a unacceptable.


Cunsheng Cao
Cunsheng Cao 2019.06.28 11:33 

Buyers be aware!This so called hedging system is not hedging. In my real account EA opened all 24 pairs with very large DD. DD came from GBP. However all the GBP pairs are in long positions, which means if GBP goes week again the system will continue open the grid of buying GBP. The EA already opened 3 grids of buying GBPAUD. As we know the BRIEXIT, this is very dangerous!!The account will blow up for sure!!

This EA will not survival in a black swan market. Seller was helpful until I told him this situation. I think that's why the signal of 6 strategies has been removed buy seller. I am lucky just bought one!

EA did works, but you may spend years to recover the DD, buying fee and vps fees. However, I don't think this EA will last that long.

Save your money

Tommi Lepanen
Tommi Lepanen 2019.06.28 10:53 

MMHDC has been in use for two months. In both months profit has been 10%.

DD at maximum 10%.

Five stars

Tobias Grosse
Tobias Grosse 2019.06.27 07:36 

20190627 - Start was in 5/2019. Works as explained by developer. Update follows. 20190725 - Works as explained by developer. - risk 0.30, DD ~4%, profit ~6% 20190816 - Works as explained by developer. - risk 0.25, DD ~3%, profit ~7% (correlation 1.3, step 0.9) 20200613 - balance goes up, equity goes down or stays low ... useless

Basim Safindi
Basim Safindi 2019.06.26 10:25 

Guys Guys Guys


I have very important review for you...just wait ..it is my real 2 months trial for the system....Don't buy before you read this


Guys....The seller is not responding to my messages and I believe that he has disappeared. At last he replied but he is insisting that losses is a normal thing and the system is working. He is not believing the numbers but believing in his system only.

Please note that I have bought two system and they have got great loses in comparison to gains. After two months of using and renting VPS, I can say this is a big loser. What you make in two weeks, you lose in one day...it is just not working. I have decided to pull the plug ant let this system die because it was eating my capital. Please note that there is NO EA on earth that works...indicators and manual trading is the way to go. Better than all this nonsense, buy bitcoin and sleep. It will work for you and your future. Forget ALL Forex ...this is my life experience I am putting for you after losing hundreds of dollars here and there. BTC is the money of the future. Not Forex, not gold not oil.

Ramakant Duggal
Ramakant Duggal 2019.06.25 14:31 

I gave it 2 stars just for Classy description and a good user interface with good controls.

Now for reality. After 2 months of producing 5-6% monthly profit, the DD suddenly started growing from 10% till it became 30%. I guess the correlation between the pairs being statically predefined, the EA has no strategy for market conditions where the correlation between the pairs on ligaments starts failing. This is where the failure of this strategy lies.

I learnt my lesson at a considerable cost when I closed all trades today and took losses to salvage the account around 30% DD, most which occurred in the last 2 weeks.

So I advise to buy this EA only if you know how to manually correct situation of correlation failures. The price has gone up to over double now, I would not recommend it at that price at all.

In the end it's just another shiny object for traders to play with - those of us that are too lazy to learn to trade manually. There is not any consistently performing EA that I have come across, that can generate profits of over 10% monthly, with sensible DD of 20%.

Good luck to all of you. Sayonara.

fravia 2019.06.21 00:35 

Real scary :http://prntscr.com/olvyta


1. muti hedging does make sense to me, hence one currency pair cannot destroy you.

2. Real account results.

3. Author Is very Helpful


1. The EA is performing low since the last few months, hopefully, it will recover.

2. Cost of EA is high based on the returns it produces, say you invest 1000 USD you will recover only the cost of EA in one year + cost of VPS etc

3. I am not comfortable enough to put more money in an account as of yet.

4. EA on one account is performing better but it would take almost 6k of your investment just to get started.

I am not saying that the EA is bad, probably the best in mql5 right now, but the thing is if you have a limited budget you will end up hating it and the author has nothing to do with it :)

makniaz 2019.06.18 04:14 

Great EA. Stan is persistent and is building a system that makes a substantial profit and it is automated. I am looking forward to a long stable future with this EA

wadapartja 2019.06.16 19:42 

Great work and support from Stan! It's still performing really well.

But one thing. I think you need to think for yourself. I never trust any EA for 100%. Always use your own mind.

I disabled All the GBP pairs for two weeks now, because of the brexit mess and the system is performing well.

My highest drawdown was 0.37%.

Maik Siebel
Maik Siebel 2019.06.11 15:59 

Update 06.08.2019: The account was almost blown up.

Update 31.10.2019: It seems to recover.

Update 13.11.2019: it goes on up. I'm confident.

Update 08.10.2020: I give up. The EA is booking a constant profit, but with a steadily increasing drawdown. The decisive thing: No equity growth with high drawdown and risk. Not to be recommended.


9080 colin
9080 colin 2019.06.10 05:45 

I wasted 1870USD and bought two EAs. Today I will delete all losing trades. Because the loss will only be infinitely magnified, I can't believe that I spend so much money to buy these EAs, he is not worth it.

