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Conqueror MT5

This is a fully automated trading robot. Conqueror MT5 trades using pending orders, and modifies the pending orders following the market price movement. When it starts, the EA places for pending orders: two BUY STOP and two SELL STOP. The EA places 2 orders at the distance of Distance1 from the price and 2 others at the distance of Distance2. After that the EA trails these orders following the price, changing them every few seconds - Timeout to move orders. Each order has individual stop loss - Order SL. Each order has trailing - Trailing start and Trailing step. Also, to prevent moving the pending orders at every point, the EA uses Price to move orders - the minimal distance, below which orders will not be moved following the price.

Key Advantages of the EA

  • Does not use Martingale.
  • No arbitrage.
  • No Grid.
  • Always use of stop loss to protect capital.
  • User friendly.
  • Works with any brokers that provide ECN accounts.
  • It can work with a small deposit.
  • Only pending orders.
  • Can work with fixed lot and MM.
  • The EA works on any pair, recommended: EURUSD.

Requirements and Recommendations

  • 5-digit quotes.
  • Maximum allowed spread — 0 to 20 pips.
  • Minimum deposit is 100$.
  • Use VPS or hosting server with minimal network latency to the broker's server.
  • 24/7 terminal operation.
  • ECN broker with low commission and spread.
  • Working timeframe M1


  • Trade direction - trading direction, only buy, only sell, or both buy and sell.
  • How to set order volume - the lot type to be used: fixed or as a percentage of the deposit
  • Order volume - order volume.
  • Order SL - stop loss of order.
  • Distance 1 - distance to the first pair of pending orders.
  • Distance 2 - distance to the second pair of pending orders.
  • Timeout to move orders - time in seconds, after which the orders shall be moved following the price.
  • Price to move orders -the minimum distance, below which orders will not be moved.
  • Magic number - magic number of the EA
  • Trailing start - the distance at which Trailing Stop shall trigger.
  • Trailing step - trailing stop step
  • Slippage - allowable slippage
  • Timeout between series - pause in seconds for placing the next 4 orders
Mladen Minkov
Mladen Minkov 2018.02.28 15:38 

Default setting is absolutly lost! Need optimisation for good settings.

I start optimase 1 year. Give good results to the moment.

Aafter finish optimisation and test one month in demo with new setting, may by i give 5 stars.

David Díez
David Díez 2017.02.09 09:55 

Losing money machine. Don't trust the backtests.