My first EA code - A simple EA to alert profit or loss.


It is a simple EA to alert profit or loss as per configuration. 

Just choose a higher value and a lower one. The alert will occur when the profit/loss is between these values.


Maior_q_valor1 = 9.00

E_Menor_q_valor2 = 10.01

The result will be: 9.01 or 9.02....10.00

The EA does not open orders, it is just an add-on to be used with another trader. This EA makes a sum (Hedger) of only 20 buy orders and 20 sell orders, totaling 40 orders. The sum will be positive if one side covers the other and the alert will be sounded when it reaches the programmed amount.

You can choose between Alert_Push or only Play Sound. It is necessary to have a Wav audio file in the root folder named "som.wav" .

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