Erick Startford
Erick Startford 2019.06.05 13:43 

i running this EA about a month and really work , even DD abt 20% but still can maintain and have some profit ,

ken4rex 2019.06.05 03:04 

update: (29/Jun/19)

my final comment to all subscribers.

personally, I don't like to way of DD is getting larger and larger, and Profit is getting smaller and smaller or eventually it isn't move at all!!

The Direct-Correlation as claimed seems doesn't really work well or it isn't 'correlate' well enough, otherwise it wont holding those ligament in the stuck condition and made the DD getting larger.

To summary my own experience:

1. At the beginning phase as when EA was started, it is 'clean' for every ligament, that symptom wont appeared.

2. Until the all ligament pairs trade opened, and correlation seems separated apart and further and further, that is the problem started.

good luck to all subscribers who still holding the EA and hope for the miracle to happen, I personally had stop running on it. Not worth for the thousands dollars, I only feel lucky I didn't go for the other 2 products.


ken4rex 2019.06.05 03:04

profit is like in 'halt' status if all the pairs in the opened status and I have no ideas when those pairs can be closed (although using the tactic method) . The all pairs opened status could cause the floating DD keep increasing ( as what is happening now ). It is in the long wait... before it can closed up to get the profit move. (i understand the floating DD is known to me), but the system like become paralyze, and it take time to heal (make profit).

RaK 2019.06.03 17:01 

I had started and waited for a decent period (2 months) before leaving a review. The entire logic behind ea is opening of positions with opposite correlation. However, if correlation doesn't work dd keeps on increasing, after a certain level, usually 100 usd loss (for base capital of $1000 and 1 micro lot) it opens another position for the pair. You have to keep minimal targets so that these pairs can close. Profit booking is extremely minimal, i have seen just 3% profits as against 40% current running dd for my account. If you are lucky and dont see major trend initially you might see closure of ligaments quickly. However, if you start with this ea, and major trend comes up you are stuck in huge dd, just wait and wait till the time it recovers it without giving you enough profit. Also, you might even blow up your account if the trend is in 3 or more pairs. The pricing of the ea is exorbitatnt. Doesn't derserve more than 200 bucks for this hope and wait thing.

Further edit: DD went above 50%, stuck in bad trades, no way out of these... Its worst EA with far worse pricing.

mxp1 2019.05.30 14:59 

This EA is horrendous. Every pair opened has been in deep loss, 70+ pips. I can trade blindly and not get these losses and DD. Definitely not worth pay for.

Marx Vonde
Marx Vonde 2019.05.24 19:45 

Hi, This is my first review of the max mixed hedging (bought in April 2019). I have been running it for more than a month and generated 7%. I then subsequently added the other two EA from Stan and to date running at about 12.5% In one and a half months. Lowest drawdown on All three has been less than 20% (currently 16.5%) . I will update again in the coming months. I do commend Stan on his great support. Thank you.

12 Nov - EA is still running positive profit. I reduced my DD, by reducing the max open pairs from 5 to 2, and reduced Global risk. Per ligament profit I set at 0.05 and global 0.08. This reduces swap costs.

I am happy with the performance

Georgios B.
Georgios B. 2019.05.24 16:41 

I was reluctant to leave review, although it's going great and author is supportive mainly through p.m. But he reassured us that he will work also in the future for the best of his clients and the system. Moreover, that we get the exact preferred values everyone needs, cause he is building already the MT5 version, in order to have a better understanding and optimum values through tests, that cannot be done with the MT4 version.

========== 31/07/2019

Poor performance, dangerous advisor. No MT5 version yet, as promised. Poor support and understanding from author. Live signal is no guarantee for future performance.

========== 2019.10.31

Author made important changes and updates, inluding the creation of the MT5 ver. Rating is up to 2 from 1 star. More studing is necessary for better re-evaluation.


The progress done is way more than expected regarding previous work. I don't have now a legit reason to not add 3 more stars.

JARRAR1402 2019.05.22 12:26 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Patrick 2019.05.21 19:45 

Yes - It has a Drawdown and Yes - It holds some Positions very long. But the creator told us that clearly.

But much more important is that this EA makes good constant Profit in a safe way (if you configure and use the EA in the right way).

My gains (Started EA Usage in March (Beginning)):

March: 14,85%

April: 2,25%

May: 8,39%

June: 2,02%

July: 0,35%

August: 2,22%

September: 1,44%

October: -3,06% (Closed some Bad GBP Trades with minimal loss)

November: 3,34% so far

Highest DD was 60%. And i am using Special Tactic with default Settings.

khoi1009 2019.05.21 12:23 

I've only been using the EA for two weeks but have obtained a stable profit of nearly 7% (using all EAs on one account method), and my current DD is sitting around 11%, which is expected as clearly described by the author. Yes, there is always DD (10%-20% depending on your risk level) in your account when using this EA, and you should be prepared for that if decided to go long-term with this EA. It is very likely that you would run the EA without any profit for the first month to offset this DD, and then start having the consistent dollars flowing into your account from the second month. This EA is not for someone who wants to have quick and big profit, but it will surely give you a peace of mind.

I also have a strong faith in the working mechanism of this EA, which relies on the correlation between pairs. I think this is the only way to protect your account from flash crash ( I have also developed a dozen of EAs using AI for several investment funds, but it has shown to me that AI is completely useless when market crash happened. Mathematical models just simply can't predict the crash).

