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PlugnTrade RTS

Plug’n’Trade RTS is a trading robot with a minimum amount of input parameters. The robot is designed for trading the RTS futures contract on FORTS.

Plug’n’Trade applies unique technical indicators for a mathematical analysis of the price movement. The robot automatically sets optimal stop loss and take profit levels. Plug’n’Trade trades on M15. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms.

It needs no optimization and is ready to use.

Instructions and recommendations

Plug’n’Trade should be running on a valid RTS contract with M15 period. The robot performs all calculations when a new candle forms. Therefore, the robot should be enabled before each new candle forms.

Calculations for the first morning candle are performed 5 minutes before the market closes (23:45 MSK). This function reduces slippage.

The robot does not change the contract automatically. This is why, close a trade on an expiring contract before the futures expires and launch the robot on a new one.

I recommend launching a robot on a virtual MetaTrader server not to miss entry or exit points which is most important when the robot takes profit.


  • Volume – fixed volume (number of traded contracts) to be used by the robot if dynamic volume is disabled. Recommended minimum volume is two contracts since the robot fixes a part of profit closing a half of a trade.
  • Dynamic Volume – if True, dynamic volume enabled. In a dynamic volume, the robot uses a predetermined percentage of the account balance. With the growth of account balance, the traded volume automatically increases, and in case of drawdown – decreases.
  • % of balance to use – % of the account balance to be used for trading if the dynamic lot is enabled.
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Versão 2.2 2019.03.19
- Небольшие доработки.
Versão 2.0 2019.01.02
- Улучшена система фильтрации и отбора сделок
- Небольние улучшения для быстродействия и надёжности робота
Versão 1.2 2018.04.27
PlugnTrade RTS ver. 1.2
Trade closing method has been refined:
1. Partial profit fixing is performed later.
2. The robot hold a position open longer in case of a strong trend.
This allowed to improve profitability.
Versão 1.1 2018.03.28
PlugnTrade RTS ver. 1.1

- Improved the algorithm of calculations for the first morning candle, which are performed 5 minutes before the market closes (23:45 Moscow time).
- Added calculations before the evening clearing. This allows reducing the possible slippage after clearing.