It is really time consuming to create a reliable EA, and take even more effort to bring it to top 5 on Market, so I feel sorry for the author when seeing some bad unreasonable reviews that he does not deserve to get.

David.es 2019.05.20 23:41 

It's the best "EA" I've had. Now you do not expect results of 50% per month. If you look for that, buy other "EA" martingale that sooner or later burn your account. I am a professional trader and I recognize that the EA is very professional with the results of a professional trader. My recommendation is to understand the market a bit and never leave a "EA" working alone, but this "EA" gives me peace of mind because my positions are covered by a Flash crash or unexpected news.

Luckychao 2019.05.20 17:28 

This is one of the best EAs in the market. The performance matches with what developer describes. The developer is very supportive and helpful if you have any questions or concerns. He has been working consistently on improving the EA. I give this EA a five stars just like majority of the reviews here. I highly recommend this EA to anyone.

NIJAT MAHMUDOV 2019.05.17 09:39 

To all the people who have negative reviews, I have been using this EA since February and I am extremely happy. If you do not wish to see lots of negative trades while waiting for it, just tweak the settings and it will have less entries but they will be more successful.

captain100 2019.05.17 07:58 

Not recommend to use because of the pair can stuck for few weeks and you wont be able to run away unless you cut loss. Selling price is too high, you cant get back what you invest in this EA so not worth for me. $1000 account profit monthly maybe just few % but you may stuck into high DD over 10% easily i have stop using it with cut loss 20%

Morten Kruse
Morten Kruse 2019.05.16 21:17 

Very bad Ea. Look at the draw Down of the signal. Currently -240 USD. No Stars. Also never trust someone who keeps posting in the comments sections. All the real comments “drowns” in all the spam. By the way. NO ea is worth more than 400-500 usd

Dhaval Prahladbhai Patel
Dhaval Prahladbhai Patel 2019.05.16 16:16 

I have used this EA for last two months. one months i have used in demo account and one month real account. i am not happy with this EA at all. It generate about $80 in $1000 real account. but at the same time it had 20 position opened which is in big minus for last 20 days. total minus positioned opened is $265 which is 26.5% of drawn down. and it is still going down. it means it is in loss after wasting one months. i can not recommend this EA to buy and waste time. the main problem I found in this EA is entry in trade. i can not understand what strategy EA is using when it open trade. its always goes in minus. sometime, i had seen that currency pairs is oversold and can not goes down any more and EA open sell trade. as a result, big minus, now wait until it can come back, may be one week, one month or one year. if any one have any question please send me message from my account in mql5. i can show you all evidence with photos to prove it. this is not a smart EA. please please don't waste money behind this EA.

basically, how this EA works: it open and two position at the same time randomly and put it in one basket and there is on stop loss so there is no exit until it gives you 0.35% profit. do you think it works.... no.

please don't trust on other reviews ....

sfx1971 2019.05.15 19:34 

Update 29th July 2019

After spending stupid money on 3 of these EAs and following the developers instructions to the letter, I find my demo account in very serious trouble after several months of small profit but increasing drawdown. In the end I decided not to waste any more VPS resource on this very expensive trash and i cancelled the experiment.

In my opinion you should avoid these EAs at all costs until the developer actually addresses the fundamental flaws that are clear for all of us to see.


After a decent test of this robot in demo I was impressed and decided to buy the other 2 EAs and use the combined strategy. I've been disappointed so far, drawdown is climbing every single day and it's not really banking any profits. I'm no George Soros, but to me the hedging just doesn't seem to work

Yes, it's early days and i wont leave a rating yet, but so far so not so good...

ppalicaway 2019.05.13 21:39 

Great EA, I tried it on both Demo and Real account and has been very consistent. Stan is also a good mate, he answers your queries (no matter how noob it is) promptly. Thanks for all your hard work mate!

ahmat 2019.05.13 17:50 

good !!!!

myth641 2019.05.10 00:37 

Rented for 3 months yesterday due to not being able to afford the purchase price at this time, will consider buying once my 3 months is over so I really hope the buying price doesn't change from 980 usd.

Stanislaus Siatsko seems like a genuine guy who is passionate about his products and understands how to provide excellent service and support to his customers.

Too early to post progress so I will update this review with information on profits soon.

enriquemarqs 2019.05.08 13:07 

Excelente EA. Gran trabajo de Stan y buen soporte.

aristata 2019.05.07 05:56 

Very Good EA. Working with live account with positive return., low DD and constant profits. Good support and prompt reply from Stanislau . He is is very helpful. Good on you mate.

Abdul Aleem
Abdul Aleem 2019.05.03 18:42 

I first tested MMH on Demo, for 1.5 full months at 3,000 USD. and the Result was astonishingly excellent. !!!! 11% (On Equity not on Balance)

From the last 3 weeks, EA is working on my real account worth 5,000 USD (2 weeks 3K and this week I increased funds to 5K).

Although the market was slow due to Easter, yet EA managed to squeeze some profit. My Intention is to increase my funds to 15K USD gradually.


Bottom line is: EA is very stable. I recommend to buy it.

Yes, drawdown (floating not real) is there but Stan mentioned it clearly in the product information. It is not harming.

VPS is a must.

Advice for new Buyers: Under standard settings, EA works progressively and slowly so deal with patience.

Den JH
Den JH 2019.05.01 11:26 

Good EA with intelligent strategy behind. Result on my real account last 3 months with medium setting. Low DD about 10% and avg. profit about 10%/month.

Marsel Akhmetyanov
Marsel Akhmetyanov 2019.04.25 08:40 

Great software!

30% profit per month on risky settings, drawdown was a maximum of 17%.

Invoice monitoring posted. Other advisors had drawdowns worse in the same period.

Tech support is also on top!

Thank you, Stanislav!

Moses Lee
Moses Lee 2019.04.18 20:35 

Was wondering about how the EA would perform before I purchased it, but I have no doubts now that the EA is working as it should and in 2 days I have generated 2% returns on my account. I must say I am very pleased and look forward to great things. The author is both helpful and responsive. You can usually get replies within 24hrs. I am thankful for his dedication towards us and his continued research in improving the EA. Most recommended. However do take note that if one is not used to seeing drawdowns, then it is better to set to a low risk settings. 2 Thumbs up.

Revilo2200 2019.04.18 11:07 

Update 25.6.

get more and more the certainty that we all just run like mice in the hamster wheel. Always in the hope of finding this very particular EA, which is different from the rest. The realization is unfortunately always the same ... It just does not exist. The best possible result you can achieve in 10 years of trading is not to lose more than you paid. This insight does not taste good, but it seems to be the only realistic way of looking at it. I have almost all MQL Top EAs ... And still I step on the same point. It always starts well, but after a few weeks, comes the realization. Does anyone have other experiences?

Update 15.05.2019

Great EA, although sometimes I wish that a buy-position would be a sell and a sell-position a buy ;-) like at the current moment. Sometimes there are long imbalance in favor of the negative value. But I trust Stanislav and hope that the medium DD will soon be smaller again. This should be clear to every buyer that in the best / worst case all ligaments are open at the same time. That's why I give 4 stars, because I think that the entry points could be improved and the imbalance become more balance. Thanks for your great work Stan.

sama superfund
sama superfund 2019.04.15 23:21 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Christian Menzer
Christian Menzer 2019.04.11 17:15 

Der EA läuft wirklich gut. Die 1. Einrichtung ist ein wenig aufwändig, aber bisschen arbeiten zum Geldverdienen darf man ja auch. Ich habe den nun seit Anfang März am Laufen und im März so ca. 8 Prozent gemacht. Im April bisher(9 Handelstage) sind wir schon bei 6 Prozent. Also wirklich klasse Ergebnisse. Das Schöne ist, dass es kein richtiges Grid System ist(wie bei den meisten anderen EA's). Grid ist zwar nicht zu verteufeln, aber das Risiko bei Grid ist schon nicht ganz ohne und man muss mit DD von 20 bis 40 Prozent leben. Hier hatte ich bisher einen maximalen Drawdown von 7 bis 8 Prozent insgesamt. Eigentlich konnte ich bisher gar nichts von Grid entdecken. Der EA hat zwar mal zweite Position nachgekauft, aber das wars dann auch schon. Da könnte man schon fast auf den Gedanken kommen, dass das Risiko zu gering ist. Allerdings ist bei den Gewinnen das auch gut so. Jeder EA der 5 Prozent im Monat macht, ist schon mal Top und bei dem hier kann man gut aufs Doppelte im Schnitt kommen und das bei so wenig DD.

Also der EA ist nicht ganz billig, aber holt die Kosten recht fix wieder rein. Natürlich sollte man schon ein ordentliches Konto nehmen und nicht nur irgendwie 500 oder 1000 Euro. Mit so wenig Geld ist man mit Forex wohl eh verkehrt, sondern man muss schon wenig was investieren, wenn man das vernünftig machen will.

Was ein wenig nervt, das der Autor des EA's die Diskussionsspalte die eigentlich für Nutzer gedacht ist zu spamt. Eigentlich wirklich eine komplett furchtbare Angewohnheit von ihm, die ihn leider etwas unseriös rüber kommen lässt. Diskussionen sind für die Nutzer da und nicht für seinen Spam. Tut aber nichts zur Sache bei seinem Produkt. Gut scheint es dennoch zu sein.

UPDATE: habe den jetzt seit Anfang März laufen und bin bei +20 Prozent. Also Top. Momentan ist der DD etwas mehr als 10 Prozent, was aber völlig in Ordnung ist. Im Gegensatz zu den ganzen Grid Systemen braucht man sich hier bei -10 Prozent keinen Kopp machen. Da kann man sich Sorgen machen bei 40 Prozent oder sogar erst mehr. Man sollte aber mindestens 1:500 Leverage im Account haben. Besser 1:1000, dann hat man dank geringer Margin sogar noch mehr Luft....

frifrafrank 2019.04.02 13:00 

First impressions are positive, low DD and constant profits. Stanislau always responds and is very helpful.

Aceman123 2019.03.27 23:15 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

libmil 2019.03.27 21:04 

Ticket raised with service desk warning of the dangerous nature of this and also other EA's when used in combination.

This product is miss sold as a hedging solution when it does not hedge and can cause massive danger or damage to your account.

Armen Khachatryan
Armen Khachatryan 2019.03.26 16:10 

Update: 18.05.2019

All those who, without understanding what kind of adviser is, please do not write bad reviews.

I use the adviser from the first version of it and I can confidently say that the adviser is a good one.


Я уверен, что такой советник будет работать и приносить вам прибыль долго и надежно .

Я использую все советники Станислава, с самой первой версии (почти пять месяцев ) и должен сказать, что лучше чем эти советники, я пока не встречал.

Я очень благодарен Станиславу за проделанную работу и своевременные обновления.

Рекомендую всем.


I am sure that such an adviser will work and bring you profit for a long time and reliably.

I use all the advisers from Stanislav from the very first Version (almost five months) and I must say that I have not yet met better than these advisors.

I am very grateful to Stanislav for his brilliant work and timely updates.

I recommend for everybody.

D S 2019.03.25 14:40 

Good support.

Divyanshu Dayal
Divyanshu Dayal 2019.03.21 08:11 

Using this EA since 8 months and results are excellent. Go for it. 100% Customer Orientation from EA and Its Author

Jan 2019.03.17 14:00 

Live since a couple of weeks. I like the no-nonsense approach of the developer. Support is great. Now also starting with the Twin Hedge DC EA on separate account. Trades are good!

zhenglah 2019.03.17 05:20 

All results are on Moderate(default) setings.

14/3/2019 - started using on live acc, so far everything looks good. great support from developer, will update my review.

15/4/2019 - been using for a month now, current result 21% ROI and somewhere -25% Floating DD, kinda similar to what the author had mentioned to us. will see how it goes next month.

13/5/2019 - EA did not work up to my expectation for this month, gained just 4% since the last update. a total of 25% ROI and 15% Floating DD now, hoping for a better result to come.

14/6/2019 - 3rd month is over, and EA still did not work up to my expectation, however it is better than last month, with a 8% gain, with floating DD remains somewhere -15%, though the author is really being helpful, but the performance of EA really doesn't satisfy me yet. -1 star for now.

24/7/2019 - 4th month is over, same as 3rd month.. kinda disappointed with the EA as the drawdown is getting higher(40%+ now) and the profit is very low (less than 5% per month). dropping another star from the review..

08/8/2019 - review came early this month because my account is about to blow, with almost 70% drawdown now.. i opt to step out from this EA eventhough i've paid a lot for it and the author keeps claiming how good his own EA is, however just look at the recent reviews on august first week alone, how many people had blew their account and judge for yourselves. I used to have faith in this EA, now its just a bs. 1 star

Koen Chan
Koen Chan 2019.03.15 11:33 

I get great support and explanation from Stanislau, the EA is working great so far in live account, not easy to make such a sophiscated EA.

maakuone 2019.03.15 09:23 

1 week trading and profits are climbing steadily.

ak2017 2019.03.14 21:12 


jaytonic 2019.03.13 17:03 

Great EA. Everything is working fine so far! Thanks a lot!

Ali Alqudaihi
Ali Alqudaihi 2019.03.13 12:43 

Max-Mixed Hedging EA is one of the best EA in the market, Stanislau is very supportive and professional ea creator. It is highly recommended and profitable expert.

Lazarus052 2019.03.12 13:32 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Oystein Knudsen
Oystein Knudsen 2019.03.07 06:54 

Great and profitable EA. One of the best I have tested!

Jeremy Roach
Jeremy Roach 2019.03.06 06:26 

Purchased this EA based on the strategy, live signal and reviews. It's functional and seems really smart in its trading strategies. Early days of course, but seems very cohesive with the author's other strategies. The author provides excellent prompt support.

Rabeia Abdelhamid Saleh Mussa
Rabeia Abdelhamid Saleh Mussa 2019.03.05 17:28 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Myung Cheol Yang
Myung Cheol Yang 2019.03.05 07:48 

I have all EA. (TH, MMH,TMM)

It takes waiting to make a profit.

And DD is basically necessary.

MaxDD doesn't have to worry.

The developer's signal is reliable.

Jonathan Moss
Jonathan Moss 2019.03.05 05:08 

A interesting and promising concept. I am encouraged by positive forward testing provider by the author and have already increased my real account 3%. The author is forthcoming with help, and is continuing to develop the product so looking forward to more strategies using the EA in the future.

mike27399 2019.03.04 18:03 

Hallo, der erste EA der stabile Gewinne produziert. Absolute Empfehlung von mir. Risiko ist immer sehr begrenzt!

Chuan Tian Jian Si
Chuan Tian Jian Si 2019.03.03 11:09 

Fucking EA. thats all and thats all, all of the review is stealth marketing

the Author will send the setting file instead of 5 stars.

so dark. it is dark and dark.

Dear all, have a good die.

Atsushi 2019.02.27 15:46 

It is so clever EA, also good efficiency, I love it. Author’s quick and responsible support are very helpful.

andreigno88277 2019.02.25 09:48 

The expert is well done with high hopes for the future. I believe the best expert in the market. the seller very attentive and quick in answer for any doubt. The expert is great for investing in the medium to long term just sticking and forgetting about it.

Aussie Trader
Aussie Trader 2019.02.25 05:47 

I see quite a few EAs rocketing up the charts based on glowing comments on back tests. These EAs generally produce a few wins before they go on to make a string of losses and get dumped. Cunning developers have worked out that there are plenty of gullible buyers who will fork out their dough for good looking back tests. Some have gone to the lengths of embedding the EA with set files and other tricks to produce the desired results. The .ex4 file size is often a good pointer for potential skulduggery.

In my opinion a long-standing verifiable signal is worth more than 100 dodgy, super optimized, curve fitted, back-tests. I can’t understand how people can buy an EA and then give 5* reviews based solely on back-tests when there is zero track record? “NO SIGNAL or history of transactions” is a big red flag and should immediately arouse suspicion.The signal for this EA has a good track record over a reasonably long period of time. It has survived some very tough scenarios -see comment #202, and come out on top. The risk to reward ratio is not massive but still attractive for those with an investor type mentality.

This EA uses complex cutting-edge strategies backed by a high level of technical proficiency. The author is supportive and continually seeking to improve performance and user functionality. MMH should still be making good profits long after the shooting stars have faded.

Jonathan Bourse
Jonathan Bourse 2019.02.24 22:26 

Very good EA, Stanislu is very helpfull for setting the EA.

Andrew Black
Andrew Black 2019.02.24 13:48 

Excellent EA, author very responsive to questions as well. Highly recommended

killerbridge 2019.02.22 07:46 

High Profit EA & Good Performance. I Love the EA :)

Brusm3 2019.02.16 19:20 

Been following provider for longtime. Best support and this EA is a 5 star. Best regards!


12/03 Once again good support.

Update 07/June - Once again good support and these EA:s are one of the best for longtime.

23 Aug - Drawdown was up abit in July. But now its down to 0 (!). All trades where closed and result was profit. Not use high risk if not want high risk. Use medium and have a nice deposit and it will make money!

31-Oct. 112% stable profit in 11 months. Max DD 39,7%.

14-Nov. 115% Profit. Rating was set to 2 by mistake always a 5 for this EA and provider.

Preeda Boonkhun
Preeda Boonkhun 2019.02.11 11:29 

This is a very good EA. Author is very responsive and excellent support.

ีupdate 07/08/19 : Fail for long term

Patrickup 2019.02.07 02:47 

I just bought this EA recently. It is the second EA from Stanislau.

The developer is very fast in response and very helpful.

Matthew Todorovski
Matthew Todorovski 2019.02.01 09:32 

After initial success, default settings have generated few trades. The concept is good, but holding positions forever does not grow the account (Swap adds up).

Not worth the high price of USD1000.

manish238 2019.01.03 10:55 

This is my second EA from Stanislau Siatsko, Developer is very supportive. Now its time to make some money. I have been using this EA since Jan-19 I have made consistent profit month on month. I have a very large account attached with this with more than $50k. Developer is quick responsive and keep us updated every time he comes up with new ideas or little tricks and twicks. I am very happy with this.

Jui Lan Yu
Jui Lan Yu 2018.12.21 12:59 

So far, so good.

Tlek Beisembekov
Tlek Beisembekov 2018.12.19 23:10 

Это уже второй продукт этого автора который я купил.Уже работает на реале . С первых минут сделки открылись и уже есть прибыль Дать полноценную оценку пока не могу так ка слишком мало времени прошло с момента покупки но мне очень нравится подход к торговле .То что мне было нужно.По прошествию времени дополню свой отзыв .

paul2017 2018.12.15 00:48 

I bought yesterday this EA. It is already my second EA from Stanislau and I believe I'll be satisfied with it too :)

The author is friendly and helpful - I always get quick responses!

Jing Lu
Jing Lu 2018.12.11 01:06 

MDD is getting more and more bigger than expected.

We have to wait and see the performance...

But I think it will turn into good profit.


um... I will not use this EA for making money, but for testing.

open time is long, DD is big.

this is not good for my trading style.

But I think author is very smart, helpful.

I convince he will make very profitable EA.

Nuno Simoes
Nuno Simoes 2018.12.02 13:03 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Andrew 2018.12.01 15:53 

Very good EA! The developer is always very responsive and helpful whenever I have any questions. The drawdown has been very low for me so far. I am very excited about this ea.

Trevor Chan
Trevor Chan 2018.11.29 13:42 

This is the EA I am looking for to balance my existing portfolio, good job and looking forward to your continuing support.

Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza
Roberto Cesar Ruarte Pedraza 2018.11.28 09:31 

The expert is behaving as the live signal on my real account.. author is very supportive and drawdown is small as promised with set files.

Himanshu Manchanda
Himanshu Manchanda 2018.11.27 18:54 

Good creator at first place. very supportive.

this ea is one of its kind. the live signals and the growth in the live account are convincing and happening in real too.

keep it up.

update on 25 march..

really happy.

shawnnny 2018.11.27 14:14 

Usuário não fez qualquer comentário quanto a classificação

Mohammad Wahdat Wassel
Mohammad Wahdat Wassel 2018.11.20 14:57 

****update 07 December***

The EA is working flawlessly after the updates. 5 stars. There has been a new update, let's hope for the best.


I am giving it 2 star now but will change if the performance is optimized.

The EA is supposed to be hedging across correlated pairs and avoid big drawdowns at all time. This weeks one sided move is showing a bigger than normal DD.

I am not closing any positions manually. I want it to automatically perform. I have 3 sets installed on a 5k account.


Tae Youn
Tae Youn 2018.11.15 03:51 

EA is very dangerous when market is volatile or goes one way in a short period of time. 10% DD just today alone. lucky market bounced back but if it didn't, it would've been a disaster. Hedging? what hedging... this is no hedging. I had high hopes but sorry I can only give 2 stars. Would've been 5 stars if it could better handle violent market conditions.

mikeyg17 2018.11.06 18:58 

Great EA. Good support. Exactly what I was searching for.

Responder ao comentário
Versão 8.0 2020.03.17
Important (required) update!

1. The vulnerability of the adviser was fixed, in which there were too frequent opening positions with a small step.
2. Situations are excluded when similar trades are opened for currency pairs of the same currency.
1. The system algorithm is adapted to force majeure trading situations such as:
- significant (not typical) spread expansion;
- intraday gaps;
- requotes / delays
2. The exclusion of too frequent discoveries within the same ligament.
3. EA optimized and adapted to a more conservative style of trading.
Versão 7.1 2020.01.24
This is a very IMPORTANT and Mandatory update with the update of all Sets (N1, N2 and N3)!

1. Completely updated the entire trading algorithm.
2. Optimized all currency pairs in all Ligaments and also adapted to new Conditions(1-4).
3. Each Set uses multidirectional strategies for greater diversification.
4. Tested and tested for compatibility all pairs in the Ligaments of each Set (N1, N2 and N3).
5. In Set-N1, we change the Ligament (CHFJPY + AUDUSD) to (USDCHF + NZDCHF).
6. Each Ligament is adapted for trading under 4 different Conditions:
...... 2 conditions for synchronous movement of correlation pairs;
...... 2 conditions for asynchronous movement of correlation pairs;
5. Now it is allowed to activate at once several the Conditions for the Ligament at the same time, that is, if you want to use more risky trading and have more trades, you can activate several Conditions in the Ligament and even all four at the same time, for example:
Ligament_1_________________________Condition_1 = true;
Ligament_1_________________________Condition_2 = true;
Ligament_1_________________________Condition_3 = true;
Ligament_1_________________________Condition_4 = true;
and so for each bunch:
Ligament_1 - Ligament_4.
Versão 6.11 2019.11.22
1. Fixed a bug that was observed among users who used the value of <Trading_MODE> not by default, affecting the opening of several trades in a ligament.
Versão 6.9 2019.11.21
By popular demand, I added a parameter for quickly changing the trading mode <Trading_MODE>:

- Conservative
- Normal
- Risky
- High_Risky

ATTENTION! When choosing the trading mode <Risky> or <High_Risky>, test Max-Mixed-Hedging_DC on a demo account and make sure that you are comfortable with this trading style.
Versão 6.8 2019.11.14

1. Fixed a bug leading to the opening of more than one trades in the Ligament_2.
Versão 6.7 2019.11.13
1. Have been optimized code for more correct operation of all functions.
2. Full synchronization with the latest version of MT5: ___ https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42798 ___, for testing and optimization.
3. Fixed incorrect display of the fractional part on the information panel in some parameters.

For a more stable and correct operation of the adviser, MANDATORY update Max-Mixed_Hedging_DC before version 6.7!
Versão 6.5 2019.10.30
1. Full synchronization with the MT5 version: ___ https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42798 ___, for testing and optimization.
2. All trading conditions (Condition_1 - Condition_5) are completely delimited, for the possibility of choosing for each ligament separately, the optimal-favorable condition for trading, as well as with the ability to use several conditions for one ligament in choice.
3. All parameters Condition_1 - Condition_5 are absolutely customizable for each ligament separately with the possibility of independent optimization.
Versão 6.2 2019.10.18
1. Full synchronization with the MT5 version: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/42798, for testing and optimization.
2. Added additional conditions for entering the market. If earlier only one condition was used to open positions, now there are 5 of them (Condition_1 - Condition_5) and you can choose with which conditions the EA will enter the market and accompany the transactions of each ligament. Moreover, these are not just changed parameter values, these are completely different Conditions coded in EA, are not related to each other and are not similar. In fact, each condition can be used as a separate system. You can also combine conditions, that is, activate several conditions for entering the market and deals support.
3. A detailed check of each currency pair in conjunction for compatibility and correctness in pair trading was carried out using each Condition_(1-5) separately. In this regard, we are changing some of the ligaments. For example, in Set_1, the 4th ligament is corrected, instead of (NZDJPY + AUDUSD), now (NZDJPY + USDJPY) is used. I must say right away that if there are open orders for the previous ligament - this is not a problem and you do not need to close them, the new version of Max_Mixed_Hedging will see these orders and continue to accompany them.
Versão 5.0 2019.04.24
Very important and mandatory update.

1. By popular demand, Special Tactic, which expands the capabilities of the adviser, is now AUTOMATED! Potential and opportunities increased by an order of magnitude.

2. Modified the trading algorithm, namely the signals for opening positions. Improved and refined calculation of divergence of correlation pairs for opening orders. In the calculation takes a closer movement from the current prices of correlation pairs in conjunction.

3. After analyzing the entire real trading, I decided to add coefficient of force of the movement of currency (Power_Ratio) for each currency pair in the ligament. This greatly improves the accuracy of entry into the market, due to now that not the total coefficient is currently used for the whole ligament, but for each currency pair separately. Plus, the overall coefficient of force of the movement for the ligament also remained for a separate calculation of the total interaction of the correlation pairs.

4. The security check before use has been improved to prevent the most frequent installation errors. Now the EA is installed only on the chart on which it should be used with the set .Set. For others, he just will not install. Plus, if the broker uses the suffix or prefix in the quotes, and the settings have not been adjusted for this, it will be clear in Alert why the adviser is not installed.

5. 5. The operability of the <k_Lots> function is corrected. At the request of the trader, allows to increase lot size with each subsequent trade at the hedging grid.
Versão 4.20 2019.03.22
Mandatory update!

1. Optimized and improved conditions for entering the market by analyzing the movement of both correlation pairs.
2. Improved accuracy of calculating the moment of divergence of correlation pairs, and takes into account the full interaction of two pairs in a ligament.

This update does not tighten the conditions for opening positions, but rather expands the boundaries for more accurate entries, which will give us more trades in trade.
Versão 4.19 2019.03.04
1. The function of using the part of the Balance in trade (in%) has been updated and improved.
Fixed bug, calculating the lot size, taking into account part of the balance (in%) when the function is enabled:
................ Use_Portion_Balance_in_Percent
2. Fixed a typo in the word <trading> on the information panel.
Versão 4.17 2019.02.26
1. The algorithm for calculating the divergence of correlation pairs has been modified and improved.
2. Information about the loaded (used) settings file has been added to the panel.
3. The function has been refined and improved for use in trading part of the Balance. Now you can also set the part of the balance (in%) that the EA will use when trading.
................ Use_Portion_Balance_in_Percent = false
................ Use_Percent_from_Balance = 50 (default (50) means that the EA will use 50% of the balance when trading).
Versão 4.14 2019.02.01
This is a lite (minor) update. Not necessarily to replace the previous version, if you do not use the <Use_Portion_Balance> function, because this version does not affect the main work of the EA.

1. Fixed a profit calculation bug for closing orders at using the <Use_Portion_Balance> function.
2. Fixed some spelling errors.
Versão 4.12 2019.01.23
1. Improved security check before use, to prevent the most common mistakes in trade. Now the Expert Advisor needs to be loaded onto the chart of the currency pair prescribed in the Symbol_1 settings. instructions for proper installation here: https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/722518
2. Improved trading algorithm of the entire system, for even more stable trading. Emphasis was placed on more accurate market entry.
3. For each correlation ligaments, a button was added on the panel to close all pairs in this ligament.
4. Added a button on the panel to Close ALL open orders.
5. Added the ability to ON / OFF opening positions for each pair directly from the panel (green / red indicator).
6. Added function for use in trading part of the Balance. Convenient for those traders who manage large Funds and use several trading systems in trading. This will allow them to choose a part from the balance that Twin_Max-Mixed will use to trade:
................ Use_Portion_Balance = false (if true, then funds will be used for trading = Portion_Balance).
................ Portion_Balance = 2000.
Versão 3.2 2018.12.17
1. Added the ability to change comments to orders.
2. The trade algorithm has been further improved for even more accurate market entry and minimizing drawdown.
3. Changed the structure of currency pairs for each of the 3 sets. Selected the best possible ligaments in the set, allowing to hedge the trade of each set with the most different currencies.
Versão 2.3 2018.12.06
1. This is a special update to automate the process when replacing work pairs (when it is necessary). You will not need to change anything manually, it will be enough to install the updated Set, with new pairs. Also, it’s not necessary to wait until the orders will be closed for the pair we are changing. All open positions on the modified pair will be transferred to the Expert's buffer and will be taken into account when calculating the profit and be fully accompanied until full closure.
2. Alert On/Off is corrected.
3. The wrong message which appeared when closing positions is eliminated.
4. Added comment to orders: Max_Mixed EA + Symbol.
Versão 1.8 2018.11.26
Corrected MagicNumbers for Set-N1.
Versão 1.7 2018.11.25
1. In order to avoid a major user error in trading, a protection has been added that checks whether all work pairs have been added to the Market Watch window. If not all pairs are loaded, the Expert simply will not work.

2. Since all pairs behave differently and move with different forces, the coefficient of force of movement of currency (Power_Ratio) was added for each ligament, which significantly balances the presence of all pairs in the trade.

3. Improved algorithm and conditions for more accurate entry into the market.

4. Improved algorithm and conditions for tracking open positions, as well as for adding new ones, which allows more reduce the floating drawdown.